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parabellum 19th May 2012 09:31

Priceless yet true. Even the ALP must, by now, be getting the message that Abbott and the coalition will simply not endorse the constant stream of failed projects and policies that issue forth continually from the present 'government'. Of course he is negative, any right minded person would be.

Saltie 20th May 2012 23:20

It's getting to be a daily service. They'll be announcing a timetable next.

Cookies must be enabled | Herald Sun

THE biggest boatload of asylum seekers this year has turned up in Australian waters as the Government warned that another tragedy could be imminent.
The 40th boat to arrive this year the 10th this month carried 175 people, including children, when it was picked up off Christmas Island yesterday.

I wonder if this (below) is the 'tragedy' they're predicting?

http://b l o g s.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/case_builds_for_rudd_and_a_dash_to_the_polls/
Rudd back at the unconnected helm. It's hard to imagine anything worse than Gillard - except Rudd.

Andu 21st May 2012 03:56

They'll be announcing a timetable next.
Not easy to do when TWO more boats arrived today.

More ssylum seeker boats intercepted | thetelegraph.com.au

AUSTRALIAN authorities intercepted two more asylum seeker boats overnight, carrying a total of 82 people.

According to Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare, HMAS Larrakia intercepted a vessel west-south-west of Christmas Island last night, carrying 44 people.

ACV Triton intercepted a second boat - carrying 38 people - north of Christmas Island early this morning.

There have now been 42 boats intercepted this year, including four since Thursday night.

The latest arrivals come after a boat carrying 175 people was intercepted north west of Christmas Island yesterday.
And for an aviation link:

Qantas axes 500 engineering jobs | thetelegraph.com.au

QANTAS has announced it will axe up to 500 jobs, as it restructures its heavy aircraft maintenance and engineering operations around the country.

The cull comes as the airline tries to adjust to changing technology and the introduction of new aircraft. The airline has said it expects to shed about 60 per cent of its heavy maintenance workforce over the next five to seven years as it likely consolidates to a single base.

The shake-up, which is the subject of strong lobbying by the Victorian and Queensland governments, is a result of a Qantas decision to keep heavy maintenance on its Qantas A380 superjumbos offshore and improvements in modern aircraft that mean they require less frequent maintenance.

The airline is also phasing out its ageing Boeing 767s and reducing its Boeing 747 fleet. It has refurbished only the nine newest 747s to A380-standard cabins.
And then we have Craig Thomson, who today in parliament has named names and is fighting for his political survival every step of the way - a 59 minute performance.

And Albanese is repeatedly gagging debate on Thomson's speech.

gobbledock 21st May 2012 12:07

Red haired freak
Thomson was pathetic today, crying like the spoiled kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
So rare for a Pollie to get 'outed' for their grubby rorting of taxpayer money, no wonder he was upset, he may actually be held accountable! Wouldn't that be a change?? And I love the emails he read out too, I am glad to see one of these parasites feeling what is like to be an Australian taxpayer and getting bent over and nailed in the khyber.. Good work.

So what has Labor achieved anyway?? Billions blown on worthless stimulus failures, a few more billion being outlayed for a couple of planes and a few more shitty subs, $800 million per year spent massaging asylum seekers landing in boats, $350 million over the next few years helping Afghanistan and $5 billion being given to the IMF to assist Greece who are partly in a hole due to decades of rorts, tax avoidance and corruption!

In return Aussie taxpayers get cuts in welfare, less financial assistance, pensioners get screwed, the disabled and their assistants get screwed and childcare users get screwed.
Yep, a real fair system. C:mad:ts

CHAIRMAN 21st May 2012 14:10

Hey Gobble, you left out the SME's (small and medium enterprises), also being right royally reamed.........haven't heard about the carbon tax exemptions for us yet..........but never mind, those big mining companies will get us all out of the sh*t.............just ask Juliar:ugh:............or maybe next month Krudd:ugh:...........or maybe Penny or Shorten:cool:......take your pick!!
The list of Labor saviours is endless.

Andu 22nd May 2012 02:04

Craig Thomson's....what would you call it? ..."speech" to Parliament seems to have left most here speechless. The pundits, even Rob Oakeshott, have not been kind to him in their comments on that speech.

It would seem to me that the logical avenue of attack for the Opposition would be Julia Gillard's love child, Fair Work Australia. Craig Thomson has told Parliament that it's rotten to the core. It's win-win for the Libs; either FWA is rotten to the core or Craig Thomson has misled Parliament.

Outside Parliament, they should also make much of Albanese, as Labor Leader of the House, gagging all debate on Thomson's accusations.

allan907 22nd May 2012 03:18

I could comment Andu but it appears that Allan907 gets automatically bounced from this thread as soon as the UK moderators wake to a new day :eek:

Worrals in the wilds 22nd May 2012 04:13

Craig Thomson's....what would you call it? ..."speech" to Parliament seems to have left most here speechless.
Yep. :ooh:

Outside Parliament, they should also make much of Albanese, as Labor Leader of the House, gagging all debate on Thomson's accusations.
He can gag the Parliament all he likes, but he can't gag the media, the internet or the general public, and they're still talking.

