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bosnich71 1st Oct 2014 07:22

7X7 ... the wife isn't actually expecting anything from her old union. Thirty years of paying union fees to the RANF and the HSU only led to her and the majority of her work mates being ripped off in more and more inventive ways. I merely use her experience as an example of what a bunch of charlatans the average union bosses have become. They are certainly not socialist in any way whatsoever. The light on the 'effin' hill went out a good many years back in my opinion.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Oct 2014 07:52

The CFMEU had an enormous rush of membership inquiries..." same website I presume.
No, it was a passing remark from someone in their office and I had no reason to disbelieve it. However, it was informal. The membership figure came from their official website.
Who's who? | CFMEU National

The CFMEU has offices in all capital cities in Australia and in many major regional centres. The Union has over 140,000 members in total and employs around 400 full time staff and officials.
If you're calling someone (or an organization) a liar then it's traditional to offer some proof to back up the accusation.

That aside, I agree that the HSU exec were a thoroughly bad lot who deserved to be exposed, carted off and hounded out of the union movement. They ripped off their members and brought the whole movement into disrepute, or further disrepute than it was in already (just getting in first :}). Their conduct was absolutely disgraceful and the way they milked their members (many of whom are low paid healthcare workers) was appalling. Personally I thought they should have been disendorsed by the ACTU and from what I heard that was considered, but it would have left their members with even less protection and service for their dues than they already had.

Given that your wife was a member I can understand why you have a bad taste in your mouth wrt unions; I would probably feel the same way. Likewise Clare Prop.

Clare Prop 1st Oct 2014 09:34

My feelings about unions were mostly developed as a teenager in the UK during The Winter of Discontent. Leicester Square being turned into a rubbish tip full of rats. Coffins stored in warehouses. The whole country suffering because of them. I hate them and every selfish, currupt thing they stand for.

People like the missos guy I had to deal with were ones who left the country and came to Australia after destroying their manufacturing jobs in the UK. So many Northern English accents!

Here's a little anecdote, a friend of mine who was pretty high up in ta certain Union got booted out of a venue for scribbling union propganda on the wall of the ladies. When they booted her out she said she would get "her" union to get the place shut down on "health and safety" grounds. Unfortunately for her, the motorcylce enthusists who owned the venue had a bit more, er, clout than the union did. Beautiful. A typical example of union bullying and "I'll get my way sod all the people who enjoy being at the venue it's all about me me me getting what I want" karma came along and she got booted out of her union by some office politics. Now after 30 years of flying the red flag she has realised that they are not the light on the hill but just a bunch of backstabbing thugs, the same as all those corporate backstabbing thugs she used to fight; and she is able to be herself, an intelligent and lovely person not a spitting snarling bully.

Pinky the pilot 1st Oct 2014 10:43

whose shop steward held me by the throat to a hot packing machine and threatened to burn my house down if I didn't join "his" union.
Clare; A similar 'sort of thing' happened to a friend of mine back in the early 70s. It ended with the shop steward speaking in a soprano voice for a time. Suprano that is, in a high pitched squeaky type voice.:eek:

Oh, he also had a 'few broken bones,' which is how I heard it described from others who witnessed the 'meeting.'.:hmm:

There was no comeback heard or experienced by my friend. However, he did join the union. Closed shop place as it was then. He just objected to the standover tactics.

Made his point I guess.:ok:

What was the fallout from your experience?

7x7 1st Oct 2014 10:58

Over on the Bolt blog there's a thread running about Julia Gillard's recently released book. Over 250 comments, most of them priceless. Here's part of one.

No matter because in a few years the Left will have rewritten history and hail her as the greatest prime minister to have ever lived. They will build museums exhibiting her nation building achievements. School teachers will give children extra credit for pronouncing hyperbole as hyper-bowl. Men will be banned from misogynist acts such as checking their watch…

Worrals in the wilds 1st Oct 2014 11:28

Most institutions have moved on since the 1970s; government, politics, child protection, the church, unions, education, the law...

No matter because in a few years the Left will have rewritten history and hail her as the greatest prime minister to have ever lived.
And denegrate Chifley? No fear of that happening. :E:} Hawke wins silver IMO, though others would argue for Keating.
So who's the greatest Liberal PM to have ever lived? Menzies or Howard?

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2014 13:05

Different men in different times, so impossible to realistically compare.

Personally, I rate Curtin ahead of Chifley and HawKeating.

And then we get to a successful Welsh-born Aussie PM, Billy Hughes.

It's probably easier to pick out the duds. Fraser, McMahon, Rudd and Gillard.

The jury is still out on Abbott. :E

Clare Prop 1st Oct 2014 13:16

Pinky, the HR guy asked if I wanted to report it as an assault and I said no, but this guy tried (unsuccessfully) to make my life hell the whole time I was in that job and had to go on the factory floor. The fact that it wasn't a closed shop and my position in the company wasn't one his union represented (management!) so hardly a candidate for membership was lost on him, he was just a thug and a bully. Like Reg in Life of Brian, he had a "bad back" and only got out of his chair to assault people. I heard he came to a sticky end after having a go at a Samoan lady whose husband was somewhat unimpressed. :E

parabellum 1st Oct 2014 13:58

Change of direction! Palmer, through shitty politics, has engineered a senate 'enquiry' in to the QLD government but more specifically Newman, what is to stop Newman, who is once again ahead in the opinion polls, from calling a snap election? Wouldn't a Newman win more or less nullify the senate enquiry?

