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david1300 21st Jun 2012 03:19

Or this:
Retailers will be rubbing their hands in glee. This comes just in time for the EOFY Sales of large screen televisions, computer games consoles, etc.

Gillard looking all the poorer for throwing money at voters

June 20, 2012 Opinion
The public's gratitude for cash it believes it already owns is fleeting.
THE money is flowing into bank accounts, billions of dollars of it. According to the federal government, $1.18 billion has already been distributed to 5.8 million Australians as part of the carbon tax compensation scheme.
The government also says payments to cover a proportion of the price rises caused by the carbon tax will go to nine out of 10 households. Close to 6 million households will be either fully compensated or will come out slightly ahead, according to the government's projections.

That's not all. Today, the first lump sum payments that replace the old education tax refund are expected to land in parents' bank accounts. By the end of the month, the government expects to have sent out $1.4 billion for what it calls, using the colloquial parlance so beloved of the marketing people who have its ear, the "schoolkids bonus".

These outlays are, again to borrow from the marketers' lexicon, a big spend. And yet, is any of it changing public attitudes to the government or the Prime Minister? There does not seem to be much evidence of it.
Resentment over carbon pricing among most voters appears to rage on, prompted by looming big electricity price rises. And the real firestorm of protest has not yet begun, although it is not far off. For that, we need wait only until July 1, when the regime takes effect.

As the nation descends into the depths of winter, Julia Gillard's moment of truth is at hand. Her entire political strategy rests on being able to use the reality of the carbon tax to generate a sort of electoral big bang. That is, when the carbon price becomes, at last, a tangible presence rather than a threatening idea, a new political world will be formed.

Read more: Gillard looking all the poorer for throwing money at voters

allan907 21st Jun 2012 06:18

Yer bunch of whinging bastards! It's only money. All it takes is for a few West Aussies and Queenslanders to dig a bit more out of the ground and she'll be right.

On the other hand perhaps, as ordinary citizens, we ought to be spending our Gillard largesse on guns so that she might be persuaded to hold elections sooner rather than later.

(yeah, yeah - I know. The true believers will got on and castigate all us "rednecks" for our violent outbursts - whatever)

SOPS 21st Jun 2012 08:34

Reports just coming in of a boat, with 200 on board, sinking north of Christmas Island. Survivours spotted in water.

hoofie 21st Jun 2012 09:21

Surely if the boat has capsized in Indonesian Waters [its reported to be in their search zone] they should be taken back to Indonesia ?

No doubt it will be our fault anyway - stand by for the bleeding hearts; I bet Ian Rintoul is writing his press release as we speak.

Andu 21st Jun 2012 10:08

Asylum seeker disaster north of Christmas Island - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A tragedy is unfolding in the waters north of Christmas Island, with reports two boats carrying hundreds of asylum seekers have capsized.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has confirmed a boat carrying about 200 asylum seekers capsized about 120 nautical miles north of Christmas Island this afternoon.

And the ABC's Helen Brown reports from Jakarta that the Indonesian Navy is heading to a location to look for a second boat believed to be carrying about 100 asylum seekers.

It was initially thought there was just one boat carrying Middle Eastern asylum seekers in trouble, but a spokesman from the Indonesian search and rescue unit says there could possibly be another boat of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka in distress after receiving information from Australian authorities.

Boat confirmed overturned 120 nautical miles north of Christmas Island.
Thought to be carrying 200 asylum seekers.

Within Indonesian waters, so Indonesia is leading rescue efforts.
At least 40 people spotted in the water, and it is known there were not enough life jackets.

Reports of second boat carrying 100 asylum seekers in trouble.

Cargo ship has arrived at the scene, with two Defence boats on the way

parabellum 21st Jun 2012 23:23

We now just sit back and watch the Greens and the ALP blame Tony Abbott, it is bound to happen!

Buster Hyman 22nd Jun 2012 01:04

We now just sit back and watch the Greens and the ALP blame Tony Abbott, it is bound to happen!
Already in The Age about how he's not letting the Govt. implement the "Malaysia solution" which "will have an immediate impact on boat numbers". In the same rag, they have proudly bannered Paul Keating calling Tony Abbott a Monkey! Does that mean I can't shout out "Monkey" to a player at the footy this weekend? If Paul Keating can say it, then surely its acceptable & in the common vernacular...

allan907 22nd Jun 2012 01:15

Just shows the abysmal level to which the ALP argument has sunk to. No policies, no moral standing, no talent and no hope.

Don't give 'em a tick - give 'em the flick!

CoodaShooda 22nd Jun 2012 04:54


Love how the Age keeps overlooking that it's the lack of Greens support that's blocking the government's immigration policies.

On to other things

Keep an eye on the NT election happening sometime in August.

We have a hung parliament with labor supported by an independent (who represents a usually conservative electorate.) Sound familiar?

