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500N 12th Feb 2014 09:16


To be honest, I think this has been a long time coming
and it just needed a Gov't that was prepared to bite the
bullet and not bend over, do anything to keep them as
that is what has gone on for years.

Airey Belvoir 12th Feb 2014 09:26

Amongst too many things I get mightily hacked off with the confected outrage of the left. The current one is trying to compare the outrageous lie told by our late not lamented prime minister Joolia (What slush fund? Nothing to do with me guv, honest) Dullard regarding the carbon tax with what Joe Hockey has just said. It's like comparing a nuclear explosion with the striking of a match.

In any event it would seem that the leftist press managed to get hold of a leaked Government document. Note that there is no disagreement between Hockey and Toyota. Hockey says that union demands were a factor; Toyota says that, amongst other things, union demands were a factor.

So......nothing to see here, move along.

Fliegenmong 12th Feb 2014 09:29

$275 mill moved off shore in 2 years, that was supposed to last until 2022?

Fer F&*Ks Sake :ugh::ugh:

I am forever amused by the Aussie $..for instance, petrol costs a fortune because of a high Aussie $, when the Aussie $ drops, it's blamed for the high cost of petrol...it is accepted both ways (politics), without question from the MSM....and you have to live with it either way!!!

One of the most breathtaking failures of the Libs here in QLD was the promise to reduce the cost of living, now I am not personally disappointed, as I know how the LNP lie like crazy.....but some of what has gone on under the LNP, is cringeworthy to say the very least :{

But to really disappoint, look at the alternative! :{

500N 12th Feb 2014 09:35

" But to really disappoint, look at the alternative! http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ies/boohoo.gif"


Very true.

Takan Inchovit 12th Feb 2014 09:42

Looks like democracy is rooning many a country.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Feb 2014 09:47

One of the most breathtaking failures of the Libs here in QLD was the promise to reduce the cost of living,
I take it that you've also received your rates and water notices. :{:{
What really ticked me off was on a recent driving trip, fuel was cheaper in even in tiny, regional NSW towns than it is in Brisbane. IME the price has never been so disparate between the states, so someone's making a killing.

So do we get the 275 mill back?
I reckon we should send them a bill :mad:. Or (in a variation of the Pickering plan) seize the plants, sell the assets and use the money to start some sort of local industry that can employ their soon-to-be former workers. Probably a bit socialist (which never ends well :hmm:), but I think it would be popular. :}

Oh, and ban the General Motors Spin Department's bloody newspaper ads about how Holden 'still cares about Australia' . One of them was hurled across the breakfast table with great force. :ugh:

500N 12th Feb 2014 09:50

I am enjoying not having a TV at the moment.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Feb 2014 09:52

You're not missing much.
Tonight's 9 News included a full-length 'news' story about how Kraft cheese are no longer adding ascorbic acid to their pre-sliced product. :rolleyes:

Charlie Foxtrot India 12th Feb 2014 10:19

Wow did they mention ascorbic acid is AKA Vitamin C?

500N 12th Feb 2014 10:22


What was all that about then ?

Worrals in the wilds 12th Feb 2014 10:36

Wow did they mention ascorbic acid is AKA Vitamin C?
No, they didn't. It was 'artificial' so therefore, BAD. I'd have thought that anyone buying pre-sliced 'cheese' from Kraft didn't care too much about that sort of thing, but 9 obviously thought it was worth reporting.

The headline 'news' story was a schoolyard fight that had been recorded by other kids and gone viral online. Channel 9 helped their cause along by broadcasting the whole thing twice, in between frowny, po-faced commentary from their journos about how terrible all the publicity was for the victim, which didn't really compute given that they'd just boosted the story to a few hundred thousand viewers. :confused:

The leading political 'story' was that Abbott and Shorten had turned up to Parliament wearing the same ties. I'm as interested in politics as the next person, but IMO MP tie-wearing habits doesn't really cut it as news, even if it was a boring ol' day in Cantberra. :ugh:

Basically nothing happened today in Queensland and they still had a news bulletin to fill, but I thought they could have scraped up a bit more than that. Even snowboarders would have been more interesting and newsworthy. Nine like to tout themselves as the nation's quality news station of choice, but 10's The Project (a news entertainment show) had more actual news stories than the alleged news broadcast. Orwell would have been proud. :uhoh:

david1300 12th Feb 2014 11:02

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8314485)
I am enjoying not having a TV at the moment.

On the other hand, I have been overdosing on Winter Olympics - not Ch10 but their HD channel, which has far more sport and less talking. Haven't watched the news since last Friday, and am really enjoying it. Also totaling not seeing any of this:
Schapelle Corgi

MTOW 12th Feb 2014 11:13

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Ken B and Fleigs, take a look at Larry Pickering's latest offering 'Toyota dumps on Hockey'. It's almost a carbon copy of 7x7's comments that YOU dumped on.

Airey Belvoir 12th Feb 2014 14:41

Just loved the comment in The Oz today......"when will the Opposition accept the fact that it wasn't simply bad luck that lost them the election, it was the 6 years of ineptitude"

500N 12th Feb 2014 14:50

That is very good.

I do like watching Shorten try and keep trying to set the Agenda and get a media sound bite. He hasn't quite got it down pat yet and to me still looks like a young puppy running around barking that people find annoying but take no notice of.

Ken Borough 12th Feb 2014 22:38


Thanks for telling me what's in Pickering's diatribe. I won't be reading it as he is one of the most pernicious and hateful bloggers known. Apart from that, he's too far to the uber-right for me. He makes some of the shock-jocks look like reasonably intelligent people. (Have I just used an oxymoron?)

7x7 12th Feb 2014 23:15

... so Ken, if you don't think you'll like what someone has to say, you don't read it?

Ken Borough 13th Feb 2014 00:04

No, 7x7. I've read some of Pickering's stuff, it having been sent to me. However, his reputation precedes him, and I chose not to read any more of his stuff. I've read and heard a lot of stuff with which I disagree but if it's written or spoken by someone with a modicum of decency, I will continue to read and or listen. I think, rightly or wrongly, that Pickering plumbs the depths of indecent and unfair comment. I really don't know why I'm posting this -perhaps in the hope that fewer will read his rubbish. :ok:

500N 13th Feb 2014 00:09


He may be far to uber-right for you but he provides a good counter balance to the far to uber-left that we have had to endure no end of for the last 6 years.

He does have quite a following and growing.

Anyone who has won 4 Walkely awards can't be that bad.

dubbleyew eight 13th Feb 2014 00:10

maybe we should have had a labor government.
any one coming to canberra for a handout would have thought about it twice if the knew they were just going to get pushed up against a wall and fckued over the shorty way.

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