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waren9 21st Feb 2014 17:42


Kiwis taking advantage of our open door welfare system.
yet another ill informed australian pov about what welfare kiwis are actually eligible for. aussies actually have it better in nz than vice versa


agree with everything else tho. either shes innocent and gets found so, or she gets what the indos think she deserves.

500N 21st Feb 2014 18:05

This is getting interesting ! Abbott is slowly but surely tightening the noose.

"Battle brews over release of cabinet papers to royal commission on home insulation scheme"

"The Abbott government will make cabinet documents from the former government available to the royal commission into the abandoned home insulation scheme in an unprecedented move that could provoke a legal challenge.

CoodaShooda 21st Feb 2014 20:54

Well that will set an interesting precedent.

If it goes ahead, you can expect future Cabinet meetings to be very timid and politically correct affairs. Not necessarily conducive to taking the hard decisions that good governance often demands.

And for what? Scoring cheap points against a mob of dysfunctionals who are no longer relevant to the scheme of things?

Of course, if it provides the opportunity to gaol them and cancel their parliamentary retirement benefits, BRING IT ON! :E

bosnich71 21st Feb 2014 22:09

Cooda .... the problem is that the last lot of dysfunctionals caused deaths due to their decisions. Had they done so in, for example, an industrial situation, they would be facing criminal charges.

500N 21st Feb 2014 22:29

I see the UN is up in arms again. The funny thing is, Abbott is just totally ignoring them and they hate it. They hate being ignored and they hate having no influence over the Gov't.

When is he going to kick them out of Canberra ?

"The UN's human rights office has urged Australia to reconsider its policy of shipping asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea following the deadly riot on Manus Island.

Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said on Friday that this week's violence at the island's detention centre had thrown the spotlight on a wider problem.
''We stress the obligation of Australia, PNG and Nauru to ensure that the human rights of asylum seekers are protected in accordance with international standards,'' Ms Shamdasani told reporters.
''The practice of detaining migrants and asylum seekers arriving by boat on a mandatory, prolonged and potentially indefinite basis, without individual assessment, is inherently arbitrary. Moreover, alternatives to immigration detention should always be considered."

Captain Sand Dune 21st Feb 2014 23:02

yet another ill informed australian pov about what welfare kiwis are actually eligible for. aussies actually have it better in nz than vice versa
You're probably quite right - I confess I have not made an in depth comparison of the scales of entitlement of welfare between Ozzie ans UNZuD. My previous rant was more directed at our meedja that for some unknown reason calls everyone Strayan if they've been here for five minutes.
Welfare eligibility aside however, how does one then explain the high concentration of Kiwi accents (oh, and the fern leaf stickers on the back of the car is a nice touch too!) in that ghetto called the Gold Coast? Weather?

500N 21st Feb 2014 23:04


It starts with We ;)

welfare leeches :O

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Feb 2014 00:38

Welfare eligibility aside however, how does one then explain the high concentration of Kiwi accents (oh, and the fern leaf stickers on the back of the car is a nice touch too!) in that ghetto called the Gold Coast? Weather?
Partly weather, but also cheap housing and available work. Many of them travel long distances around SE Queensland working as labourers. There are also large numbers of Kiwis and Samoans in Logan, north of the Gold Coast. This is because Brisbane is getting too expensive to live in for people on a labourer's wage.

In my experience (though other people may have different experiences) most Gold Coast / Logan Kiwis work or want to work, and the bludgers are more likely to be locals. I come across a lot of Kiwis and Samoans through my own work, and find most of them are hard-working people who want to provide for their families. If anything, their eagerness to work for crappy wages (driving everyone eles's conditions down) is a bigger problem than them wanting to bludge.

Ken Borough 22nd Feb 2014 04:40

the last lot of dysfunctionals caused deaths due to their decisions

I think you're drawing a long bow. The States are responsible for OH&S as well as electrical licensing etc. The states should have overseen what was happening with the installations. In Queensland, they quite clearly failed, and I think that the various coroners have found that way. The Feds provided the money.

500N 22nd Feb 2014 05:26

We'll, we kevin07 has found a new job !

Former prime minister and noted sinophile Kevin Rudd will lead research on US-China relations at Harvard University.
Mr Rudd has been appointed a senior fellow with Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and a visiting fellow with Harvard's Institute of Politics. He will take up the posts next week.
In a statement, the ivy-league university announced that Mr Rudd would be at the forefront of the school's major research on the "possibilities and impacts of a new strategic relationship between China and the United States".

