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Clare Prop 1st Jul 2012 04:27

I do know that I will be copping an extra 5c a litre "excise" on avgas as of today.

Remember when we had an excise of around 3c a litre (mid 90s) and that paid for the CAA (before they broke it up) Then we were told it would be taken away completely and replaced by Location Specific Charging and privatised airports.

As of today we have all of those costs PLUS a total 8.556c a litre excise! :mad:

Of course things didn't go up overnight, what a stupid stunt and what a pathetic, puerile little man Swan is; cost increases will be insiduous, like their Avgas levy/excise or whatever this tax is called.

Pinky the pilot 1st Jul 2012 05:04

Of course things didn't go up overnight, what a stupid stunt and what a pathetic, puerile little man Swan is; cost increases will be insiduous, like their Avgas levy/excise or whatever this tax is called.
And for Wayne Duck er..sorry, Swan to even hint that anyone, ie the Opposition, thought they would shows IMHO just how ridiculous the man really is.:*

It will be interesting however, to see just what happens in the six weeks of the winter Parliamentary recess re some prices etc. But even thinking about how many boats may arrive really does terrify me.:ugh:

What I really find disturbing though is hearing in the streets well dressed, seemingly educated people, most of whom one would expect to have reasonably 'average' views on politics and politicians in general, speak in terms that I really cannot post here.

Not even in the days of the Whitlam disaster did I ever encounter such angry, visceral feelings toward a Government, with special venom reserved for the Watermelon Party.

I really fear for 'Poor bugger my Country':sad:

Buster Hyman 1st Jul 2012 05:48

I hope the Navy are exempt from the carbon tax...otherwise, there'd be nobody able to afford going to sea to rescue the new ALP members...sorry...refugees.

TWT 1st Jul 2012 06:53

Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce calls Senator Bridget McKenzie a 'flash bit of kit' in parliament | thetelegraph.com.au

Another dinosaur and tanked as well.Get a DAMP program going there I reckon.

I16 1st Jul 2012 07:38

Fantastic surprise on opening Fridays mail today. :eek:
House & contents premium rises by 104%
Stamp duty up 104%
GST up 104%
I understand the insurance companies have to balance the books but the tax increase on it all is a bit rich.
Last year it all went up 30%.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Jul 2012 10:26

Sounds like my power bill.
Usage down, bill up. :ouch:
Lucky I like candles. :(

RJM 1st Jul 2012 10:43

You don't stick them all around the bath do you Worralls? Why do women do that?

Andu 1st Jul 2012 11:08

First day of the new financial year... and some thngs never change.

Asylum boat carrying 53 people intercepted off Christmas Island
AAP July 01, 2012 5:39PM

Latest boat arrives carrying 53 asylum seekers
Navy intercepted boat off Christmas Island
Boat initially spotted by the Air Force
Another 53 asylum seekers have arrived on the latest boat to reach Australian waters.

HMAS Leeuwin intercepted the vessel west of Christmas Island on Sunday.

The vessel was initially spotted by an RAAF maritime patrol aircraft.

"Initial indications suggest there are 53 people on board," Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said in a statement.

They will be transferred to Christmas Island for security, health and identity checks.
How many days before Parliament resumes? 43? So what's the guess on how many boats, carrying how many uninvited - let's face it, the only appropriate word is - INVADERS will arrive in that time while the people we have put in charge of our country - and its border security - are on hols?

Even in the most backyard of backyard businesses, if there's a major crisis unresolved, the staff, to say nothing of senior management, stay to sort it out until it is sorted out. But not, it would seem, our parliamentarians.

Recalling parliament would seem to be a no brainer - except, of course, that such a recall would threaten the political future, not only the Prime Minister, but her whole misnamed "government".

I echo the comments someone made on the Tim Blair blog today. I know people who I have never once heard state a political opinion, let alone show anger over politics - until the last few weeks. I believe that the state of mind of many in the general population is such that, if this was virtually any country other than Australia, we'd see mass protests on the streets approaching what we've just seen in Cairo.

RJM 1st Jul 2012 11:49

The sixth boat since Parliament went on holidays on Wednesday. This has to be unsustainable.

Can Gillard recall parliament? Can the Opposition, or a public petition, recall them?

It wasn't as if this was unforseeable. More of a mathematical certainty. What a joke. People are p*ssed off, and incredulous, and no wonder.

What will happen next? In don't think we've ever had such an incomnpetent bunch of myopic, self-interested fools running (or ruining) the place.

