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Ken Borough 4th Feb 2014 23:11

Why don't we males of the species claim discrimination because women always leave the seat down? :confused: At least we blokes do the right thing and lift the seat! Well, most of us.......:}

Fool Sufferer 5th Feb 2014 06:41

This is a website devoted to professional pilots and aviation related employees is it not?

Interesting to witness the paeans of devotion continuously sprouted here towards your ultra conservative government.

Are they not complicit in the destruction and devastation of the terms and conditions of employment in your particular industry, amongst many others? Has this not been evidenced in previous incarnations of governments of their persuasion?

"Not all conservatives are stupid, but most stupid people are conservative".

7x7 5th Feb 2014 06:55

No, Fool Sufferer, it was a Labor Government under the Prime Ministership of (the Australian MSM would have you believe) "one of Australia's greatest Prime Ministers", one Robert James Lee Hawke, that, firmly in the pocket of the owner of the major private airline of the time, actively oversaw and orchestrated the most serious (and totally successful) attack on the working conditions and career paths of Australian airline pilots.

But of course, being so obviously far more intelligent than anyone so stupid to have conservative political leanings, you'd have known that already. (There might be a job for you at the ALPBC with an attitude like that if you're on the lookout for one.)

Some would be tempted to opine that you're about as out of touch with reality as your supposed location is from Australia.

Captain Sand Dune 5th Feb 2014 06:55

They're baaack!

Fool Sufferer 5th Feb 2014 07:06

Well I guess things would have worked out so much better had the conservatives been in power at that time.

Fool Sufferer 5th Feb 2014 07:16

If my opining that governments of a conservative bent tend to oversee, facilitate and encourage the reduction in the terms and conditions of employment of the majority of society, makes me out of touch with reality, then so be it.

Perhaps others are in need of a reality check.

bosnich71 5th Feb 2014 07:53

On dual citizenship the Australian Immigration Dept. states .... "prior to April 2002 Australian citizens who become citizens of another country lost their Australian citizenship.
Now however .... people can become dual citizens automatically or after being granted citizenship of another country.
In my own case when I migrated to Australia in 1974 there was no real incentive to take out citizenship. The British could vote, join the Armed forces and apply for jobs with the Australian Government. Advertisements for the RAAF etc. actually stated "Australian Citizens and British Subjects" or something similar
I worked on projects with the RAAF which I believe were secret and at no time was security cleared that I was aware of. About 1981/2 the rules changed,probably when the Australian government of the time got wound up by Britain's entry into the Common Market. From that point onwards the same rules applied to British citizens as they did to other non Australian citizens. I was informed that because of the secrecy provisions etc. of the work I was involved with I must take out Aussie citizenship or risk being laid off ..... a no brainer and no worries. I was also subjected to security clearances on future projects.
One RAAF person, a British citizen, that I had contact with was caught up by this ruling. He had signed up under the old rules, had served for a number of years including service in Vietnam and when the rules changed was in Malaysia. Before repatriation to mainland Australia he had to take out Australian citizenship a requirement that was not in force when he signed on.
No worries about any of this from either him or myself but it does show how mixed up it all became at the time of change.

bosnich71 5th Feb 2014 08:00

Ovation .... it is being reported that the Aus Aid programme, Political Parties for Democratic Progress has been cancelled.
No doubt there will now be a few more squeaks from F.S.

500N 5th Feb 2014 08:01


By 84 when I joined up I had 6 months to get naturalised
Or I had to leave the mil.

It was good for me as it meant I had no waiting period.

Ken Borough 5th Feb 2014 08:04

people can become dual citizens automatically or after being granted citizenship of another country

If this information is right, it's wrong! One can be either fish or fowl but not both. I think if an Orstralian takes the citizenship of another country to which he or she pledges loyalty, how in hell can he or she be also loyal to Australia? Adoption of another citizenship should result in automatic revocation of the subject's former citizenship. No ifs. No buts. No maybes.

Captain Sand Dune 5th Feb 2014 08:18

Couldn't agree more......with Ken!! Whoda thunk it!;)

Andu 5th Feb 2014 08:19

The Irish hand out citizenship to almost anyone who might have had some ancestor who once lived in the Emerald Isle, so quite a few people take out Irish citizenship as an entree to the EU countries.

Having said that, I'm firmly in the "scrap dual citizenship" camp. I know that would bother quite a few British passport holders who are also Australian citizens, but, to paraphrase Sarah Hanson-Young, "**** happens."