This close to anticipated polling day, I still don't know when the we are to vote.

There's buggerall overt electioneering by either side, although the word is that the conservative CLP mob are already crowing.

What little material labor is putting out strangely refers to Hendo's Mob rather than the ALP; Paul Henderson being the Chief Minister.

Six months ago, I would have said the CLP were a shoe in, with labor being well on the nose.

Now I'm not so sure. There is now little vibe for change and the best description for the public feel is "apathy".

The government has been pulling its head in and has done nothing wrong in the past couple of months - and our transient population doesn't recognise the utter shambles they've made of the place over the past 10 years.

The opposition lacks any charisma and has not achieved any traction, even amongst traditional support groups. You get the feeling they are trying to leverage off the national antipathy for the Gillard Government and expect government to drop into their lap.

In 35 years of observing NT elections, this is the first time I haven't got a clear lead on which way it will go.

If the CLP wins, they won't have earned it.

If labor wins, it will give the Feds a confidence boost as it will demonstrate that you can turn public opinion around in the lead in to an election.

bob johns 22nd Jun 2012 05:29

bob johns
RE the boat sinking They didnt have to try to illegally enter Australia. I have as much sympathy as I have for some goose that falls of the end of his bungee whilst jumping----no one made him do it.

Andu 22nd Jun 2012 08:33

The survivors would have to give the captain of this boat a score of 10 out of 10. First distress call 38 miles off the Java coast, so he had some major technical problems, but it would seem there was never any question of turning back. (My guess would be that, short of the boat foundering, the pax would have insisted he go on.)

His brief was to get his pax to the Promised Lan... sorry, their desired destination, and get them there - (at least the lucky survivors) - he did, some of them all the way to 'home base' in one step. (Some of the survivors were flown to Perth.)

Given that the boat was always in Indonesian waters and never the responsibility of Australia, surely even the rusted on Labor/Greens supporters (OK, maybe not the Greens supporters) would be asking why the survivors were taken to Christmas island rather than back to Java?

Poor Wayne.. What hope, (without some really creative accountancy, which I suppose is a given), of achieving his wafer-thin surplus now? He budgeted for 450 'irregular arrivals' a month. Had this boat made it, almost half the monthly quota would have arrived in one day - and every one of the survivors of this tragedy will undoubtedly be so traumatised, (and if not, they'll be told by their rellies already here how lucrative it will be for them to be deeply, deeply traumatised), that they'll require extensive and expensive counselling for the rest of their lives.

Oh, and compensation. Lots of compensation.

Buster Hyman 22nd Jun 2012 10:44

So, why don't we just cede control of Christmas Island to the Indonesians? You'd genuinely earn refugee status if you made it to Oz then!

david1300 22nd Jun 2012 11:47

Buster, I'm looking for the 'like' button.:ok:

bob johns 22nd Jun 2012 15:07

bob johns
Spot on Buster but who would want it ? Casino ? Na-thats a fizzer -- How about a bird shit mine ?-- Nar all gone-- How about a scam to get a lot of wogs in and let all the ALP wankers get the Greenies on side and shes a shoe in --That sounds good (name your own high profile spiv/pimp/pollie ) If real people run this country we d get rid of that filth --UN and all the trough snufflers and the Indons could turn it into a trendy brothel/cultural/centre for some religious group to kill lots of stupid bogans with drugs pox etc And those dumb round-eyes will Still be paying for it

pisstin broke 22nd Jun 2012 22:40

As an observer, just wondering how the boat people get to Indonesia in the first place. It seems they're of Middle East descent, not Indonesians.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jun 2012 23:05

They fly.
The whole thing is a commercial operation; not like the genuine 'boat people' from Vietnam et al that climbed on a boat at home and escaped on it.

The people who run these boats advertise and sell tickets.

pisstin broke 22nd Jun 2012 23:13

O.K. So the moment they arrive at passport control in Indonesia, they cease to become refugees. If the Indonesian authorities deem that they have arrived there legitimately, it becomes their problem, not Australias'.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jun 2012 23:20

They don't claim refugee status in Indonesia. In any case Indonesia isn't a signatory to the Geneva Convention so it wouldn't matter if they did.

A lot of these obligations come from Australia being a signatory to that convention. I have my own opinion on whether Australia should have bought into the whole Geneva thing, but it puts me dangerously close to agreement with the other regulars on this issue, and we can't have that. ;):}

RJM 22nd Jun 2012 23:35

It should not be forgotten whose brilliant idea it was to dismantle Howard's effective Pacific Solution. It wasn't Rudd, it was his loyal deputy Gillard.

pisstin broke 23rd Jun 2012 02:55

Well whatever it is / was they're escaping from in the Middle East, they've succeeded once they've made it to Indonesia. After that they're not refugees. Why are Australians tolerating this rort?

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