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Fliegenmong 7th Jan 2015 10:10

They're still Cnuts Stanwell, by and large.....

I know a few, some rather Senior...and am realted to one, who are good men....but my dealings with them (rare as they are, as I am a law abiding citizen, only ever getting caught for speeding in areas that have been 90 since the dawn of time and being quietly reduced to 70, or 'special event' areas that are 80, 363 days of the year, being reduced to 40 by way of small sign, and copper hiding behind concrete pillar with speed gun)....:mad::mad::mad:

Engaging in polite conversation with a QLD copper is kinda like expecting a warm welcome from a Jihadist...yes yes I know they have an awful job, and mostly do it awfully well, but are they not trained to recognise a respectful law abiding member of the citizenry, rather than treating EVERYONE they come in contact with as a potential criminal??

Fliegenmong 7th Jan 2015 10:12

A friend got laid off.
Told to attend 10 job interviews by the end of the week.
Applied for 11
Sanctioned 2 weeks benefit for disobedience
Replied that she had done MORE than requested
Sanctioned another 2 weeks benefit for questioning the decision.
Asked if that was fair.
2 weeks more sanction and escorted from the building roughly by security guards.

She got a job a few days later, but off her own bat, no thanks to the foreign private company which gets a lucrative government contract to get unemployed people into work.

You cannot make it up!

WHAT!!! Really?? Sure she isn't a shit stirring antagonist??? Seems unduly harsh.... :confused:

Basil 7th Jan 2015 10:15

I'd be a bit worried about the Australian economy in general.
AUD overvalued and mineral demand reducing together with China exploring African alternatives.

Even remedial action can have unexpected consequences, such as UK attempts to keep the GBP down by paying almost zero interest. Result: savers absolutely hammered to support the profligate and foreign buyers taking advantage of 'cheap' property with the resulting rises hitting genuine first time buyers.

onetrack 7th Jan 2015 10:22

Engaging in polite conversation with a QLD copper is kinda like expecting a warm welcome from a Jihadist...yes yes I know they have an awful job, and mostly do it awfully well, but are they not trained to recognise a respectful law abiding member of the citizenry, rather than treating EVERYONE they come in contact with as a potential criminal??
Traffic cops are a special breed.
A mate was getting booked by one of these "special breed" many years ago, and the copper was being particularly obnoxious during the whole event.

Mate says, "Prick of a job, isn't it?"

Copper agrees, somewhat guardedly.

Mate comes back with, "And it takes a total prick to do it, too - doesn't it?"

Didn't seem like a particularly clever statement to make, to me - but he reckoned the copper was already throwing the book at him, and nothing he could do, was going to improve the situation. :)

Clare Prop 7th Jan 2015 10:50

Does she think it would make any difference if people vote early? Surely most people have made their minds up before polling day.

I do a postal because I work on Saturdays. It also means I can avoid standing in a queue with screaming kids and getting hustled by brainwashed people trying to tell me "how to vote" (how undemocratic is that?!) and can take a bit of time doing research on minor parties because I always like to vote below the line.

Sounds like sour grapes to me. It's the senate system that needs sorting out.

Fliegenmong 7th Jan 2015 10:53

Ah Basil!, far more observant than any Oz Pollie!!!

Rather famously we had our present PM, two elections ago state he'd do almost ANYTHING to be PM to try to garner favour with some independents (inference being not being sodomised by said independents) thankfully they saw right through him!!

China happily paid too much for Australian 'Dirt' for long enough to now be able to dictate cost and terms, (they have a magnificent stockpile of Oz 'Dirt' right now) the right wing loonies here in my state are still blind to this and think that China will pay top dollar forever! In fact want to spend my taxes building infrastructure that will hardly ever be used because China won't be using us as their quarry forever...they craked a fortune cookie and saw the obvious.....given how cheap Kim Il Howard sold our gas to them...I'd forgive any Chinaman for spilling their Puh Er tea sniggering over how stupid our 'leaders' are.......either major party....I suppose at least the 'Milky Bar' kid could communicate with them in Mandarin...which was something....I have a few Cantonese phrases...:(

Saltie 7th Jan 2015 11:06

Who the hell came up with the amazing preferential voting system in the senate that can see someone who gets as few as 1500 primary votes get in on preferences?

chuboy 7th Jan 2015 12:05

I remember reading an article in Popular Science where some mathematicians posited that there was no voting system that is truly democratic.

