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Worrals in the wilds 18th May 2014 09:06

They should get similar packages to what retired judges get. Still very lucrative but without the transport pass and office plus flunkies for life racket. If it's good enough for retired High Court judges it should be good enough for retired PMs.

I'm not holding my breath though; belt tightening never seems to apply to pollies, whatever their politics. They're like kids in charge of the Cadbury factory...:ugh:It's never their belts that get tightened. :yuk:

Takan Inchovit 18th May 2014 09:32

We need Clive, Bob and Pauline to sort this mess out.

Anthill 18th May 2014 09:59

Our first Prime Minister, The Hon. Edmund Barton, was asked regarding the provision of staff after his retirement. He famously answered:

" The Commonwealth provides me with 4 full-time staff. I have a driver to drive me to meetings and to see the Doctor. Also a cook, who makes me my meals and a secretary to whom I entrust to keep my appointments. The Commonwealth has also seen fit to provide me with an 18 year old woman who takes care of my personal needs."

Ah, Edmund..you're my Hero!

Worrals in the wilds 18th May 2014 10:22

"The Commonwealth has also seen fit to provide me with an 18 year old woman who takes care of my personal needs."
Shades of the infamous High Court case...:E:}
High Court rules out compensation for public servant injured during work trip sex - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

That said, I agree. Same with Ben Chifley, who (IIRC) used to stay at a very ordinary hotel when he travelled to Canberra. There should be more of it.

500N 18th May 2014 11:00

Sounds like Tony Abbott, happy to stay in the Police accommodation.

Re his accommodation, it was interesting that the Public Service
leased that huge house for him without even bothering to ask
him what he wanted and where he wanted to live.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 18th May 2014 13:30

Would be interesting to find out how much time former PMs actually spend in their post-public service offices, or are they just some where to park the 4 staffers and look impressive on the stationery?

dubbleyew eight 18th May 2014 14:31

rennie is a bit jaundiced in his classifications.
I would have thought
children, students, workers, unemployed workers, bludgers and pensioners would be more to the point.

I would put refugees being reeducated in the unemployed workers category.

ex Prime Ministers in poverty would reflect badly on the country.

Saltie 18th May 2014 14:34

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I'd like to see monthly reports - on the front page of every national newspaper - detailing what each of these bloody leeches had cost the taxpayer over and above his/her too generous pension in the previous month. Not that it would stop most of them. They 're beyond shame. And the likes of Channel 7 and the ABC would be selective in who they reported on.

Fubaar 18th May 2014 15:51

Michael Smith having a wonderful time over on his site putting the boot into the good ship JEG and (to borrow a perhaps unfortunate phrase) all who sailed in her.

Federal judge named in Gillard affair
22 Aug 2012
Pip Freebairn

A Federal Court judge appointed by the Gillard government has been identified as the lawyer who supervised Julia Gillard when the future prime minister dated and did legal work for a union official who has been accused of financial impropriety.

Judge Bernard Murphy, a former senior equity partner at the Melbourne law firm Slater & Gordon, was named by the firm’s former chairman, Peter Gordon, in a statement yesterday.

Mr Gordon said Ms Gillard and Mr Murphy left Slater & Gordon in 1995 after falling out with other partners over the AWU matter and a high-profile Victorian case involving a Kennett government minister.

Justice Murphy, who was the partner responsible for advising the AWU branch run by Ms Gillard’s former boyfriend, Bruce Wilson, told The Australian Financial Review yesterday he had not done anything wrong and was not sacked by the firm.

The events of 17 years ago have become a headache for the government because they link Ms Gillard to allegations of corruption in the union movement, a problem given greater prominence by the Health Services Union scandal.

Mr Wilson set up a fund which it is alleged was used to obtain money from employers and pay for a house in Melbourne. Ms Gillard has expressed regret at her relationship with Mr Wilson, who has disappeared from public life.

Ms Gillard was recruited to work at the prominent Melbourne firm, which represents several unions and has close links to the Labor Party, by the then Mr Murphy, who mentored her through her ascent to partner. It was through him she was reported to have met Mr Wilson, the AWU Victorian branch secretary.

Mr Murphy said yesterday he became unhappy at Slater & Gordon and resigned from the partnership to take up a senior position at rival Maurice Blackburn, where he worked for the next 15 years.

“My resignation was not in any way motivated by any suggestion of wrongdoing on my part in relation to Slater & Gordon’s representation of the Australian Workers Union or Mr Bruce Wilson,” he said.

Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the case and Justice Murphy said no allegation of wrongdoing was put to him when he left the firm or since.

“I was not involved in any investigation at Slater & Gordon in relation to my conduct in respect of the AWU or Mr Wilson,” he said.

“If any allegation of wrongdoing was to be raised it would be completely unfounded.”

Fair Work commissioner Ian Cambridge, a former national secretary of the AWU, detailed in a 1996 affidavit an elaborate set of bank accounts set up by Mr Wilson who, together with another AWU member, Ralph Blewitt, extorted money from construction companies such as Thiess and John Holland in the mid-1990s.

