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CoodaShooda 11th Mar 2014 23:52

No apologies required.

As 500N implies, his electorate is generally populated by beings not of this world. So, not representative of Australia. :E

It's 0913 local as I write this in semi darkness in my office. The power has been off here for coming up to 8 hours. Not just my office but all of the Darwin region. Schools and the Public Service have been closed for the day.

While the current government will cop the blame, the genesis lies with 12 years of labor. They did not increase power prices while in office and covered the increasing production costs through a combination of slashing maintenance, not replacing time expired equipment and borrowings.

Even with the savage price increases the current government had to introduce on gaining power (pun intended :p) the money that now needs to go on repairing and maintaining the infrastructure instead is spent on paying the interest on the borrowings. :mad:

I am really missing the airconditioning at the moment. At least the laptop is battery powered.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 00:04

Bad time of year for it. :( A mate of mine was complaining mightily on FB about it this morning, so I wondered how you'd faired.

Sounds like the Labor Beattie government we had down here about ten years ago. They never maintained a thing. However, IMO selling the whole lot off to the Chinese (the LNP's solution) is not the answer either, because then it's all about the shareholder and the bills only increase. When that happens, as a private company we can't vote them out.

Maintenance gets reduced even further, and when abolutely necessary is performed by the cheapest bunch of subcontractor yokels they can find.

Dunno what the solution is with power; probably that we all pay what it's really worth. That's about as popular with the electorate as a dose of the clap. I think this is why the Libs are so keen on selling off public assets; it absolves the government of responsibility. Me, I think it's a cop out.

500N 12th Mar 2014 00:38


I just heard about the black out. Not good.

When I was up NT way at Xmas, a friend was telling me about his visiting someone in hospital and the power was out, the generators hadn't kicked in and she was in deep poo because she was hooked up to machines :rolleyes:

So it seems nothing has changed !

Re "his electorate is generally populated by beings not of this world."

Yep, they live in the little world of Humpty Doo and nothing exists past the traffic lights on the Hwy !
I must admit though, it has improved in the last few years, it almost looks civilized !!!

Andu 12th Mar 2014 01:56

After bleating that they had no option but to close SPC Ardmona down unless the taxpayer came up with $25million, Coca Cola have magically found the money (or $20mill - faced with a looming State election, the Vic State Govt blinked and came up with $5 mill) to continue operating.

Even Grahame Richardson has acknowledged last night on Sky that Tony Abbott did well in refusing to bow to the Holden/Ford-style threats that Coca Cola tried on his government.

To balance the criticism, even if he has a certifiable illness, the Lib from WA who has just resigned should have done so about six "personal incidents" ago.

parabellum 12th Mar 2014 02:26

Berlin, East and West germany.
A lot of what went on in and between East and West Germany, as well as in Berlin, when the wall came down never made it to the international press. After the initial euphoria of the wall came down there arose a mass of territorial disputes, families caught in the west going back east to claim their land and houses, only to find them occupied and the same in reverse, similar situations within Berlin too. Also, as one might expect, a fair amount of settling old scores by people and families that had been betrayed by neighbours etc. Not quite the happy place many imagined it would be!

bosnich71 12th Mar 2014 03:10

Communists,Burgess.Philby, etc. ... a good friend of mine always reckoned that he was a Communist.
He had a long history of working in the aviation industry all of his life.... except for a stint as a rear gunner on Lancasters ... starting on Spitfires at Castle Bromwich as a lad.For a number of years he had worked at Woomera on rocket trials and later at Weapons Research,Sth. Oz.
He told me the story of his final day at Weapons Research when he asked the chief of security if he knew that he was a communist etc. "Oh,yes,we know", was the reply," but we don't worry about blokes like you who say they are,it's the ba****ds who reckon they are right wing who we worry about".

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 03:17

There is still a Communist Party of Australia, though I think they're shrinking steadily. Their website doesn't list how many members they have, though in fairness all political parties are pretty cagey about that.

They come out of the woodwork at Labour Day marches and similar events. The last time I saw a few of them them out and about (complete with hammer and sickle flag) they were all pretty elderly, and busily shoving pamphlets into people's bags when they weren't looking :suspect:.

Pinky the pilot 12th Mar 2014 05:58

I was down in the 'big smoke' (Adelaide) a few weeks back and noted with some amusement, a small group of Socialist Alternative members at the eastern end of Rundle Mall handing out pamphlets advertising their upcoming public meeting.

All young types, none over 30 was my guess.:hmm:

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 06:14

IME that's always been the way with socialist groups; they tend to target and attract a lot of uni students. By the time most people get to their early twenties they tend to grow out of these sorts of organisations and either lose interest in politics, or join the ALP/Greens. I was going to say 'grow up' and join the ALP/Greens, but I realise most forum regulars would consider those two actions as being mutually exclusive. :}:p

In contrast, the CPA is a bit of 1960s relic. They're a different kettle of fish from the Socialist Alliance/Worker/Collective mobs.

CoodaShooda 12th Mar 2014 07:20

Wasn't it Francois Mitterand who said (in French)

"If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist at 40, you have no brain."?

500N 12th Mar 2014 08:00

I've heard that saying before but not sure who said it !!!

