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7x7 8th Feb 2014 00:29

To me, an interesting back story to the 26 year old who married the 12 year old that no one in the MSM seems to have latched on to yet is how his "marriage" came to the attention of the authorities.

It was because he went to Centrelink to find out what extra benefits he was entitled to now that he had a wife.

This is almost made to measure for those who believe the "gimme a handout" society has gone too far - and that the (shall I be politically correct?) "newly arrived" here seem to be very ready to avail themselves of every one of those handouts they can get their hands on to.

If this male (I can't call him a man) had not attempted to claim benefits for his child bride, who knows how long he would have stayed below the radar? (And if Pru Goward is to be believed, there are some hundreds of paedopliles (the only fitting word to describe them) using religion and 'culture' to mask their sickness who must be cursing that greedy 26 year old who we can only hope is put aboard an aeroplane on a one way ticket after he has served a long prison sentence. (But why do I feel that he'll end up staying?)

Clare Prop 8th Feb 2014 03:31

I read that SHE had gone to Centrelink to find out about getting this guy a visa ie he was an illegal immigrant.

I wonder which is true.

Either way he should be put in prison for a very very long time. But somehow I doubt that will happen. Can only conclude that people like SHY condone this sort of thing.

CoodaShooda 8th Feb 2014 03:37

I read that he tried to enrol her at their local school and that it was the school officials who rang the alarm bells.

The one constant in all three stories is that 'he' approached officialdom yet he has poor English and needed an interpreter in court.

It's difficult to believe any version spun in the mass murderer.....sorry......media.

Dark Knight 8th Feb 2014 03:52


You mean this is the future?
Some may even feel this is the present.

Airey Belvoir 8th Feb 2014 04:54

The Australian is reporting that it was the girl who was enquiring at Centrelink about the possibility of a visa for her "husband".

In any event I'm sure that it will be a quick slap on the wrist; compulsory education about the laws relating to marriage courtesy of 10 hours of "community service", and a lifetime of benefits to come. Might even be enough to take wifey for a holiday to see the folks back in gollystan.

Captain Sand Dune 8th Feb 2014 05:34

In any event I'm sure that it will be a quick slap on the wrist; compulsory education about the laws relating to marriage courtesy of 10 hours of "community service", and a lifetime of benefits to come. Might even be enough to take wifey for a holiday to see the folks back in gollystan.
Which is why these feckers risk life and limb to get here.

500N 8th Feb 2014 05:37

One day it will change and decent punishments will be handed out.

Andu 8th Feb 2014 06:53

One report this morning on 702 ABC said the parents were converts to Islam. If that's the case, I wonder what their ethnicity is? It would be really stretching most people's credulity and tolerance levels if they turned out to be Caucasian Australians.

Putting that aside for one moment, I can't see how the girl's parents weren't fully aware of the situation they'd put their daughter into. They cannot be allowed to get away with a proverbial slap on the wrist (but probably will, particularly if they are not Anglo Australian). There had to be others involved as well - the person who conducted the wedding ceremony for one.

And how did they arrive at 25 charges of sexual intercourse with a minor? Did the girl give police a blow by blow (perhaps an unfortunate turn of phrase in this case), bonk by bonk description of her life as a married woman?

Not that similar goings on don't happen in some parts of Anglo Australian society, but usually there are duelling banjos playing the 'wedding' march in such cases. Some will remember the three generations of a Kiwi family that were discovered recently in rural NSW living in absolute squalor with major "inter-generaltional" relationships and progeny within the family.

bosnich71 8th Feb 2014 06:58

500 .... don't hold your breath this is the future.
And if anyone thinks that Australia, for whatever reason, is immune from that future then I'm sorry but you need to get outside the house now and again.

500N 8th Feb 2014 06:59


Lebo student !

bosnich71 8th Feb 2014 07:01

Andu ..... ' some will remember the three generations of a Kiwi family etc. etc.'
Yes but that was not the norm ..... even for Kiwis ... but I rather suspect that in this case it may well be, Sharia Law and all that.

500N 8th Feb 2014 07:05


Yep, and at that point people will just take things into their own hands
And ignore the govt if it isn't doing what they want.

Easy to create your own enclave here in aus, we'll away from anyone.

Also, have a read.


rh200 8th Feb 2014 10:45

You want this to stop, why are the charges stopping there? Parents, Mullah, anyone around them all having the book thrown at them.

In case of the offender he might argue on being new to the country and hence culturally intimidated and not no any better. The rest though, who ever has been here a while, no mercy.

The dogooders have made it so we can't use the old social pressure trick to get them to integrate. So use the law instead.

7x7 8th Feb 2014 10:53

Meanwhile... Labor claiming victory in Griffith. With 50% of the votes counted, 53% to Labor after preferences distribution, 47% to the Libs, despite Glasson holding an approx. 1000 votes primary lead over the Labor candidate.

Glasson refusing to concede, but he accepts it doesn't look good.

Looks like the bookies were right yet again. You'd have to wonder what individuals in Griffith who voted Labor today are thinking tonight.

7x7 8th Feb 2014 10:59

The 26 year old male from Lebanon (and here, either legally or illegally depending upon the source) with the 12 year old wife is a university student.

His English is so poor he requires an interpreter.

He knows so little of Australian culture he is unaware that "marrying" a sub-teenage CHILD is totally unacceptable.

How in the hell did he get a position as a student at university?

WTF is he doing at university?

And who's paying for it?

...and how many Julian Burnside clones will flock to defend him in the courts - at public expense - and demand that we understand the poor soul's confusion and pay him benefits until his wife is an old woman?

500N 8th Feb 2014 11:06

"How in the hell did he get a position as a student at university?"

I was wondering that considering it says he got off a plane in August last year.

Agree, plenty will defend him.

Anthill 8th Feb 2014 11:18

Her parents should have known that it is against Australian law for a 12 year old to marry. Wtf is going on here? These people have no respect for the laws of our land. I hope that they are prosecuted as well. DOCS has apparently taken the child into care.

Ken Borough 8th Feb 2014 11:42

This delightfully ambiguous sentence completed the SMH story

Ms Goward said she was aware there was a large number of unlawful, unregistered marriages to under age girls in NSW particularly in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.
I would like to know what, if anything, Ms Goward and her department has done about these under-age marriages she is quoted to know about.

On the subject generally, I believe that anyone involved in these 'marriages' should also be charged with 'aiding and abetting'. Throw the book at the lot of them and if found guilty, deport them after finishing their sentences if the are not Australian citizens, including any dual nationals who may also hold Oz citizenship - we don't need people who accept and tolerate this kind of behaviour.:E

Fliegenmong 8th Feb 2014 12:13

If pilots need food stamps they have themselves to blame for accepting those working conditions.

Interesting point to make Clare, but it side steps the fact that the government of the day can (will) work in unison with big business to ensure it is not viable to employ Australians.....that is around the time they have no option but to accept those conditions Clare....sure they can walk away from the industry...get jobs as reservation clerks in a call centre or similar (move to Bangladesh?)....and leave the people up front employed in Indonesia and ferried through Darwin...It'll work for Joyce & Clifford, they'll be lauded as saviours...aided and abetted by the Liberal government.

One problem I see, is once the Liberal Party have succeeded in reducing Aust pay and conditions to those of South East Asia, how are the upper echelon going to find people able to afford the rents of their investment properties??:confused:

bosnich71 8th Feb 2014 22:20

Ken ... that's twice this week I've found myself agreeing with you, I'll have to go and have a lie down for a couple of hours. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/smile.gif

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