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Andu 1st Jan 2015 20:35

On to a topic perhaps just a tad less salacious, (OMG, can any man ever be so drunk to slip into dog-becomes-a-fox mode with SHY as the object?), I see that the PC Brigade are demanding that the ADF recruit more Muslim soldiers, sailors and airmen into its ranks.

Will we have to wait long before there are demands from Muslim 'community leaders' for Muslim-only units? Not too long, I'd hazard a guess. The mind boggles at some of the possibilities...

parabellum 1st Jan 2015 21:45

Yes, I can see it now, Muslim only units, fully equipped and operational, (the PC brigade wouldn't allow it any other way), as soon as the sh*t starts to fly they will decamp to the opposition, complete with equipment, frequencies, codes for the week. Thinking about it, don't even need Muslim Only units for that to happen, just a few well placed 'sleepers'. Indeed the mind does boggle. :sad:

(In my young days, as a soldier, SHY would have been classified as a 'Mercy F*&%').

RJM 1st Jan 2015 22:33

I'm from SHY's home town, and the word on the street is that she has the scalps of a retired 69 year old federal Liberal MP and a slightly younger senior Fairfax journalist on her belt.

But enough of salacious gossip! The poor woman should be judged on her political performance... :E

MTOW 2nd Jan 2015 05:31

‘Hot Copper’ Australian’s largest stock market forum:
Ralf Schumann, December 31, 2014:

“Today your odds are 3 out of 4 that the chicken, lamb or beef you buy in Australia died at the hands of a Muslim male, throat-slitting the creature while dedicating the animal to his Allah. Your chances with beef are a little better, but chicken, lamb or goat are between 80% and 100% halal certified. Sharia-compliant meat from halal-certified abattoirs is now everywhere - and in most cases sold unlabelled. If you doubt these figures just ask your butcher, or write to the Australian Meat Industry Council.”
Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

bosnich71 2nd Jan 2015 05:44

Turned on the TV this morning and found someone from the 'Meeja' querying whether Mr. Monis was a "Lone Wolf". Now that makes me "feel all warm and fuzzy".

Solid Rust Twotter 2nd Jan 2015 06:04

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Good enough reason to stick to pork chops I reckon.

MTOW 3rd Jan 2015 00:42

Copied this (below) from the Morning Mail site where there's an article about the ship load (~700+?) of mostly Syrian immigrants rescued by the Italian Navy after they were abandoned by the crew bringing them to Europe.

I’ve been saying for quite some time that if labor ever get back into power (and maybe even before that), it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising individual gets his hands on a very large bulk carrier or old passenger liner and loads it up with 5,000 or even 10,000 would be immigrants and cruises in in through Sydney Heads and anchors off the Opera House steps.

Handled with the professionalism we have come to expect from the people smugglers, imagine the media circus that would ensue. Facebook and every MSM outlet flooded with photographs and videos of doe-eyed pre-pubescent females and heart-breaking stories of what their lives will be unless every one of the people on the ship is accepted immediately into Australia.
In this PC-dominated world, it would be difficult for even the most hard Right government to turn them away, particularly if the people smugglers scuttled the ship in Sydney Harbour.

Imagine Ian Rintoul and Sarah Hanson-Young’s “interviews” on camera.

bosnich71 3rd Jan 2015 03:07

MTOW ....been done already, although on a smaller scale, remember Coffs Harbour.

Andu 3rd Jan 2015 03:53

bos, I was living out of the country at the time of the Coffs Harbour 'invasion', but I remember it, as it made the news in the Sandpit.

I seem to remember that the Chinese gentlemen in question turned up at random places along the highway near Coffs in dark business suits and attache cases - which, if the aim was fit in unobtrusively in Coffs, was the equivalent of a bearded Mulla wearing a thong bikini in the hallowed halls of the Vatican.

mikedreamer787 3rd Jan 2015 17:44

It only took 40 bloody years after Whitlam that something's been finally done.

The tough new Australian welfare laws

I also see ACOSS are just as loony as ever.

Captain Sand Dune 3rd Jan 2015 22:04

Although a good step in the right direction the new policy merely details penalties for not attending job interviews. Clearly this is an indicator of how generous welfare in Australia is when many dole bludgers can’t even be bothered to turn up for an interview. And all a dole bludger has to do is turn up for an interview to have their welfare payments paid again. This is symptomatic of a much larger issue that governments of any political persuasion do not seem to have the cajones to address; ie that the whole system of welfare must be overhauled, particularly what assistance is available and how to access it.
Dr Goldy from ACOSS says that the job market is ‘brutal’ at the moment. I don’t care how many knock-backs they get, that is no excuse for what is essentially laziness. I like how Dr Goldy (‘doctor’ of what I wonder) then links this to depression as if that is an excuse for fraudulent use of tax-payer's money. Sure jobs are hard to get, however it is not an excuse for giving up looking. In my opinion Dr Goldy’s bleating merely illustrate the lefty welfare state mentality generated in the Whitlam era.

Andu 4th Jan 2015 01:50

A good article by Grace Collier in today's Australian which you can read here without having to battle a pay wall.

Abbott government risks losing support unless it changes policies

The question is: will Tony Abbott heed it?

MTOW 4th Jan 2015 03:59

Meghan Hopper, the Labor Mayor of Morelend, north of Melbourne, finds the following statement, which the Federal Government demands she should read out at a citizenship ceremony on Jan 26th, totally unacceptable. Apparently, it flies in the face of all she holds near and dear.

