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parabellum 4th Oct 2014 11:52


Melbourne, Mr Para? Did I imagine it or were you living in WA at one time?
Been living in Gippsland, 100kms east of Melbourne, since 2001, prior to that Singapore, have visited Perth but that was pre 2001! It's age you know, plays tricks with the memory! ;)

7x7 4th Oct 2014 12:17

Saw this on the Pickering site.

Arab males are running around Sydney suburbs trying to identify ADF households. They spray a white coloured "D" on the fence to signify an ADF house! What are the cops doing about that?
Was this reported in the MSM? If so, how are they treating it?

The government needs to enact legislation immediately that any such attack on a servicemen or his/her family will involve a life sentence - and I mean LIFE - with no parole. In the current climate, Labor would surely support any such legislation (although I'm sure the Greens would not).

I see that Knox Grammar have instructed their students in their cadet unit not to wear their Army cams to and from school (as someone predicted would happen here on this thread). We really have become a very sad country, and if some crazy does attack - or worse - a school cadet, I really fear what the reaction from the more radical on what I'll call 'our' side might be. The sad fact is that such people target the visible Muslims, corner store operators, fast food proprietors - the very people who are making the most effort to make a decent life here.

The other sad point is that any such attack is usually played up by the ABC and rest of the lefties, where they studiously ignore any but the most blatant attack directed the other way. (The way they have handled the stabbing of the two policemen in Melbourne comes immediately to mind.)

7x7 5th Oct 2014 01:44

A very interesting survey
Saw this this morning.


It's a short survey, obviously originally from he US (although someone had tried unsuccessfully to 'Australianise' it). 36 questions. Worth taking.

The Morning Mail (morningmail.org) seems to be a relatively new site, (so far attracting very few comments), but whoever the writer is, he comes out with a few quite interesting articles every day. Worth added to your morning online reading, in my opinion.

His comments on the burqa are also ... shall we say 'clearly stated'. ( Ban full-face coverings , including burka and be done with it! )

bosnich71 5th Oct 2014 03:56

7X7 .. I was listening to a gab fest on the ABC the other evening when the topic was the proposed ban on burka wearing in parliament and the seating of such wearers in a glass enclosure.One bloke stated that," female muslims do not carry out suicide bombings and that the proposed measures would create "segregation". A couple of points come to mind...
Yes female muslims do carry out suicide bombings.
If someone is wearing a burka is it possible to ascertain the gender of the wearer.
And has the 'bloke' visited a mosque lately.

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Oct 2014 04:13

Nothing like Blabbotts Team Australia. We are all in this together except of course those women who choose to wear your head covering of choice, you can be on the team but sit behind that glass wall. Is there anything that we are not scared of. Come to think of it brides with veils is a bit confronting along with Nuns habits and skull caps.

bosnich71 5th Oct 2014 05:02

Head covering ..ok.
Nuns habits..ok
skull caps...ok.
Brides veils .. ok.
Burkas .... not ok. They cover the face and the identity of the wearer.
Even Ethel must get that.
No I'll re-write that ... Ethel doesn't get anything.

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Oct 2014 07:18

Sorry Boz, I am more into personal freedom, if someone wants to wear a Burka then good luck to them, it's about living in a free society and I do not feel threatened when I see the garment worn. It's a shame the majority here want to keep up the devisive them and us propaganda.

Solid Rust Twotter 5th Oct 2014 07:27

Cheers, Mr Para. Must be all they chemtrails...


Andu 5th Oct 2014 07:55

It's a shame the majority here want to keep up the devisive them and us propaganda.
Think about what you've said there, Ethel. Every time another Australian sees a woman wearing the niqab - and even the hijab/headscarf - he/she's being told quite blatantly "I'm different, and I plan to stay that way".

I have no problem with women of other cultures wearing traditional dress in the countries where that traditional dress is the norm. However, I struggle to see why someone escaping what must have been terrible living conditions - (why else would you uproot yourself and move halfway around the world to a totally alien culture?) - go out of their way to introduce those very conditions they "escaped" from.

The only answer that makes any sense to me is that they are not escaping, but colonizing.

...and I don't want to be colonized, particularly by a people who will insist I (or more to the point, my grandchildren) adhere totally to a way of life they insist I follow or face at worst, death, and at best, a punitive non-compliers' taxation.

Not for the first time, I find myself thinking that if Muslim women dropped the headscarf, 90% of the unease and problems many ordinary Australians associate with large scale Muslim immigration would go away overnight.

Takan Inchovit 5th Oct 2014 08:59

It's a shame the majority here want to keep up the devisive them and us propaganda.
Suck it up sunshine, that is democracy. The only un-democratic thing here is the fact that the confronting garment has not been banned.
Therefore, what are you whinging about?

bosnich71 5th Oct 2014 09:44

Ethel.. I do feel threatened, given the state of the world today, just like a shop keeper,bank teller etc. would feel threatened if I walked in wearing a motorcycle crash helmet etc. Debate "free society" where there is a notice on each bank etc. in Oz about removing crash hats.

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Oct 2014 09:53

Whoa hoooooo, someone here acknowledges we are in a democracy, Does that include religious freedom. Apparently not.

bosnich71 5th Oct 2014 10:01

Ethel .... free society ?

Hempy 5th Oct 2014 10:03


7x7 5th Oct 2014 10:28

, Does that include religious freedom. Apparently not.
Ethel, the whole point being made by everyone who disagrees with you here is that the people we're objecting to not only don't believe in religious freedom - they insist EVERYONE follows their brand of religion to the letter.

And that following the strictures (note that word) of that religion would involve a total retreat from just about everything we - (that's currently 98% of the population, but shrinking by the day) - hold near and dear here in Australia.

hoofie 5th Oct 2014 11:56

The Burqa is NOT a religious garment, its cultural. Nowhere does the Quran tell women to cover their face, merely that they cover their hair and dress modestly, something which is done by the vast majority of muslim women.

Even in Saudi Arabia women are not required by law to be veiled.

The problem is its thin end of a very big wedge. There is no possibility of extreme fundamentalists fitting into current Australian society or adjusting to its cultural mores. As far as they are concerned Australia must accomodate them, a scenario being played out all over modern democracies.

To challenge otherwise immediately throws up the rascist card, which is an empty accusation.

rh200 5th Oct 2014 12:01

someone here acknowledges we are in a democracy, Does that include religious freedom. Apparently not.
No such thing as a fee society and rights. The only rights we have are the ones the society we live in gives us.

megan 5th Oct 2014 13:18

Ethel, I assume you are OK with this demonstration of religious freedom. Sydney muslim protest September 2012.


To tell the truth it worries the hell out of me. What is the young lad being brought up to believe? Beheadings OK? Seems to be the message. Future problem child in our midst?

SOPS 5th Oct 2014 13:49

Ethel has a problem, a severe problem. I just hope for her sake she is not the one they choose to behead. Ethel's problem, like most of the huggy fluffs, is that she sees no problem in letting these people take over our culture and kill us all. I'm just not sure where she sees here and her leftie mates fitting in to the new society, burka clad at the mosque, perhaps?

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Oct 2014 14:21

Nothing like a bit of brainwashing, no wonder you lot can't keep it in perspective, Mr Benardi will be proud :ugh:

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