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SOPS 24th Feb 2014 10:47

I see now there a reports from Manus that the AS were badly insulting the locals, and it appears that the locals decided to teach them a lesson, because as one local said ' they felt slighted'.

Most of the wounded were from Iran.

All seems to add up to me.

Manus Island detention centre security staff allowed armed locals into facility, witnesses say - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 24th Feb 2014 10:53

Some lefty today was on the ABC having found out an ex Sri Lankan Army Capt was working at Manus as deputy operations manager.

And that this shouldn't be allowed as some of the AS were Tamils.

I wondered if she would say the same thing if the situation was reversed.

I wasn't surprised that the interviewer didn't ask the question either !

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 11:28

Fliegs and everyone ,thanks for the good wishes.
Swambo is in for a knee replacement and has pleased the Physios with her progress and her determination to get up and about, and get home. The fact that she spent 25 years nursing in the same hospital and is now being looked after by some of those who she terrorised in the past may have something to do with it. Well not exactly terrorised but as an ex Q.A. she does have standards that are sometimes in short supply these days.
The bloke in the room next door, who is not only about 30 years younger but also had his knee changed 2 days before the missus, is causing the staff a load of grief and is still being wheeled around in a chair. In her younger days she would have sorted him out fairly quickly even if he is from somewhere exotic.

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 11:39

500 ... I believe the Lefty was a Human Rights lawyer .... say no more.
I also listened to her prattling on about that this evening, on our ABC, and, given that the Sri Lankan has passed all police checks etc, I would think that he would have a good case for discrimination if he did indeed lose his job.
There was also a news item later about an A.S. couple who, finding out that the wife was pregnant, were considering aborting the child as conditions were so terrible on Manus. The one 'terrible' thing that they raised was having to wait for 2 hours in the queue at the cook house,( they should have done time on some of the RAF camps I served on FFS ! ), and that they thought that the conditions would be dangerous for their baby if he/she was born there. The Luvvy doing the interview failed to point out the irony of actually aborting a child just in case, if it were born,it would be in danger despite me shouting at the car radio.

500N 24th Feb 2014 11:42


I heard that interview as well. The mind boggles.

H won't lose his job, they knew who he was, it's on his LinkedN page !!!
They also said we don't comment on the race or sex etc of employees.

Either way, a lefty trying to make an issue out of nothing.

SOPS 24th Feb 2014 11:43

Has someone told them not getting pregnant in the first place would be a good idea. But then there is the theory that if they have a baby, they will get to stay in Australia.

Ken Borough 24th Feb 2014 12:03


Hope Mrs Bos' recovery goes well as a TKR (as it's known) is not a pleasant experience. :{. Good rehab is essential. :ok: The worst part is 'coming down' after dosing up on the pretty heavy pain-killers the medicos dole out. ;)

bosnich71 24th Feb 2014 19:39

Thank you, Ken.

rh200 24th Feb 2014 20:48

Well I think the government can use this to their advantage, why not every one else is.

There is a reason for not trying to do real time reporting of events that you arn't involved in. What we know from though out history is that there is always a significant amount of confusion and conflicting stories going around, for example, Jessica Lynch, Tampa and the list goes on. Disasters are a classic example.

Hence one of the reasons that you don't get involved in updates until there is calm and a good clear report on events. The leftys wanted updates on the spot, well they got one, and it was bulls!t. Thats what you get, should have waited for the next week update.

As for the services, that where held for the d!ckhead who got himself killed, pity they didn't hold services and hold the same passion about the people who die in boats trying to get here.

The moral of the story is, if you are being looked after by Papains don't piss them off, they won't do that again.

Andu 24th Feb 2014 21:36

Allow me a moment or two here with one version of events (and one that rings rather true to me, but I accept, might not to everyone).

You have a rather large group of mostly Middle Eastern males, understandably frustrated to find themselves caged (not too strong a word) for an indefinite period (unless they decide to return to where they came from) in none too pleasant conditions just short of a very desirable destination they feel they deserve to be because they've paid someone to deliver them there.

Their frustration - even anger - is deepened for a number of (again very understandable) reasons:

(1) many, in some cases, family members, who preceded them were successful in reaching the desirable destination.

(2) to make matters worse, those friends and family members are in cell phone or internet contact with them telling them how good life is in the Promised Land and how many people will fall over themselves to help them stay there if only they can make that final step and get their foot on the Promised Land's ground.

(3) to make matter really worse, the people stopping them from making that final step (in the immediate sense - i.e., the guards carrying out the orders of those responsible for stopping them reaching the Promised Land) are BLACK SAVAGES - people who, in the culture of those from the Middle East, are beneath contempt. (If that comment enrages any reader here, hold in the rage; I'm not offering an opinion with that statement, but making a statement of FACT, so live with it, petal; it's the way it is in the Middle East.) .

In some cases, those guards aren't just black, but Sri Lankan blacks (for 'black' they are, in Arab/Persian eyes). Sri Lankans, in the Middle East, are of the servant class, not worthy of anything, so to be guarded by these untermench is an added level of frustration to any right-thinking Middle Eastern male.

So, to take out some of that frustration, some of these Middle Eastern males make comments to their guards-who-are-beneath-contempt, comments designed to show them their real place in these Middle Eastern males' social pecking order. Those comments include taunts as to what the Middle Eastern males will do to the womenfolk of the guards-who-are-beneath-contempt should they ever get the chance to do so.

