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Andu 1st Aug 2014 06:05

OK, so not exactly politics, but I cannot even begin to get my head around this.

Australian couple leaves Down syndrome baby with Thai surrogate

If this couple are capable of carrying on with their lives without some serious - and I mean SERIOUS - anguish and deep soul-searching, I despair for what we and our ultra-liberal,anything goes society have become.

They obviously employed the surrogate mother because they were not able to conceive a child by normal means. Given their actions (if accurately reported) since the birth of their childREN plural, maybe nature/God was trying to tell them something, like "YOU'RE NOT FIT TO BE PARENTS!"

500N 1st Aug 2014 06:10


I was a bit shocked at that as well.

I originally thought when seeing the title that it was an adoption type thing
where they only took one until I read the article.

owen meaney 1st Aug 2014 06:16

I feel we need Sarah Hanson-Young and like to be the conscience of our capitalistic society. Kudos to her for standing up and stating her beliefs.

Andu, agree is very confronting. Can we find more evidence this actually occured?

SOPS 1st Aug 2014 06:49

And true to form SHY and her mob think this is a bad idea......

Tony Abbott to consider new terrorism measures for Australians returning from overseas war zones - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 1st Aug 2014 06:52

Bill Shorten .... "people of Middle eastern background could be targeted".

sounds like a good idea.

7x7 1st Aug 2014 08:02

SOPS, I have to admit to having more than a few reservations about that idea myself. Such a law might be all fine and beaut for most of us while it targets real bad 'uns, like these crazy Islamists, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who could see some future government with a very different agenda misusing it to muzzle opponents.

Remember how the last lot tried to muzzle the press to supress richly-deserved criticism.

SOPS 1st Aug 2014 08:08

Ok, I must admit, I had not considered that angle.

7x7 1st Aug 2014 08:17

I strongly suspect this is a wind up, but it begs the question: how long will we have to wait before it's not?

Preserving Islamic Rights on the Gold Coast

On Anzac Day from 2015 we demand for Mayor Tom Tate to incorporate an Islamic prayer in the Currumbin dawn service as it is now an Islamic suburb due to the construction of the new mosque, to honour the fallen Islamic diggers who sacrificed their life to fight for Allah and their freedoms.
If Australia claims that it is truly a multicultural country actions speak louder than words, stand with your fellow man next 25th of April next year and spare a prayer and thought for your Islamic brothers and sisters.

500N 1st Aug 2014 08:19

7 x 7

Like the bikie / group laws.

Re this

"We do not want people who have been radicalised and militarised to be coming back to this country, not only with a message of hate, but with the knowledge and the insights that might enable them to bring some of the horrors of the Middle East back to our country.

Take out the radicalised, the military here teach a lot of the other things like making IED's, asymetric warfare etc or did as part of explosive courses.

So it just depends on which side is viewing you.

SOPS 1st Aug 2014 08:22

7x7...where did that come from?

500N 1st Aug 2014 08:23

I feel we need Sarah Hanson-Young and like to be the conscience of our capitalistic society.

You have to be joking. She could never be my conscience,
Give me someone i might disagree with but respect, which i will never do with SHY.

I would put SHY down as an oxygen thief.

They could even be a leftie !!!

Worrals for a start.

SOPS 1st Aug 2014 08:32

I am just refraining from commenting on Owens post altogether.

7x7 1st Aug 2014 09:26

7x7...where did that come from?
The Pickering Post, in the SBY CHUCKS A WOBBLY thread. Posted by 'Jeff of FNQ'

SOPS 1st Aug 2014 14:00

And I missed this one below. I am now convinced that the Greens, Rintool and the rest of their left luvvies hangers on are/ were workig together with one aim...to get a boat load onshore, just to break the Governmemts stand on boats.

As Cooda said last week, it's time to follow the money and expose just what is going on here, and if anything can be proved, get some people sent to jail.

News - "HA HA HA, WE BROKE YOUR RECORD, MORRISON", Said Milne - The Pickering Post

Saltie 1st Aug 2014 21:11

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
ABC reporting this morning that all 157 will be going to Nauru. Which means the Indians accepted none (or none were willing to return to India). Gee, whoathunkit?

RJM 1st Aug 2014 21:23

According to the Australian, all 157 people refused - on the advice of 'refugee advocates' - to see the Indian consulate officials who were offering most if not all of them a ticket back to India. They will all now be sent to Nauru for processing, with the non-refugees sent back to Sri Lanka and refugees settled on Nauru. The 'Indian option' is now off the table.

Well done refugee advocates. But even if the advocates have screwed the asylum seekers, they have provided themselves with 157 reasons to harangue us for months, years maybe... 'The policy is a failure, a boat did get through'... 'Coalition policies are cruel'... etc.

Expect SHY and the coterie of refugee advocates to whip up as many claims as they can of self-harm, mental distress etc, probably on a daily basis. And all of it will be Abbott's fault.

IMHO, the government's best option is to reintroduce the Indian deal, if it can, in a few months and see what the response is then.

Andu 1st Aug 2014 22:21

Some would be tempted to say that this is close to being on par with the way the Arab leadership has condemned the Palestinians to the camps around Israel since 1948 rather than allow them to emigrate to other Arab countries. The "refugee advocates" are using these people as pawns in their 'big game' to defeat the Coalition government's stop the boats policy.

It might be clever politics, but for people who profess to care for the welfare of asylum seekers, it's cynical in the extreme - quite literally playing with peoples' lives. Not that SHY and the rest of them (including some here) could ever bring themselves to accept that for one moment.

500N 1st Aug 2014 22:28

but for people who profess to care for the welfare of asylum seekers, it's cynical in the extreme - quite literally playing with peoples' lives.
We know they don't have refugees welfare at the fore front.

After all, look how many they have drowned.

500N 2nd Aug 2014 01:16

I hate to say it but the death of that Environment officer in NSW
is exactly what happens when Greenies get legislation through
that goes too far and eventually people start fighting back
- or just totally ignoring the law.

I think you'll see more just blatant ignoring Green laws in the
future and the Gov't won't dare take action against them.

Natural pasture / grasslands laws being the other one.

Captain Sand Dune 2nd Aug 2014 01:51

Interesting article...
#WomenAgainstFeminism goes viral as people explain why they don't need feminism anymore | News.com.au

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