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Worrals in the wilds 17th Feb 2014 08:26

I'm baffled by women who embrace Islam who are not born to it
I agree entirely. :ooh:
Mind you, I've always found the idea of changing religions a bit odd, particularly within the three Abrahamic religions. Maybe that's just me.

Sometimes I think it's a 'statement' or a rebellious move, and sometimes I think it's about wanting to belong to a group, which is also a big attraction for the Hillsong style churches that are growing in popularity. Also, frequently the young woman concerned has married a Muslim bloke, which seems to be the pattern for a number of the UK's extremist females. Presumably there's quite a bit of proselytisation going on too, particularly from the more radical elements of the faith. :hmm:

Also (I don't know about Ann Arbor but certainly in Sydney/Melbourne) sometimes the fair-skinned women in scarves are Turks, Yugos, Lebanese or similar, i.e. born into Islamic cultures but not dark-skinned.

Ken, while I sympathise deeply you've probably set yourself up for a week's worth of comma and apostrophe jokes. :E:} Such is the internet...

Fliegenmong 17th Feb 2014 09:04

WITW, I was always puzzled by the howard gummint's (Spelling and Grammar incorrect on purpose for effect, the far right should take it as a compliment, as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :E)

Hillsong as a Pentacostal / evangelical megachurch (?) Why Peter Costello was so defensive of them? I'm not sure I understand that support?? :confused::hmm:

CoodaShooda 17th Feb 2014 10:25

Oi! Fliegs!

I often use that spellin' an' me pullidecal compass says I'm centre left. :=

Andu 17th Feb 2014 10:57

Mind you, I've always found the idea of changing religions a bit odd, particularly within the three Abrahamic religions. Maybe that's just me.
Worrals, all too often it's nothing deeper than a "Lookitme, I'm so special" brainfart. The ones who go really radical are the ones who feel the need to prove how different and 'special' they are.

When I worked for a Middle Eastern airline, quite some years ago now, we had a blonde haired, blue eyed Australian flight attendant who converted to Islam, changing her name to that of a dried grape. She was a right royal pain about it for two or three years (and unusually, there wasn't a local male involved, so it wasn't a case of "My Mohammed Is Different"). After three or four years, I understand she quietly dropped it. She'd be well past 40 now, and I'd be guessing she doesn't admit to her years being known as a dried grape.

7x7 17th Feb 2014 21:05

Reports that some asylum seekers seriously injured, possibly shot, in disturbances on Manus Island last night. (Oh, and Sarah TwoDads is back, studiously not answering questions put to her by Ben Fordham.)

As predicted by some here quite some time ago, they've worked out a way to get transferred to Australia. The best thing Scott Morrison could do with any detainees who took part in disturbances at Manus would be to fly them immediately to Christmas Island and put them in a life boat and send said life boat straight back to Indonesia. Fill 'em full of mogadon if necessary for the journey.

500N 17th Feb 2014 21:12

"Staff were evacuated overnight".

Don't they do any training in riot control ?

CS Gas, line abreast, batons drawn, forward march,
snatch squads behind to pick them up and throw
them in the cells.

Hose them down and give them 48 hours in the cooler
to calm down, then ship them home.

No need to accept that kind of behaviour from non residents.

Worrals in the wilds 18th Feb 2014 00:27

Apparently the AFP have raided channel 7 offices in relation to the Corby deal! :eek:
Channel Seven offices in Sydney raided by police over Schapelle Corby exclusive - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And Thomson's been found guilty of fraud, just noticed the link from the article above.
Craig Thomson fraud trial: Court hands down guilty verdict - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

TWT 18th Feb 2014 00:31

May turn out to be a bit OTT on the behalf of the AFP,but I agree with the sentiment.

Crime should not pay.

500N 18th Feb 2014 00:38

I gather a bit of a stand off between the AFP and Channel 7 over the validity of the search warrant.

Either way, it might send a message to these people that it is not on.

If they find out any money has been paid, I reckon they will go after it even if paid to the family.

chuboy 18th Feb 2014 01:24

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8324612)
No need to accept that kind of behaviour from non residents.

Funny you should say that, the latest news suggests the unrest originated with PNG locals storming the place in usual violent fashion.

500N 18th Feb 2014 01:31

You mean the rascals ;)

Andu 18th Feb 2014 01:55

Scott Morrison interviewed this morning said that no PNG police (stress 'police') entered the compound and that all the injuries, (to 77 asylum seekers) including the death, which was due to head injuries, occurred outside the compound. If he proves to be right, I think it was a case of "be careful what you wish for"... They escaped from a nice, fully insulated frying pan into a very un-insulated fire - the 'fire' provided by quite a lot of very unhappy locals.

Stand by for calls from SHY et al for compensation (to be paid by you and me) for the pain and suffering the poor unfortunates endured at the hands of the raskols.

CoodaShooda 18th Feb 2014 02:12


Their mouthpiece, Ian Rintoul, is the one who started the "camp invaded by local residents" hare running.

Everyone else, including the local pollie is saying the detainees broke out.

Once they are out of the camp, they become the responsibility of the PNG police - world renowned for their tolerant approach to handling malcontents.

Was watching News24 when the news of the Thompson conviction was flashed up on the screen. The first slide mentioned "dishonesty and fraud" but these descriptors were quickly replaced by "credit card abuse". :E

(It's not what you report. It's how you report it.)

Clare Prop 18th Feb 2014 02:18

So Thompson has finally been found guilty. Will he get done for lying to parliament as well?
Look out Julia....your turn will come. I don't think Howes has got your back any more. Time for the chickens to come home to roost.

500N 18th Feb 2014 02:23

Their mouthpiece, Ian Rintoul, is the one who started the "camp invaded by local residents" hare running.

I figured as much.

Well, sounds like they got a good kicking for leaving the 5 star hotel !!!

CoodaShooda 18th Feb 2014 03:04

ABC24 was this morning showing footage of the first night's 'riot'.

It was interesting to contrast Amnesty et al's reports of people being held in atrocious conditions and allegedly tortured with the group of rioters, who bore a striking resemblance to a group of elite squaddies having a night out.

Clare Prop 18th Feb 2014 03:04

Trouble is, there are a whole army of comfy bleeding hearts who believe every word Rin-tool says.

Why doesn't this man put his money where his mouth is and go volunteering in a refugee camp somewhere in Africa, Jordan etc and report back to his disciples from there?

Oh wait - he might get his hands dirty or maybe people there would be too busy helping the genuinely needy people to listen to his attention seeking BS stories.


500N 18th Feb 2014 03:08

"Amnesty et al's reports"

Yes, another organization that isn't adverse to doing a SHY and over embellishing a report or two to make it sound worse than it is, knowing full well the likelihood of cameras being allowed into refute it is minor.

500N 18th Feb 2014 03:46

I just noticed something again. The only way to shut up Politicians
is to have a Victoria Cross presented.

On every day that this has occurred, 4 times in the last few years.
the Pollies have been very quiet all day.

Anyway, well done to Cpl Baird, paid the ultimate price.

bosnich71 18th Feb 2014 03:55

Clare Prop ......Rintool doesn't have to go volunteering in some 'refugee camp', he can volunteer right here in Victoria where reports two days ago indicated that there were up to 20,000 ..... repeat 20,000 .... homeless people in the state with up to 1,000 sleeping rough in the streets each night of the week. plenty of scope there for a bit of 'volunteering' without leaving Oz.
500N ... ref. Nasty International, it's all about publicity and the opportunity to raise donations from those who do not think sideways.

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