(I got 'stand-over' tactics once, not because I refused to join the union but because I refused to pay the political levy, which I was allowed to contract out of, provided I could show proof of an equivalent contribution to a recognised charity, the union official didn't think Battersea Dogs Home was appropriate!).

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2014 20:56

I'll be interested to see whether the Lazarus/Wong/Milne Enquiry gets dragged before the courts to examine whether or not it is constitutionally valid.

Must be time to renew calls for the NT to achieve Statehood. Then we can join with WA and Qld and secede from the Federation. :E

bosnich71 1st Oct 2014 23:50

Worrals ... I apologise for doubting the 140,000 membership figure as stated on the CFMEU web site, let's just say that they might be a little economical with the truth.Perhaps they actually update their membership list every day/week/month/annually, or maybe they, like so many other union web sites, list members who are not actually 'financial', for example, and thus are not members at all. Then again the figures may well be true for the CFMEU given that to work on the majority of most major construction sites you have to be a member or else.
My beef is not exclusively with the HSU and the mongrels who ran that organisation but with the union movement as a whole which, in Australia at least, seems to exist for the sole purpose of electing their favoured choice of candidate into a safe seat in government whether that be State or Federal. The HSU is just one example. After ignoring the problems at that union for some years did Shorten finally act for the benefit of the membership? No, what he did was to appoint yet another bunch of mongrels but this time they were his mongrels so that was, presumably, O.K.
Given that union membership is at an all time low perhaps it is time for the union movement to become "traditional" again and return to their primary purpose which is to represent their membership and not the interests of a bunch of lawyers and fellow hangers on who have never actually been a union member and who merely use the unions as a ticket into government.

rh200 1st Oct 2014 23:58

I apologise for doubting the 140,000 membership figure as stated on the CFMEU web site
You also need to differentiate between willing participants and the converts under duress. Like ISIS in their controlled areas, no ticket no start.

So extrapolate that to all the construction areas and the feeder contractors and you can easily see how they can get that number.

7x7 2nd Oct 2014 00:47

The Daily Telegraph has an article today saying that the woman who alleges she was raped by Bill Shorten feels let down by the police.

It will be interesting to see how universally the rest of the MSM ignores the story.

bosnich71 2nd Oct 2014 01:11

The Royal Commission into unions being naughty, today.... Mr. George Alex has pulled a sicky. He is very sick but he does "know" when he will be well again as his brief has stated that he, Mr. Alex, will be able to appear in front of the R.C. on October 23rd. Strange sort of condition that he has.

CoodaShooda 2nd Oct 2014 03:38

I see the AEC has asked the AFP to investigate the allegations of electoral fraud in Indi. (Must go and buy a popcorn maker.)

Of possibly greater concern is a comment from the AEC that changes to the management of the Roll, brought in during 2010, make it harder to detect fraud.

Andu 2nd Oct 2014 04:10

brought in during 2010
...and that would have been during the "reign" of which gummit? Who'dathunkit, eh?

I just wish to God Tony Abbott would stop playing wartime leader and concentrate on matters here at home. starting with electoral reform - and starting that with a computer-based central electoral roll that would prevent double voting and blow in voter scams like the one that seems to have been pulled in Indi.

I have a sneaking suspicion that such poll-stacking, as is alleged to have occurred in Indi, might not be uncommon in marginal electorates.

rh200 2nd Oct 2014 04:29

I just wish to God Tony Abbott would stop playing wartime leader and concentrate on matters here at home.
Tonys doing just fine playing to his strengths, Rudd must be really pissed that he's not in and getting the limelight.

The fact is, with the senate how it is he is stuffed, unless he can pull an election and change the balance. That is not likely to change with the opinion poles how they are. Hence a careful strategy needs to be played out so they can get themselves in a better position.

starting with electoral reform
Electoral reform is not something to take lightly and needs a very careful non rushed process, it can easily lead to negative consequence just because you didn't think it though.

In general KISS is sometimes best, and we have a robust system statistically, be vary careful about getting all huggy fluffy and going hitech. Most people are proud of our system . That said we should ever vigilant to be on the lookout for fraud and keep in mind methods of making it more robust.

Andu 2nd Oct 2014 04:39

Most people are proud of our system
You're not serious making that statement, are you? Our current system is designed to be scammed - and has been for years now, particularly since Bob Hawke removed the requirement that an individual voter had to vote at a nominated voting booth.

One clown went on radio after the 2010 election BOASTING that he'd voted 50 times for the Greens. The AEC soft-sell double voting as being mainly done by elderley people who don't realise what they're doing. Utter rubbish. The Labor Party have been sending Party volunteers to old people's home for decades to "assist" the oldies to vote - and in NSW, the dead rising to vote has been a standing joke in Labor circles since Pontious was a copilot.

Clare Prop 2nd Oct 2014 05:17

Just some kind of database that tells them when someone has already voted and some photo ID would be a good start.

Then allow people to vote in order of preference above or below the line for the Senate.

Why the hell we can't vote online in the comfort of our own home with time to research the candidates and really think about your choices as well as avoid brainwashed vultures swooping you at the polling stations is beyond me. I do a postal vote for that reason and because I work on Saturdays. The reasoning I have been given that someone might come to your house and hold a gun to your head while you were voting is ludicrous. And think of the cost saving.

bosnich71 2nd Oct 2014 05:24

...."some kind of data base" etc..... and no pencils to be used either.

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