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Andu 12th Jun 2012 07:55

If that comes to pass, eagle 86, you can rest assured that the main stream media of the day will blame Tony Abbott. :)

I taped Q&A and watched it today while I had lunch. What is it will Jools and her T's a D's? Is it some misguided effort to appear to be "true" working class? She seems to stress this mispronunciation ("twenDy fourDeen") as if it's something to be proud of, to the point where I (and I suspect many others) am distracted from her "message".

Tony Jones should either retire or take a job with the ALP - he's certainly not a disinterested arbitrator; more a Labor Party hack disguised as a television journalist.

And the tweets... so obviously filtered by some ABC staffer who's also a member of GetUp that it's utterly blatant in its bias, with not even an attempt at a neutral stance.

SOPS 12th Jun 2012 08:14

Just listening to an interview on the radio.....boat people have arrived on Cocos Island, and the department of immigration insist they are put up in the pub..which has to be closed to the locals while they are residence!!!!!

This thing gets more crazy every single day.

RJM 12th Jun 2012 09:50

And now Lady Ga Ga is staying at the same hotel as the one in which Gillard is trying to hold a rah rah session. :p

Worrals in the wilds 12th Jun 2012 10:01

And attracting a lot more local interest. :zzz:
Coming to Queensland was touted as about engaging with the locals, pity the locals were a bit busy...The idea of coming to Queensland wasn't a bad one, but you're supposed to meet with some Queenslanders, not just hole up at the Stanford and go to a talkfest with a bunch of Canbranians and Sydney spivs. How about a sausage sizzle or two? A handshake op with the dwindling true believers? :hmm: They may as well have stayed in Canberra and saved on the airfares.

Ms Gillard chose Brisbane to host the forum after being criticised for not spending enough time in Queensland following state Labor's electoral annihilation.
A token visit is worse than no visit at all, because in my experience Queenslanders detest tokenism more than most political vices. Don't patronise us by pretending you're coming to Queensland for any other reason. We'd really rather you stayed away and let the local party pick up the pieces. Or turned up, did some legitimate campaigning and actually listened to the bogan faithful, but that's obviously not on the agenda, cos we too stoopid. :\

While OHMS we used to share a laugh with the Darwin staff about how Canberra honchos only ever fly north in winter; the annual flunky migration. :} They'd flock in, tell us how Sydney did it better and slither back into business class once the weather Down South improved again.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and six ministers in Brisbane for forum on Australia's place in global economy | The Courier-Mail
I would have booked a trip to Rockhampton too. Palaszczuk and her Magnificent Seven aren't doing too badly, and they have enough to worry about without Gillard's stench of death doing them further damage. Me, I would have taken the team to Bedourie just in case Gillard wanted to follow. :E

Andu 12th Jun 2012 13:00

How about a sausage sizzle or two? A handshake op with the dwindling true believers?
I think why Mr McT and his team didn't do as you suggest could be explained by fears of a repeat of the confrontation with the lady who utterly destroyed Julia's "I'll visit shopping centres to explain my policies until my shoe leather wears out" campaign. (You know, the one that never happened - unless her shoe leather was on similar quality to the dress boots supplied to the Army from China.)

I really think they'd have trouble filling any venue bigger than the QandA studio with true believers in Queensland, so any public meeting would be fraught with danger - someone might actually ask a question that hadn't been carefully vetted, and even worse, without Tony Jones to move the cameras on to the next safe question, poor Julia might actually be asked to answer the question put to her - now wouldn't that be a *** novelty!

allan907 12th Jun 2012 14:22

Be fair. At least Gillard does the right thing when visiting Queensland. She announces it in advance so that the locals have a sporting chance of lobbing the odd rotten tomato in her direction.

When she (very occasionally) comes over to the west there are no announcements. We may possibly get a news item on the day. And then she's gone before anyone has realised that she's here.

There's a word for it. Funk

funk noun
cowering fear; state of great fright or terror.

Andu 12th Jun 2012 22:57

I see I wasn't the only one aggravated by the Prime Ministers's mangling of the language on Q&A.