Read more: Kevin Rudd goes to Harvard

waren9 22nd Feb 2014 06:22

how does one then explain the high concentration of Kiwi accents (oh, and the fern leaf stickers on the back of the car is a nice touch too!) in that ghetto called the Gold Coast? Weather?
further to worrals post

nz'ers are starting to overrepresent in crime stats for the very reason i pointed to before

come over on 1 way tickets
no work
not eligible for centrelink
cant get back to nz

vicious circle

bosnich71 22nd Feb 2014 06:52

Ken ...
the fact remains that even the bald headed singer had enough nous to warn Kevin of the dangers of rushing ahead with the insulation scheme.Thousands of houses but not thousands of electricians available would be the least of the problems involved. No worries though just get a few boys and girls together, after all anyone can do such a simple task can't they ?
Unfortunately Kevin, like a lot of people who inhabit the upper echelons of society,sincerely believe that all trades are done by simpletons. They think that there is nothing difficult doing any sort of job that doesn't require degree or whatever so why can't anyone go into the roof of a house and throw insulation around. That is what happened and people died.
I have had intelligent people, engineers, upper level management etc. who think, for example, that their schedule/planned time for an aircraft modification is achievable even if it means 5 trade persons working, at the same time, in a 2 man cockpit. And they don't like it being pointed out to them that their plan might be flawed .... a bit like Kevin in fact.
I'll repeat again Kevin should be called in to explain his actions at a Coroners inquest at the very least. He might just do some sort of apology to the families of the deceased as well but I don't think for one moment that he will. Rudd, Gillard, Thompson, Combet, Shorten and all the rest of the Labour gang who "ran" the country for 6 years are the reason that I and thousands like me deserted them and gave our votes to the other lot. They are not Socialist in any shape or form just a bunch of carpet baggers for want of a better term. At least with a Liberal government you know that they are going to screw you but that, I believe, is better than being screwed by a bunch of charlatans pretending to be your mate.

Andu 22nd Feb 2014 06:57

At the risk of being totally Politically Incorrect, it needs to be said that a very high proportion of the "Kiwis" in Logan are Samoans (via NZ) and Maoris. There are certainly Pakaheas in the mix, but, if only because they tend not to so noticeable, they don't seem to be as... "in your face" as the Islanders all too often are when incidents occur - which in Logan, is all too often.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Feb 2014 07:11

bosnich71, :D:D.

However, for all that I think the blame should still rest squarely with the employers who negligently sent those poor young guys to their deaths. Politically it was an incredibly dumb scheme, but that doesn't mean the government were actually responsible for the deaths; their employers were. IMO Rudd and the government should have apologised to the victims' families, but it wasn't them who shoved the guys up into roofs without the correct training.

Edit; just saw Qld Premier Newman on the news at the Redcliffe by-election circus and jeez he's an arrogant little turd :yuk:. Someone should remind him that a smart pollie never attacks animals, kids or emergency services workers, because it's the quickest way to look like a complete tool. :ugh:

7x7 22nd Feb 2014 07:12

If this was to go ahead, it would change the face of Europe overnight, probably see the end of unrestricted travel between EU nations, (the other EU nations would simply have to, or be overwhelmed within months).

Muslims Demand 'Right of Return' to Spain | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

I don't think intra-European travel restrictions could ever hope to be successful, so, within a year or even less, it would also bring the British Welfare State to a crashing, bankrupt end.

Interesting times ahead in Europe... to put it mildly.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Feb 2014 07:34

I can't see the Spanish agreeing to that even if Hell froze over. IME they're much more anti-Muslim than the French or the British.

CoodaShooda 22nd Feb 2014 07:47

Well they do have a history of taking up arms against the Muslims and forcing them out of Spain.

At what stage does history repeat?

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Feb 2014 08:18

I've only been there once (mainly Andalucia and Madrid), but during that trip their distrust and dislike of Muslim immigrants was noticeable, both via graffiti and talking to people. It was far more overt than in Britain or France. I was told by several people 'we've dealt with them before, you know...' That was in general conversation with a complete stranger from a country most of them hadn't heard of ('No, not Austria; Australia. It's a big island in the Pacific so yes, we speak English' :}). I don't think the PC concept has gained much traction in Spain, and they're extremely nationalistic.

They're genuine, down to earth people and very welcoming to non-Spanish speaking strangers, but I got the strong impression that they weren't to be messed with. Any group of people who decorate altars with pictures of dancing skeletons are probably fairly hard nosed, as their history shows. :ooh:

Interesting country; well worth visiting.

SOPS 22nd Feb 2014 08:18

I to love the fact the Tony is simply ignoring the UN. It must be driving them crazy. As I said a long time ago, why can't we just tell them, like in the Bg Brother house, it's time to go.....UN?

500N 22nd Feb 2014 08:27


Plenty of people here in aus who would also know how to deal with them if it all gets out of hand. And willing. Just mist keep mum !

Did you read my post ? I thought you had cut and paste what I said ! :O

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