...and the males from the Middle East learn a rather salutary lesson: that 'contemptible blacks' when in their own back yards are a very different kettle of fish to 'blacks' who are working in the Middle East as what all too often amounts to little more than slave labourers. You threaten to harm their women, they react. They don't wait for you to actually carry out your threats. You riot within the compound and there's a risk you may break out and carry out your threats, they react.

End of story.

rh200 24th Feb 2014 22:48

Hmm the way you put that seems to make me like Manus even more. Can we advertise that back from where they come from, could be a good deterrent.

500N 24th Feb 2014 23:52


I think you are spot on.

And if you lot don't mind me saying again, IF Muslims et al ever get to pushy over here in Aus, the same thing will happen except it would be WASP's and equivalent doing the bashing.

It doesn't take much to make people feel threatened.

Andu 25th Feb 2014 00:56

500N, we're so far past that point here in Oz we've surrendered. Cronulla was one spark of resistance, and look how the ALPBC and the MSM treated that. All abuse was directed at the "Bogan red necks" (admittedly, there were some), and little, almost none, at the convoys of re-badged BMWs that flocked in to the beach side suburbs over the next few days torching cars etc.

I speak from first hand knowledge - I lived in the Shire for quite a few years some time before the so-called Cronulla riots, and I can speak from personal observation that large groups of Lebanese males had been for years abusing Anglo girls on the beach and, under the pretence of playing soccer, terrorising couples or single females ("whores", because on an Australian beach, they were wearing brief swimsuits). An Anglo male alone with his girlfriend on the beach was a favourite target for six or more of these 'sporting heroes'.

Mum and the sisters - dressed as tents - would usually be up in the grass above the beach with the brazier cooking the kebabs while the heroes were putting the Anglo whores in their place.

The riots started after two Anglo lifesavers rescued a Lebanese female from the surf and dared to touch her in doing so.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Feb 2014 01:31

The coppers should have jumped on their behaviour much earlier. I believe they didn't because of political pressure from Carr's government, and both the government and the police created a big rod for their own backs.

Cronulla was one spark of resistance, and look how the ALPBC and the MSM treated that.
And the mainstream community largely distrusted or ignored their commentary. The Lebs in Sydney kicked a massive own goal with the riot (I know someone who was there who said it was 20% riot and 80% people watching the riot :hmm:, though other witnesses may have had different views). They undid years of successful political manipulating and playing the racist card at every opportunity. The fact that we're still talking about it nearly a decade later shows that it's still fairly fresh in people's minds, particularly whenever discussion turns to the Sydney Lebanese community.

These days I think Australians are far more anti Muslim than they were prior to that event, and IMO that event was the catalyst. Notice how the ALP is staying pretty quiet about asylum seekers :suspect:? Firstly that's because the Libs have made good on their promise and done a surprisingly good job of fixing the problem, but I suspect it's also because Labor know damned well that most of their own supporters don't like Muslim immigration, even if they're neutral enough about Indians, Africans and so forth. It cost them votes at the last election and I think that's why they're letting the Greens do the yapping on this issue, safe in the knowledge that the vast majority of Greens voters preference the ALP anyway.

500N 25th Feb 2014 02:04


Well I am not dead yet.

And just to point out, it is not anti Muslim, it is anti "whatever colour or race the dick heads are" that think they can take over and run rough shod over anyone, white or whatever.

I have all sorts all around me now, not a problem but I do know we have a Lebo problem in Melbourne.

We never seemed to have a Greek, Italian, Maltese problem - partly because they were out at night clubs and screwing everyone's daughters :O

Saltie 25th Feb 2014 04:47

500N, I think you refer to Hoppers Crossing...

Not too many Lebs there in my day, but close enough to Werribee Sarf that the wife and I went to Italian classes at night school (couldn't get my head around Greek/Macedonian, which back then in Werribee would have been just as useful).

I (and very few, IMHO) never had any real problems with the Italians and Macedonians (unless you were silly enough to call the Macedonians 'Greeks'; then you found you'd stuck your neck into World War Three). Also the Christian Lebanese - (I went to school with some back in the 1950s, fer Gawd's sake) - were equally easy to get on with if lots of gold chains (on the men) and big hair (on the ladies) and thick stage makeup at 8.30 in the morning didn't bother you.

It was a Christian Lebanese friend who warned me about the big problems that would result from the influx of Muslim Lebanese in the late Seventies, predicting trouble with a capital 'T', and I have to admit, at the time, I thought he was just being parochial. Time has proven him to be 100% right, so belated apologies, Michael - you were definitely correct.

500N 25th Feb 2014 04:56

Anywhere in Melbourne, not just the west.

Springvale, Dandenong, North of Melbourne, Broady, everywhere I travelled most were OK.

Broady / Broadmeadows was one of the roughest spots I spent time in.
Doveton had its share of crime, mostly Aussies though or so it seemed.

SOPS 25th Feb 2014 06:06

I have had to have dealings with a few of them. I don't know what it is with them. They seem to have a very inflated sense of self importance and seem to think that women should just throw themselves at their feet.

Worrals in the wilds 25th Feb 2014 07:17

They seem to have a very inflated sense of self importance and seem to think that women should just throw themselves at their feet.
True, but it's not an exclusively Lebanese trait. :hmm::}

500N 25th Feb 2014 07:20

Worrals will now give a demo :O

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