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Captain Sand Dune 18th Mar 2014 06:52

THE ABC last night apologized to Daily Telegraph columnist Andrew Bolt over claims from Aboriginal academic Marcia Langton on Q&A last week that he was racist. Host Tony Jones made the apology for comments accusing Bolt last week of racial vilification during a discussion about racial discrimination laws.
“Marcia Langton publicly said she did not think he was a racist. As a result the ABC apologizes for broadcasting her comments,” Jones said last night.
Ms Langton’s comments referred to a 2011 Federal Court ruling that found Mr Bolt breached Section 18C by publishing newspaper articles questioning the motivations of fair-skinned people who identified as Aboriginal.
Mrs Langton backed down from her claims two days later on Steve Price’s 2GB radio show and apologized to Bolt. He had sought an apology from the ABC for airing the comments.
Federal Attorney General George Brandis is behind plans to change section 18C, to balance freedom of speech and racial vilification
“Andrew Bolt is not a racist and to accuse him of being a racist is itself a form of vile abuse of the man,” he said.
Would have loved to have seen that! Through gritted teeth, was it?:E
The wheels of justice may be slow, but they eventually get there.

chuboy 18th Mar 2014 09:04

Ever the gentleman, Andrew went on to post on his blag that the apology was insufficient in his opinion.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Mar 2014 10:04

IMO he's still a cranky jerk. I read his column and every now and again I find myself agreeing with its first two paragraphs. So far this has always been mitigated by the rant that follows.

If he wishes to sue me for the above comment I will forward my solicitors' details to him :bored:. However, I think that a self-professed controversial journalist should be prepared to take criticism on the chin without calling in the Whambulance. I also think that applies to the many angry left-wing commentators out there, along with Kyle Sandilands, Alan Jones and other self-appointed public Jerks.

bosnich71 18th Mar 2014 11:09

Problem is,Worrals, that lots of left wing jerks work for "our ABC" and don't,as per Faine, apologise.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Mar 2014 11:48

Sure, and lots of right wing jerks work for Murdoch.
The Courier Mail's Des Houghton regularly foams at the mouth wrt unions and the Evil Left Wing Conspiracy. His rantings are so laughable that even die hard Libs are left scratching their heads saying 'what's he on about'?. He also foamed at the mouth supporting the former ALP government's plans for major development into the Brisbane River prior to the 2011 floods, but that's not important right now. :suspect::}

I accept the 'government funded' argument, and all I can counter it with is that the biggest of the privately funded news organizations is rampantly right wing, so at least the ABC provides some counter position to that. So do Fairfax, but they don't maintain printed papers in every capital.

For the record, I dislike Q&A as much as the rest of you. IMO it is shrill, partisan and juvenile. However, I do enjoy the 7pm news, Australian Story, Landline and sometimes the 7:30 Report; even though it's partisan so is the Australian, and both make interesting points albeit from different perspectives. I also regularly read the Australian Financial Review and The Economist, and value their POV even if I occasionally throw them across the breakfast table. :E Likewise the Socialist Worker, though it's harder and more expensive to throw a computer...:\

I feel that a lot of the criticism towards the ABC is actually criticism of Q&A and to a lesser extent the 7:30 Report. In the first intance I believe that is justified; the show is a joke and a hangover from 1990s student union political carry-on :bored:. Nor is it even funny/satrical, unlike Good News Week.

However, as previously stated I feel that if the ABC is removed or controlled then all that's left is the commercial media, and that's not pretty either. When the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies was released in 1997 it seemed like a joke, but today... it's not so funny. :( After Channel 7's rampant attempts to engage the public wrt to the Corby saga, I'm also getting mighty cynical about the TV networks.

MTOW 18th Mar 2014 18:33

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Worrals, I think most we're gratified to see Ch 7 back off (if not entirely) on the awful bloody Corbys (although I find myself asking if it wasn't as much their discovery that a free Shappelle was as boring as batshit as an interviewee rather the cries from the public of "no more"). I still prefer the ABC news, but their commentary makes no attempt to be unbiased. It is unabashedly partisan and always, with the sole exception of Ian Macnamara, presents the ALP perspective.