I wouldn't call it debate either; more of a consensus :E. Thomson can blame Abbott, Richo, his dog and the media until he's blue in the face, but nothing he said yesterday changed anyone's opinion that I know of.

The statement re CCTV was simply ludicrous (unless anyone can confirm that the NSW government does, in fact, require brothels to keep 52 416 hours (six years worth) of saved CCTV footage)? :confused:
Sky News: Thomson asks cops to review CCTV footage
As a comparison, the Qld Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation requires footage to be kept for a minimum of 28 days, or one year after an identified incident. Pubs and clubs have a lot more incidents than brothels, so I don't see why there would be a substantial difference in the requirements or much variation between states.

MattGray 22nd May 2012 05:25

Thomson was demonstrably right on the money with part of his statement to Parliament.

CRAIG Thomson turned on his accusers yesterday, using his explanation to parliament to charge Tony Abbott with unleashing a lynch mob, trashing the rule of law and claimed the Opposition Leader was not only unfit to be prime minister, he was unfit to be an MP.

Drawing inspiration from the literary classic To Kill a Mockingbird, which champions the integrity of the law, Mr Thomson accused Mr Abbott of using parliamentary mob rule to trample on an individual's legal rights.

"You have unleashed the lynch mob. And you (the media) have fanned it. And for that you all ultimately are responsible," the Labor-cum-independent MP said.

Describing the case against him as a witch hunt the member for Dobell said he was suffering a trial by public opinion.

Instead of being accorded legal rights such as a presumption of innocence, he was in a situation where a majority decision of parliament could overrule his rights.

"What you have done is not just damage to an individual or their family, you have damaged democracy," he said.

"What it shows is the Leader of the Opposition, that man, is not only is he unfit to be prime minister but in my view, he is unfit to be an MP."

Quite undeterred today the Liberals shamelessly continued to trash the majority of Question time with further salacious muckraking rather than address the broader issues of running the country.:yuk:

Buster Hyman 22nd May 2012 05:42

Yeah, those dirty rotten Liberals eh? Where on Earth did they get the idea of muckraking from? :rolleyes::ugh::ugh::ugh:

"What it shows is the Leader of the Opposition, that man, is not only is he unfit to be prime minister but in my view, he is unfit to be an MP."
Pot to kettle...pot to kettle...come in kettle...

...rather than address the broader issues of running the country.
Still time to squeeze in a quick demand for Heffernan's dismissal though, surely? :rolleyes:

Oh, the irony.

Andu 22nd May 2012 06:45

Increase in asylum seekers driving big budget blowout | thetelegraph.com.au

ASYLUM seeker numbers are dwarfing government estimates, leading to speculation of future budget blow-outs.

At a budget estimates hearing in federal parliament yesterday it was revealed the Department of Immigration will continue to base cost estimates on an average of 450 arrivals a month.

Since November, in the wake of the collapse of the Malaysian people swap deal, the government announced asylum seekers would be released on bridging visas.

An average of 724 people have arrived each month since then.

About 100 asylum seekers were expected to be released on bridging visas each month but that is expected to rise.

It was also revealed 1126 refugees had been accepted from Malaysia this financial year, mostly to fulfil Australia's end of the people swap deal. This is despite no asylum seekers sent to Malaysia.
There'll be another 3000 to follow, for the agreement was (hard as anyone except our friend Matt from Canada might find to believe) that we would take an extra 4000 even if Malaysia refused to accept any of the 800 Australia attempted to send back.

allan907 22nd May 2012 07:13

address the broader issues of running the country
I suspect that if Gillard was actually capable of doing that then Labor would not be in the amount of trouble that it actually is.

5............4..............3...............2............... ..1:eek:

Worrals in the wilds 22nd May 2012 08:23

What about the other parts, Matt?

Do you believe them?

I don't ask whether you or anyone else thinks he should be punished/censured et al, because the obvious (and correct) answer is that presumption of innocence applies. Of course it's hard to establish whether a fraud occurred in the first place when the organization concerned allegedly had NO guidelines regarding the use of its funds, but that's another can of worms. :suspect:

Aside from all that, do you believe his story, as presented to the Parliament?

MattGray 22nd May 2012 09:17

.....do you believe his story, as presented to the Parliament?
Good heavens Worrals why on earth would you consider my humble opinion of any relevance whatsoever?

FWIW Andrew Wilkie was asked the same question at a presser this afternoon and his response pretty well reflects my own.
"I won't mince my words, I think the whole Craig Thomson saga stinks, absolutely stinks," he told reporters in Canberra.

"I think a great many Australians think it stinks."

But Mr Thomson had a right to sit in parliament.

