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CoodaShooda 23rd Jan 2015 01:21

From Ethel's link

People are forced into casual positions by employers trying to maximise profits
Oh those naughty employers. Trying to make a profit, which only serves to keep the business viable and employing staff.

I guess businesses should try not to make a profit. That'll show these commentators.

As a snapshot of a small industry sector in a backwater part of Australia....

Commsec recently reported that the NT is the highest performing economy in Oz at the moment. This is on the back of a supposed construction boom. Certainly, we're seeing a lot of interstate businesses trying to move up here.

In the last 4 months of 2014, our construction sector has seen 13 companies fail, Inpex lay off 1400 tradesmen, over 20 government pre-qualified contractors failing their annual financial reviews, suppliers pursuing contractors for debts ranging from $500,000 to $2 million+ and larger, established firms scaling back staff by up to 80%.

Surviving companies are reporting net profits of between 1 and 2%, where traditionally 10% is considered a reasonable minimum.

And this is apparently in a strongly performing part of Australia??????

Heaven help the rest of you.

Stanwell 23rd Jan 2015 03:27

Let the Chinese have free rein - That'll sort the problem out.

Hempy 23rd Jan 2015 03:41

Oh those naughty employers. Trying to make a profit, which only serves to keep the business viable and employing staff.
You mean just like Qantas? :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 23rd Jan 2015 05:13

I make no comment on management ethics or behavior.

But name me a company that can survive to employ people without making a profit.

chuboy 23rd Jan 2015 05:28

Originally Posted by CoodaShooda (Post 8836388)
But name me a company that can survive to employ people without making a profit.

The original quote bemoaned casualising/etc the workforce in order to maximise profits. It didn't explicitly condemn the notion of businesses needing to be profitable.

I suppose you don't have a problem with importing cheaper labour on 457 visas to occupy roles that are too unprofitable to fill with domestic workers?

Stanwell 23rd Jan 2015 06:52

That's what I was getting at - first, the 457 visa workers, admittedly OK for short-term skilled labour and technology projects.
Now, the Chinese 'investors' are wanting to import their own labour on their own terms - because their projects would be 'unviable', otherwise.
Yeah, right.

Roll over, Australia and have your belly tickled - because these good people want to 'invest' in the country.
And don't get me going on Real Estate prices, especially in places like Sydney.
The Chinese are climbing over each other to invest in that game.

Wake up, Australia!

Hempy 23rd Jan 2015 09:10

This 'carry business at all cost' mentality is self defeating. Markets change, companies that don't evolve become unprofitable regardless of any attempts to stubbornly stick to 'best practice' and either 'restructure' or sack their workforce just to make the books look good.

The GFC was a classic. Governments pouring millions of taxpayers dollars into keeping BANKS afloat!! (in a crisis they created..... :rolleyes:)

If you can't run your business at a 'reasonable' profit in accordance with good employee/customer relations, don't be surprised if subsequent poor treatment of said employees/customers has repercussions.

If you can't run your business at a profit AT ALL, you are a bad business. Get out, supply and demand requires that someone smarter will take up where you left off.

parabellum 23rd Jan 2015 21:26

There is no doubt that the 457 visa has been abused at times, in the past, but going the legitimate route they are not so easy to come by.

The employer has to show that there are no, (or insufficient), Australians that can do the job and it has to be advertised etc. plenty of other conditions too. Bit of reading here:

Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

Captain Sand Dune 24th Jan 2015 00:30

THE man murdered in his home at Upper Coomera this week was a child sex offender with convictions in two states.
The Gold Coast Bulletin can reveal Corey Croft served time in South Australian and Queensland jails before he and partner Renee Carter were allegedly stabbed to death at their home on Tuesday by Christopher Robert Carter.
Carter was Ms Carter’s ex-husband and the father of several of her children.
Police said they were aware of Croft’s criminal past and had ruled it out as a motive for the murders.
But Australia’s leading child protection advocate, Hetty Johnston, has questioned how Croft was able to change his name in an attempt to hide his past.
He was living in a street near young children whose families were unaware of his convictions.
Regional crime co-ordinator Superintendent David Hutchinson confirmed Croft had changed his name and moved to Queensland from South Australia.
In 1995 Croft, then known as Corey Krawtschenko, videotaped himself having sex with a five-year-old family friend and was arrested after his mother found the tape and turned him in to police.
He was sentenced to two years and three months imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 18 months.
A public outcry led to the sentence being doubled in November 1996 to four years and six months, with a three-year non-parole period.

In January, 2007, after moving to Queensland and changing his name, Croft appeared in the Southport District Court charged with possessing child exploitation material.
He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment, suspended after four months.
Supt Hutchinson said police had investigated whether Mr Croft’s past offences might have been a motive for Mr Carter allegedly stabbing him and Ms Carter to death.
“He has convictions in South Australia for sex offences,” Supt Hutchinson said.
“We have looked at that and that’s not the motive.”
Ms Johnston, the founder of Bravehearts, said Croft should not have been able to change his name and forge a new life, only to return to his devious ways.
“There should be absolutely no opportunity for any registered sex offender to be able to change their name,” she said.
“We want people to be accountable for their pasts so we can protect the next generation of children.
“We as a nation should have got this right by now, we need to stop it.”
Ms Johnston said the community needed more tools so people could find out whether a neighbour was a registered sex offender.
“We need to at least give the community a fighting chance by ensuring repeat sex offenders and their whereabouts are known to the community in broad terms,” she said.
“We also need an opportunity for people to be able to contact authorities to find out if someone spending time with their children is a registered sex offender.”
She said databases that gave out sex offenders’ exact addresses, such as those used in the US, did not work.
“They don’t help the situation as every suburb has sex offenders living in it, most of whom are not registered.
“Most sex offenders get away with it, so the trick is to make sure your children are educated about it.”
Post-mortem examinations were being carried out on the bodies of Mr Croft and Ms Carter yesterday.
Their five-year-old son, who slept through the murders, is in the care of relatives.
Kiddy fiddler videos himself raping a five year old and gets two years and three months imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 18 months. Small wonder there was a public outcry!:mad: So they increase the sentence to four years and six months, with a three-year non-parole period. Gee that worked, didn’t it!!??:hmm:

