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Takan Inchovit 30th Oct 2014 10:49

It wasn't an 'attempt' your honour, it was a blackmale success. :E

rh200 30th Oct 2014 11:19

Government know what websites I'm visiting, hmmm, carefactor 0., know who I call, carefactor 0. I have a boring life:{But legal:p

Frankly the more they collect the better, information overload. The fact is, the government getting that information isn't a problem, its all the potential third party commercial operators who mine our data already.

CoodaShooda 30th Oct 2014 12:21

Nova has a history of alleged creative use of government resources and taxpayer funds.

You might also expect that a celebrity gold medallist hailing from the small community that is the NT would be widely popular and respected. But she ain't.

Nothing to do with race or gender. Much to do with personality and morals.

But in that, she seems to be stereotypical of the bulk of the current labor elite. Probably why she was seen as the perfect "captain's pick" and meets Shorten's criteria for being described as a "fine Australian".

It's sad, really.

bosnich71 30th Oct 2014 20:37

Nova has previous form in the creative accounting arena.

Worrals in the wilds 30th Oct 2014 21:46

Oh yes, they dumped him :ok:
Eventually. Newman supported him and the other two idiots (Bates and Driscoll, who has now been charged with fraud) as long as he dared. He continues to support Bates. Plonker's been dumped by his branch with a fairly narrow majority; if they'd supported him I assume the LNP HQ would have endorsed him as the candidate, as they allowed him to nominate in the first place. Driscoll did resign from the party when it was obvious he was going to get turfed (and in that respect I agree with you; the LNP behaved a lot better than the ALP did wrt Thomson) but it still took quite a while. However, would the LNP have been so decisive if Driscoll held the balance of power (as with Thomson)?:hmm: Personally I don't think so.

Bosnich/Cooda; I had a feeling that could be the case. From the start, she always smelled like a train-wreck candidate to me (which I think I said at the time, though that's many pages ago :\). Whatever the party, IMO massive support from Canberra with little support from the locals is always a Big Red Flag. :suspect:

MTOW 31st Oct 2014 00:02

From what little I see from afar of the conservative side of Queensland politics and politicians, I can't help but feel that the Liberals in Canberra would not be unhappy if every one of their Queensland brethren were to collectively fall under the proverbial bus.

I can't help but feel we still have the remnants of the 'good old days' (!) of Joh BP existing in the attitudes of too many of the Country Party/Liberal politicians in Qld, which really undermines any attempt by the Federal conservative leadership to point out the shortcomings of the Labor Party. (The fact that Qld Labor as every bit as bad, if not worse, is lost to most of the MSM.)

As for Nova Peris, she has just about every tick in the box to put her in the ranks of Leftie royalty. Aboriginal (well, not much - far, far more Sri Lankan than Aboriginal from what I can see), female, gold medal winning Olympian - all she needed to tick every square was to declare herself homosexual.

The fact that with all these ticks in the box, she is NOT highly regarded by or even in favour with the vast majority of the Aboriginal population in the NT speaks volumes. The recent disclosures, which she has not denied, might give some indication why she has been - and remains - so on the nose with so many Aboriginals in the NT. Julia Gillard was at least consistent - she got it wrong every time.

Ken Borough 31st Oct 2014 01:17

Notwithstanding the person involved, News Corp went too far by publishing what are purported to be private emails. I ask any fair-minded person, what purpose does publication serve and is it in the public interest? My answers are none and no.

prospector 31st Oct 2014 02:01

My answers are none and no.

For a private citizen perhaps. for someone holding public office, and wilfully misspending taxpayer money, then the NewsCorp would be failing in their duty to not inform the public of known, verified facts.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 31st Oct 2014 02:07

Indigenous Australians in senior positions in government, quasi-government, or local authority positions mis-using public funds? Part of the job description isn't it?

CoodaShooda 31st Oct 2014 03:10

I assume you'd take the same position on the publishing of Barry Spurr's emails?

For what it's worth, I felt the NT News plumbed new depths in the way it presented the material. But it does reflect the level of respect a lot of the NT has for its Honourable Senator.

As for corrupt practices by indigenous officials, I wonder where they learned it from?

rh200 31st Oct 2014 03:48

As for corrupt practices by indigenous officials, I wonder where they learned it from?
Black, white, male female, Christian, atheist, Labor, Liberal (well maybe more Labor:E) etc, all guilty of corruption.

There will be skew depending on the peoples background, asscoiation and upbringing.

bosnich71 31st Oct 2014 03:49

Ken .... I could,maybe, agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that our ABC which was highly delighted to publish Spurr's e mails is now upset about the publication of Peris.
We are all a bit one eyed in our political views but the ABC is becoming more hypocritical by the day.

Takan Inchovit 31st Oct 2014 05:49

Apart from a bit of colour, does Peris have confirmed aboriginalty? I had heard some years ago that some Sri Lankans/Tamils we're riding the handout gravy train. :suspect:

CoodaShooda 31st Oct 2014 06:00

Short answer "yes", along with some other nationalities.

owen meaney 31st Oct 2014 06:01

Takan, Peris is part black, and part Filipino, I went to school with her brother cousins.

SOPS 31st Oct 2014 07:57

Was she born in Australia?

owen meaney 31st Oct 2014 20:34

SOPS, she's a Darwin girl.
And now New Matilda is reporting that she gilded the lily somewhat in he statement to Parliament that she was being whitemailed(:}).

parabellum 31st Oct 2014 22:07

One extract from her emails that will come back to haunt her was her response to Boyfriend, when he said he would need a ticket, hotel and US$20,000, she is quoted as saying words to the effect, "I can get $20,000 from an indigenous mobs funds".

Takan Inchovit 31st Oct 2014 22:14

Perhaps she will get to use the same bucket of teflon that jooles uses.

owen meaney 31st Oct 2014 22:59

From Quadrant online
This person is a poet
Run Nova. Get those grants
They’ll get you into Boldon’s pants.

And on Cathy Freeman:
She can run and she is fit
But crikey, she can’t talk for shit!

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