I'm going to bed before I open another bottle. :*

SOPS 1st Jul 2012 12:15

Not only unsustainable, but unstoppable it seems. Parliment must be recalled, for one reason, and one reason alone... an election must be called, tomorrow!!!

criticalmass 1st Jul 2012 12:32

Personal opinion yet again:-

Julia wants every boat-load of illegal immigrants she can get, after all these are just the faithful soldiers of the Left, invading us by stealth and sowing the seeds for cultural, religious and ethnic warfare on our soil in the near future.

This is the great Labor dream; a nation divided by religion, culture and ethnicity, capable of being ruled forever by manipulating one group against another. It is the "Balkanisation" of Australia and it is Labor policy. If you voted Labor, you voted for the destruction of your country. You will "live the dream".

Since we were not prepared to vote Labor a clear majority, the socialisation, and eventual Communisation of Australia must be done by invaders who have no commitment to the nation but are ruthless opportunists whose loyalty Labor believes it can buy with citizenship and handouts.

Labor has a tiger by the tail. Actually, it now has two tigers by their respective tails.

First, there are the "Illegals". They will follow their own agenda, set by wizened old radical muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia, not the Labor agenda. The Saudi agenda is Islam by encroachment, to perpetuate their power on a global scale after the oil is gone.

The second tiger is an enraged Australian voting public. I don't believe for a second Labor doesn't know what is in store for it at the federal election in 2013. It knows, so it must do something. So it will examine the Constitution to see under what circumstances a federal election can be postponed - and for how long.

I am led to believe the Governor-General happens to be Bill Shorten's mother-in-law. Therefore, she can probably be relied upon to do nothing - and she can be sent on an overseas trip for some reason to remove her if she shows any signs of terminating the commission of the government if it tries to act unconstitutionally. Can federal Labor suspend the constitution? If not, could it introduce legislation specifically to enable it to do so? It certainly has the hubris to try.

Next, if Labor cannot postpone or stop the federal election in 2013 then it can try to rig it. If it does so then it must succeed, and it must gain such a massive majority that it becomes effectively a totalitarian government. If it fails, or the electoral fraud is so obvious even Blind Freddie could see it, then we enter uncharted constitutional waters.

The toothless Australian Electoral Commission has shown in the past it will do anything possible to avoid taking action against fraudulent voting. At what point will it be forced to take action? Your guess is as good as mine. At the very least it should begin cross-checking the electoral register with the names on headstones in the cemeteries in each electorate. It would be interesting to know how many headstones are still enrolled to vote.

Like it or not, it appears this illegitimate federal Labor government will probably survive long enough to go to an election in 2013. The so-called Independents nerve will not crack...for whatever reason they have welded themselves to Labor and their fates are inextricably entwined. Craig Thompson may lose his federal seat but the by-election will almost certainly be rigged to ensure the numbers remain the same in the House. At what point does the patience of the public reach its limit, and what happens when it does?

In the meantime, the invasion from Indonesia to our north continues. Our Navy, charged with the protection of our shores from invasion by sea is extraordinarily derelict in its duty...it actually assists the invaders. Simple solution - send all naval units in the northwest to patrol the Great Australian Bight. Send the Coastwatch people there as well. Leave the waters of the northwest unpatrolled. Excise all but the Australian mainland as a point-of-entry. In other words, remove the welcome-mat.

Remove all the administrators and processing facilities as well. Let the illegals establish their own settlements, feed themselves, and house themselves. They seem to have access to plenty of money. They don't need our help. So don't give it. Tell the UNHCR they are his problem, not ours, and let him sort it out.

So there you have the scenario for the future in Australia. Rigged or postponed elections, in the style of Burma. Religious and ethnic warfare used as instruments of policy by the federal government. Social engineering of an entire nation by idealogues, Labor and Green, who still believe in the witchcraft of Marxist-Leninism. Australia slowly but surely becoming an Islamic version of North Korea.

Even if Labor is wiped out in a federal election, their malevolent influence will be felt in this country for many decades to come. If they and their Green allies are not wiped out, then even God will not help us. The "Treacherous Parliament" may well run its full term, but the damage it willfully inflicts on the nation may pale into insignificance compared to that which occurs if the 2013 federal election is not held.

Meanwhile, the beatings will continue until morale improves.

RJM 1st Jul 2012 12:59

Still here. I'm as angry as you are, cm, although I don't agree with all you say.

I will take issue with you on one point. Our navy is not derelict in its duty. It follows the orders given it to the best of its ability.

parabellum 1st Jul 2012 13:29

Getting your leg over 101

You don't stick them all around the bath do you Worralls? Why do women do that?
Why not? If it gets them all horny and in a good mood, go for it!

(They can clean all the melted wax up in the morning whilst you lie in!).

