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prospector 26th Oct 2014 00:57

it's better too help and try too contain the situation in Africa,

Many Liberian Doctors?Including President Sirleaf?s Son?Are Staying Away ? Wall Street Journal/Patrick McGroarty | emotanglobal

It would appear that the only way that will happen is if volunteers from other countries go to sort out the incredibly inefficient locals

Captain Sand Dune 26th Oct 2014 01:40

TEENAGE jihadist Abdullah Elmir faces a 25-year jail term if he ever returns to Australia.
Australian Federal Police have confirmed they are preparing an evidence brief for the Director of Public Prosecutions over the Islamic State propaganda video the Sydney teenager surfaced in this week.
Dubbed the ginger jihadist, Elmir, 17, taunts Prime Minister Tony Abbott and clutches an assault rifle in the video. Intelligence agencies are also investigating whether fugitive Australian terrorist Mohamed Elomar is in the video. AFP counterterrorism head Neil Gaughan said if Elmir ever returned to Australia he would face prosecution.
“He has committed an offence because he is basically admitting that he is a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation,’’ he said.
“The fact that he is admitting that he is a member of ISIS, which he does in the video, straight away says that he has committed an offence under the criminal code. That’s up to 25 years imprisonment.”
Family members believe Elmir is now unlikely to ever return to Australia.
Mr Gaughan said the big concern for authorities was the speed of the teenager’s conversion to extremism.
“The fact is that this guy, who for all intents and purposes was a pretty reasonable, sensible young man, has gone from pretty much a moderate Muslim to an extremist with radical views in a very short period of time,’’ Mr Gaughan said. “He was not under investigation by law enforcement authorities. He was not under investigation by the joint counter-terror teams.
“It’s the fact that we are seeing young men being radicalised so quickly that is the issue.”
The father of 17-year-old “Fayez’’, the teenager who travelled overseas with Elmir said this week his son was “back on the right path” and was sitting his HSC exams.
Police are investigating whether fugitive Australian terrorist Mohammed Ali Baryalei was involved in recruiting the teenagers. Baryalei is the alleged mastermind of a foiled plot to kill a member of the public in a terrorist attack.
“We believe there are other people involved in the facilitation (of the attack),” Mr Gaughan said. “I am not going to say who or how.”
So if ginger d*ickhead comes back (and hopefully one of our Hornets will give him the martyrdom he so desperately seeks instead) he faces prosecution and may get up to 25 years. That right there is why we’ve got it wrong. If he returns there will be a conga line of Julian Burnsides falling over themselves wanting to defend him. He will be considered a hero during the trial as the lefty meedja will lap in up and shove it down our throats. And he will probably be considered a hero in jail as well and still be in his mid-forties when he gets out. How about cancel his Australian passport and citizenship and put him on a list of those prohibited to enter Australia. Job done - saves us the expense and the bother.

megan 26th Oct 2014 02:13

How about cancel his Australian passport
He may well have done that himself. Youtube has video of them burning their passports, what chance of those who have burnt theirs getting home?

Captain Sand Dune 26th Oct 2014 03:32

Well that's good news if it's true.:ok: Wonder if the little scrote is claiming welfare though:E

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 06:51

Traffic, I think you'll find that your post will get conveniently passed over and ignored. It generally happens when you put it in their face like that, it's too uncomfortable to answer, but it can't be denied.

If you look at the outspoken individuals peddling those opinions, to a person they are in their mid to late sixties and probably starting to feel both their mortality and insignificance at the same time.

I always wondered how so many 'un bad' Germans were groomed by propaganda and cultural training into hating a race of people into extermination. Reading 7x7, Rh, parabellum, andu and some others posts on here I understand now. It must be terrible to be so scared!

And why Con Pilot, Dushbag et.al feel like their opinion on Australian politics is worth even typing down is beyond me...

Saltie 26th Oct 2014 07:12

Hempy, I think where the people you mention with such disapproval differ with you is that they think we're at war with radical Islam, whereas you obviously don't. They also think that it is a war that if we lose it. Society as we know it today will be lost.

Takan Inchovit 26th Oct 2014 08:26

What is the muslim population so scared of, that they accept so readily, threats to Western civilisation on their behalf?

owen meaney 26th Oct 2014 09:12

So Trafic is were was and hempy, When would be an appropriate time to consider internment of these third world peasants? Before or after a major happening on Australian soil?

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 10:39

Originally Posted by Theodore Roosevelt, 1919
'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American... There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an Anerican at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag.... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'

The above quote has been bastardised by some internet random as being a quote of Edmund Barton, but it's not. Regardless of who spoke the words, I'm in full agreement of the sentiment. What I can't garner is people who simply generalise, or tar a 'group' with the same brush. Its ignorant and simple, and speaks volumes of the people making the statement, not who they are making the statement against.

