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MTOW 31st Jan 2014 18:37

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
I can't agree, Fleigs. The Labor True Believers, (much like Coalition True Believers,) would still vote Labor (and Coalition) if Tony Abbott was reincarnated as Ben Chifley and the event was covered in excruciating detail on the ALPBC.

The whole multi billion dollar exercise of politics is conducted - by both sides - in an attempt to change the minds of maybe 5% of the population who are not True Believers of each extreme of politics.

Dark Knight 31st Jan 2014 22:28

Tuned into the APAC channel last evening (not really sure why??) and watched The Senate hearing grilling the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, Lieutenant General Campbell plus the two Departmental heads.

Sarah Hanson Two Dads really had to struggle to make a complete dill of herself let alone be able to ask a question of any relevance as did Senator Ludwig whilst Scott Morrison gave Senator Carr such a pasting to the extent the Senator walked out.

Many times Scott Morrison made the point the problem was all caused/created by the Labor/Green party and their tactics now are to see the failure of a fix.

Lieutenant General Campbell was superb scoring many tactical points plus admirably defending his troops and tactics whilst the two Departmental Heads restored my faith in the Public Service; with guys like this in charge we are in great shape. Absolutely wiped the floor with SHY using Ludwig and Carr as mops.

Needless to say the morning media both the biased Murdoch press (sic) and Fairfax press struggle to report the true story picking up the only area Scott Morrison did struggle with, whether he read some of the documentation. Whether he did or not is rather irrelevant as he would have been fully briefed by his department. departmental heads and watching those two in action there is little doubt they would have ensured the Minister was fully and comprehensibly briefed.

Highly entertaining, great comedy with the message loud and clear to the committee; we are taking you nowhere and when we get you there, we are going to tell you Nuffin!

rh200 31st Jan 2014 22:46

SHY might be a bit distracted with the great evil occurring over here and the protests planned for today.:p

500N 31st Jan 2014 22:53


Saw some of that.

SOPS 1st Feb 2014 04:43

I'm sorry I missed that. Glad to hear SHY continues on her path to total irrelivence.

dat581 1st Feb 2014 04:58

Love how SHY thinks Sea Patrol was a documentary instead of fiction! Is it time to introduce iq tests for people running for parliament?

SOPS 1st Feb 2014 05:40

dat, I'm really hoping you are making that up! But I'm very worried you're not.

Andu 1st Feb 2014 08:08

'fraid not, SOPS. She really seemed to think that 'Coast Watch' was a documentary showing real Navy people protecting our borders.

She belaboured the point repeatedly with a succession of 'piercing, incisive' questions that she seemed to think were incredibly cleverly painting General Campbell into a corner he could never escape. Campbell shot her down conclusively with his answers - conclusive to everyone but her.

It really is embarrassing to have the woman in any elected position, let alone the upper house of our parliament. It's also aggravating (for me at least) to think that she will be on an incredibly generous commonwealth pension for the rest of her sorry life - a pension not available to anyone but parliamentarians.

(She must have gone all warm and fuzzy when she saw there was a "real live sailor" in the "real life documentary" called "Two Dads".)

SOPS 1st Feb 2014 08:12

And no one is taking her to task on this. Like suggesting she have a long lie down, for a few years, and retire from parliment? It shows just how deluded the women really is.:ugh:

7x7 1st Feb 2014 08:54

I didn't see the senate inquiry myself, but saw this in another forum.

Surely to whatever God you worship, Senator Hyphenated Heifer should have had someone on her staff to tell her "This guy is a Lieutenant General in the A.D.F. and this is how you address him." When she kept calling him "Lieutenant".....

500N 1st Feb 2014 09:08

Senator Hyphenated Heifer

That is such a good name:ok:

I am surprised he didnt correct her. He is perfectly entitled to.
Or Morrison should have done it and provided 'top cover'.

7x7 1st Feb 2014 09:23

I think it was 'Sea Patrol', not 'Coast Watch', that she thought was a documentary.

SOPS 1st Feb 2014 10:10

The women lives in ga ga land.

500N 1st Feb 2014 12:46

Judging by this report, I think the ABC might have got the message
with that "shot across the bows" by the PM.

I somehow think that it might be "too late", the horse has bolted and that now the ABC "put itself" in the PM's sights he'll make the most of the opportunity.