RJM 1st Jul 2012 13:55

Totally agree, pb. I thought there might be some other reason, just wondering if I was missing something.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Jul 2012 22:55

Can federal Labor suspend the constitution? If not, could it introduce legislation specifically to enable it to do so? It certainly has the hubris to try.
I've posted before on this subject, and that post was basically lifted from the words of a lawyer who has a sound knowledge of constitutional law and some experience too (I offered to cite him at the time and the answer was along the lines of 'hell, no' :eek:). In summary, the supposed plan doesn't take the states into account, and they are 1. conservative in three cases and 2. control most of the cash. The states are the primary government in Australia, not the feds. Nor did he think the ADF would ever cop it, particularly from the Labor Party.

However, I think the fact that reasonable people are theorizing about this scenario (and you're not the first I've heard) says something about the total lack of public confidence in the government and its integrity. Thoroughly deserved lack of confidence, too.

The boat thing is annoying a lot of rusted on Labor types from both ends of the ALP spectrum; the huggies think it should be one come all and hate the ALP for talking about Malaysian solutions et al, and the centre-right types either want them to sort it out and stop pandering to the criminals, or don't want middle eastern immigrants of any sort, period. What the lefties who run the show at the moment either don't realise or don't want to realise is that a lot of their core voters are not terribly pro-immigration at the best of times.

The six week holiday thing hasn't helped either; if I got a day of leave for every time someone had said something along the lines of 'WTF gets six weeks leave these days? Bludging w....' I'd have enough time off for a round the world criuse.

If they and their Green allies are not wiped out, then even God will not help us...
IMO they're gonners and most of them know it. I think the important thing is that the Greens go back to the margins, and that the current crop of ALP 'heavyweights' (:ugh:) get such a trouncing that they slither back home to their campuses / ecovillas / cushy UN gigs, and let the sensible people with real world experience rebuild the party.

FWIW that's what seems to be happening in Queensland. :) We live in hope, anyway.

You don't stick them all around the bath do you Worralls? Why do women do that?
I was going to answer but in the face of further discussion; No Comment. :E:suspect:
P.S. Setting fire to a towel is a bit of a mood breaker. So I hear, anyway. :}

Andu 1st Jul 2012 23:12

The one piece of true bipartisanship I (and I suspect many,many others on both sides of politics) would really love to see is a nation-wide agreement between Labor and the Liberals to exchange preferences with - (wait for it... a truly shocking suggestion to follow) - each other ahead of any exchange of preferences with the Greens.

They got together to crush Pauline Hanson and her Party, because both sides saw her as a credible threat. After the stultifying effect the Greens have had on national politics in this hung parliament, if both major Parties, (even while they take their six weeks hols), don't recognise the Greens as a far greater threat than Pauline Hanson, we're really in trouble.

In every electorate, even it it means handing the seat to the other major Party, and in the Senate, whatever it takes, both major Parties need - and I mean NEED - for the sake of the nation, to come up with a plan to utterly wipe the Greens from the political map.

God only knows what that would involve in Tasmania.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Jul 2012 23:35

God only knows what that would involve in Tasmania.
Maybe they could take all the Greens in (as boat people even :E) and stop them annoying everyone else. In return we could all agree to stop ragging the Tessies about being inbred. :}

IMO the trouble with the plan is that Gillard and the current ALP ruling clique actually like The Greens. Ideologically they're not all that far removed from each other. I think a lot of crazy nutter stuff was blamed on Bob when actually Gillard was either 1. supporting it or 2. dreamed it up in the first place. :suspect: Of course none of it has sat well with the bulk of ALP supporters and that's how they've managed to get stellar 2PP ratings around the 30% mark without really trying. :E
Unfortuntately The Greens still appear to have fans.
The Poll Bludger

Andu 2nd Jul 2012 00:08

ABC news reports that a "business group" has come out in support of the Carbon Tax, saying that "it is vital (vidal?) to Australia's international competitiveness".

Given the message he is attempting to sell, and given the political history of the woman who has introduced the tax, the spokesman for the (until now, unheard of) group has a rather unfortunate name - Nathan Fabian.

On another point altogether... isn't it interesting how Craig Thompson and his travails have (quite literally) completely disappeared from public view?

Buster Hyman 2nd Jul 2012 05:24

Nathan Fabian

Chief Executive Officer at Investor Group on Climate Change

Nathan is also a member of the Federal Government's Business Advisory Panel on Climate change, Director of the Thermometer Foundation for Social Research on Climate Change, a founding member of the International Young Professionals Foundation, a Vincent Fairfax Fellow and a member of Finsia's Sustainability Advisory Council.
Well...can't argue with the independance of his opinion can we? :rolleyes:

I16 2nd Jul 2012 09:58

Turn you Loose!

Fabian's Home Page

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