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RJM 2nd Aug 2014 03:11

their 'big game' to defeat the Coalition government's stop the boats policy.
Exactly what is their 'big game'?

Australia's refugee quota is currently 20,000pa, which is very respectable by international standards. The 20,000 are selected from the UNHCR waiting list by the UNHCR process. This method is intended to ensure fairness and vets the refugees.

Every irregular maritime arrival who is accepted as a refugee is discounted from the quota. Irregular maritime arrivals are self-selected under a process managed by people smugglers.

It seems to me that the only people who would benefit from a return to overwhelming numbers of irregular arrivals - which would happen if the present effective policy is dismantled or made ineffective - are the irregular arrivals and the people smugglers.

Upsetting the present policy is detrimental to the refugees waiting in UNHCR camps and is certainly detrimental to Australia, which would not only have to pay billions more but would suffer unknown detriment from self-selected arrivals.

So what is the 'big game'? I'd like to know.

500N 2nd Aug 2014 07:27

Why has w8 been banned ?

SOPS 2nd Aug 2014 07:34

RJM....you are thinking logically, that's your problem.:p SHY and Co have no logic, all they want to do is get boats onshore at any cost to prove they have 'beaten' the Abbott Government and it's promise to stop the boats. That the game.

I have to wonder what these so called advocates told the 157 country shoppers. I'm sure they were all expecting to stay in Australia and that is why they reused to speak to Indian officials, and now they find themselves on Naru. They could have been back in Sri Lanka or India weeks ago, but thanks to their friendly advocates, they now find themselves on Naru.

RJM 2nd Aug 2014 11:10

No wonder those 'advocates' don't charge. :hmm:

parabellum 2nd Aug 2014 11:31

My experience of dealing with, working with and generally associating with the lower levels of the sub continent is that, if you are a white fella, well dressed, well spoken, have credentials and in this case, coming from Australia, then they will, as complete strangers, having heard many and various tales from smugglers but knowing nothing of the facts, believe every word the 'white fella' tells them and act accordingly.

When the truth eventually dawns they may have second thoughts about well dressed and articulate 'white fellas'.

In the meantime the SHYs, advocates and cheap quality lawyers should be prosecuted for wasting public money and giving false hope when the policy is so clearly defined.

I would really like to see the 'advisors' who told them not to talk to the Indian authorities, brought to book for deceit on a grand scale.

SOPS 2nd Aug 2014 11:40

Could not agree more Para.

500N 2nd Aug 2014 21:33

I see the ABC have been doing more dirt digging.

Pity they didn't do more when Kevin747 was around ;)

"Between them, they notched up 14 RAAF-operated but taxpayer-funded "special purpose" flights in the first three months of the Abbott government" .
But research by the ABC Fact Check unit estimates a $15,000 fight actually costs the public closer to $76,000 when landing fees, aircraft leasing, crew and catering are taken into consideration.

John Eacott 2nd Aug 2014 22:12

The Hun has a flight by flight graphic which shows the number of pax. They don't bother, but a simple breakdown of pax/total cost gives a per pax from $1100 to $1600 including the deadhead leg.

Business class from Perth to Canberra runs between $1850 to $2264, according to Flight Centre. There's an idea, let's send them on the airline and pay more :ugh:

ps ABC Fact Check obviously don't comprehend DOC/FOC and how to apply them to a trip :rolleyes:

RJM 2nd Aug 2014 23:03

The ABC's Fact Check unit, funded by a $10 million grant from Gillard just before the last election (no self-interest there...) is headed by Russell Skelton, husband of virulent Abbott hater, ABC current affairs presenter Virginia Trioli. The ABC is committed to fairness and balance, of course.

What fact or claim was the Fact Check Unit checking, by the way? Or is this just a dirt digging effort?

Andu 3rd Aug 2014 00:30

Bolt has an article on his site about "la Trioli" extolling the virtues of her husband's Fact Checking site when she's on screen.

I'm sad someone mentioned her penchant for see-through blouses and inadequate bras. That was about the only highlight of seeing her on TV.

500N 3rd Aug 2014 03:04

I read the herald sun article. If they were trying to main a point they maybe shouldnt have highlighted how many passengers er trip they did.

On one it was like 16 or 18.

