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Ethel the Aardvark 1st May 2014 13:46

Don't know of any lefties who read or quote Michael Smith.
Ms Jackson is innocent until proven guilty but me thinks this is going to be very juicy indeed.

500N 1st May 2014 17:43


Not sure I would even bother running him in for the drugs stuff.

Get all the info you can from him then throw him out of the country.

Because putting him up in jail and then throwing him out just costs
more for no great benefit to Australia.

SOPS 1st May 2014 18:05

Yes but Two Dads wants him to sleep in her house.

500N 1st May 2014 18:07

Would be getting pretty crowded by now then :O

SOPS 1st May 2014 18:15

She has got an orgy load of willing people.

500N 1st May 2014 18:16


Using the word Orgy and Two dads in the same sentence,
please, have some standards :O ;)

500N 1st May 2014 23:56

About bloody time

"Australians who get into trouble overseas would be forced to pay for consular help if the Abbott government's commission of audit gets its way.

The commission has also backed the government's plans to abolish the ABC-run Australia Network, which broadcasts Australian television into 46 Asia-Pacific countries.
The commission says almost 12,000 Australian travellers required consular help in 2012-13 - putting a significant burden on the Department of Foreign Affairs' budget.
While previous reports have proposed the idea of some kind of consular levy, the commission has recommended a cost recovery arrangement perhaps based on the UK model.
The UK charges a STG130 ($A237.29) per hour "attendance fee" for consular help.

bosnich71 2nd May 2014 01:06

Ethel ... " I don't know of any lefties who read or quote Michael Smith".That's the problem with most,but not all 'lefties'.Perhaps you should get out more.
And, actually,I wasn't quoting Michael Smith just the fact that the letter from Jackson was printed on his blog.

chuboy 2nd May 2014 07:31

I get the feeling this announcement won't affect many of you in this thread, lucky ducks

Retirement age rise to 70 by 2035, Joe Hockey announces

The winds of change to Medicare have not dropped away either, signs of interesting things to come and not good ones at that. Hockey and the Libs are taking a big chance if they try and dismantle the universal healthcare which is appreciated on all sides of the fence here in this country.

The last thing anybody here wants (except insurance companies) is a move towards a US-style healthcare system, which, incidentally, costs their government a boatload of money anyway.

Ken Borough 2nd May 2014 07:59

I see that the SMH is quoting Joe Hockey as saying that wind farms are a 'blot on the landscape'. I couldn't help but laugh at the irony and wondered if Joe has ever looked in a mirror! :} :p

Captain Sand Dune 2nd May 2014 08:25

But on a positive note:
Commission of Audit proposes abolishing DMO | Australian Aviation

Oh please please please please please!!!!!

rh200 2nd May 2014 08:58

I get the feeling this announcement won't affect many of you in this thread, lucky ducks
Could raise it now, wouldn't worry me. Frankely, how many years does one want to live doing f#$all. That said there's a few practical problems, so a phased approach is best.

The winds of change to Medicare have not dropped away either, signs of interesting things to come and not good ones at that. Hockey and the Libs are taking a big chance if they try and dismantle the universal healthcare which is appreciated on all sides of the fence here in this country.
All ready have to pay $60 for a visit, another 10 or 20 that I get most of it back doesn't matter.

Saltie 2nd May 2014 12:55

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
It will be interesting to see how this latest asylum seeker boat us handled - or more to the point, how the people on that boat handle the confrontation with Australian authorities. I can't believe they haven't a plan in hand to up the ante substantially, to put the RAN or Customs crew into a situation that will make a simple turn back very difficult to achieve. A television crew on board with the ability to transmit the confrontation to the world in real tone is one possibility. Self-harm is another. Tony Abbott's cancelling his trip to Indonesia makes me think the Australian government is already aware that this meeting at sea might get more than a little ugly.

500N 2nd May 2014 13:32


Oh yes please, that would be awesome if they got rid of them.

The military would love it as well !

Saltie 2nd May 2014 21:42

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
DMO scrapped? The uniform branch of the Defence Establishment - currently very much the minor branch - would have a collective wet dream at the very thought of it. Real estate prices in Canberra would plummet as tens of
thousands of paper-pushing Public Serpents in that one bloated Department would be jobless. And for all the good they do, no one would notice they were gone.

500N 2nd May 2014 21:51

Put it under the control of the DoD after slimming it down a few notches.

CDF would put someone in charge to sort it out.

Captain Sand Dune 3rd May 2014 00:46

That article also quotes the Commission of Audit as recommending “streamlining Defence senior leadership numbers’. Abolishing DMO and reducing the numbers of senior officers: what I’ve been saying for years.:hmm:
Looks like the Commission’s recommendations have rattled DMO’s cage though. The Canberra Times features an article claiming that ‘private weapons companies’ are already trying to ‘poach specialists’ from DMO. The paper has another article quoting the CEO of DMO ‘fighting against criticisms of his $9.5 billion-a-year agency and has defended his 6500 public servants.’ Sounds like the outraged squealing of snouts being pulled out of the trough. Interesting times.:E

Fubaar 3rd May 2014 08:50

Private weapons companies are trying to poach specialists from DMO? If I was Joe Hockey, I'd say "Bring it on and go for it without reservation, private defence companies."

Unfortunately, what that statement really means is that private defence companies employ retired senior officers (both military and civilian from within DMO) as lobbyists to use their inside information and contacts within the overbloated DMO and Defence Sept systems to curry more sales.

I saw recently how many star-ranked officers (Brigadier General equivalent and above) Australia now has and it shows we have an incredibly top-heavy military. I haven't seen equivalent numbers for civilian Public Servants holding equivalent status to star ranks, but you could bet London to a brick that it would be equal if not considerably more top-heavy than the military.

Joe Hockey could save an absolute fortune cleaning out DMO, but I'd bet that if he tried, the civilian Mandarins would sack all the people actually doing something and retain all 'the mates' who 'administer' everything.

Like This - Do That 3rd May 2014 10:30

Fubaar, oh how cynical!

DMO cops it left, right and centre, and fair enough, they spend tax payers' dollars. But in the their defence, they have to deal with a stacked deck in many projects. Changing requirements, the encroachment of 'industry policy', reliance on corrupt and pork barrelled overseas-run programmes .... there are a heap of reasons why projects for which DMO are responsible end poorly, but not all of this can be blamed on DMO.

Still, the DO have a lot of people, haven't they?

Fubaar 3rd May 2014 11:11

A bloke I know who was once part of the Defence System says the Dept of Defence should be re-named 'The Department of Defence Industry', as decisions on major equipment buys are almost always factored more towards the buy that will provide the most jobs in the most marginal electorates (usually South Australia) rather than the equipment that will provide the troops in the field with the most effective weapons system.

He also says that one of the major reasons major equipment buys go pear-shaped and blow out in cost is the decision, usually from DMO, to 'Australianise' the buy rather than buying off the shelf. The C17 was one of the few buys that escaped this malaise.

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