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TWT 2nd Jul 2012 10:34

Speaking of Labor muppets,how's this ?
Craig Emerson says that the town of Whyalla will not be wiped out by the carbon tax

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2012 11:09

Craig Emerson

Its the six thirty fool...


Clare Prop 2nd Jul 2012 11:42

Wow whoever is giving them thier PR advice must reeaally hate Labor! That was even more pitiful than Swan and his weetbix (made by Sanitarium who I understand don't pay tax because they are owned by a religion...)

SOPS 2nd Jul 2012 11:47

That video is not real, is it??? He did not really do that, did he???? Tell me its not true...then again tell me it is:E

Edited to add, I just googled. OMG he did do that.:ugh: One of his advisors must really really hate him.

Andu 2nd Jul 2012 12:42

Can't help but think we'll be seeing quite a lot of Craig's performance over and over again as Liberal election ads. when election time eventually comes on... It will be particularly damning for Emerson and Labor if Whyalla does suffer a major downturn, as the union leader who started the Whyalla story asserted.

Can you imagine Emerson's poor bloody departmental PR man if Emerson ran that by him first? Or, as I imagine really happened, when he saw it, unwarned, after the event?

Squirmingly embarrassing, and, I'm sure, on every international news service told in tones of confusion and sheer wonder.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2012 13:05

Good point Andu. If Whyalla does suffer a downturn, that little song and dance number is going to come back and bight him, big time!!!!!

Clare Prop 2nd Jul 2012 13:26

You'd think they would at least have got Peter Garrett to do the singing and dancing for them.

Poor Shirl...hope his estate at least gets some royalties for this public performance :suspect: of his work! Where's Red with the gong? :D

allan907 2nd Jul 2012 15:03

What's even scarier is the feeling that that is the best they can put up.

It was also interesting to see the "give away" of a clapped out C130 to the neighbours. I can just imagine the conversation:

Jooliar: Well, Mr President, you simply load up some boat people for the trip over here then, when they get to a decent height, you open the back door and - voila!

And how China reports it:

Australian Government of Indonesia will be presented four valuation of $ 30 million yuan (about 1.9 billion yuan), “Big God (Hecules) “military transport aircraft.

RJM 2nd Jul 2012 15:11

Where's Red with the gong?

She's already gonged him.

She has had previous relationships with union officials Michael O'Connor and Bruce Wilson and fellow Federal Labor MP Craig Emerson.- Wikipedia

SOPS 2nd Jul 2012 15:31

And the latest poll showing two thirds of voters dont want the carbon tax...when are we having an election, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Clare Prop 3rd Jul 2012 01:52

Emerson forgot to mention it was the AWU that were saying Whyalla would be wiped off the map and his govt have used tens of millions of our money to artificially prop the steelworks up. ie reward them for pumping out carbon.

Anyway what can we look forward to next? Chris Bowen joining the Wiggles?

Pinky the pilot 3rd Jul 2012 04:37

Memo to Craig Emerson;
Don't give up your day job!!

Err... on second thoughts.......:E
Just don't go into the entertainment business.:=

Flying Binghi 3rd Jul 2012 05:45

Outbreak of common sense in New Zealand

"...The NZ Government has indefinitely postponed key stages of the emissions trading scheme, saying the economic environment means consumers and businesses simply can't afford it..."

"...Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be sending her Kiwi counterpart a thank you John message – I am sure..."

Quotes from - http://www.warwickhughes.com/blog/?p=1672


Ovation 3rd Jul 2012 06:09

Businesses for a 'clean' economy? Try 'cleaning out' the taxpayer
Andu wrote:

ABC news reports that a "business group" has come out in support of the Carbon Tax, saying that "it is vital (vidal?) to Australia's international competitiveness".
If you look further than the headline you will see just how deceitful the government and the rent seekers are prepared to be to justify this abomination of a tax, as explained by Terry McCrann

WELL, that's a surprise. Companies with their corporate snouts deep in the multi-billion dollar carbon tax trough think that it's a good idea.

The "almost 300 organisations" galvanised under the pompously and deceitfully self-named "Businesses for a Clean Economy" are voicing support for putting a price on carbon.

"Businesses for Cleaning out the Taxpayer," would be a far more accurate and indeed honest label.

For, translated, they are voicing support for billions of dollars of your money being mandatorily redirected towards them to buy their otherwise useless products, along with the services which would not exist but for those products.

The full range of schemes that are already, and will be, pouring money into these climate scam troughs is mind-boggling.

They range from forcing electricity companies to buy hugely expensive so-called renewable power - mostly, wind - to the latest boondoggle, the $10 billion so-called Clean Energy Fund, which will dole out the money to the snouts directly.

But there are many, many more, including forcing or "encouraging" companies and even homeowners to do things like "carbon audits."

Of course they all like the idea of a so-called price on carbon. It promises to make life so much simpler for them. The troughs will just get refilled continuously.

By forcing up the price of carbon-based energy, the idea is to force power companies to build even more alternative - as in, alternative to rational - means of generating power.

Well, generating it, some times, that is, on those occasions when the wind blows and the sun shines.

