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RJM 23rd Jun 2012 03:55

We're not. Our government is. Most of us are counting the days to the next election, when the main interest will be how much the present mob lose by.

criticalmass 23rd Jun 2012 11:57

Personal opinion follows:-

Let us not forget that the Left (Labor and the Greens) places no value on individual lives. Any number of boat-people can perish at sea and they have still served their purpose...they are merely the soldiers fallen on the field of battle in the great class-struggle, lives sacrificed to serve the imperative Left-wing idealogical need to re-engineer the social, linguistic and religious structure of the nation in order to perpetuate the ascendancy of the Left for decades to come.

Even if Julia Gillard and her cohorts are annihilated in the 2013 federal election, the fact that under her administration several thousand illegal immigrants have been introduced into the population at large to sow the seeds of racial, cultural and religious discord, means Gillard and her government will be recorded in the annals of the Labor movement as hugely successful. A nation divided will be their legacy - exactly what they wanted.

The agents of social upheaval, and quite possibly the progenitors of the forthcoming Australian Civil War, are now implanted deeply within the general population where they and there descendents can continue their seditious work, funded by and protected by a Labor political machine which sees the end justifying the means. Any attempt to remove them will be countered by the "magic-bullet" accusation of racism, and the unassailable shibboleth of multiculturalism will be used as the excuse for taking no action.

Was it not former Labor minister Graham Richardson who said "whatever it takes"? Federal Labor will stop at nothing - not even mass-murder by neglect and electoral fraud on a gigantic scale - to achieve their goal of complete social change, cultural and religious upheaval across the nation, the compulsory redistribution of wealth and the political re-education of the entire population.

Sewing the seeds of discord with culturally-incompatible illegal immigrants is just one way of subverting a nation. Another way is to tax it into submission. The "Carbon Tax" is but the first stage of a massive increase in taxes of all types at all levels. Tax everything at every stage of production, distribution and consumption. Expect a re-introduction of Death Duties, both state and federal, as well as incremental rises in GST, additional taxes on the value of your real estate assets and properties as well as everything you actually own (furniture, stocks, shares, bonds, bank accounts, household goods, vehicles etc), right down to your clothes, shoes and jewellery.

Under Labor, expect taxes, more taxes, and taxes piled on other taxes. Levies, duties, excise...call it what you will, they are all just different names for taxes. Unchecked, Labor will tax the whole nation into an economic coma. Unemployment will be used as a weapon. Whole neighbourhoods, even cities, will be allowed to fall into ruins, over-run with criminal gangs, as state governments and authorities are systematically starved of funds needed to operate on a daily basis. Much of this taxation will be retrospective...when a government has all the money and its citizens have none, the government has total control. It is truly untouchable.

The agenda of the Left and the Greens (i.e. Communists who lack the courage to call themselves by their true name) is the complete re-engineering of Australian culture, economics, language and religion. The Gillard government might be terminated in the federal election in 2013 (but this is by no means a given since the Australian Electoral Commission has shown a marked reluctance in past years to prosecute people for electoral fraud), but the effects of its disastrous policies will be felt in Australia for the next half-century, possibly even longer.

Australians may well come to call this current federal government "The Treacherous Government" when they document the consequences of its ongoing record of meretricious behaviour, mendaciousness, recklessness, arrogance, impotence, ineffectiveness and wilfull stupidity.

bob johns 23rd Jun 2012 12:12

bob johns
criticalmascould you pm

parabellum 23rd Jun 2012 13:45

You are quite right, Critical Mass, aware that they have no policies and very little to offer otherwise, they seek to divide and rule, a large wedge of grateful illegal immigrants is no better way to reinforce their position.

Time for Australia to wake up before it is too late. Please take the word of a retired Pom who loves Australia.

RJM 23rd Jun 2012 17:26

It's odd how conservative goals are in general achieved by people acting voluntarily, even if out of self-interest, while people usually have to be frog-marched towards socialist goals: if they do march through self-interest it's the self-interest of staying alive or keeping your property from being seized by the state.

Socialism (aka 'progressive politics') = mediocrity for most and a great life for those in power.

Liberal capitalism = a good life for those prepared to work for it, or lucky enough to inherit or marry it.

Despite its faults, I know which ism I'd prefer.

Solid Rust Twotter 23rd Jun 2012 18:56

Churchill called it the politics of envy. Reckon he got it spot on.

sea oxen 23rd Jun 2012 20:40

I always find my annual visits to Australia to be depressing.

It's a pity, because as I was growing, up, there seemed to be some sort of Australian identity. I was very happy to be Australian - what could be better?

It has gone now, but I'm grateful that I had about 30 years of relative fun and freedom. That's more than most see in a lifetime.


Andu 23rd Jun 2012 23:09

criticalmass, I think there'd be quite a few here (on both sides of the debate, and obviously, for very different reasons), who'd classify your last post as our very own Pprune 'Rivers of Blood' speech, and unfortunately, just like Mr Powell's original 'Rivers of Blood' speech, it will be ignored and derided by the vast majority who should listen to its message - until it's too late.