Oim reely nod amuzd by your addemt ad yuma Dim Blare.
Yor leeda


G, eye think yarr ab so lude lee spod on.


Is it an impediment or an affectation?
The latter, I believe.
Bob Carr and the actor Stephen Ramsey… were discussing Julia Gillard’s accent and Ramsey, who went to the same high school, said: “I never heard a voice like hers in my six years there. We all sounded like Don Dunstan.”

Carr said: “Gillard’s accent , and I have some knowledge of voice-training, is acquired. It is learned. It is trained. It is the required house accent of Slater & Gordon, solicitors. They all talk like that."


It is not a speech impediment or an accent it is just laziness, poor diction and lack of education. After fifteen minutes and multiple uses of the words sociedy, opportunidy, gedding, possibilidy, generading, polluders, daughder, fixaded, universidy, pardies, pardy I switched her off. Oh and wanas!


We’ve got an opportunid-ee across our socied-ee to go to universid-ee in the year twend-ee fourteen. It’s a matter of both political pard-ees simpl-ee gedding the training right, rather than becoming fixaded on any one figure and avoiding fear-mongering in the communid-ee.


After 30 minutes of watching Q & A, I nearly needed resuscidading.

Maybe I’ll join a therapeudic class in knidding.


So it’s not just me? I’ve been driven to distracDion for years now by La Gillard’s seeming inabiliDy to pronounce the letter (leDDer?) ‘t’ if it occurs in mid-word.

Friends who’ve grown up in Adelaide assure me that that “unique” accent is affected, and definitely not some obscure South Australian dialect. In fact one, who knows someone who went to school with the PM tells me his friend assures him that she did NOT speak that way at high school.

It would seem that she developed it at universiDy to establish some street cred within the Socialist Alliance and now she feels she might appear false (!) and not remaining true to her (wholly self created) “working class roots” if she was to drop it.

Here’s a hint Jools: you’ve left it a bit late to be even remotely worried abut appearing to be false, and the only people who’ll be offended if you drop that dreadful accent are so rusted on Labor that they’ll vote for you whatever you do. If you drop it and go back to the accent you grew up with, I believe your polls will leap by five or ten points - and perhaps more importantly, then of thousands of mute buttons in tens of thousands of living rooms will not be reached for every time your nasal drone invades our homes.


Thank you Tim, but I must , once again point out that. South Australians do NOT talk like that. I fear that our dishonest PM has contrived he manner of speech to appeal to the employed and unemployed working class females in certain suburbs of Melbourne. People who live in Portsea or St Kilda could pinpoint the areas to within one hundred metres. It’s a cultural/survival thing.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Jun 2012 23:27

South Aussies usually sound really posh, don't they? All the ones I've met did (and no, they weren't all wealthy).
I think Bob's probably on the money wrt Slater and Gordon, but FWIW she's not the only person who does it by a long shot. It does seem to be predominantly a girl thing, though. Dunno why. :confused:

However, having picked the Brisbane flight at Perth airport without reading the signs just by the sound of the Queenslanders at the boarding gate, it's probably all relative. :\

CoodaShooda 13th Jun 2012 01:44

However, having picked the Brisbane flight at Perth airport without reading the signs just by the sound of the Queenslanders at the boarding gate, it's probably all relative
I thought it was Tasmania that was all relative. :confused:

Andu 13th Jun 2012 08:21

Two more boats today. That's 13 boats in 13 days.

Boat people arrivals a record
Andrew Tillett Canberra, The West Australian
Updated June 11, 2012, 3:18 am

A surge in asylum seekers in recent weeks has seen the Gillard Government again break an unwanted record: the most number of boat people to reach Australia in a 12-month period.

With the Government powerless to beat the people smugglers, the arrival of nine boats in the first 10 days of June (* now 13 boats in 13 days) has taken the number of asylum seekers to have reached Australia in the 2011-12 financial year to 6815, with three weeks to go.

The previous record for a 12-month period was 6555, set in 2010.

The record comes as authorities rescued the latest boatload of asylum seekers after their vessel hit a reef at the Cocos Islands on Saturday.

