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CoodaShooda 23rd Feb 2014 03:06

Well it makes a change from AbbottAbbottAbbott. :p

500N 23rd Feb 2014 04:46


You missed Alannah McTiernan and Gillard !!!

SOPS 23rd Feb 2014 06:54

Well one group we missed out on......the Greens. I see that Two Dads is frothing at the mouth over the death on Manus, demanding a shut down. What she fails to realise is that if her stupid policies were not implemented in the first place, i.e open slather borders, Manus would be empty, as it was during the Howard years.

500N 23rd Feb 2014 06:59

I heard / saw Milne on some ABC program crapping on about
some publication the Gov't distributed overseas about not
coming and what would happen.

She said they could now add murder to the list !!!

Funny how no one accused them of murder by drowning !!!

Though it is good to see the Greens getting less air time on the TV :ok:

SOPS 23rd Feb 2014 07:10

But it is ok for those shoppers who do get through to stand in the middle of Sydney with signs threatening to behead people? That cool is it Christine, can't see a problem there?:ugh::ugh::ugh:

Fliegenmong 23rd Feb 2014 07:59

The only thing about Krudd that continues to amaze me is that there continues to be a succession of people who seem not to notice what a total fraud - and utter self-centred ****** the man is. It's not as though he makes any attempt to disguise the fact, for FACT it is.

The only thing about Tabbot that continues to amaze me is that there continues to be a succession of people who seem not to notice what a total fraud - and utter self-centred ****** the man is. It's not as though he makes any attempt to disguise the fact, for FACT it is.

See how that works exactly the same? :hmm::hmm:
They are politicians after all......let us see what IR strings come attached to (if) any Gummint assistance to QF ...... as noted up in the Dunnunda thread, Tabbot and abetz will indeed make Leigh and the Leprechaun look like Mother Teresa!

500N 23rd Feb 2014 08:18


I've never said that Abbott isn't a prick, the fact that he has implemented some policies shows he is. Asylum seeker policy being one.

But hey, I like it and so do one hell of a lot of other Aussies,
take the good with the bad.

In 4 years we will know how much was bad and how much was good
but I can tell you that it is better than what we had for the last 6 years.

Fliegenmong 23rd Feb 2014 08:18

Welfare eligibility aside however, how does one then explain the high concentration of Kiwi accents (oh, and the fern leaf stickers on the back of the car is a nice touch too!) in that ghetto called the Gold Coast? Weather?

Oh Ha ha!! Don't forget for every south pacific savage (ie Kiwi and their goddam fern leaf stickers, and they are savages, having had a friend murdered by an islander, and even number one son being mugged by one on Friday night!!:*) There is an equal or greater amount of mullet coiffed VFL jumper wearing Victorian bogans hooning about in their 'chevy' badged holden commodores :rolleyes:

Still and all number one Son and I had a fantastic day today skateboarding together around 'Sufferers', weaving in and out of all the tourists that still flock here, as they did 12 months ago when the economy was apparently about to implode because the wrong side were on the opposition benches in Canberra.....:rolleyes:

Ghetto? Parts of it for sure.....show me a city that doesn't have one or more ghettos!

Fliegenmong 23rd Feb 2014 08:33

500 I never said Tabbot is a prick!...He is a God fearing Catholic and one time potential Man of the cloth!!!! ...(Also residing in an Eastern Sydney mansion of Vatican like proportions!!)

I think I like the immigration policies, but for 'operational reasons' , I'm not privvy to information to be able to assess that for what it's worth, same amount of boats may still be arriving for all I know.....what is a shame, and this is something that kim il howard started with the word 'mandate' when the next bunch of Labor inadequate do get back, betcha they use 'Operational reasons'...thanks for that Scott!

500N 23rd Feb 2014 08:37

The difference is, Labor can never contain the leaks !!!

Photos would get out !

bosnich71 23rd Feb 2014 08:38

Ethel ..I give up, tell me why I should vote labour at the next federal election. I should be fairly easy to convince seeing as how I once did vote in that direction.

Fliegenmong 23rd Feb 2014 09:00

The difference is, Labor can never contain the leaks !!!

Photos would get out !

Hmmmm....Understand that to mean that the 'MSM' don't leak when the 'correct' side are in power 500???

500N 23rd Feb 2014 09:05

OK, that as well :O :ok:

SOPS 23rd Feb 2014 12:27

In the interest of balance....we also have so called 'Christian' whack jobs amongst us who are telling our kids that masturbation and homosexual feelings are sinful.

Access Ministries under scrutiny after 'inappropriate and offensive' material given out at Victorian primary school - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 23rd Feb 2014 16:38


I read that on the weekend and was a bit disgusted.

Not for what they put out but for the underhand way some of these religious groups seem to go about things.

Captain Sand Dune 23rd Feb 2014 20:21

and even number one son being mugged by one on Friday night!!
Mate, I trust your young fella has fully recovered and that the police got the fecker that did it.
My No 1 son got thumped by a drunken tw*t a few years ago. Unfortunately for said drunken tw*t, I knew his father who when told was unimpressed to say the least. And if you saw the size of the bloke you would realize that upsetting him would be a bad idea! Resulted in a grovelling apology to No 1 son by said drunken tw*t.

And yes, every big town will have areas which are best avoided after dark. It's just that one sees another murder, bashing, drug bust etc on the Goldy on the telly nearly every day. As I type this I am watching a morning news program article about an ex-Comanchero king pin on the Goldy with tatts all over his face whining about how he can't associate with his bikie mates any more.

My first visit to the Gold Coast area was in the late 1980's, and I thought it was a wonderful place. My last visit was a few years ago, and I noticed a markedly different vibe about the place - a vibe I don't particularly care for.
I will also say I have noticed a similar change in Perth, which is why I don't go out of my way to visit Perth any more. And that's coming from a born and bred Sandgroper.
Anyhoo, each to their own.

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 03:30

Big Mango tourist attraction stolen from Bowen in north Queensland | News.com.au

Okay, who's got it? Bring it back. :eek:

CSD, I'm regularly around the Gold Coast and have been for my whole life, so maybe I've found the changes too gradual to notice. It's certainly gotten bigger and busier, and the night club precinct can be a bit ugly late at night (though I'd personally walk through it on my own before about 9pm without concern), but I think a lot of the media coverage happens because it's the Gold Coast. Brisbane also has an awful lot of muggings, bashings and drunken violence, but it never seems to be reported as often, particularly on non-local and interstate broadcasts. :hmm:

Brisbane also has its fair share of tattoo covered dropkicks, as does the Sunshine Coast but again... they never seem to be on the telly.

I think Beazley best represented what Labor means to Labor voters.
Agreed. He was also well mannered, articulate and courteous, traits that were largely absent from the previous ALP government benches. Fortunately Shorten is behaving fairly well; long may it last.

500N 24th Feb 2014 03:57

'Fortunately Shorten is behaving fairly well; long may it last."

Wouldn't you if you had the GG as a mother in law with one hand
wrapped around your goolies and not afraid to squeeze them ? :rolleyes:

Captain Sand Dune 24th Feb 2014 04:46

Wouldn't you if you had the GG as a mother in law...
Not for much longer:ok::):)

Worrals in the wilds 24th Feb 2014 04:50

I just had this terrible mental picture flash up of Cosgrove, Shorten and goolies. It wasn't good...:eek::}

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