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Andu 25th Jun 2014 08:33

Or even moreso, (sigh) SHY?

Worrals in the wilds 25th Jun 2014 09:03

People have a right to make fools of themselves in public. :yuk: And they are fools; the more they speak the more the reasonable rest of us (whatever our religion) are reminded of this. Let this bozo have his two cents worth so the rest of us can all crap on it and move on with our lives. :bored:

bosnich71 25th Jun 2014 10:25

Worrals .... while I agree with you ref. fools and free speech etc. there have been reports in U.K. newspapers this past week referring to a couple of British born Muslims who despite being quite bright and from good families etc. have attended Cardiff mosque where it seems that they have come under the influence of some radical preacher and have now appeared in Iraq where they have joined the Nutters.
And these are only two of thousands suspected by the British police to have done the same. There may come a time when we will regret giving the right of free speech to some who then misuse it.

7x7 25th Jun 2014 12:00

bosn, I'm with Worrals on this. The only way we're ever going to shake the Lefties from their suicidal political correctness is to allow the crazies among the Islamists to dig themselves a hole so deep that even the Lefties and the village idiots like SHY simply can't ignore it.

I for one would simply LOVE to hear how honour killings can be acceptable or... what was the title? Morally justified.

The feminists and the lefties need to see what a ***ed up 'religion' this really is and how it is an inescapable fact that Western society as we know it cannot survive if it allows Islam to continue its inexorable incursion into our society.

500N 25th Jun 2014 12:06

Let them go, in fact, get them together as a group and send them as a group so when they get there, they can get training together, take up arms and then it only takes a quiet word to the opposition and problem solved about them coming back again.

bosnich71 26th Jun 2014 09:38

7X7... problem is that a lot of the free speech we allow is carried out in various mosques around the country and we are not aware of most of what is being said.
There have been many instances in Britain of honour killings, female circumcision, forced marriages, hate speech etc. etc. ad nausea. The same is and will be true in Australia .... this evening,7.30 report there was an article on forced marriages. The sort of stuff reportedly being preached in mosques would have, in a sensible, normal society such as most in the west used to be, have led to charges of sedition or something suchlike. Nowadays it's all softly, softly don't upset these people they may turn nasty. Funnily enough a large number of people think that they already are.
Has any government ever done anything about ? The answer must be no as it is still going on.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jun 2014 09:53

7X7... problem is that a lot of the free speech we allow is carried out in various mosques around the country and we are not aware of most of what is being said.
We (as in us hoi polloi) might be unaware, but don't assume the government is completely ignorant.:E:suspect:
Every now and again you see them advertise for Arabic speakers (or more accurately, listeners :}).

500N 26th Jun 2014 10:02



We well know they do as both of the groups they broke up, the one in Melb and i think the other was in Sydney both had info from within.

Which is as it should be.

Captain Sand Dune 26th Jun 2014 21:25

Of course if these feckers were denied access in the first place we wouldn't have to expend the effort.
Why is it wrong to actually defend our borders?

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jun 2014 22:52

Cos they're not all feckers, just some of them. The others came here to get away from feckers, as did many of our ancestors.

500N 26th Jun 2014 23:14

The head imam who radicalised the 4 Melbourne youths to plot to attack Holsworthy is from Lebanon.

Was head honcho of Preston Mosque and is now Secretary of something or other in Melbourne - Muslim Brotherhood or such like.

7x7 26th Jun 2014 23:42

This morning's Daily Telegraph reporting that 20 Muslim men who have fought in Syria have returned to Australia.

...which begs the question - Tony Abbott, will these 20 be arrested and locked up, as you've promised? Or is that too hard, actually doing something as opposed to making empty promises?

bosnich71 26th Jun 2014 23:46

500N .... in other words the mongrel is still in Oz. Is he an Australian citizen, if not kick him out and if he is lock him up. Don't hold your breath waiting for any Western government to take either of those actions.
But in the meantime white Anglo Saxon females get treated with contempt at Australian airports because they may be terrorists, as my wife was recently.

500N 26th Jun 2014 23:47

I think you can still strip someone of their citizenship.

Will have to check that.

parabellum 27th Jun 2014 00:36

If this Mullah is as dangerous as he would appear to be then one advantage of keeping him in Australia is that his every word and move can be tracked and recorded, doesn't stop him still doing damage by filling the empty heads of his followers with evilness about Australia and the West in general.

Captain Sand Dune 27th Jun 2014 02:34

Cos they're not all feckers, just some of them. The others came here to get away from feckers, as did many of our ancestors.
You’re right as usual. My ancestors (ie parents) came from a post war Germany that was in ruins. They both worked, sent me to a good school and saved for their retirement all without an expectation they would receive welfare handouts. Although proud of their heritage (except the bit from the mid 1930s to 1945!:eek:) they would tell anyone who would listen that Australia was their home.
My frustration stems from the fact that we have in Australia those from a particular ethnicity and religious following who are happy to take welfare, spew hatred and bile and expect Australia to change to suit them. Yet those whom oppose this have to justify why? No they’re not all feckers, but we as a country need to have the cajones to determine which are and then act accordingly. 'The others' indeed came here to get away from the feckers, however it appears that the feckers are following them.

bosnich71 27th Jun 2014 04:48

Captain Sand Dune ........ and, unfortunately, one set of 'feckers' is not doing a great deal of complaining about the other set of 'feckers'.

500N 27th Jun 2014 04:51

"they would tell anyone who would listen that Australia was their home."

And that is how all the other post war migrants were.

Worrals in the wilds 27th Jun 2014 06:37

Agree CSD. Mind you, I've heard several recently arrived Iraqi Aussies say exactly the same thing. The issue seems to be more with the first generation Aussie borns rather than the recent arrivals.

I think the recent rise in ME terrorism has prompted the federal government to take this sort of thing seriously (and the change in government has probably also helped). There has also been a lot less PC stuff in the media recently and a few critical articles, notably the Australian Mag's article on honour killings last weekend.

500N AFAIK it can't be done, though if someone renounces their Australian citizenship the government is not obliged to give it back, eg Pixie Skase.

Andu 27th Jun 2014 06:45

Worrals, what happened regarding Pixie Skase when she asked to have her Australian citizenship reinstated? I heard she had asked for it to reinstated, but nothing about how the request was handled by the government.

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