The arrogance of 'I am right, you are wrong' isn't only galling, it's pathetic

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 10:49

Owen. You dont need me to answer your question, you obviously know the answer you want. Google 'kristallnacht', I think this is the answer you are looking for :rolleyes:

parabellum 26th Oct 2014 11:05

Something tells me that Hempy and Co. have not yet found themselves face to face with an Arab foe who will gladly remove their head from the rest of their body, ( I saw the result first hand in Aden, 1964).

Hempy and Co, deign to show their experience but I suggest it is safe to say they haven't been there, haven't done it and don't really know what they are talking about. What is really pathetic is the 'Holier than Though' attitude that Hempy assumes from his perceived high moral ground. It isn't the likes of me that are ignorant or arrogant Hempy, it is you.

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 11:08

Oh I served my time, I even demonstrate it once a year. Please do enthrall us all with your 'experience'... :rolleyes:

rh200 26th Oct 2014 11:12

What I can't garner is people who simply generalise, or tar a 'group' with the same brush. Its ignorant and simple, and speaks volumes of the people making the statement, not who they are making the statement against.
Actually its all got to do with statistics and distributions, a simple fact of science. Of course none think all Muslims are "evil"

People who deal with large populations and try and deal in absolute figures usually have a poor understanding of statistical distributions as applied to social populations.

They also usually have a very poor understanding of social evolution and the basic concept of forcing functions in effecting change amongst said populations. Which is ironic since they usually try and use the same methods to enforce their views.

A good example of this by the left, is shame etc, the usual rolling out of so called "Hitler" comparisons being a classic. This being the greatest snow job of all time, since he was a left wing socialist, who amongst the Chinese and Soviets are responsibility for the greatest atrocities known to man.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 26th Oct 2014 11:15

third world peasants
Not much room to manouvre there. I think that says a lot more about you than me.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 26th Oct 2014 11:20

Of course none think all Muslims are "evil"
Of course you don't, but lets lock em all up in a cage just on the off chance hey?

Ethel the Aardvark 26th Oct 2014 11:24

Are we peddling fear just for the sake of it? - The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Well what do you knowe!
And there was me thinking that Paras active service was a security guard on a Kibultz..

owen meaney 26th Oct 2014 11:25

Not much room to manouvre there. I think that says a lot more about you than me.
I deal in facts only, most are peasants with no ability to become members of our society, hence their tendency to form sub groups. I is what I is, you on the other hand are a victim of your ignorance of the muslim world and the culture that drives them

but lets lock em all up in a cage just on the off chance hey?
Yes indeed

This being the greatest snow job of all time, since he was a left wing socialist,
I don't think so, they were right wing extremists

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 11:26

Stop press. Hitler was a left wing socialist!!! God, I've read some deluded crap on these boards ovef the last 12 years, but that absolutely takes the cake! Please dude, do a PhD thesis or something on that topic, you'll change the thinking of historians and political theorists the world over!!! :rolleyes:

Just in case your education finished in grade 2...

Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsɪz(ə)m/; alternatively spelled Naziism),[1] or National Socialism in full, is the ideology and practice associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party and state as well as other related far-right groups

7x7 26th Oct 2014 11:51

I think Ethel uses misspellings and the impossibly bad grammar she inflicts upon us here as some sort of Leftie badge of honour. (And to annoy reactionary old pedants like moi). She can't constantly make so many gross errors by mistake.

...can she?

And, with the above in mind, am I the only one who strongly suspects that Ethel = Hempy? A version of Ethel who can spell and knows the difference between 'have' and 'of' as part of a verb?

And yes, I do consider that fundamentalist Islam has quite openly admitted that it is at war with the (largely post-) Christian West and that what can only be called a Fifth Column (in the Spanish Civil War sense) living within the West is very much a part of their war strategy. There is no doubt this 'Fifth Column' exists - the events of the last few days in Canada and the last few weeks in the US, where Islamic terrorist leaders have openly urged muslims living in the West to randomly kill any non-muslim citizen in the West (the so-called 'Lone Wolf') clearly show this to be true.

It's just that so far, it has proven impossible to convince the political leadership of any country in the West (along with many people like Ethel/Hempy) to acknowledge that that state of war exists and that unpalatable measures might need to be applied to fellow citizens living amongst us who are openly supporting the people who have declared war on us - or just accept that we have already lost that war if we don't soon start defending ourselves.

Hempy 26th Oct 2014 12:05

Yeah, coz if more than one person disagrees with you it's either a conspiracy (although I thought 'conspiracies' were solely the realm of left wing nut-jobs..?), or the same person posting under different names, right? Of course! It's a massive conspiracy...ALL the people who disagree with you are just one person posting under different names!


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