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MTOW 16th Feb 2014 11:06

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Worrals, check out his clip on Sweden. Worth hearing.

SOPS 16th Feb 2014 13:09

There is trouble on the Island
Manus Island: Local doctor reports 'mass breakout' of asylum seekers from detention centre - Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Andu 16th Feb 2014 20:42

It will be interesting to compare how the people involved in last night's disturbance are treated by this Australian government compared with how the previous Australian government treated those who torched the facilities on Nauru.

500N 16th Feb 2014 20:53


How did the last Gov't handle them ? I can't remember.

This Gov't will probably get a big red pen and put a big red line through the application, then put it in an in tray to be actioned where it will sit for maybe a couple of hot and wet "wet seasons", by which time the people will be going crazy to get out (or gone troppo) and gratefully accept a flight "home".

Paralysis by analysis is a very powerful force if applied correctly :O

Clare Prop 17th Feb 2014 03:12

Surely they can go and stay at SHY's house until Julian Burnside can sort out their permanent residency?

500N 17th Feb 2014 03:19

Please, we'd end up with a whole load of little, indoctrinated SHY's running around sprouting BS that they don't understand, just like SHY :O ;)

rh200 17th Feb 2014 03:47

However, the point he doesn't make is that women have always aided women's repression.
No Worrals, women have always aided there society in trying to maintain there culture.

Thats all it is, and a percentage of a society will try and maintain it. Over time due to various reasons that changes, right or wrong.

Whether its having respect for women, not having respect for women, equal rights respect for animals, its just culture. Depending how far your prepared to go in protecting your culture will dictate if it survives or not.

Ken Borough 17th Feb 2014 04:07

Strewth! It would be so refreshing to read posts that use proper English and correct spelling. Most contributors are fine but there are some posters using English that's so tortured it's almost impossible to know what is being expressed. Why do so many have problems with written English? It's not rocket science. English is taught at school. Is ignorance bliss, or don't people care about correct English usage? :ugh::ugh::ugh:

500N 17th Feb 2014 04:13

"English is taught at school. Is ignorance bliss, or don't people
care about correct English usage?"

Taught, maybe, understood and used, not so much in a lot of them. Some kids age 4 at Kinder can't speak English as the whole household they live in speaks whatever language the parents use.

I am far from perfect but way ahead of a lot of people out there.

BenThere 17th Feb 2014 04:17


I think what you say is true, but only because of culture; the victims know no other way. And what we might see as tragic, those in their cultures see as normal.

I've yet to read a female Muslim attack on FGM or honor killings, outside of Hirsi Ali, who had to go into hiding after protesting general Muslim practices.

Why does the left shield all this?

Flying Binghi 17th Feb 2014 04:18

Interesting vid there 7x7.

Whats not to like about islam. Yer get to kill poofs and bang any girl yer want.

BenThere 17th Feb 2014 04:33

Another clear-headed treatise by Pat,

Ken Borough 17th Feb 2014 04:47


I agree that a significant number of children are not really exposed to English until they attend school. What bothers me is that the bogan class, more than any other group of people, just don't care. Those whose language is other than English make a better fist of being understood in English as their language is under-pinned by grammar. How many English-speakers whose first language is English now understand what are the various parts of speech, how to use correct punctuation etc? Pyne talks about restructuring school syllabi: a start with English would be a good move. He should forget the 'history wars'!

500N 17th Feb 2014 04:52


That's a fair call.

I wish I got everything right, it pees me off that
I am not very good on some things.

BenThere 17th Feb 2014 05:02

If you command the language, and are able to write creatively in it, you'll be able to make a living.

Worrals in the wilds 17th Feb 2014 05:08

Why does the left shield all this?
Assuming that was for me :), I'm not shielding it. All of those things are dreadful. However, some women also play a part in maintaining that culture, even if they don't perform the acts themselves. Not all of course, not even most; but some.

The widow terrorists in Russia are one example where women have gotten more active as well, along with a number of female suicide bombers in the ME.

Takan Inchovit 17th Feb 2014 05:14

Why pick on language? A lot of car drivers out there using cars but cannot drive proper, like.

BenThere 17th Feb 2014 05:23

I regard you as a clear thinker who I respect as such, Worrals.

I'm baffled by women who embrace Islam who are not born to it. I see it all the time in Ann Arbor, privileged young leftie chics fashionably wearing hi jabs, Palestinian scarves, and such. I want to confront them and say, "What can you possibly be thinking?" But I just walk on by. Karma will get them one day.

CoodaShooda 17th Feb 2014 05:47

The English language is certainly on our school curricula but the way in which it is taught and assessed is not necessarily effective in producing competent communicators.

It's becoming a common practice for universities to run courses in remedial English, not ESL, for their undergraduates.

There is a lot that is wrong with our current approach to Primary and Secondary education.

Fantome 17th Feb 2014 06:11

This is so much a given, it hardly bears repeating . .. . . . if a child from the earliest age is read to, if that child thereby becomes enchanted with story telling, and if that child , by example, comes to understand the role of books in the advancement of civilisations, then that child will treasure books throughout life.
A by product of all this is an instinctive feeling for correct grammar and an appreciation of the great works in literature. e.g. You cannot read RLS and not be swept away by his clear expression or mesmerised by his gift, that of the born story teller.

It's not rocket science. English is taught at school. Is ignorance bliss, or don't people care about correct English usage?

agree 100 per cent , Ken B, except for no criticism of cliches (and effing emicons)

ps a good proof reader is fortified by nothing less than overproof (an idle thought)

in Tasmania 'she's a rum-un' is common vernacular, very BTW

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