Captain Sand Dune 24th Jun 2012 02:56

Well said.:D Pretty well sums up my sentiments exactly, but far more eloquently than I ever could.

No news from the True believers for six pages now! Must be still recieving their instructions from the ALP spin doctors.:E

Andu 24th Jun 2012 09:30

Today's boat "intercepted"(!) with 66 freeloaders plus crew on board.

Flying Binghi 24th Jun 2012 11:22


Dunno who wrote this. funny tho...

Julia is the shepherd I did not want.
She leadeth me beside the still factories.
She restoreth my faith in the Liberal party.
She guideth me in the path of unemployment for her party's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
I shall fear no hunger for her bailouts are with me.
She has anointed my income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over.
Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life.
And I will live in a rented home forever.
I am glad I am Australian.
I am glad that I am free.
But I wish I was a dog
And Julia was a tree.


allan907 24th Jun 2012 16:15

Two fckuing years. Two years for her to do so much damage it's incalculable.

One thing's a given though.....she ain't gonna be there in 2 years time.

allan907 25th Jun 2012 05:51

And to celebrate her 2 years of mayhem Newspoll today reports the ALP still down at 30% and her personal "approval rating" down again.

On a promise of "responsible government" and a fixing of the 3 main problems which saw that the Rudd government had screwed up on, namely carbon, stealing from the miners and controlling immigration just what does the report card say?

Responsible government? Ha, ha, fckuing ha!

Carbon? "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead"

Mining Tax? Only slated to be 5.5 billion short of what they reckon it would be.

Immigration? Jeez. Does anything more need to be said on that one?

Has to be F minus on all the subjects.

Andu 25th Jun 2012 22:32

Not a story you'll be likely to read in 'The Age' or 'The Sydney Morning Herald' or hear on 'your' ABC.

Easy money fuels flow of leaking boats | thetelegraph.com.au

Easy money fuels flow of leaking boats

According to well-placed sources, about 300 displaced economic refugees arrive each week at Jakarta's airport.

They come in on one-way tickets from places like Dubai, New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur and carry fake travel documents.

They speak no Indonesian, have no job and move straight from the airport to halfway houses run by people-smuggling syndicates with close links to Indonesian officials. Most have cash - lots of cash.


These "fishing" boats crammed with human cargo sail right under the noses of Indonesian authorities.


Stopping people at the airport barrier is not difficult. Just ask any Australian tourist who arrives in Jakarta without proof of a return ticket and at least six months on their visa.

It is increasingly difficult for Australia to lecture Indonesia when our court system accepts the testimony of poor Indonesian fishermen that they were just "out fishing" with a boat full of Iranian "tourists" when they lost their way and stumbled upon Christmas Island.

We know what our politicians are doing - nothing.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jun 2012 22:58

Interesting article.

But the flood of boat people out of Indonesia raises a simple question: Why do Indonesian authorities refuse to stop the flow?
IMO, because they don't give a toss. It's not their problem. It's our problem and our pollies should be dealing with it.
There was a working solution in place until Rudd stuffed it to keep the inner city tofu latte brigade on side. :ugh:

eagle 86 26th Jun 2012 01:48

You are absolutely correct - the problem with most Australians is that they have absolutely no idea about the countries to our north. They believe these countries should think exactly like us, behave exactly like us, have the same philosophical and cultural views as us and, dare I say have the same human and "moral" values as us. They simply do not.
The Indons are not signatories to UN conventions on "refugees" (nor should we be). They don't care - the recent drownings received one paragraph on about page 10 of their newspapers. The Idons are extremely grateful for the weak labor government supported by equally weak independents and exceptionally weak greens that allow them to ignore these temporary citizens and, more than likely, openly aid the illegal immigrant smugglers to ply their trade.
The wool has been very firmly pulled over a lot of Australian eyes.

allan907 26th Jun 2012 03:48

Been a lot of wool pulling since 2007

Andu 26th Jun 2012 06:59

Some aviation content for this thread.

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

AN ENTIRE 737 plane was chartered just to fly one injured asylum seeker from Christmas Island to Perth, it has emerged.

The aircraft, which usually carries around 130 passengers flew the man, a detention centre guard and an immigration to Perth on Saturday so the man could receive urgent medical attention.

The man is believed to be on the asylum seeker boat which sank last week and was being treated for two severed fingers.

The Immigration Department has confirmed the plane was used to transport the man.

allan907 26th Jun 2012 07:51

Difficult one (well, perhaps not that difficult).

RFDS haven't got the legs for Christmas Island; the island medical facilities probably haven't got the ability to do the micro surgery required and it wouldn't be humane to say "well stuff it - you're only going to be able to count to 8 in future".

The political aspects of holding the door open are one thing - the civilised humane aspects are entirely another.

Clare Prop 26th Jun 2012 08:09

I just wonder if they would do the same for a taxpaying resident or Australian tourist on Xmas Island?

Entire 737 chartered to move just one asylum seeker | PerthNow

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