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SOPS 17th Jan 2015 08:24

What I fail to see, is what Ethyl and her mates feel that Labor can do better. They sure made a mess of it last time.
About the only thing they were good at was handing out welfare to illegal boat people.

John Eacott 17th Jan 2015 08:54

Originally Posted by Ethel the Aardvark (Post 8828680)
I feel a major climate change flip flop announcement on its way,
The lady in waiting ( Ms Asbestosis) is so far out of her depth even another women's day photo shoot could not elevate her.



Pinky the pilot 17th Jan 2015 09:23

Oh for God's sake Ethel!:rolleyes:

Your last post has merely confirmed a theory I have heard many times;

"The more desperate your position, the more hysterical your statements."

Tell your Boss*, Senator 'Two Dads', that she's on a hiding to nothing!

* My personal opinion is that you don't work for Milne. Reason is, I don't think she's really totally stupid!:ooh: Well, not completely anyway.:rolleyes:

rh200 17th Jan 2015 09:54

Speaking of flip flops and climate change etc, whats the Queensland socialists, oops I mean Labor parties stand on the whole Ardani coal thing?

I'm wondering what bought Ethels little turn on about the flip flop?

parabellum 17th Jan 2015 09:56

lady in waiting ( Ms Asbestosis) is so far out of her depth even another women's day photo shoot could not elevate her.
A sure sign that Sussex Street are crapping themselves that they could be facing Bishop as leader next election. Standard tactic, ridicule the obvious candidate who can give them a hiding in the hope that it will catch on, promote a non-runner in the hope it will catch on

RJM 17th Jan 2015 17:49

No Sarah is just so worried about her favourite people
Sarah's not worried about them, bosnich. 'Accidents happen', remember?

I was at Adelaide Uni with Ms Hanson. She's no genius, having scraped into an Arts course with the lowest possible entry score. She got herself into student politics as a result of standard operating procedure of the student Left: find an attractive-looking candidate in a huge course (like first year Arts) and promote them. The ruling junta then has their vote on the student board. That's how it works, I kid you not. Sarah looked ok at 17, and had about the biggest rack in he university, so most of the blokes voted for her and she was a shoo-in. She became environment officer, a paid position in which she supported whichever group on campus could give her a significant number of votes.

She graduated, and got a job in a bank on about $40,000 pa. The Greens, like the student Left, know the value in votes of a reasonable looking young woman, so she was put on the Senate card, and hello $200,000 plus per year!

SHY is now mining the rich lodes of bleeding heart hand-wringers on one side and the growing army of voting refugees, their relatives and to a lesser extent refugee industry workers on the other side, in addition to picking up the votes from everyday Greens wackos. As a senator rather than an MP for a specific electorate, SHY only has to reach a quota of votes from across the state, rather than a majority of outright and preference votes in a single electorate, which with Greens support at around 10% on a good day, she would not achieve.

She should be a political footnote, but in the present situation, she's actually got some power, and is therefore a problem. What's more, she attracts the media. When she's not confusing the 'Sea Patrol' soap with real life, she's causing a spike in self-harm at refugee camps whenever she visits them. In short, she's good press, however dim she is and despite the lurid tales of her personal life coming from the Canberra press gallery now and then.

Andu 17th Jan 2015 22:04

A slight change of focus: from another Jetblast thread.

There is some evidence that Canada is only accepting Christian refugees from Syria. They aren't announcing this officially. Nobody worth mentioning is complaining.
Anyone like to make a guess on the reaction from the Usual Suspects here if the Coalition Oz gummit tried something similar, even 'unofficially'?

Solid Rust Twotter 18th Jan 2015 04:54

Life and limb would be endangered by the outraged firing of tampons across the room, Mr Andu.

Common sense and reality don't enter the equation.

Andu 18th Jan 2015 05:19

Another offering by Pat Condell.


Pinky the pilot 18th Jan 2015 06:24

Andu; That clip should be made compulsory viewing for every member of the Australian Parliament. State and Federal.

And all Greens Party MPs should be made to view it at least five times!

Worrals in the wilds 18th Jan 2015 10:11

Speaking of flip flops and climate change etc, whats the Queensland socialists, oops I mean Labor parties stand on the whole Ardani coal thing?
Making a few greenie motherhood statements without actually promising anything. :} Given their big push for jobs jobs jobs (and given what happened to the last federal Labor government, which was seen as too Green by many mainstream Labor voters, particularly in Queensland :ouch:) I think there's a fair bit of hedging around the issue. Enviro, safety and 457 visa concerns notwithstanding, they certainly don't (and shouldn't, IMO) want to be seen as standing in the way of a big project that may employ lots of Queenslanders. That would be very unpopular. Coal is a tricky issue for the Labor Left in Queensland, because the CFMEU (correctly IMO) largely views the coal mining industry as beneficial for their members, i.e. it employs lots of them. :8

Trad also stopped short of ruling out altogether Labor support for dredging in Great Barrier Reef waters to expand Adani’s Abbot Point coal port near Bowen.
But she said Labor opposed dredging while financial backing for the project remained up in the air.
Queensland Labor vows to roll back taxpayer support for Carmichael mine | World news | The Guardian

Anyway, it's certainly shaping up as Queensland's hottest election campaign :{. No doubt Bob Brown et al would say we deserve it because we mine coal ( a la 2011 floods, cause and effect never having been a Greens strong point :hmm:). Whatever your politics and whatever their message, spare a thought (and maybe a friendly honk if they're Your Sort of People ;)) for any political campaginers waving signs by the roadside. :sad: I'm even feeling sorry for the MPs and candidates from both sides, who are all manfully (womanfully?) getting around the traps in their best suits and trying to stop their makeup falling off and/or foreheads frying. Personally I think red/blue board shorts and big Party branded sun hats would be more practical. :}

SOPS 18th Jan 2015 14:02

And in other news...lets just get this right. I hope on a boat, arrive illegally in Australia, only to be told there is no chance you can live there and collect welfare from tax payers that have put into the system their whole lives.

