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Takan Inchovit 30th Jul 2014 20:00

I know how the detainees feel, she does that to me too.

Andu 30th Jul 2014 22:39

Takan, you win the prize for the best post on this thread so far. Loved it.

RJM 31st Jul 2014 02:07

What a trio:


The perpetually angry SHY, finger-wagging Christine Milne and sly Greens senator-to-be and ex GetUp head Simon Sheikh. Save us. The only bright spot in this picture is the skirt of the chick at the back.

500N 31st Jul 2014 02:20

Kind of appropriate the way SHY is standing, hands in pockets !

Worrals in the wilds 31st Jul 2014 05:04

It doesn't look like they got much of a crowd. IMO asylum seekers are currently a political non-event for about 90% of Australians. At the moment people are more worried about their own backsides.

500N 31st Jul 2014 05:13


How about 98% if not more.

Worrals in the wilds 31st Jul 2014 05:41

No, I'll stick with 90. It's an issue for the ten percent or so of people who are super lefty and tend to vote Green. There is a minority out there who are quite passionate about it, but they are a minority which is something I don't think they realise.

SOPS 31st Jul 2014 06:02

Two Dads may have gone too far...even for her...


500N 31st Jul 2014 06:15

Wow, that is some comment !

Worrals in the wilds 31st Jul 2014 09:59

Key crossbencher Ricky Muir expelled by his own party
And the zaniness continues. :}:hmm:

RJM 31st Jul 2014 10:14

The legal, diplomatic and political expertise she seems to believe she has is breathtaking. Perhaps people like SHY are always cross because they know so much better than the rest of us.




It's a wonderful world...

There is definitely something wrong with the way the Senate is working if grim schoolmarms like these are sitting in Parliament.

SOPS 31st Jul 2014 10:16

That sums the greens up perfectly. The do know better than the rest of us....if they could just get the rest of us to listen to them.......

boofta 31st Jul 2014 11:14

So 2 lunatics will be arrested after returning from their beheading holiday.
These people have total hatred for their own kind, albeit a slightly
different form of islamic madness.
Sunnis hate Shia enough to behead them, what in hell will they eventually
dream up for us totally unbelieving infidel.
This human garbage from the dark ages is invading our country at a rate
that is now unstopable.

SOPS 31st Jul 2014 11:16

Yes Boofta, and those two pictured above reckon it's a great idea and we should speed up the influx of boats. IMO they should be in jail.

Terry Dactil 31st Jul 2014 11:35

An interesting point made in
Articles: Weekend Must-Read: Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

The left/greens tend to see only 3 classes of people:
Victims, Oppressors, and themselves who are sooooooo morally superior because they support the oppressed.

We rushed to cast everyone in one of three roles: victim, victimizer, or champion of the oppressed. We lived our lives in a constant state of outraged indignation

SOPS 31st Jul 2014 11:41

For picture of a lefty in a state of outraged indignation, see above.

parabellum 31st Jul 2014 12:58

I might start to believe in SHY when I see her in outrage mode outside a real refugee camp in, say, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya or Pakistan but not when she is outside Government house or Curtin.

SOPS 31st Jul 2014 13:18

Why would she stray outside of Parliament House? There is free food and great money. And you don't need a horrible vaccinations to go near the danger zone.

And no one will shoot at you at Parliament House..( or at least I hope so )

When you are on the gravy train, why would you want to get off it?

7x7 31st Jul 2014 22:11

I've always been taught to look for an up side to every situation. There may be one to SHY spending her every waking moment fighting for the rights of the blow in country-shoppers. Her child is therefore in the care of a grandparent or a paid child-carer all those days Mum spends away fighting the good fight. Therefore the poor little bugger might just be getting a different slant on life, and how to live it, from someone other than SHY.

Andu 1st Aug 2014 05:40


SENATOR Ricky Muir has parted ways with his controversial chief of staff, the so-called preference whisperer Glenn Druery.

Senator Muir’s senior adviser Keith Littler said Mr Druery was told last night that he was no longer needed on the staff of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party senator.
The guy might be beginning to understand the cesspit of Canberra politics that he has entered into and that being his own man rather than a cypher for Big Clive might be the way to go.

Meanwhile, the Victorian branch of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party are said to have sacked Senator Muir. Hard to keep up with the ever-changing political landscape. Jacqui Lambie's been a tad quiet these last few days, for which I suppose we all should be grateful, although Sarah has (wo)manfully stepped into the media breech to fill the void.

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