I would be interested to hear what alternative you might suggest to preferential voting saltie. I think it works quite well, except that people can't number whole parties in the order they wish.

It's not like the shenanigans with the AMEP happen frequently. Actually it was pretty well unprecedented.

david1300 7th Jan 2015 12:23

Fliegs - don't bother. Your original post is a mishmash of state and federal issues, and if you can't separate them you're better off just spoiling your ballot (and do are we, I think) :p:ok::ugh:

Ethel the Aardvark 7th Jan 2015 13:09

A few years ago the WA labor party tried a quick snap election whilst the Libs were a tad disorganised, totally backfired on labor I believe partially due to the unsportsmanlike conduct. Could be similar in Banana land!

Takan Inchovit 7th Jan 2015 19:30

Lets hope the LNP stay in, look at the alternative.

MTOW 8th Jan 2015 01:02

Re the paris shootings: I expect we’ll be told tonight by the ABC – (and the 150 people who watch The Project will be told by Waleed Ali) – that this was a ‘lone wolf pack’ attack.

Nothing to be seen here. Move along.

parabellum 8th Jan 2015 01:10

Last I heard on the radio was that the Paris police knew and had named the three terrorists and were looking for them. Already known to the police so the ABC will have their work cut out to sanitize it!

If Newman lost his seat is there a sufficiently senior LNP MP in a safe seat who might be persuaded to retire and allow Newman to take his seat? If there is then I suspect Newman will remain leader, after a short caretaker spell by one of his mates.

John Eacott 8th Jan 2015 01:11

And TheirABC managed to run every news bulletin on the wireless this morning without once using the words "Muslim" or "Islam".

3LO found nothing important to talk about re Paris in the hour and a half before the cricket, either. It really does seem to be a parallel universe over there.

Flying Binghi 8th Jan 2015 02:13

If its about islamic nutters, don't waste your time with the idiotic ABC.

Go to a proper news source...

Jewish & Israel News | Algemeiner.com Breaking Alerts, Commentary, Insights Analysis and Blogs

Israel News: Ynetnews


Flying Binghi 8th Jan 2015 02:17

There were a time when the ABC was full on protecting people who make fun of religious nutters...

Flying Binghi 8th Jan 2015 02:43

And lets not fergett the BBC getting bomb and death threats because they broadcast Dave Allen. Threats reference about the 28 minute mark:

SOPS 8th Jan 2015 07:02

For the first time in a while, I am actually very worried. After the events in Sydney, I wrote a long email to the PM.

I did not expect him to endorse all the ideas, (that some may consider radical), however I expected a bit more than the short PC filled bit of cr:mad:p I just received from the PMs office in reply.

I am really worried that we are now look at a one term government. Tony is trying to be all things to all people, and it is just not working.

Within 3 years, the boats will be back, Cafes will be under attack, and Two Dads will be celebrating over her latte.

I really fear the fir the future, if the Libs cannot get the balls to take a stand now.

Andu 8th Jan 2015 07:52

I fear Tony Abbott will go down in history with the nickname 'tin ear', for he doesn't seem capable of hearing - or should the more accurate word be 'heeding'? - anything that might stop what looks like being a defeat in the next election.

If the alternative government wasn't such an incredibly frightening prospect for the future of this nation, I'd say he deserves everything he gets for his 'tin ear'.

parabellum 8th Jan 2015 08:36

God help us, from SH-Y's Faceache page:
Deleted as it was a spoof, so not really fair to post it.

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