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Hempy 20th Oct 2014 11:49

Originally Posted by Worrals in the wilds
Business is business, and all those Western land mine/rocket manufacturing companies have to answer to their shareholders.

ISIS are looking after them quite nicely thanks, but the tank and rifle manfacturers shareholders need to pull their acts together and get some serious lobbying happening or it'll be a disaster!

Ethel the Aardvark 20th Oct 2014 11:55

We are such a generous country, apparently we spent more money on procuring the next pirates of the Caribbean movie in Qld than we have offered for Ebola.
Good on yer tony dum dum!

Clare Prop 20th Oct 2014 13:27

Nothing to stop you volunteering, Ethel :cool:

owen meaney 20th Oct 2014 20:12

Well Ethel, I am tired of the constant calls for aid to Sub Saharah Africa.
Not a month goes by without a call for MORE and MORE assistance to primitive sococieties living in their own filth and unable or unwilling to asist themselves.

Saltie 20th Oct 2014 20:25

I'm afraid the doe-eyed child whose photograph caused us all to contribute to any one of Bob Geldorf's charity drives grew up to become an AK47-toting gangster who couldn't keep his zipper done up. An Irish journalist wrote a hard-hitting article some years ago where he said that 99% of Africa's problems would be solved if African males could keep their dicks in their pants or confine themselves to one partner. Of course, the article outraged the Left and the aid 'industry'.

CoodaShooda 20th Oct 2014 20:32

Interesting result in a local by-election on the weekend.

Retiring labor member has held it since 2001. Current CLP government very much on the nose through being arrogantly inept.

Traditionally, by-elections here go against the sitting government.

However, labor experienced a 19% swing against it, down from 61% of the primary vote to 42%.

As only 4% went to the CLP, labor got back on preferences.

But the result has only served to further entrench the CLP's arrogance. :ugh:

owen meaney 20th Oct 2014 20:44

Saltie, I think you have nailed it. In fact the same applies just to the north of us, where AIDS runs at about 25% in some provinces.

Coodashooda, I was happy to to see the amount of votes for the minor parties, bodes well for a more vibrant democracy.

CoodaShooda 20th Oct 2014 21:48

Agreed Owen.

2016 may be a good time for independents. :E

And in breaking news......Vale Gough Whitlam

Worrals in the wilds 20th Oct 2014 22:05

Really? :( Thanks for the heads up.
As you say, interesting bye election. Who are the major minors (for want of a better term :})?

7x7 20th Oct 2014 22:10

Gough Whitlam has died. We all should have some sympathy for the poor bastard manning the Pearlie Gates.

CoodaShooda 20th Oct 2014 23:10

Who are the major minors (for want of a better term
The largest group was those who couldn't be bothered to turn up (30.7%).

Anthony Green's latest figures show a slightly different outcome based on those who voted.

On Primaries, labor was down 17.1%, the CLP stayed even, the Greens picked up 10.9% on their first foray in the electorate and the informal vote was 3.1%. The fringe candidates accounted for the rest, up to 2ish% each.

On a two candidate preferred basis, it was a 4.2% swing to the CLP.

FullOppositeRudder 20th Oct 2014 23:40

Gough Whitlam has died. We all should have some sympathy for the poor bastard manning the Pearlie Gates.
There's a rumour going around that Sir John Kerr was in charge of that section these days .... :E

Pinky the pilot 21st Oct 2014 01:40

There's a rumour going around that Sir John Kerr was in charge of that section these days ....
Dammit FullOppositeRudder, I nearly spayed coffee all over the monitor when I read that!!:D:D

Stand by now though for the ALPBC TV and Radio news services to do massive 'tributes' to a person who headed, until the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd administrations, the most incompetent Government that Australia ever had to endure.:ugh:

I wouldn't be surprised if ABC TV even suspended normal programming this evening to run 'a special.':rolleyes:

I was around during the Whitlam years and I have no desire to be reminded of them, so I won't be watching.

owen meaney 21st Oct 2014 01:48

Oh Pinky, distance is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, not more angry.
Gough's my hero.

Andu 21st Oct 2014 02:11

702 ABC radio this morning full of phone ins, many from people (all women) "who would never have got to university without Gough's free education". Free for those who attended the applied basket weaving courses and have ever since clogged the ranks of the Pubic Service; not free for the rest of the population who had to pay for it.

Only one caller, an ex-Navy bloke, managed to sneak past the culling process that ALPBC producers always run in such phone ins, and he did so by appearing to be praising Whitlam (because he had once met him), but, much to the presenter's discomfort, he managed to put a gentle boot in before she got him off air.

Over on the Pickering site, quite a few are laying a not so gentle boot in, to the point where some Kiwi who admits not to living here at the time, is protesting and how rude Australians are to speak so ill of the recently dead. (Apparently, if we wait a 'decent' while before laying the boot in, it's acceptable to this bloke.)

I just received an extremely politically incorrect email from an ultra rightie friend who opined that, unlike many of the Labor faithful, he does not expect Goof to rise from the dead on the third day.

My bet would be that there will be many in the hereafter who, by the third day, will be wishing he would rise from the dead if it means they won't have to put up with him for eternity.

We're all in for a week of so of cloying, insincere testimonials, many from people (and on the Labor side as well as on the conservative side of politics) who hated the man with a passion.

How long will we have to wait before we are forced to endure a similar bullshitfest when "hawkie" (!) goes to join Gough and meet his Maker, (the one he does not believe exists)?

bosnich71 21st Oct 2014 03:31

F.F.S. Owen you were about 12 years of age in 1975 I hope, and suspect, that you have grown up since those days ......... smiley added.

bosnich71 21st Oct 2014 03:54

October the 24th. is United Nations Day.
The "Australian" government has issued a statement that in accordance with protocols signed by Australia, when joining the U.N. that the "United Nations Flag" is to be flown in a position of honour, i.e. above the national flag of Australia, on that day from all government buildings etc.I wonder if this protocol applies to military installations as well.
I will be busy for the rest of today erecting my new flagpole upon which I will be flying my newly purchased Australian flag in it's well merited 'position of honour' ..... above any other.

Ken Borough 21st Oct 2014 04:57

"I will be busy for the rest of today erecting my new flagpole upon which I will be flying my newly purchased Australian flag in it's well merited 'position of honour' ..... above any other. " Bosnich71


Well done Boz! I hope other "New Australians" follow your good example. If only...... (I can't arrange for the clapping icon to function!!)

megan 21st Oct 2014 05:07

Blood is up listening to 774 lauding God for bringing the troops home from Vietnam. Don't they have a calendar? It started 18 months before his election, and by the time he got into government only about 120 remained, the embassy guard, and a few Army Training Team (AATTV) who arrived home on 18 December 1972, just 13 days after God took power.

Email sent to John Faine and 774 with a reply requested, wonder if they will.

Tackled Phillip Adams on this question years ago and he claimed to have no knowledge of this piece of mythology being put about. Yer, right.

On the 2 December 1973 God issued a statement of their achievements in the first year of office, one of which was, "We have withdrawn the last remnants of our unhappy "presence" in Vietnam". Certainly delusional if he thinks closing the embassy counted for anything, which is all he did re Vietnam, and refused evacuation of the Vietnamese who worked in the embassy, left to their lot in the re-education camps.

bosnich71 21st Oct 2014 06:18

Thank you Kenneth. I've always thought of the Aussie flag as being a bit of an icon, in the best sense of the word unlike referring to Gough as an icon which is in the worst sense.
I also believe that if there is ever a referendum or whatever to change the flag then the only ones who should be allowed to vote should be Australian born ..... which places me out of the equation.

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