Andu 18th Mar 2014 19:46

In this morning's papers, an interesting development - (and getting a little too close - literally - to the title of this thread) - an Australian soldier, AWOL from his Brisbane-based unit since 2010, has been reported as killed fighting for rebel forces in Syria.

It will be interesting to see how the ALPBC (and everyone else) handles this.

...and a Ukrainian soldier killed in a confrontation with "armed intruders" on his base in the Ukraine. One hot head letting loose with his AK could plunge that whole sorry region into full scale war - and don't for one moment think that won't have some effect on life here. Bloody globalization has meant everyone suffers.

parabellum 18th Mar 2014 22:40

I feel that a lot of the criticism towards the ABC is actually criticism of Q&A

or when they deliberately try to stitch up the Coalition, especially the country's Prime Minister, by releasing news of 'phone hacking, carried out under a Labour government, but delaying publication to cause maximum trouble for the LNP government and maximum resistance to the AS policy.
Ars****es :mad::*

500N 18th Mar 2014 22:45

I think the ABC did lose some credibility over the various biased sagas of the last 6 months, apart from with the die hards and this will take some time to get back.

But IMHO it is now firmly entrenched in peoples minds that they are biased.

MTOW 19th Mar 2014 00:01

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
nted Murdoch propaganda. If the Big Lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth. That's what the Left has been working on since the Whitlam years, and it's working.

MTOW 19th Mar 2014 00:06

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Arrrghhh! I hate the keyboard on my iPhone!! What I was trying to say - and lost - is that many believe the ABC speaks The Truth and anything on commercial radio is Murdoch propaganda.

500N 19th Mar 2014 00:31

"is that many believe the ABC speaks The Truth and anything on commercial radio is Murdoch propaganda."

Only to those die hards.

I think the electorate is far more savvy than most people think and the odd pollie has made the mistake of underestimating them in the past.

Apart from the die hards of each side, people believe ( ?know ?) that the ABC and the Murdoch (and other) press are biased. You might not be able to nail it with a hammer but small sleights, innuendos etc all add up to bias.

It's like reading the Daily Mail or Torygraph :O, you take it with a grain of salt.

7x7 19th Mar 2014 05:51

Arthur Sinodinis (sp?) has stepped down as Deputy Treasurer until the Sydney Water business is cleared up.

Twenty years ago, this would have been expected of any politician, but Labar (and the ALPBC) will make a feast of this, heavily implying that it is an admission of guilt.

I think Sinodinis to date has shown too much political nous to have allowed himself to be caught in something as tacky as any scheme involving Edie Obeid, so it's quite likely he'll come out of this with his reputation enhanced (for stepping down). However, that won't make one iota of difference to the ALPBC and Labar - they'll simply say that the inquiry was fixed to clear his name (just as Labar would do).

500N 19th Mar 2014 05:55


The problem is, the Libs set the standard when in opposition (for this type of thing) and so now Labor has adopted the same strategy.

The ironic thing is, the guy was admired and respected by both sides of politics - in fact, one of the Labor people said "one of the good guys" when he resigned.

But yes, he'll be back with no damage.

Just my HO of course !

But you are correct re the ALPBC making the most of it.

Andu 19th Mar 2014 22:29

As predicted, the ALPBC is beating up the Arthur Sidodinis 'scandal' for all it is worth.

Larry Pickering presents an interesting case against mandatory minimum sentencing in his latest editorial. Many (even - maybe that should be 'particularly' - those who can't stand him) might find it worth reading.

I have to say that I found myself agreeing with much of what he was saying about the Ukraine as well in his other editorial. Are the Yanks really putting troops into the Baltic countries?

500N 19th Mar 2014 22:37

"Are the Yanks really putting troops into the Baltic countries?"

Yes, they said yesterday they are thinking of sending troops to take part in the war game exercises being conducted there.