Given the spineless response by our judiciary to such cases as this (and many others) it doesn’t surprise me that horrible things like this happen. I hope the poor little boy who survived this tragedy can eventually recover.

Hempy 24th Jan 2015 01:32

The 'poor little boy' would be 25 today...it was 20 years ago. And at least he got what was coming to him eventually.

If you think that's bad, this guy wants his bracelet removed because he can't socialise..

A VIOLENT rapist whose 14-year-old victim took her own life after the attack has asked to remove his electronic ankle bracelet because it’s embarrassing and has hurt his confidence.

Darren Michael Costello, 43, says wearing the monitor makes him feel “uncomfortable, paranoid, uneasy and anxious ... with everyone knowing my personal business”.
No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

SOPS 24th Jan 2015 07:20

Meanwhile...the religion of peace is at it agian. Even going as far as to reject freedom in the West.

I think it's time the used their last bit of freedom, and packed their bags and went elsewhere.

Anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters in Lakemba take aim at free speech, 'arrogant West' at Hizb ut-Tahrir rally - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jan 2015 09:21

SOPS, I agree.

"We rejected freedom yesterday, we rejected freedom today and we reject your freedom tomorrow," he said.
Bye now, don't forget to send a postcard. :E
I see they fell far short of the ten thousand the organizers were claiming would show up. You'd probably round up 800 if you advertised a Flat Earth rally, so I wouldn't call it a massive groundswell of support.

rh200 24th Jan 2015 09:29

We rejected freedom yesterday, we rejected freedom today and we reject your freedom tomorrow
Obviously not, aren't they using such freedom to express themselves, unlike the countries they come from?

Clare Prop 24th Jan 2015 09:55

How about taking away their freedom to go to Centrelink?

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jan 2015 10:04

Obviously not, aren't they using such freedom to express themselves, unlike the countries they come from?
Yep. I'm starting to understand why the Russians/Syrian etc governments are such a bunch of hardarses; the only thing some of these numpties respond to is a whack to the head :ugh:. That said, all the aforementioned governments also whack people on the head for having reasonable (for want of a better word) opinions :(.

Anyway, hopefully ASIO have retired back to the office with a big pile of long-weekend homework. :suspect:

Pinky the pilot 24th Jan 2015 10:17

the only thing some of these numpties respond to is a whack to the head
Yers Worrals; But with an open palm of the hand,a broomstick, a length of steel waterpipe or 125 gn of lead?:confused:

I have heard all above options mentioned quite seriously, some moreso, and the last two do tend to make me somewhat concerned, simply as to how far society in Australia has changed.

Hempy 24th Jan 2015 11:55

Although Saddam and his Secret Police deserved the death penalty for keeping a secular society secular in the heart of extremism... :ugh: :ugh:

Stanwell 24th Jan 2015 12:00

I don't want to sound despairing but I think it may be too late.

Trying to sort this lot out would be like trying to remove a tick while wearing ski-gloves.

I heard on the news today that there is concern over some 90 Islamists from Australia (including women)
having recently headed over to Syria to 'lend a hand' to the cause.

Worrals in the wilds 24th Jan 2015 12:25

Out of an estimated 477 000 Australian Muslims (2.2% total population, admittedly from Wiki :\) that's still not a bad batting average.
Islam in Australia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some Aussies went to the former Yugoslavia during the Croatian War, and before that others allegedly got involved in the Irish Troubles. It's not good, but nor is it new.
Shitbags are shitbags. Whatever the claimed Cause they're still whinging PITAs whinging about the same teenaged 'you don't Understand' angst. Whatever our beliefs and ethnicity most of us grow out of this type of thinking by our early twenties, but there's always the residual minority of privileged slow learners left carping about being misunderstood while living off their parents' goodwill.:bored:
Every now and again I (partly) agree with Mark Latham.

In my time dealing with them in Western Sydney, Arabic-Muslim community leaders were different to other ethnic representatives, including Muslims from the non-Arab world. They had a lot of gripes and spent a lot of time trying to milk the system of government for material gain. They lacked a strong work ethic and commitment to private enterprise.
Not surprisingly, in the second and third generations, this group has produced a significant number of indolent, disaffected young men who find jihadism appealing.
As a longer-term project, the Abbott government can improve our national security by cleaning out the problem of Arabic-Muslim welfare dependency in the western suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Young Islamists should be heading off to work each morning instead of sitting around smoke-filled lounges whingeing about Western culture.

SOPS 24th Jan 2015 13:18

It is because they are A, bought up with a huge sense of entitlement and B a huge chip on their shoulder.

This brings the attitude, I won't everything, for nothing and I want it now?

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