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500N 28th Jun 2014 02:56

Have a read of this. Trying to pull heart strings when the people they are speaking to don't have any.

I love the reference to "“What we are concerned about is that the Australian government will try to get a commercial boat from the area to try to pick them up,” said Rintoul. “They did that in the Indian ocean last year, but that boat was much further away from Australia than this one. They need assistance now, before it becomes an emergency.”"

I think the gov't will be doing one hell of a lot of behind the scenes work to either get them picked up by commercial boat or somehow tow them back to India.

"The Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has refused to confirm claims by refugee activists that a boat carrying Tamil asylum seekers off the coast of Christmas Island is in trouble. Refugee activists said the 21m boat carrying 153 asylum seekers, which left from India, had sprung an oil leak and was 250km from Christmas Island.
Mr Morrison said there were no significant incidents at sea to report.‘‘I am advised that I have no such report to provide to you today,’’ he told reporters in Melbourne.
But a man claiming to be aboard the boat told Fairfax Media via satellite phone: “We are experiencing huge waves and very bad conditions. We are very afraid and at threat. We have only three litres of water left. We can only manage for today, and tomorrow we will have nothing to drink.”
The man said the group are all refugees from northern Sri Lanka – mainly the war-effected cities of Jaffna and Mullitivu - who had sought refuge in south India before leaving for Australia on June 13. Since then they have been subsisting mainly on biscuits and milk.
He said two of the children on board, one aged 3 months and the other two years, “are sick with vomiting, fever and headaches. They vomit up the milk and biscuits.”
The man put their position at “about 175 miles from Christmas Island". He said they had received assistance from some Indonesian fishing boats, but had not yet spotted any Australian navy ships. “The wind is increasing,” said the man. “It is a very difficult situation, sir.”
The refugees' vessel, a 72-foot blue hulled fishing boat, is said to be carrying 37 children and 32 women. According to refugee advocate Ian Rintoul, it has a leak in the oil pipe supplying the engine. “They are only travelling very slowly, about 100km a day,” he said. “They are very anxious, and they aren’t sure they will be able to make it to Christmas Island without assistance.”
“What we are concerned about is that the Australian government will try to get a commercial boat from the area to try to pick them up,” said Rintoul. “They did that in the Indian ocean last year, but that boat was much further away from Australia than this one. They need assistance now, before it becomes an emergency.”
Last night Mr Abbott dismissed questions from the ABC about the boat, saying "we will be doing what we normally do in respect of Operation Sovereign Borders".
He would not say whether assistance would be sent to the vessel.

Brian Abraham 28th Jun 2014 03:40

Why return the boys body to Pakistan for burial?

Fubaar 28th Jun 2014 03:46

Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it, these people do not classify as refugees, since they have been in India, the first safe haven, after leaving Sri Lanka.

I can only feel that they're in it for the money, knowing they'll each get a $3000 handout to go home. (I'd be guessing they paid a lot less for the boat ride.)

I see they're already playing the sick children card. Sarah two dads will be having trouble breathing, such is the horreur!

500N 28th Jun 2014 03:49


Good point.

500N 28th Jun 2014 03:59

Have a look at this interactive.

You need to click on the 3 symbols to get the graph to change
but it really does show the boat stopping well.

The human tide - Asylum Seekers since 1990

Ascend Charlie 28th Jun 2014 07:38

With the repealing of The Carbon Tax passing the lower house, it will be interesting to see how Labor deals with this.

After all, Jooooolya was elected on her promise "There will be no carbon tax under any government I lead", which was sadly hijacked by the gay greens in order for Jools to get the numbers. So, if Labor REALLY never wanted a carbon tax at all, will they oppose repealing it just because they are the bloody-minded opposition??

7x7 28th Jun 2014 07:49

Fox news reporting two asylum seeker boats are approaching Christmas Island and that one has been intercepted by an Australian Customs vessel.

Hope that, after it takes those passengers on board, the Custom vessel sets course in a north westerly direction.

