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hoofie 16th Jun 2014 04:51

Australia Post - ridiculous salary
Even as a died in the wool liberal, I find the salary of the Head of Australia Post rather excessive for someone running what is still a quasi-government entity.

If you read his bio, he is no doubt a rather capable man with a track record. His salary I suppose is commensurate with what he could earn in the private sector but it still seems a bit on the high side.

Having said all that, complaining about his salary now is rather pointless considering he's been in the job 4 and a half years.

bosnich71 16th Jun 2014 07:50

The R.C. into union corruption is now investigating the H.S.U. It is worth logging on to Michael Smith's blog and reading about today's proceedings, even if one is a rusted on Labour supporter.

500N 16th Jun 2014 07:57


I just read an article in one of the papers about what went on in the HSU
and it does not make pretty reading.

Ethel the Aardvark 16th Jun 2014 08:33

Don't worry 500, if you had taken your head off at the same pillar we would of stuck up for you and called you a complete Pratt as well :ok:

500N 16th Jun 2014 09:14


Thanks :ok:

I would have expected nothing less :O

500N 16th Jun 2014 22:27

The mind boggles with what some of these lawyers get up to.

I can see a change to the law happening quick smart !

Australian authorities should have done more to help a group of asylum seekers before their boat crashed into rocks off Christmas Island, the lawyer bringing a case against the federal government says.

Human rights lawyer George Newhouse is representing a number of survivors and the relatives of those who died in the SIEV 221 disaster in December 2010.

They are suing the Commonwealth for breaching its duty of care over the tragedy that killed 50 people.

Mr Newhouse says the Commonwealth was responsible for the vessel as its legal owner, failed to maintain a proper lookout, and failed to maintain the rescue service on Christmas Island that could have saved lives.

Mr Newhouse said under the Migration Act the Australian government becomes the legal owner of a SIEV when it comes within 12 nautical miles of the Australian mainland.

Authorities could have saved boat: lawyer

Andu 16th Jun 2014 22:36

Eight families, all apparently living in Australia, who are relatives of those killed or who themselves survived the sinking of the asylum seeker boat that hit the rocks off Christmas Island in December 2010 (at the height of the monsoon season) are suing the Australian Government for compensation.

I have some questions and some observations.

Q 1. Who will be financing this case? (And why is it that I strongly suspect it will be funded by Legal Aid, i.e., the same taxpayer that these people are suing.)

Q 2. How can even the most convoluted ambulance-chaser legal mind even make a case against the 'home owner' for not providing a safe environment for the 'housebreaker' as that housebreaker tries to break into his 'house'?

Q 3. If the Court finds against this claim, who will pay the court costs? (And why is it that I strongly suspect it will again be the long-suffering Australian taxpayer.)

And in closing, an observation: I find myself hoping that detailed evidence is presented to the Court, including the names and current residential and working (or non-working) status of the individuals concerned, about the behaviour of many young fit males during their rescue and how children and and females in the troubled waters with these fit young men fared.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jun 2014 00:23

You beat me to it with Q1, Andu (and with your last observation). Surely it's not Legal Aid though?
I picked Victoria at random, and their site says LA is generally only available for criminal or family matters. They mention migration cases, but I'd have thought that was limited to appealing deportations and similar.

He may be doing it pro bono, or one of the asylum seeker advocacy groups may have fundraised for it.

500N 17th Jun 2014 00:27

I looked him up, he works for Shine lawyers.

But this is probably Legal Aid or Pro bono, didn't Abbott change the law and say that Legal aid / Gov't funding couldn't be used to mouhnt legal cases with AS ????

Need to loom that up and find out who is paying for this.

Kick up a stink, get the media to highlight it if it is legal aid as I reckon in these tight times
people won't be happy about it, especially over dead people.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jun 2014 00:47

Profile: George Newhouse ? Honi Soit
According to this article the asylum seekers received no government funded legal support at the original inquest and Newhouse did it pro bono, so it would be very unlikely that this new action is funded by Legal Aid.

Ken Borough 17th Jun 2014 01:27

Get over it!
Believe it or not, there are many members of the legal profession who have a burning desire that justice is seen to be done to the disadvantaged in our society. They do it free, gratis and for nuffink. George Newhouse is one such lawyer. Julian Burnside is another. Need I name more? These guys are not of the ambulance chasing genre who dream up the dodgiest of class actions.

Many dislike the pro bono lawyers because of the causes they fight. This dislike is, I believe, based on ignorance and lack of understanding of the law and human rights. Australia, for example, is a better place because the ill treatment of Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon were brought to light. Ditto the experiences of the Indian medico in Brisbane who that paragon of virtue (Andrews) saw was wrongly deported. Our society needs more good lawyers to right the wrongs knowingly perpetrated against the poor, the disadvantaged and most vulnerable.

500N 17th Jun 2014 02:07


As much as your other examples are valid,

What the hell is this action if it's not ambulance chasing ?????

"These guys are not of the ambulance chasing genre who dream up the dodgiest of class actions."

You get on the boat in the worst season and make it to Aus undetected,
then suffer the consequences if it all turns to crap.

Ken Borough 17th Jun 2014 02:19


I'm not pursuing the rights or wrongs of this current matter. I didn't see anyone on last night's news in front of a large billboard publicising the action. I'm prepared to wait a bit before I pass judgement on its efficacy. I should think that the cause of action has been well thought through and considered - these blokes aren't mugs like thee and me. The fact that Morrison and O'Connor are baying for blood tells me that the politicians are more than a tad concerned. And not about costs.

500N 17th Jun 2014 02:28

Or just pissed off with the stupidity of it.

bosnich71 17th Jun 2014 03:09

More evidence that quite a lot of our "asylum seekers" have family members already here in Oz and have attempted to gain entry into Australia by legal means and having failed in that have resorted to a trip on a leaky boat.
Ergo it must be the fault of the Australian government for not allowing them entry in the first instance....... sarcasm smiley added .

SOPS 17th Jun 2014 03:23

Now we have the evidence where the country shoppers are getting the boat fare from. Can't get in legally? No worries, hop on a boat and we will pay the fare. Oh, and if you crash into rocks, don't worry about that, we will sue the government on your behalf.

I think that these families that are suing are obviously unhappy with the Government and Their life in Australia. Deportation and visa cancellation is the obvious answer.

500N 17th Jun 2014 03:32

"I think that these families that are suing are obviously unhappy with the Government and Their life in Australia. Deportation and visa cancellation is the obvious answer."


Good point. If they sue, not a problem, deported until the action is over.

parabellum 17th Jun 2014 04:40

At the time the captain of the RAN ship at the scene said that, due to the sea state, the boats that might otherwise have helped, could not be launched safely. As the captain was the senior professional and expert witness I don't think this case will last half a day, shouldn't even make it to court.
Unfortunately the senior civvy on the Island is a staunch ALP supporter and may give evidence to the contrary, but we should hope not. The Harbour Master on CI, another professional, said at the time there was nothing anyone could do other than throw lifebelts into the sea.

I suspect this case is something more sinister in the ALPs/Greens unrelenting campaign against the Abbott government.

Ken Borough 17th Jun 2014 05:06

ALPs/Greens unrelenting campaign against the Abbott government.
That's a bit rich, para! After all, the ALP is in fact Her Majety's Opposition. I'd expect nothing less from an opposition than to be relentlessly attacking the government. After all, isn't TA a past master of that art? :ugh:

500N 17th Jun 2014 05:29


It's the alp, the greens and of course the ABC do plenty as well.

By the end of 4 years, I reckon Abbott can get the abc budget down by
10-20 percent which us probably about right.

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