7x7 20th Mar 2014 03:30

OK, so I admit to being utterly petty minded on this, but I cannot stress too much how glad I am that it was Tony Abbott who announced to Parliament, clearly, concisely and with no added verbiage, that debris had been found in the Southern Indian Ocean that may be from the missing Malaysian 777. Can you imagine how Kevin07Rudd would have handled this announcement? It doesn't bear thinking about - except to say that he'd probably still be in mid announcement as I write.

500N 20th Mar 2014 03:31

Have to credit this to a poster called "meadowrun" in another thread.

Absolute beauty of a video of why we need to be careful of who we let into Australia.

And these are the people "two dads" wants in Australia :ugh::ugh::ugh:

And what is really funny, is the ABC were the ones who showed the video :O

Pictures of illegal immigrants worth a thousand words
THE ABC’s 7.30 on Monday accidentally showed exactly why we should stop the boats of illegal immigrants — and not only to end the drowning.

The ABC’s footage, including video shot by boat people turned back last month, actually showed a dangerous cultural difference.

How could these 34 people from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal — mostly Muslim countries that are neither war-torn nor famine-struck — think that threatening to kill our sailors, shouting “f--- Australia” and warning of another September 11 would make us unlock our hearts and our door?
And how many people just like them are among the more than 50,000 Labor let sail in uninvited, even taxiing them in on our warships?

"First, the ABC admitted its main subject, Iranian Arash Sedigh, who is pictured, twice tried to smuggle himself and his wife here by boat after he’d been “refused entry to Australia through the skilled migration program”. Sedigh added: “We decided to go there in illegal way, to make them accept us.”

This sounded like a man we didn’t want telling us we had no right to reject him.

Next, Sedigh said after his boat was intercepted, he warned our sailors: “I will kill you if you don’t take us to that ship. I have nothing to lose. I will kill you. Believe me.”

Then, as the 34 illegal immigrants were towed back to Indonesia, they filmed themselves shouting “f--- Australia” and raising the middle finger. Sedigh even had himself filmed issuing this warning: “F--- Australia ... If later on you said why they do that to America on September 11, you should know the cause of it is your very deeds.

“Remember 9/11 for United States. All the world should know why.”

Sedigh and his fellow passengers were naturally bitterly disappointed and you could excuse their threats as heat-of-the-moment things, done under stress. Maybe they don’t really think the 3000 civilians who died in the September 11 terror attacks were just asking for it.

But why, weeks later, did they still think we should hear their threats when considering their case?"

Have a watch of the video, it is really eye opening !

No Cookies | Herald Sun

SOPS 20th Mar 2014 05:43

Well that video is an own goal for the country shoppers and the ALPBC. I want it permanently tagged to Two Dads, and every time she opens her mouth,every single time, the video of some country shopper, declaring war on Australia, saying 'remember 9/11', is played.

And I know I'm over the top here, to me, this is the perfect excuse for reasons of national security, to round up the 50000 the labor let in, and ship them home, or to some Islamic paradise country, that they seem so keen to be living in.

Fliegenmong 20th Mar 2014 10:30

Haven't been here for ages.....so very predictable now it's become tediously boring.....but.....by way of example....if 'Arfur' was found to have murdered Daniel Morcombe this week it would be the ABC's fault for having reported it....:hmm::hmm:

'Arfur' does deals with the Obeids.....It's the ABC fault for reporting it.....see it follows a predictable and boring pattern?? Similar, very similar in fact, to the LNP's commendable ability to tell a lie enough times until it becomes a fact, no matter what the actual truth may be....some at last may even be able to see this, but the LNP have been able to get away with this for so long, aided and abetted by their MSM mates....

'Arfur' will walk away smelling roses, as we all know, the MSM & LNP will ensure it is reported that way....classic LNP methodology, tell the lie enough times, knowing the MSM will support you, and Voila! BS becomes Gospel..All is good!.....:bored::bored:...now back to those media / IR Laws???? :hmm::hmm:

Edited to say: LC & AJ must be licking their lips, being huge personal contributors to TA and 'the cause', payback will be expected,............and in Leigh's case, what was it?? 30 odd Thou..???

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