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SOPS 17th Jun 2014 05:34

And, while we are at it. If any of these suing families are receiving any form of welfare at all, that can be stopped immediately. They don't like the government, they don't like our country, so the obviously don't like our money.

bosnich71 17th Jun 2014 06:03

Ken, go to Michael Smith's blog and follow proceedings in the R.C. into Trade Union corruption. That the likes of Williamson and his mates were/are ratbags who fiddled union members funds is bad enough but the fact that present members of the opposition were party to a lot of it and now have the temerity to act as if the Sun shines from out of their collective orifices is enough to make any union member with half a brain puke.
Having said that there isn't a great deal being said about these matters on the M.S.M. etc. but a lot about a boat load of illegals.

Wiley 17th Jun 2014 08:46

The royal commission is bringing out information that, if it was regarding a conservative politician, would be dominating the ABC news and most of the print media and be the subject of endless debate by the ABC's talking heads.

However, it's not about conservative politicians, so my guess is that Gillard and everyone else above a certain 'pay grade' who are named will just go on pulling in their parliamentary pensions and putting in their claims for gold pass travel and every other perk they consider their due until they die of very old age. They'll offer up a middle level sacrifice who might even be sentenced to do a bit of time (although he'll almost certainly get off on appeal).

SOPS 17th Jun 2014 09:27

I was just about to post exactly the same remarks, Wiley.

The ALPBC is sure living up to its reputation at the moment. And I'm overseas at the moment, and it's cousin, the ALPBBC is also working overtime. Leed story on the world service news? Crisis in Iraq? No. Melt down in Syria? No.

It is Families suing the Australian Government for not rescuing boat people because the rescue boats were unseaworthy. No mention of storms or the fact that the male country shoppers completely failed to help their female counterparts. Just total BBC left wing bias.

500N 17th Jun 2014 12:00

Since someone made a comment on here re the RC, I have had a look around and in some media, you'd hardly know an RC was in play !

When I first came to Aus in the 80's, an RC meant front page news of every media piece in the country.

The bias is really showing.

On the radio - 774, they had the administrator of Xmas Island and he actually said that heaps was done to throw anything that floats to the people.

But as others have said, not much on the fact they were illegal, arrived without being spotted etc etc etc.

parabellum 17th Jun 2014 12:22

In their 34 page submission the bunch suing are continually pointing out that the authorities should have known of this boats imminent arrival, how? It wasn't a scheduled service and in the cover of the foul weather this illegal boat got close to the island. I'm sure there are defence SC/QC wetting their lips waiting to tear this case to pieces, hopefully quickly and cheaply.

Ken - you cannot possibly compare this current campaign of unrelenting disinformation from Shorton and Co. with even the worst day of the LNP when in opposition.

CoodaShooda 17th Jun 2014 12:32

I'd suggest Abbott's unrelenting negativity was at least based on strong probability, if not truth, as he criticised labor's shortcomings.

Labor and its MSM cheerleaders are running on blatant fantasy.

But, as Goebbels proved, the big lie will usually win out (in the short term).

7x7 17th Jun 2014 12:33

hopefully quickly and cheaply.
parabellum, surely you jest. It is in the legal eagles' DNA to stretch out any case, especially if the taxpayer is involved, for as long as the money can be made to last.

Having said that, really, in an even halfway sensible world, this case should be deemed as frivolous (there has to be a better word than that) and thrown out before it ever reaches court. The people who are claiming compensation should be thankful if that was to happen, for (again in a halfway sensible world) they would not then have to pay the considerable court costs that in a halfway sensible world they should be forced to pay when they lose the case.

Andu 17th Jun 2014 12:55

It really is a crazy world where non-citizens come to a country UNINVITED and demand they be allowed to stay, claiming living benefits, housing and medical benefits from the day they arrive (to repeat myself, uninvited) and then they sue the people of the nation they have forced themselves upon for compensation when their plans to arrive uninvited didn't go exactly to plan.

What's even more crazy is that there are not just citizens of the host country who find this unremarkable but that there are citizens of that host country who are leading the effort to sue themselves.

Only in UberLeftieland could something like this even get onto a page, let alone make it to being presented to a court.

500N 17th Jun 2014 13:04

Confirms my view that I have had for a long time.
Always make sure no witnesses and no survivors !

I see Labor are having a big internal debate over offshore processing policy,
half want it, half don't. Anyway, on the ABC 774 tonight, the labor spokesperson can across as all over the place where as the lib person came across clear as day, hard hitting and hammered the point home numerous times that 1000 lives were lost because of Labors policy.

I sometimes think Labor does so much back and forth over AS policy - because of the left and right factions - that they don't know which way is up.

Was reading something the other day, it seems Two dads - SHY - really has lost all credibility in most people's eyes (including or especially the media).