Welcome Message from the Minister

Today you inherit a legacy provided by previous generations of Australians who have made our country what it is, and the people we are today.

I acknowledge our Indigenous Australians who were the first people to place their footprints on this magnificent land. For us who followed we all share in a migrant heritage – whether we arrived recently like some of our new citizens today or whether our families have been here for many generations.
The Australian story is one of courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice. It is our duty to honour the contribution of previous generations and to uphold the values that guided them and have stood the test of time. This is regardless of our race, ethnicity, religion or background.

In their gift we are truly united as Australians all, and this is how we should live together, as Australians first and always.

This year we celebrate the 65th anniversary of Australian citizenship. On 26 January 1949, the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 came into effect, creating the new status of Australian citizen.

Since then, more than four and a half million people have done what you are about to do – make a commitment to Australia and its people.

Together as citizens we will continue to ensure that Australia remains the best country in the world to live.

By taking this important step today, you understand that this is a serious responsibility.

I thank you for the contribution you will make and for the Australian legacy you will leave.


Stanwell 4th Jan 2015 04:14

I'm not familiar with that particular 'politician'.
I am sitting here wondering just what was so 'unacceptable' to her.
Perhaps she should seek some counselling.

MTOW 4th Jan 2015 05:24

Here's the link. I meant to put it in the first post.

self importance of mayor may stop citizenship ceremonies

Moreland City Council mayor Meghan Hopper told Mr Morrison she did not want to read aloud the message because of the government’s controversial asylum seeker policies.
Her letter to Mr Morrison states: “In my introductory speech as mayor, I made a commitment to uphold Moreland’s tradition of support for asylum seekers. This is a commitment I intend to honour”.
Ms Hopper, an ALP member, said Moreland had made a concerted effort in recent years to welcome asylum seekers and refugees and that the minister’s message conflicted with the council’s policy.

“Many citizens-to-be at Moreland are former asylum seekers,” she said.
“I do not feel comfortable acting as a spokesperson when it comes to personal messages from the minister. I feel that the reading of a message from the minister in fact politicises what should be an apolitical occasion, as does threatening to remove Moreland’s ability to confer citizenship.”

criticalmass 4th Jan 2015 06:26

We should take careful note of these asylum-seeker supporters, and compile comprehensive lists of their names and those of their associates. It is so obliging of them to make themselves so prominent, it saves hours of investigation. It may also aid the prosecutions - when they come.

The forthcoming Australian Civil War will not be a pretty thing, but then no civil war ever is.

John Eacott 4th Jan 2015 07:33

Not for nothing is it known as the People's Republic of Moreland :rolleyes:

Currently serving as Mayor of the City of Moreland, I was originally elected to Council in October 2012 to represent the people of Moreland South Ward. My key objectives in my Mayoral year include achieving strong urban planning outcomes, pursuing Council's advocacy objectives around the State election campaign, improving community safety, and supporting leading arts and library facilities. I am proud to be only the second woman elected Mayor in Moreland's history and part of an all-female Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO team.

Outside of local government, I am a professional and academic with experience in the fields of Higher Education, Australian politics, political journalism, communications and campaigns, and gender. I have had experience sitting on a number of boards and committees with a particular emphasis on the higher education and not-for-profit sectors. Currently on leave from a PhD in political journalism at Monash University - where I sit on University Council - I have previous qualifications from RMIT University and Monash, and have graduated from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Women's Campaign School at Yale.
Also Communications Officer for Emily's List, President of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations, ALP Campaign Organiser; all in all a shining example of the lunatic left.

Andu 4th Jan 2015 20:58

Am I the only one who feels that Tony Abbott is sticking true to form and sending yet another mixed message to the Australian electorate in promising yet another five million dollars of aid to Iraq? We're supposed to be broke and hugely - and increasingly - in debt, and yet we give yet more money to a foreign government.

I'm also thoroughly confused about what our government thinks it's achieving dropping smart bombs and guided missiles worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars a copy on clapped out Toyota pickup trucks. In fact, apart from 'buying futures insurance' from the Americans, as we've been doing in a succession of wars since 1950, I'm also at a loss about what our government thinks it's achieving by having our F18s over there at all. The F18 deployment is another mixed message - it is said to be costing half a billion dollars a year. Money we don't have. I know that a lot of that money would be spent if the F18s were parked at Amberley, but the fact remains, deploying them is another mixed message to an electorate constantly being told that we must all tighten our fiscal belts.

I would so love to see Tony Abbott come out swinging in the political sense in January, presenting a very different and far more aggressive persona to the electorate than the damp squib one he has presented to us over the last 12 months. What I heard on the radio this morning, with him giving away more borrowed money to people who will not appreciate it, does not reassure me that I will see this.

I fear that, solely because of his failure to properly exploit winning government from the appalling disaster that was Labor under Gillard and Rudd, we face the real possibility of seeing those same incompetents returned to power after three short years, and led by someone who shows all the signs of being an even bigger incompetent than both Gillard and Rudd.

rh200 4th Jan 2015 22:32

Giving a few bucks to Iraqi is not going to break the bank. The economy needs systematics to be fixed. MH370 costs, the odd war, all in the noise. The law of large numbers is whats killing us, systematic small costs across a population. Until we get in place a systematic economic fix, everything else is irrelevant, Abbotts just treading water until they can think of a way to implement a workable solution, meanwhile life goes on.

As for the strategic benefits of IRAQI, do we really need to say it, "Alliance". The current system their using to defeat ISIS is a waste, yes it may mean a short term gain if they achieve some objetives, but the root cause will still be there.

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