As poster above says, probably worked out cheaper.

My issue is, the aircraft have a limited number of hours and other criteria they have to adhere to and I dont think it is the best use of raaf assetts.

bosnich71 3rd Aug 2014 03:36

......and all Pollies of minister rank get a free trip, well paid for by us taxpayers, for them and their family every year in a RAAF VIP aircraft to their favourite Aussie holiday destination.
P.s. the Labour mob used them as well.

7x7 3rd Aug 2014 04:22

Pedant alert: the VIP aircraft of 34 Squadron, although they are marked with the RAAF roundel and have "Royal Australian Air Force" written on their side, are technically not RAAF aircraft. They belong to the Prime Minister's Department and are operated and maintained on the PMs Dept's behalf by the RAAF.

The same cannot be said to apply when Kevni takes an A330 all the way to Afghanistan for a one hour photo op. The A330s, although having a VIP sub-role, are RAAF aircraft.

Ministers on both sides of politics have (in my opinion at least) stretched the bounds of what's proper use of the VIP fleet from way back to when that fleet consisted of a couple of DC3s with nothing more than (semi) comfy seats rather than the standard webbing seats. I've seen with my own two eyes some of the extra pax carried on VIP flights who were about as likely to have been staff or had any official role on the junket as they were to be three-headed Martians.

7x7 3rd Aug 2014 04:53

Jut watched the Chris Kenny programme (taped his Friday night show) and saw the clip of the pro-Palestinian demonstration in Lakemba on Thursday night. (In Lakemba, would there be any other kind???)

Although I was in no way surprised at what I saw, it still brought about a "phaaaarkkk!" response in me. Many of the men seen on camera in that clip were born here, but there is no way are they Australian - or Australian as most Australians would like to consider themselves.

A bit like tropical creepers strangle a healthy tree, we find ourselves with a presence in our country that, although born, educated(!) and grown here, remains totally foreign - except when it comes to collecting their Centrelink benefits. The very rules we set in place before and since Federation give these people as much right as we have to expressing (and living a life as) what they consider it is to be Australian, (although it's nothing like what I consider to be "Australian".)

BUT, unlike other sub-cultures with different views we have always tolerated here, this particular sub-culture wants to impose - no, INSISTS that it be able to impose - its ideals and mores on the rest of us whether we like it or not.

Thanks, Al Grasby, Malcolm Fraser and Paul Keating. Not. Your grand plan of Multiculturalism depended upon all participants being willing to have all others who were part of the grand experiment (whether they liked it or not) to have the right to maintain THEIR particular culture, and made no allowance for one "culture" demanding that everyone else adopt theirs.

500N 3rd Aug 2014 05:06


Thanks for the info re 34 sqn.

I wondered just how necessary som of these flights are and Couldn't with a bit of inconvenience be taken by commercial flight Even though the timing might not be perfect.

BenThere 3rd Aug 2014 05:32

You're getting off cheap. Do you have any idea what it costs American taxpayers to send AF1 off to San Francisco for a round of golf and a few fundraisers for the Democrat party?

Not to mention the almost monthly vacations. Big Bucks!

500N 3rd Aug 2014 05:39


That's partly because our PM doesn't need multiple layers of protection or to shut down whole swathes of airspace.

He can still walk around as a person. He even fights fires as a volunteer !

chuboy 3rd Aug 2014 08:55

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8591486)
I wondered just how necessary som of these flights are and Couldn't with a bit of inconvenience be taken by commercial flight Even though the timing might not be perfect.


Considering the lip service given to "ending the age of entitlement", it's not really a good look.

bosnich71 3rd Aug 2014 11:23

I suppose that if 34 Sqdn. wasn't flying Pollies, of all colours, around then the crews, both air and ground, would just be sitting around scratching themselves and therefore wasting money.
Of course they could scrap the VIP flights altogether ...... not going to happen though is it ?

500N 3rd Aug 2014 11:32

No, not wasting money because the people are paid anyway, aircraft are leased.

They also have a secondary role in emergencies and evacuation.

The other aspect of course is the training side, very experienced Captain ex line Squadron and a very junior Co Pilot just graduated.

I am sure the money not spent on fuel etc can be spent on other things.

VIP flights are required, it's EXCESS VIP flights is all people don't like.

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