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CoodaShooda 12th Aug 2014 21:36


The story I read was that his wife took their 5 children (2 daughters and 3 sons) on a "holiday" visit to her sister in Malaysia.

They skipped from there to the Middle East.

John Eacott 12th Aug 2014 22:30

On the 9th August there was an opinion piece in The Australian by Peter Leahy, opining the problems of a long war with radical Islamism.

A couple of days ago a live interview on 3AW with the self proclaimed leader of the Islamic State, proclaiming they will fight for hudreds of years.

Then, head in the sand as always, comes an opinion piece in today's Herald Sun from the secretary of the Islamic Council of Victoria claiming we are declaring war on Muslims :ugh:

Needless to say that after spending the previous few days dealing with the fallout of the Government’s dumping of the Racial Discrimination law changes, the proposed new national security laws and then the call for a 100-year war against Muslims

But stop asking us to apologise every time something like this happens. We have nothing to apologise for because this is not what we are and this is not what our religion is.

SOPS 12th Aug 2014 22:34

And the hits just keep on coming....

Middle Eastern crime gang linked to violent gaming venue robberies - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

It really is time for action......

rh200 12th Aug 2014 23:36

It really is time for action......
There will be no time for action till its to late. The enemy within has always been the biggest fear, but the question who is it? I would contend the lefty's.

They have their head that far up their @rse in denial, its worse than Christian extremists, or any other religious extremist for that matter.

So defiant in their belief, and their own crusade to show the world that a bit of fairness and goodness will solve all issues, it defies rational thought.

500N 12th Aug 2014 23:41

That is a Police matter.

The time for action is when they start to attack us and the PC BS stops the authorities from doing anything about it.

The trick will be to be ready.

500N 13th Aug 2014 00:10

I watched the video.

They are some of the most dis organised robbers I have seen.

Apart from dropping 5 cups of coins, they have no concept of controlling people, in fact some hardly seem to know a
robbery is going on, seem to have no plan of where the money is and how to get it.

Clare Prop 13th Aug 2014 01:28

I watched the "insight" programme. The guy walked out behind his lawyer, maybe she realised that he was quite likely to get lynched and was reinforcing a very nasty stereotype, the very worst kind of brainwashed muslim who could see nothing wrong with IS's activities calling them "peace" and "justice" while wearing the logo that is always in the background of the pictures and videos of their atrocities.

Anyway, neither he nor the two representatives from "Australian Islamic Youth" or whoever they were could string a coherent sentence together let alone contribute anything to a debate, unlike some of the Afghans present. It was a very interesting debate and I even missed "Top Gear go to Bolivia" to watch it.

One thing that stood out was how the younger ones were saying that the older ones didn't understand or represent them, so no different to any other kids I guess! But they did make a good point in that the "community leaders" are not elected by the community they supposedly represent. So, having these people condemn or condone is pretty meaningless.

The political correctness and ALP/Greens apologists and supporters for these monsters has to stop NOW. Yet all Shorten can say is "We mustn't let this stop us fighting new anti-terror laws" or something to that effect. To my mind this is proof that he condones the actions of people like Sharrouf after all it was his mob who welcomed them with open arms.

500N 13th Aug 2014 03:40

the very worst kind of brainwashed muslim who could see nothing wrong with IS's activities calling them "peace" and "justice" while wearing the logo that is always in the background of the pictures and videos of their atrocities.
I just watched the video.

Pace, justice, cloth the people, feed the people.

Then shown this video and comes up with "no comment", direct any questions to my lawyer :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Why he is allowed to stay is beyond me.

The bit I saw shown was about 45 seconds in, yellow car


Clare Prop 13th Aug 2014 04:37

He is allowed to stay because he is born and bred here, he is a product of the multi-culti industry.

500N 13th Aug 2014 04:40

OK, I thought they said he came out when he was one.

My mistake.

500N 13th Aug 2014 04:53

Christ, we have half of our C-17 fleet (3) in the Netherlands running 23 1/2 hours out of every 24 hours !

Two are being used as non stop shuttles back and forth to the Ukraine,
the 3rd has just turned up with more crew and back end boys.

Quite a logistics exercise we have got ourselves into.

As much as it is great to fly the flag, is it the best use of limited RAAF assets ?

Brian Abraham 13th Aug 2014 05:51

Interesting where the little cretin gets his name. Not the one on his passport I'd assume.

Abu Bakr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

His love for camels earned him the nickname "Abu Bakr", the father of the foal of the camel.

Is this how it's done?


500N 13th Aug 2014 06:01


You beat me to it. I was thinking of the same video, or the one of the donkey.

Did you see that post someone did the other day, where a goat was presented for sacrifice and two men had their way with it before it was killed.:rolleyes:


Clare Prop 13th Aug 2014 09:44

Sorry 500N I was wrong yes it did say he came here from Syria when he was one.

How can a 19 year old afford a lawyer?

Ken Borough 13th Aug 2014 09:49

Are adults in charge?
Is Joe Hockey serious, or is he really trying hard to be a comedian? He gives clowns a bad name! What a foxtrot whiskey?

Critics attack Joe Hockey's claim poorest don't drive cars as 'completely fallacious'

500N 13th Aug 2014 12:31

The lawyer who walked out of the insight show is having a bitch
about it being a set up.

Zali Burrows claims SBS Insight duped her client Abu Bakr

SOPS 13th Aug 2014 13:40

And read the article..it gets better, this lawyer chick is a candidate for Big Clive's party. As I said earlier....the hits just keep on coming....

Clare Prop 13th Aug 2014 14:52

Another lawyer who is "young and naive" if she thinks the editors of a TV show would leave that out!


500N 13th Aug 2014 14:58

I can't believe she thought they wouldn't ask him questions about ISIS.

The whole show was about radicalism and going OS to fight and he presents himself as a supporter. Of course they are going to show video of what they do and ask him what he thinks.

I somehow doubt they watched previous shows and if they did, they didn't take note of the format.

What was interesting was the number of other young Muslims who generally did NOT support him and what he said and were vocal about it.
So all hope is not lost.

I thought the young Afghan male was good, must have been early 20's, white shirt, well dressed, well presented, well spoken.

500N 13th Aug 2014 15:13

You got to love the media and the way they conjure up controversy.

Virtually every article I have read re Iraq, ISIS and even maybe MH17
has had some bit in there where it says

"XYZ denies ........"

"XYZ denies troops will be sent to Iraq"

"XYZ denies speculation ......... and then attribute it to the public when
in fact it is the media asking the bloody question so they can write the word "deny".

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