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Worrals in the wilds 30th Mar 2014 11:17

IMO SBS is a model public broadcaster. :ok: Interesting content that isn't rampantly commercial or political. I think the ABC could learn a lot from the Special Broadcasting Service, but shutting them down isn't the way to achieve that.

500N 30th Mar 2014 11:18

Yes, agree.

If the ABC could be like the SBS, that would be good.

In fact, maybe the hierarchy of the SBS could take over the ABC :O

Fliegenmong 30th Mar 2014 11:42

A well articulated reply WITW...some not unexpected simpleton responses to go with it....:hmm::ugh::rolleyes:

But the again, as long as we have LNP supporters voting for rubbish , we'll be inundated with rubbish.....:{

Clare Prop 30th Mar 2014 11:45

And if that is what you think is a healthy arrangement for a country like Australia in the year 2014, perhaps you and clareprop are better off holding hands and rowing back to dear old mother england.....it's all worked out so well there!!

I don't recall saying anything about media bias, I don't watch TV or read newspapers, I'm educated enough to make up my own mind and have never really noticed any bias in the MSM because I'm not looking for it. I know it is what they and the politicians DON"T say that is far more important.

I am old enough to have seen the political pendulum swing to and fro and observed the extremes of Wilson/Callaghan/Scargill etc and Thatcher, Keating and Howard. I don't need some newspaper or politician to form an opinion. :ugh: I march to the beat of my own drum.

Come on 500, let's get in the boat then, lucky I have spent a lot of my time doing competition rowing, we are not welcome here. Sorry about the hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes I've contributed in nearly half my lifetime here as an independent skilled migrant.

500N 30th Mar 2014 11:54


Never did much rowing but am broad shouldered and done a fair bit of canoeing / kayaking so I reckon we would do OK together :ok: :O

Re "and the politicians DON"T say that is far more important."

That applies to anything in this world, especially someone selling something.

Fliegenmong 30th Mar 2014 11:57

The left had 6 years of the good times under Rudd, Gillard, trampling over the right, then they got kicked out. So now the left can cop it. And Abbott has it spot on with tearing down the left monuments, by doing so, making it harder and longer for them to get up again.

Nothing of the sort 500!!, and you know it!!!, really pathetic you would think otherwise......explain exactly these 'monuments' to which you refer??

I don't know you 500., but you come across as a brainwashed ex military simpleton, unable to form a thought process other than which you have been indoctrinated...and that is not a bad thing at all......but it does display to all and sundry a simple inability to think for yourself, you clearly need to be told by a chain of command what your opinions are...the MSM fulfils this function for you....the very premise that the left had 6 good years displays your incredible ignorance.......with due respect dear 500, your ignorance now ensures your place on my ' ignore' list ....come back to me when you have a semblance of impartiallity

Fliegenmong 30th Mar 2014 12:00

Clare.......'Good Riddance'..............:ok:

500N 30th Mar 2014 12:07


No worries :ok:

No I am not brainwashed, I just see more and more restrictions on things we all used to be able to do by "nanny states" be it Federal or State Gov'ts departments.

Charlie Foxtrot India 30th Mar 2014 12:09

In case someone tries to accuse me of bias for banning Fliegenmong, here is an extract from the Pprune rules

•No flaming/personal attacks. (Play the ball, not the player.)

•No libel or defamation of character. (Be careful - libelous/defamatory posts can and have landed members in legal hot water. PPRuNe will not guarantee your anonymity in such situations.)

•No racist comments.

•No offensive/abusive posts.

4/4 for Fliegenmong's last two posts, I'm keeping them unedited as an example.

Carry on....

500N 30th Mar 2014 12:23


IF you are allowed to take an opinion into account, then please don't ban Fliegenmong for posting what he did towards me,
I am very thick skinned and a firm believer in if you dish it out you need to be able to take it.

His other posts, well, I'll leave that to you.

I seem to have transgressed 3 out of 4 of those rules in the last few weeks
going by the "warning shots across the bows" or temp and permanent banning from threads ;)

Charlie Foxtrot India 30th Mar 2014 12:31

All opinions are welcome here.

Personal attacks are not.

Bigotry seems to be all the rage this week.

SOPS 30th Mar 2014 12:34

What about a merger of SBS and the ABC, with the management of SBS being in charge. Would that help?

500N 30th Mar 2014 12:38


No problems, :ok:


Yes, I think SBS would make a good fist of it - and teach the ABC a thing or two :O

SOPS 30th Mar 2014 13:16

What there is, as we have said many times on here before, a great reluctance for the left to accept that they are no longer running the show. And I don't really mean the centre left, but the left of left and the greens. They can't accept that any other view but their own is correct, they insist we must listen and accept their views and opinions as gospel, any other view is simply incorrect.

The greens, of course, are the worst offenders. We must all accept that we are doomed under the all encompassing umbrella of climate change, or was it global warming?, or what ever they choose to call it this week.

Well, just for the moment, the boats have been slowed or stopped. The carbon tax at some stage will be repealed. TPV or their equivalent will be introduced and hopefully the ABC will be bought under control.

Those on the left had their chance. They spent most of their years in power, back stabbing each other, trying to micro manage the 24 hour news cycle, or spending more than they could afford. And I forgot to add, sucking up to the greens.

I'm happy with how things are going, maybe a bit slowly in some areas, but I think they are getting there.

500N 30th Mar 2014 13:31

Re the "the 24 hour news cycle,"

You know when Abbott won and it went very very quiet in the media for at least a month, if not two, I was reading an article on the weekend where they mentioned this and that it might not have done him any favours but he was quoted (I believe a quote) that he literally wanted to break the cycle and get well away from the " the 24 hour news cycle" that the previous Gov't was know for and the only way to do this was to almost completely cut off the media for a while.

I think it worked, the media's expectations changed drastically as they knew they were not going to get a sound bit or quote every day so moved on.

Just my HO.

I enjoyed the peace and quiet !

Saltie 30th Mar 2014 16:31

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I go one would (will?) regret. It when the news returns to the way it was under Rudd and Gillard - in both it's content and the frequency of 'new' information that clearly was not.

500N 30th Mar 2014 21:10

I feel this thread needs a bit of humour to lighten things up :O

I can't seem to download the Cartoons but some good one's
taking the piss out of Abbott and the Gov't in the following link.

Cartoons For Monday 31 March 2014

Ken Borough 30th Mar 2014 22:21

You want something funny? This is almost as funny as the reintroduction of knighthoods. :}

Alexander Downer appointed to High Commissioner to United Kingdom

500N 30th Mar 2014 22:52

It seems Joolia will not be getting away with no egg on face !

Julia Gillard back in spotlight over links to unions

500N 30th Mar 2014 23:16

Another pillar crumbles !

The fact the Greens don't like it means it must be hitting the mark !!!

The fact is, as Morrison points out, legal advice is still available to AS, it's just the Gov't won't be paying for it
which should put an end to the endless appeals.

Abbott government scraps taxpayer-funded legal advice for asylum seekers

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