The boat carrying 32 passengers, believed to be Sri Lankans, ran aground on North Keeling Island.

They were spotted after they lit a fire on the beach. The group was rescued and is staying at the Cocos Club before being taken to Christmas Island.

Two boats, carrying 100 and 24 passengers, were stopped on Saturday near Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef.

The Immigration Department "budget" of 450 arrivals a month has already been exceeded, with 554 arrivals so far this month. (Four more boats since this went to print.)

Last month saw the biggest number of asylum seekers arrive in one month since August 2001, the date of the Tampa stand-off that prompted Mr Howard to introduce offshore processing in Nauru. In May, 1176 asylum seekers arrived in 14 boats.

Solid Rust Twotter 13th Jun 2012 08:56

She must be so proud...

Buster Hyman 13th Jun 2012 08:57

A new record!

Were they given Lei's & free drinks at TGIF? Handed out personally by Bowen?

SOPS 13th Jun 2012 09:17

Another boat, another policy failure....who said that again?

Worrals in the wilds 13th Jun 2012 09:32

No-one at the 'Queensland' conference, that's for sure. :E It's got mutual ego massage written all over it. I can only assume that, because there aren't many Queenslanders attending, certainly not the local media who apparently got turfed. We'll have to read about it in the propaganda.
Love to know what Bligh's speech entails; "How I F:mad:ed Up" perchance? :E
Rudd snubbed by Qld ALP

FIFO of the highest order. Location's unattractive, locals are hostile, here's a solution; fly in the labo(u)r, pay 'em heaps for the inconvenience and the problem will be solved. :\
P.S. Go Queensland. :ok:
P.P.S. Crudbuckets...:eek:

bob johns 14th Jun 2012 06:54

bob johns
And now that collection are about to destroy the fishing industry with their lunacy. We are about to become a net importer of food so now we have to buy more fish from foreigners. Probably fish caught in our waters illegaly as I cant immagine the Japs Koreans Taiwanese or anyone else ,apart from our own honest fishermen who will obey this crackpot legislation.

allan907 14th Jun 2012 07:50

Don't know enough about the fishing industry to decide whether it's a good or a bad thing. I do know that listening to their head honcho on the radio this morning brought to mind the phrase "He doth protest too much". Given the rapaciousness that the world's fishermen seem to display it probably won't hurt to protect some areas from commercial fishing.

That said......Tony Abbott hit the nail right on the head when he commented that, given all the other cock-ups mismanaged by Jooliar's government, the scheme will probably be totally mishandled. He's readily able to tap into the national consciousness that Jooliar and her government simply cannot be trusted or relied on.

And compounding what is likely to be a very bad day for her it has emerged that her office (not the ALP) have been instructing Labor MPs how to dig out the dirt on the Opposition. Tut, tut.....publicly funded spying into private lives. I reckon that the Stasi, sorry, Jooliar's government, are not going to hear the last of that one. Bligh tried it and look where it got her :}

parabellum 14th Jun 2012 07:55

Don't know if Gillard has any common decency but if she does then let us hope she sets the implementation date for these crack pot Green schemes to sometime after the next election, by which time they can be cancelled and the Greens will have resumed their rightful role as an irrelevance.

Andu 14th Jun 2012 08:18

Nah, parabellum, you miss the whole point of the Gillard Master Plan - lock in as many of these crackpot schemes as possible (and rack up the debt as high as possible) to leave Tony Abbott with such an incredible mess, he'll be hard put implementing any measures that might even begin to fix that mess or reduce the debt without making some really unpopular decisions that will make him very unpopular with an electorate being daily conditioned to expect a handout from 'the gummit' at every turn.

Clare Prop 14th Jun 2012 08:21

Sea Shepherd are ging to be flat out stopping people killing all those fishies in the marine parks all by themselves.

I'm supposing all Gummint resources are tied up in the ferry service to Xmas Island and not available to stop other people fishing there and selling us the catch?

parabellum 14th Jun 2012 08:40

Ah sh1t Andu, I missed that and I should not have, as it is standard Labour policy world wide, see UK at the moment and so on. Note to self: 'Must buck up'!;)

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