"He is innocent until proven guilty in a properly constituted court where he has a right to defend himself," Mr Wilkie said.
To which I would add that Ben Eltham on newmatilda.com squarely nails the naked political ambition of the individuals driving this grubby race to the bottom in Australian politics ....
"........... almost entirely a construction of Tony Abbott’s Opposition, which has refused to accept the legitimacy of the 2010 election from the very start.

The Opposition’s constant campaign of destabilisation, taken up willingly by many in the media, has borne rich fruit for the Coalition, at least in so far as the government’s standing in the polls are concerned. But it has also, as Thomson himself pointed out yesterday, damaged the perception of Australian democracy amongst ordinary citizens.

Ruthless pursuit of political office without regard for the consequences is the mark of Abbott’s tenure as Opposition leader. It will almost certainly result in a nastier and dirtier style of attack politics than most citizens say they want. It may also result in some uncomfortable blow-back for the Opposition, with the government reportedly preparing to launch its own grubby assault on the personal probity of a conservative parliamentarian. The 2013 federal election will probably be the nastiest and most negative in history.

Is that a good outcome for Australian democracy? No. Is it a future we will have to get used to? Sadly, the events of recent months suggest that the answer is yes."

allan907 22nd May 2012 09:31

almost entirely a construction of Tony Abbott’s Opposition
Ah, ha! It was Tony Abbott wot did it! It was Tony Abbott who snuck in and stole Thomson's phone and visited those hookers. So, that lets Thomson off the hook then.

But it has also, as Thomson himself pointed out yesterday, damaged the perception of Australian democracy amongst ordinary citizens.
The 'ordinary citizens' that I have spoken to since Thomson's appearance have certainly NOT regarded their perception of democracy damaged. In fact, to a man (and woman), they regard him sitting in Parliament and being supported by Gillard to prop up her failed administration as being a greater damage to democracy (but Gillard will find out just how much at the next election).

It will almost certainly result in a nastier and dirtier style of attack politics than most citizens say they want
It might do wonders for the Gillard team if they were to say, "No, we won't go there." But then again they're saddled with Albanese. I wonder if he was the target of schoolyard bullies? It might account for his fearlessness in the protection of Parliament.

MattGray 22nd May 2012 10:01

Immigration Department acting secretary Martin Bowles told a Senate budget estimates hearing on Tuesday that a regional arrangement, like the Malaysia solution, was the best way to combat people smuggling.

He said fewer boats carrying asylum seekers reached Australia in 2011 after the Labor government announced the Malaysia people-swap deal,
under which 800 people would have been sent to Malaysia for processing in exchange for 4000 processed refugees.

Once the plan stalled, after an adverse High Court decision and the opposition's refusal to back legislation to legitimise it, boat arrivals rose again.

"What the numbers are telling me is that it did have a deterrent effect at the time," Mr Bowles told the committee.

He also spoke of his recent visit to Indonesia, saying people smugglers there had strong networks and were attuned to policy decisions made by the government and other regional countries.

"Their network is better than Telstra," he said. ninemsn

Australians… arriving by boat since 1770


Buster Hyman 22nd May 2012 10:25

"High Court decision." Tony's fault again huh? :rolleyes:

Is anyone else buying this? The logic behind it is astounding.

Worrals in the wilds 22nd May 2012 11:01

Good heavens Worrals why on earth would you consider my humble opinion of any relevance whatsoever?
Why wouldn't I? :confused: I'm always interested in people's opinions.

Anyway, fair enough. The whole thing certainly does stink and is doing enormous damage to the integrity of the union movement.

He may have the right to sit in Parliament but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Nor is it doing anything for Gillard when the dogs were already barking about her lack of integrity. I don't agree with him that the average person sees this as an assault on democracy; I think the average person thinks he's a grub and the dodgies in the HSU should be collectively taken out back and dealt with.

One of his fellow MPs wrote a song that contained the words, 'It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees'. IMO federal Labor are living on their knees day by day, and having Thomson hanging around their neck like a whining mill stone is a big contributor.

bob johns 22nd May 2012 11:39

bob johns
Mat grey - the aboriginal gentleman in your post is not typical of the modern urban aboriginal (who are mostly of european blood as you would know if you are an Aussie expat who at least didnt scab in the olden days)The Frogs Dutch Spanish would have taken them out ,as is evident elsewhere, and if it were not for good luck, the allied war machine, and the AIF those other little Greater East Asia Co -Prosperity Sphere colonists,the Japs ,would have exterminated them all as being not fit to be slaves (before you sack me again MOD see Knights of the Bushido by Lord Russell of Liverpool, author of The Scourge of The Swastika)Would suggest , if you are not an expat Aussie on temp detachment ,you bag yrr fckn head and just let us ear wot knows best how to get the rats out of the chook yard without having to shoot any one like the lesser types tend to do ---like a good chap.

bob johns 22nd May 2012 12:07

bob johns
Who said better to live standing up than die on you re knees?I would think the other way --- to go out in a good fight is a better way than dieing a slow death as a slave or am I just an old fashioned Aussie like it used to be?

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