Ken Borough 5th Feb 2014 08:39

"**** happens."
Didn't our beloved Prime Minister immortalise and copyright those words when he was Leader of Her Maj's Opposition? :eek:

Fliegenmong 5th Feb 2014 09:37

Fliegs, your postings are becoming more desperate and frequent with each passing day. Not worth engaging in any discussion or debate, but seeing as you are so worked up over the issue and I haven't followed it word-for-word, can you please quote a single lie by Hockey or Abbot on the SPC issue.

Davo, my old China....the thread is called "War in Australia (any Oz Politics)", not "This is a Liberal Party Love in", I believe Ken filled you in on the lies, and by the way...don't attack me 1300, play the ball! :ok:

Although I don't use it myself, I am led to believe there exists a function called the 'ignore' button. Perhaps you could activate this function to 'Ignore' me and 2-3 others that have the gall to point out the odd unpalatable fact from time to time.

You will have noticed that a good deal of my posts have been less than complimentary to the previous government as well, or perhaps you never made it that far....

If indeed you have made it this far Davo, Coodas post of #10797 is worth some consideration.....as is often the case with Coodas posts, well thought out and articulated.....but it does serve to remind one that this government is still somewhat....Umm...Ahhh.... 'Amatuer'......which is really a little surprising given more than a few of the Liberal Party professional trough dwellers hark back to the howard years :rolleyes:

As a complete aside...and indeed if you are still with me David1300....and this is in no way meant to be threatening, accusatory or to be taken in any way as a threat or accusation or assumption of anything derogatory of you whatsoever (hope that covers all grounds for not being banned :\) .........

....BUT, Your post #10790, as quoted above, purely peaks my curiosity and nothing more........It's tone, It's timbre, (if I could hear it?) it's dismissiveness...strangely suggests to me you reside in a higher than usual security residence / complex / community?? :hmm::hmm:....:bored:

bosnich71 5th Feb 2014 09:56

Ken the information was lifted from the Australian Immigration Dept. web site.

" adoption of another citizenship should result in automatic revocation of the subject's former citizenship" .... Crikey, Ken, do you realise what you've just said ?
So my youngest Son, born in U.K. came to Oz. as a 4 year old, who took out Australian citizenship as soon as he was old enough, which then gave him automatic dual citizenship,(whether he wanted it or not), then joined the Australian Army and served for a number of years should, according to some, be viewed with suspicion. I'll have to tell him but I doubt that he will be amused.
As for myself, as I hold dual citizenship I suppose that, because I don't wish to forsake my British citizenship, I'm not loyal to Australia either. Good job I've retired and not subject to all those checks that were carried out into my background etc. by the Squirrels.
One thing is for certain, if any Australian government adopted this "automatic" revocation thingummy it would open the biggest can of worms ever.

500N 5th Feb 2014 10:00

I haven't got a UK passport but I will eventually get one, mainly for ease
of returning to the UK and traveling around Europe.
And I am in the same boat as Bosnich.

bosnich71 5th Feb 2014 10:01

Andu ... " I know that would bother quite a few British passport holders"..

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that it is only the British who fall into the dual citizenship category. They may be in the majority but that's probably because there are more of them here than others. But then the Oz governments did ask us to turn up after all.
Probably the main reason that persons, such as myself, hold two passports is that it is easier to travel on a British one due to visa restrictions on the Australian version. I travel out of and into Australia on an Aussie passport and into and out of Europe on a British one.
If you are an Australian citizen you cannot travel out of and into Australia on a foreign passport as Immigration will not issue you a visa to re-enter..... and the Oz government makes a bit of dosh as well of course.
Perhaps the Australian government should busy itself in relaxing visa restrictions which they place on friendly countries and then there would be reciprocal arrangements put into place by those countries. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...inksbuddie.gif

Fliegenmong 5th Feb 2014 10:05

Fool sufferer...

If my opining that governments of a conservative bent tend to oversee, facilitate and encourage the reduction in the terms and conditions of employment of the majority of society, makes me out of touch with reality, then so be it.

:=:= ...not on this thread please...though they are starting to wake up to it up in the Oz / Godzone threads.....

Bossy 71.,To be fair you really should address your post to Ken & Andu...:hmm:

Ken Borough 5th Feb 2014 10:05


It would be one helluva can 'o worms! I can see that automatic revocation would create problems for some people. In your case, what in reality would loss of UK citizenship mean? Would it really make you less English? How would you have gotten on had you have emigrated to the Land of the Free rather than Oz as I suspect that it does not allow dual citizenship?

bosnich71 5th Feb 2014 10:20

Ken that's why I didn't go to the U.S .... maybe ?

Quite a few Australian G.I. Brides who had to give up their Australian citizenship in order to marry Americans and move to America found that years later, in their old age, that they were refused entry back into Australia after the death or whatever of their American husbands

Fliegs .. addressing my post to Ken and Andu ..I thought that I had.

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