A visit to the BCE website is highly and amusingly instructive. As Dorothy Parker could have said, it lists the full range of corporate snouts, running all the way from "P" to "P".

There are solar companies galore, green energy assessors, wind turbine makers, plus some big ones such as Westpac and GE which know where the easy dollars are, plus the assorted ever-present useful idiots and starry-eyed planet-savers.

The statement issued yesterday by BCE was an absolute classic.

Talk about admitting your enthusiasm for the troughs; talk about having the snouts publicly grunt their approval. These companies believed that policies like a carbon price "and complementary measures" were necessary to drive "investment" and "innovation," according to spokesman Nathan Fabian.

For "complementary measures" read " forced confiscation of your dollars, both directly and through the carbon and other taxes."

For "investment" and "innovation" read "building things like solar and wind installations, and a range of green services" that make no sense and would not otherwise exist.

Westpac had provided over $3 billion to Australian and international companies for environmental activities, including renewable energy, Fabian noted.

Say no more, just pour some more taxpayer money into the trough.

What the guys at Westpac and other financial institutions are really licking their lips over, are the coming billions of dollars of carbon credits, to be traded as another "financial instrument" for a few dollars more.

One of the world's biggest corporate climate trough mainchancers, GE was quoted as "actively pursuing taxpayer and consumer money in Australia."

Sorry, my mistake - as "actively pursuing low carbon solutions in Australia."

In the same trough - sorry, vein - BCE quoted a company called "Big Switch Projects" saying the carbon price was "creating new opportunities for all of us offering technical advice." Quite.

Infigen Energy really came, well, clean with: "As a renewable energy business we look forward to the opportunities a price on carbon will promote in the energy industry."

Your tax dollars at work, so to speak. Utterly uselessly, always wastefully

Andu 3rd Jul 2012 07:01

Ovation's post explains Malcolm Turnbull's enthusiasm for the Carbon Tax - he has a close association with Goldman Sachs, the owner of the so-called "carbon bank" in the US.

Ca'ching!! for Malcolm, merchant banker first, politician (spit!) a close second.

allan907 3rd Jul 2012 07:24

And then there's the stoush in WA over 'green' electricity:

Power slug hits green users - The West Australian

I particularly like the line:

The State-owned utility justified its decision after claiming it could not distinguish between renewable energy and energy produced from fossil fuels supplied to households.

Synergy has 7800 GreenPower customers, who can have up to 100 per cent of their power produced from renewable sources.
At least we know that there are at least 7800 gullible fe*ckwits in WA!

parabellum 3rd Jul 2012 08:32

My BIL, who is an engineering Prof. of many years says that the wind power scheme is a scam. The windmills are quite unreliable and maintenance costs are huge, cheap electricity they are not. From an engineering point of view they are highly inefficient.

HotDog 3rd Jul 2012 12:16

According to Larry Pickering, for a change; Craig Emerson screwed Julia Gillard rather than her sodomy of the nation. If true, he also had a paper bag at hand!:sad:

Fliegenmong 3rd Jul 2012 12:43

Costello told me I would be better off with a GST (Rather cynically, even as a relative youngster I remember thinking Why would I be better off if the Gummint is selling it to me?

I work my arse off for no chance of better earnings, I quickly learnt it is not worth it. Costello the 'The Greatest Treasurer of all time' then said Gold was finished and proceeded to sell off the Nations reserves at record low prices....

Several years ago we had an ex QF Manager come to our organisation....everyone said this guy is a Guru! All Hail to the Ex QF Manager!!!......I was a little more sceptical, however, and sure enough, within 3 months this clown was calling meetings and saying to us if you identify a problem, tell us how to fix it, and we'll implement the strategy.....using bullshit terms along the lines of "We'll give you a clock you tell us the time"

You're the FRIKEN MANAGER...MANAGE, don't request suggestions and pretend to be you're 'engaging'

I said nothing of course, had been there for years before Mr Ex QF Clown, and steadfastly refused to share my 'Coalface' knowledge and understanding for the sake of his bonus performance, nowadays I muse over how he works a receptionist role (Well, it's been a while, but at least the last 4 times I've seen him he answers the phone at an amusement park) and oft think to myself 'wonder what the time is?

But sorry I do digress....After being screwed over by the coalition, royally, & more than several times, why do you think I would ever support them ever again??

(And don't even start me on industrial relations, only a fool doesn't know a certain Mr P Reith is working frantically in the background to ensure a poorer future for the average Australian.....incredibly the right wing biased main stream media occasionally run stories on him and his influence...crazy country aren't we??

Much said up here about reducing the cost of living in QLD......Yet to see the Liberal Newman Palmer Party Propose how they'll combat it???

20,000 Public service jobs to go....I am amused (Only because I am not a public Servant) to see how main stream media report a 'saving' of 20 000 jobs, when equally accurate is an increase of unemployed. "'Can do' increases unemployment by 20 000" same thing....

CHAIRMAN 3rd Jul 2012 13:46

Much said up here about reducing the cost of living in QLD......Yet to see the Liberal Newman Palmer Party Propose how they'll combat it???
Don't you realise that the cost of living is directly proportional to the number of public servants employed.............and Blight has had us all living beyond our means:ugh:

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