So I decided, aided by my lawyers, to create havok.....

Asylum seekers barricade compounds at Manus Island detention centre | Daily Mail Online

Stanwell 18th Jan 2015 14:14

Kind of reminds me of little Johnny...
"If I don't get what I want, I'll hold my breath until my face turns blue!"

RJM 18th Jan 2015 15:59

Well said, Andu.

Meanwhile, Sarah Hanson-Young is whipping up a storm on her Twitter account about reported unrest on Manus Island. She is practically spitting as she goes in to bat for the poor, poor 'victims' of 'Abbott's cruel and mean-spirited immigration policy'.

The targets of her abuse and accusations are Tony Abbott (of course), and Scott Morrison.

She's a different Sarah than the one who famously said of the deaths of 1200 poor, poor 'victims' of the immigration policy of the Labor/Greens alliance not so long ago: "Accidents happen, tragedies happen".

She is beneath contempt, a hypocrite and opportunist of the lowest order.

Have a look at her Twitter account. It's pretty strong stuff.

Then, after opposing almost every reasonable effort of the LNP to reduce the deficit for which her party was partly responsible, she demands that the "multinational mining companies" (in other words, Satan himself) not be allowed the diesel fuel excise rebate. She suggests using the money saved to "increase the dole to get more people back to work". In other words, no impact on the debt, quite apart from the questionable reallocation of the money. Oh, and decrease the competitiveness of Australian mines in the middle of a commodities slump. That's the sort of critical thinking SHY is famous for.

What an embarrassment and a threat to good government this woman is.

rh200 18th Jan 2015 20:12

Given their big push for jobs jobs jobs (and given what happened to the last federal Labor government, which was seen as too Green by many mainstream Labor voters, particularly in Queensland
So what your saying it should all go ahead regardless of who gets in?

It will be interesting to see if they get in will they change the financial calculus of the project. We just had the Indian PM here last year saying how benificial they will be.

Given that China has plateaued, India once it gets wound up may end up giving another boom like the last. The whole coal greenhouse thing should be a moot point, as if we don't give it to them someone else will.

The building of the rail I believe is supposed to be for a muti-user system, unlike our Iron ore majors over here, hence has the potential to benefit other users.

bosnich71 18th Jan 2015 22:49

Just a thought but perhaps Ethel is really Shortone, or at least someone who works for him. I have to admit he/she/Bill is really good at the hypocrisy bit. There he, Bill, was, last night on T.V. "news",the arch back stabber of the previous Labour government,( remember Gillard and Rudd, Ethel ?), waffling on about problems in the ranks of the present Liberal government. And of course our "media" lets him get away with it no surprise there then.

Clare Prop 19th Jan 2015 03:24

How about Rintoul and Hanson-Young get out of their comfy air conditioned offices and go off to work for the Red Cross with people fleeing from IS for a few years to learn the difference between an opportunistic asylum seeker and a refugee. Then they might have some credibility.

Worrals in the wilds 19th Jan 2015 06:25

Rh200, I'm not anti coal mining per se. Never have been. As long as the protocols are complied with wrt safety, environment and local employment I don't have issues with it.

bosnich71 19th Jan 2015 08:12

Meanwhile in Victoria it is being reported that a proposed Helipad at a Melbourne hospital is to be denied funding by the incoming Labour Govt. despite comments by Mr. Andrews, prior to the last state election, saying that it should be a priority. No surprises there then.

MTOW 19th Jan 2015 09:18

Why is it that I strongly suspect that if I did a search on Snopes, I'd find that this labelled as 'False' and 'an urban myth'?

Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal suburb. The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval has refused, and the town clerk sent a note to all parents to explain why…

“Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that’s where they chose to immigrate.

“They must understand that they have to integrate and learn to live in Quebec.

“They must understand that it is for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so generously welcomed them.

“They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims
(whereas the reverse is not true, in that Muslim states do not accept non-Muslim immigrants).

“That no more than other nations, Canadians are not willing to give up their identity, their culture.

“And if Canada is a land of welcome, it’s not the Mayor of Dorval who welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole.

“Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious festivals, religion must remain in the private domain. The municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam and Sharia.

“For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms in accordance with Shariah.

“If you left your country for Canada, and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered that life is better in Canada than elsewhere.
“Ask yourself the question, just once, “Why is it better here in Canada than where you come from?”

“A canteen with pork is part of the answer
I don't think there's a politician at any level of government anywhere in the West with the gonads to release a statement like that.

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