Mr Gordon wrote in a document this week that the Slater & Gordon partnership considered sacking Ms Gillard and Mr Murphy because they had not observed proper vigilance in the AWU case or given timely disclosure over the matter to their fellow partners.


Disclosure log of Federal Court correspondence in relation to this article:


500N 18th May 2014 20:11

Abbott has certainly lost his mojo :rolleyes:

rh200 18th May 2014 21:38

Abbott has certainly lost his mojo
Why would you say that, I personally didn't think he had any in the first place, not in the public area anyway.

500N 18th May 2014 21:42

Mojo may have been the wrong word. He didn't have mojo like say Hawke.

I was referring to his ratings !

chuboy 18th May 2014 22:21

Now we wait for the Coalition to give old Tony the tap on the shoulder :E

I am interested to see how this all plays out.

500N 18th May 2014 22:24

I don't think it will happen.

But that is my HO.

bosnich71 18th May 2014 23:22

Meeting of the Liberal party hierarchy in Canberra......

" Well,chaps,we are doing pretty badly in the polls. We spent 6 years taking the piss out of the that Labour rabble down the corridor but things are looking grim and we have to be seen to be doing something.
I realise that Swanny never,not once in six years,ever produced a surplus,despite promising every year to do just that, and as for their propensity to change leaders every 5 minutes well the less said about that the better.
Yes,I know that we told the electorate what a state the country was in financially and that shoving Pink Batts in ceilings was a waste of money and lives and that there are a couple of Royal commissions on the go at the moment but I reckon that it's time to panic so here's a few things that we just have to do to get everyone back on our side...

1. Sack our leader.That's exactly what the Luvvies in the MSM want us to do and we all know that they are the true shakers and makers in Oz don't we?
2. Forget the f******g surplus.let's just spend FFS ! After all that's what that Labour mob do and they manage to get elected every now and then don't they?
3. Cancel all Royal Commissions. I've been told that one of those presently on the go is rumoured to be having an effect on a certain ex P.M's book sales and we must stop being misogynist mustn't we?
4. "Stop the Boats", yes, but let anyone and everyone arrive by air,and cancel passports,visas etc.that's so much more civilised and it will go down so well amongst those in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.And the less said about those bloody logging companies the better.
5. Shut down all coal fired power stations in Australia.We may shiver through a few winters before all the windmills get built but, hey, that would be a few more votes for us from Tassy next election wouldn't it?
Then again the Luvvies in Melbourne may get a tad upset when they find that their 'effing trams can't run because the wind isn't blowing hard enough and we may lose a few votes there but who they going to vote for? Sarah and the bleeding Greens? I've got news for you,they already do ! So no worries,Mate.
6. Drop the charge to see your local G.P. And while we're at it we'll ban hospitals from charging people to park when visiting or maybe even when they arrive at A and E.That was probably a Labour idea anyway. Wilson Car Parks may get a bit upset but 'eff 'em they've been screwing Australians for long enough".
Anyone with any other ideas please feel free to write your ideas down on the back of beer mat or some such .... worked well for the last lot.

rh200 18th May 2014 23:54

I was referring to his ratings !
Yea, but don't they say there's only one poll that matters.

Now we wait for the Coalition to give old Tony the tap on the shoulder
That would be interesting, but unlikely. That would mean they where indeed like the Labor party. There are a few things that the conservatives stand for, one fiscal management and the other stability.

So they are doing what there priority is, fiscal management, even if the whole pr part has been badly handled. As for the other bit, cutting and running just because some polls are bad makes you look like the left. The fact is they have a sh!t load of time left till the next election, the game is only just starting.

Remember in the time it took to read this post, we have paid out $17000 dollars in interest on out national debt.

chuboy 19th May 2014 00:14

bosnich, I'm not sure I can see the point you're making.

Are you suggesting that we should bend over and take whatever the Coalition gives to us without (dare I say) protest, purely because they are not Labor and therefore whatever they do must not be bad?

There are plenty of conservatives who are more than disappointed with the budget that Hockey served up. Surely you don't feel obliged to accept what you're given just because your political views tend toward the same end of the spectrum as the Coalitions?

I freely admit to floating left-of-centre on many social and some economic issues. Doesn't mean I can't disagree with the antics of the Greens and some of the other loony left who occasionally get a turn on the soap box.

CoodaShooda 19th May 2014 00:16

Listening to ABC radio this morning but didn't hear anything about Shorten's Party reforms being rolled by the unions in Victoria.

Surely that wasn't a Murdoch invention? :hmm:

Dark Knight 19th May 2014 00:53

"The Budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
curtailed, lest Rome will become bankrupt.

People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance." - Cicero, 55 BC

So, evidently we've learned nothing over the past 2,069 years.

rh200 19th May 2014 01:37

So, evidently we've learned nothing over the past 2,069 years.
Nope and we know what happened to them:p

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