SOPS 17th Jun 2014 13:06

Like I said before, deport the lot of them. Can they be charged with ridiculous time wasting? Can the lawyer be charged for just being bloody stupid?

And as I said above, cut off ALL their welfare, immediately!!!

Andu 17th Jun 2014 22:34

I heard Labor shadow immigration minister Richard Marles on the radio yesterday sounding like he was a member of the Liberal Party as he (uncharacteristically for Marles) clearly voiced his disagreement with the people who had brought the Christmas Island compensation case to the courts.

Change of subject, but I find myself (unusually) 100% in agreement with the Member for Melbourne with his strongly stated opinion that Australia should not commit any military forces in any way, shape or form to Iraq. If it looks like getting as bad as some are saying it will get, move all the embassy staff out now, before we need troops to escort them out.

500N 17th Jun 2014 22:41

The media blew that all out of proportion.

As Bishop said, they have moved some people out, they have contingency plans in place and using the SAS is the last resort option. In any case, other units apart from the SAS would likely to be used, it's just the SAS sounds better :rolleyes:

Anyway, I am sure they have it planned down to the last detail. We have a fair few assets near there anyway (at the US Airbase) so it's not like we have no one.

BenThere 17th Jun 2014 23:54

cut off ALL their welfare, immediately!!!
That's the answer to most of the free world's social ills.

parabellum 18th Jun 2014 00:55

frivolous (there has to be a better word than that)

7X7 - 'vexatious' gets a lot of use in legal circles!

Andu 18th Jun 2014 01:00

Thread drift alert: I watched 'Australian Story' Monday night (part 2 of the 100th Australian VC). The Commando Regiment troops were all carrying M4s rather than Steyrs (and that one had a stoppage at a rather critical moment - shades of the early M16s in SVN). I understood that the SAS Regiment was the only regiment that could use its weapon of choice. Is there someone who knows how/why 2 Cmdo uses the M4?

500N 18th Jun 2014 01:08

Why ? Firepower !

Has been the case since I was in the sister Regiment, 1 Cdo Regt.

I doubt they have as much personal choice as the SAS but we had M16's and some M4's back in the 80's and 90's.

One reason was Water Ops, Steyrs and water do not go together at all so we all carried M16's at some point. Plus at that stage the M16 had the M203.

A Cdo section has and needs twice the firepower of a normal Infantry Section. We had two MG's per section instead of the usual one plus every weapon had full auto.

Cdo Regiments can operate without external support, behind enemy lines and in foreign countries where you are on your own so the firepower you have is the only firepower you have got. No Apache, No air support, No Artillery !

500N 18th Jun 2014 02:54


Why did you delete your post ?

I thought it was quite funny :ok:

7x7 18th Jun 2014 03:28

Thanks parrabellum. That was the word I was looking for.

I see over on the Michael Smith site that Corey Bernadi has got stuck in to Kayser Trad, who appears about to stand for a seat for Labor. Looking on the bright side, that would get him off the dole.

Captain Sand Dune 18th Jun 2014 03:28

I watched Mr Newhouse announcing the launching of this case on the ABC when it broke a few days ago. My interest grew as Mr Newhouse’s language subtly changed from the usual ‘ambulance chasing’ commentary to an attack on the government’s policies on illegal immigrants. Of course the ALPBC being the good lapdogs of the Left that they are dared not challenge him. No questions about going after the real criminals – the people smugglers who transported the illegal immigrants in unseaworthy vessels in shocking weather. No commentary on Labor’s policies on ‘asylum seeker’ which are the real reason these poor b*ggers died.
Let’s have a quick look at the litigant’s knight in shining armor – Shine Lawyers. Shine advertises itself as “one of Australia’s largest compensation law firms”. Shine was founded by Kerry Shine who was – wait for it – an ALP politician. Let’s look at some of Shine’s other luminaries:
George Newhouse. An Australian human rights lawyer, a former local councilor and political activist. He was Mayor of Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Sydney from 2006 to 2007, and the Australian Labor Party candidate for the seat of Wentworth at the 2007 Australian federal election. Is this a trend?
Stephan Roche. Executive Director. In 2003, Shine Lawyers’ then managing partner was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Solicitors Complaints Tribunal and suspended from practice for 12 months. Shine Lawyers was then known as Shine Roche McGowan, and Roche was suspended for overcharging a vulnerable client for legal services. And Mr Roche is now the executive director. Gives you an idea of what Shine values in its staff.
Dan Mori. Remember him? The American military lawyer who defended that traitor hicks. Turns out Mr Mori is just the sort of ‘go getter’ Shine wants on its team. Joined in July 2012.
Erin Brockovich consults with Shine Lawyers and assists the firm with environmental cases and class actions. I wonder if Shine will bring her ‘talents’ to bear in this case?
In my opinion this case is much more than an ambulance chase, it’s aim is political.

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