SOPS 28th Jun 2014 08:52

At least they will be sent straight to Manus or Naru. I have a feeling the load from Sri Lanka can be flown straight back. But I could be wrong.

bosnich71 28th Jun 2014 09:50

Ref. queue jumpers .......So they escaped from Si Lanka, where the war ended 5 years ago, and went to Southern India, where Tamils originated from in the first place, so what's the problem. Why are they attempting to escape from the "Worlds fastest growing economy"? Oh, yes, they've got family here and have previously been knocked back by the Australian Immigration service.

P.s. and you get paid to have babies in Oz.

SOPS 28th Jun 2014 09:56

Perth Media reporting the boat has lost contact with refugee advocates. How the hell do they just happen to have these peoples phone numbers?

Anyway, if it has sunk, standby for Two Dads turning shades of purple.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Jun 2014 20:58

Oh dear, Michael smith sacked, don't worry, your supplier of Australian affaires information will still be accessible through his blog.
Meanwhile now the cyclone season is over I imagine we will start seeing more boats on the horizon, more work for the magic marker pen navy!

500N 28th Jun 2014 21:13


The cyclone season has been over for months. Not many boats, if any will cone as they know they not b allowed to stay.

R this current boat,, I heckled, they get fast processing which foes not allow n application for asylum o get sent back quickly.

I wonder if the audit run govt is judging bypassing Christmas Island an taking them back yo Sri Lanka by navy boat or aircraft ?

It will come out in a few days.

500N 28th Jun 2014 21:43

They need to arrest and question these refugee advocates as to how much they actually know.

And look a t their telephone records.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Jun 2014 23:15

Last cyclone off WA was a couple of months ago, well into dry season conditions now,
Morrison looking quite smug during Abbott speech the other night, not quite to plan now though, maybe the asylum seekers are looking for MH 370 in that few square km's that Phony announced a few months ago, couldn't do any worse

7x7 28th Jun 2014 23:16

Serious bunfight going on over 2GB's sacking of Mike Smith for putting a label to a 53 year old man consummating a three year old marriage with his 9 year old bride.

Smith sacked by 2GB's programme director "...because you can't call a Deity a paedophile".

Am I the only one who finds it alarming that a man holding the position of programme director at Sydney's top ranking radio station doesn't know that even Muslims admit that Allah (the Deity) and Mohammed (his #1 - and very human - prophet) are two entirely different entities?

Am I also the only one to wonder if 2GB's management would have had a similar reaction if Smith had said that Jesus Christ had had a long-lasting, red hot affair with Judea's # prostitute of the day, Mary Magdalene, an accusation that would be equally outrageous to many devout Christians?

500N 28th Jun 2014 23:23

Freedom of speech restriction - two laws in this country, actually 3 laws,
White, abo, Muslim.

Abo's and Muslims can say what they want, whites can't.

If I said half the things abide said, I'd be arrested.

rh200 28th Jun 2014 23:43

I think its interesting there just happens to be a couple all at the same time, statistical coincidence?

500N 28th Jun 2014 23:49

No, planned by people in Australia.

rh200 29th Jun 2014 00:47

No, planned by people in Australia.
I would never have thought:E

Your not suggesting, there's a 5th column in Australia are you? paranoia:p

MTOW 29th Jun 2014 00:55

I'd have to agree with those who suspect that these latest boat arrivals have been organised, or at the very least, encouraged, by refugee advocates (or perhaps plain mischief makers - let's not say who) here in Australia. Sarah Twotoomanydads (love that) was too quick to leap upon the 'they can't be sent back to Indonesia' line for me not to think that this has been orchestrated by people whose main purpose is to embarrass the Abbott government.

It would be interesting in the extreme to interview the people on the boats to discover the intricate details behind how hundreds chose to leave the safe haven of India and how so two boat loads chose to do so right now. Also, where they got the money for a satellite phone(s) and where they got the right phone numbers to call.

I also noticed that 'Duke' was

(a) bleating that they were down to three litres of water, and

(b) saying that the rescuers must hurry to assist, as they were in very heavy rain.


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