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 08:04

I've got a few years left then. :cool::}
EDIT: I see the media are running the flag issue up the flagpole again. Must be a quiet week in politics...

bosnich71 12th Mar 2014 09:02

Watched the news on channel 9 this evening and noted that the two Iranians with false passports who were on the missing Malaysian aircraft were described as "Refugees". F.F.S !

P.s. Worrals .. I think the flag issue has been raised again as the Kiwis are due to vote on changing theirs.

Pinky the pilot 12th Mar 2014 10:03

"If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart. If you are still a socialist at 40, you have no brain."?
Spoken by Winston Churchill I believe.

I see the media are running the flag issue up the flagpole again. Must be a quiet week in politics...

Yers. Worrals; Possibly the Republic has been flogged enough lately in their opinion, so a diversion is warranted.:suspect:

I think the flag issue has been raised again as the Kiwis are due to vote on changing theirs.
Good Heavens, surely not!!:eek:
What? Me cynical?:ooh: Perish the thought!:*

500N 12th Mar 2014 10:04

I believe the flag issue came up in the media because of an interview the Deputy PM did in the UK with the BBC.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 10:14

Fair enough. I didn't realise the Kiwis were going to referendum about it.

500N 12th Mar 2014 10:19

Yes, I just checked. Julie Bishop, the issue probably came up because of NZ
but she slapped it down. I notice Bill Shorten ws asked and he said no reason to change it :O

Worrals in the wilds 12th Mar 2014 10:43

He knows which side his bread is buttered on.
Hint: it's not the left hand side. ;):}

Personally I thought we did the flag debate to death in the 1980s and the consensus was that most people liked the existing version. Nor were any of the alternatives particularly appealing. Apart from the Eureka Flag (which is doing valiant service as a protest flag :cool: and isn't ready to go Establishment yet) they all have a banana republic feel to them...:uhoh:
List of proposed Australian flags - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MTOW 12th Mar 2014 20:31

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I just checked out the flag site. Not one of them stirred my soul. The obvious attempt to do a Canadian-style 'simplicity' star looked like something a bunch of five year old boys might fly from their treehouse.

7x7 13th Mar 2014 07:27

Wonder if this bloke will get a response from SHY?

Or whether her staff will ever let her see it?

I also find myself wondering what percentage of the population agree with his rather forcefully stated sentiments?

From: P*** J***
To: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 5:05 P
Subject: You and Islam

Like most normal people in the community I have trouble in establishing just what planet it is you live on!

Your strident outpouring of crap on illegal immigrants is incredibly offensive to the vast majority of Australians which is why you and your nutter mates, Milne, Bandt, Brown, Rhiannon and co, attract only 8% of the national vote, and they are the extreme looney left in our community to whom you obviously relate.

The majority of illegal immigrants come from Muslim countries from, which in case you haven't noticed, 99% of all terrorists emanate. Every Muslim country in the middle east is in total turmoil, and with notably few exceptions are poor, violent, and have not been able to govern themselves for centuries. Their vile Islamic religion with its jihad and fatwah's spew forth hatred and terror across the world, and anybody who does not follow their crazy doctrine is considered an infidel and should be executed and Allah is obviously quite OK with that yet you are in the forefront in assisting more of them to come here?

Muslim immigration into civilized western societies is a huge drain on the welfare systems of those countries, siphoning off much needed funds for our own disadvantaged people. The majority of Muslims in western countries are unemployed and unemployable, they create unrest, squalor and dependence on welfare.

In Denmark the Muslim population is around 5% yet they account for around 75% of that country's welfare payments.

Muslims refuse to recognize the elected governments of democratic countries and have allegiance only to their despicable Allah and their vile sharia law, yet they are all happy to live on the public tit in any western country they can infiltrate.

Last time I looked, the Muslim community is the only ethnic group to have its own dedicated police task force, (Sydney's middle east crime squad) to deal with the anti social criminality that is rife among all Muslim ghettos in western countries.

Witness the two Muslim maniacs that hacked a decorated soldier to death in the UK last year, I suppose you would let them out on probation to be rehabilitated.

And what about the subjugation of women who are treated as mere chattels by Muslim men with children being dragooned into forced marriages, in many instances with men they have never met, are you OK with that?

The European migrants that came here from Europe after the second world war assimilated into Australian society and made this country what it is today, and I as a 6th generation Australian of 71 and married to a Dutch woman I greatly admire those people.

You keep harping on about discrimination and on that subject we can agree with one point of difference, there is not enough of it. The regular executions and drive by shootings in Sydney's western suburbs, the drug dealing and organized crime that necessitated a special police task force, the draining our welfare system, are all due to Muslim immigrants.

And there you are with your bleeding heart all over our television screens castigating Tony Abbott for protecting Australia's sovereignty and preventing the massive drain that unemployed Muslims place on our scarce welfare resources that can certainly be used for much more deserving causes.

Get this through your dumb green skull! The vast majority of Australians do not want Muslim immigration into this country, and if a referendum on this issue were held tomorrow you and your scaly mates know damn well what the result would be.

So give us all a break and refrain from your pathetic outpouring in support of illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom are Muslim, we could give a rat's arse, and you and your nutter associates in the greens are a disgrace to this country!

P*** J****
(Brisbane address removed)
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