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owen meaney 16th Oct 2014 07:45

Reference Tampa
What is the difference between "accidently" dropping a child off the side and "throwing" one's child over the side?

Ethel the Aardvark 16th Oct 2014 11:19

I think the difference would be opinion polls Mr Meany but I will check the highly reputable Independant Australia website and get back to you!

bosnich71 17th Oct 2014 03:56

Hempy... don't SAS units/sections, whatever, contain at least one medically trained person?
As usual Ethel does not answer questions put.

Hempy 17th Oct 2014 04:48

Bosnich71, trauma training is a troop skill, so yes, while they would have had at least one qualifed sf medic, they all would have been able to render medical assistance to some degree.

So this is why the SAS was ordered onto the Tampa, was it? I hope so, because if they were sent because of their other skills they were massively overqualified for the job.

Which I think was Ethels point.

rh200 17th Oct 2014 04:50

Reference Tampa
What is the difference between "accidently" dropping a child off the side and "throwing" one's child over the side?
Yawn, wasn't it Seiv X?

The difference would be hard to tell, do you mean like a real stand back and give it a good hurl type, or a hang over the side and a oops I dropped it type with a facial expression like Dr Evil.:p

As for the Tampa illegals, most of them should have been charged with child abuse at the very least. The ones who forced the crew to change course with piracy at least and maybe up to terrorism offenses.

The parents took their children from a safe have democratic country, most likely after having a feed at McDonald, jumped on a clearly inadequate vessel to enter another country illegally. As far as I'm aware, being persecuted does not entitle you to choose what country in the world you get to live in.

As for the pirates/terrorists, they deserve to have the book thrown at them. The crew of the Tampa upheld the highest tradition of the sea to come and rescue them, look what they got for their trouble. It is because of actions like that shipping may well just not want to get involved.

When the ship had to divert to another port under threat it became a military operation.

parabellum 17th Oct 2014 05:20

The reason the SAS were used is because they have specially trained teams whose job, (part of, anyway), is to board large ships at sea, if required. The Australian police and Border Protection don't have such trained teams.

porch monkey 17th Oct 2014 07:49

Finally, someone gets it........

Andu 17th Oct 2014 07:54

Total waste of bandwidth explaining what went down on the Tampa, chaps. In Ethel's world, it was all a dark, dastardly plot by the Howard government, carefully and callously contrived to get them re-elected.

The fact that a comfortable majority of the electorate - as they did the Whitlam sacking - found that 'plot' agreeable is totally lost on them and will always be, no matter how much evidence is thrust in their faces.

It would be interesting in the extreme for some enterprising journalist to take a look at what has become of all the Tampa passengers and what they have achieved in the years after being granted asylum in Australia. Also, how many of them have gone back to the countries they were fleeing from for holidays since being given Australian residency. My guess as to the answer to question 1 would be "not very much at all" and to question 2, "quite a few".

Hempy 17th Oct 2014 11:08

The Navy can't board ships???

bosnich71 17th Oct 2014 11:41

Probably too busy cruising.( joke).
Why is it that everyone on hearing of such an operation such as Tampa immediately talks of the SAS ? There are other 'special forces' in the Australian military.
Heard on ABC tonight that the RAAF had ..... shock horror...... bombed someone and caused casualties. And there was me thinking that those super duper new Hornets were really intended for dropping Teddy Bears to naughty people with black flags.

Andu 17th Oct 2014 12:12

It's a sad statement of the current state of our 'unified' (not) nation, but the announcement that (shock! horror!) our Hornets have caused (gasp!) casualties among the ranks of IS when they dropped their bombs will see a very good chance of for some hot-headed bro from Lakemba, with a sharp knife in hand, going out in search of some poor sod dressed in a RAAF uniform.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong in that rather bleak assessment.

criticalmass 17th Oct 2014 12:17

FWIW, the Australian Government really ought to shut up about our operations in Iraq against ISIS.

Media releases about what we did and who we hit, what we hit them with and what happened when we hit them serve no useful purpose. What next...do we actually tell ISIS where we are going to hit them next so they can put the human shields in harm's way for maximum media exposure? This is war, not some media public-relations event! Get serious about it, and have a little regard for secrecy and operational security.

Just let the guys and gals over there get on with their jobs, and don't give the extremists embedded there (or here) any more information with which they can fuel their campaigns of hate.

Get the damn journalists out of the war-zones as well...they're part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Ethel the Aardvark 17th Oct 2014 14:26

I thought it was bleeding obvious. I would suggest it was insulting for an elite team of soldiers like the SAS were sent against malnourished and sick civilians.
Not there choice I am sure and hardly what they were set up for.
In my opinion I hope they do not get used as political pawns again.

Stanwell 17th Oct 2014 19:30

Oh dear, Ethel.
I did think that one or two of your posts might just have had just a smidgen of cred.

Come outside your carefully tended garden sometime and we'll show you the real world.

BTW, can you bake the scones for next weekend?

BenThere 17th Oct 2014 19:44

I would suggest it was insulting for an elite team of soldiers like the SAS were sent against malnourished and sick civilians
You think that could possibly be a mission assigned to SAS troops? Really?

Saltie 17th Oct 2014 19:45

Gosh, whodathunkit, a government using its military forces for political purposes...

What world do you live in, Ethel? It's not this one.

Saltie 17th Oct 2014 19:52

criticalmass, my sentiments exactly. The press briefing by the Admiral was totally unnecessary. I'm really uncomfortable with the way the media are carrying on about the deployment of the F18s and the SF troops. It's like the very beginning of WW1.

Pinky the pilot 18th Oct 2014 01:17

It's like the very beginning of WW1.
Especially if some clown starts saying that 'it will probably all be over by Christmas;':rolleyes:

criticalmass; I have thought the same thing more than once just lately.

rh200 18th Oct 2014 02:03

I'm sure most of the pollys and generals don't want any part in the press, but there is an unfortunate reality.

We have an almost continuous news coverage these days, your damed if you do, and damed if you don't. If you don't throw the press the meat they will just get it elsewhere.

bosnich71 18th Oct 2014 07:15

Ethel ... of course Howard knew that the people who hi-jacked the Tampa were " malnourished sick civilians" that's why he sent the SAS. ( Irony in case you miss it Ethel).
P.s. You are still not answering questions, is this what you are taught to do by Liebour Party Central ?

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