"The ABC has reacted to sustained criticism of its asylum seeker coverage with an edict to staff that they should not ''embellish'' or add ''any flourish'' to claims of mistreatment by Australian border protection forces. Head of ABC news content Gaven Morris sent the directive to the organisation's top brass on Friday morning after a week of constant pressure on the national broadcaster, including an extraordinary attack by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who suggested the ABC was being unpatriotic in its reports of asylum seekers' allegations against Australian defence and border protection personnel.
On Wednesday, Mr Abbott argued journalists should give the navy the ''benefit of the doubt'' when it came to claims of wrongdoing, and said: ''A lot of people feel at the moment that the ABC instinctively takes everyone's side but Australia's.''
In an email obtained by Fairfax Media, Mr Morris instructed senior staff, including director of news Kate Torney and ABC News 24 editor Tony Hill, to provide advice to their teams about reporting on ''incidents at sea''.
Mr Morris said staff should ensure that the reports ''stick to the basics''.
''As you know, we currently have a set of claims by asylum seekers our editorial teams are continuing to work hard to get an accurate account of and to verify,'' he wrote.
''During this process all our output should reflect the basic facts before us we don't need to interpret them beyond what we know, nor should be [sic] editorialising or seeking to add adjectives or any flourish.
''We're not seeking to describe or embellish the allegations with descriptions like torture or mistreatment or violence and we're not reporting whether we have proved or disproved anything the media has previously reported - the allegations and responses stand for themselves.''
Mr Morris told Fairfax Media: ''The note was to senior editors on my team reinforcing the ABC's enduring editorial approach.
''Amid the continuing varying reports of what may or may not have happened at sea and the responses to it, it was intended as a reminder that ABC news should continue to do as we always do and report the facts before us.''
The ABC has also come under sustained pressure from News Corporation publications over its reporting on the allegations by asylum seekers that they were mistreated by Australian navy officers.
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has described as ''a pretty poor effort'' the ABC's reports that asylum seekers suffered burns because of treatment by the navy, calling the claims ''unfounded, unsubstantiated, outrageous allegations against our navy and our Customs and Border Protection Service''.
Two weeks ago, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell said ''inside-military and customs services assessment processes'' had been followed to investigate the claims, but admitted no asylum seekers had been spoken to as part of the internal investigation.
Mr Morris sent his directive less than 24 hours after the government announced it would conduct an ''efficiency study'' into the ABC's operations. That study, announced on Thursday by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, will focus on the day-to-day operational and financial running of the ABC and SBS.

SOPS 1st Feb 2014 13:35

Oh, now the penny drops. Unless I stop reporting completely unfounded left leaning, b$$l s$$t stories, I might lose my $30000 taxpayer funded salary. I thought I could sit in my Sydney high rise apartment, view the harbour bridge, earn huge money, sip a latte, but preach my lefty ideals with no one noticing.

Game over people. Times are changing.

Note to ALPBC. Labor is no longer in government. How much this makes your eyeballs bleed, this is the fact. Welcome to the new world.

500N 1st Feb 2014 20:39

How a General should deal with media questions.

From an article about General Cosgrove and him being a champion for the little guy.

"That same night his dinner companions gained a glimpse of Cosgrove the no-nonsense military commander when, after a few wines, a media colleague questioned why he had not allowed bomb camera images from RAAF fighter jets operating over Baghdad to be released to the Australian public. His bottom line was, "Because I said so, that's why!". His blunt response didn't necessarily satisfy the well oiled reporters, but it did put an end to the conversation."


No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

500N 1st Feb 2014 20:45


The fact that someone in the ABC had to send a note around to people to not "embellish" or add "any flourish" to me says that someone in that organisation believes the reports were "a bit overdone" and they do need to tone it down.

You are always going to get them leaning one way or the other but I doubt a manager would need to send a note if nothing occurred, unless they are totally weak as managers / leaders.

Plus of course, as you say, they are suddenly worried the money might be turned off.

The screaming later this year if it does is going to be horrendous.

Andu 1st Feb 2014 21:55

Given their recent (and let's face, not so recent) performance, the ALPBC now going 'neutral' in their reporting could be likened to a child who has murdered both parents pleading for clemency from the court because he's an orphan.

In my opinion, they're beyond salvation, their Left Wing bias so ingrained it can only be cut out by massive corporate surgery - like a complete change of ownership and senior management willing to cut and cull without remorse right down to the level of office boy.

500N 1st Feb 2014 22:01

I think the figures re bias in my link above says a lot.

For a start, the only reason 70% of 18 - 34 year olds believe the ABC is neutral is because they don't listen to it !!!! "Young Australians aged 18-34 were overwhelmingly inclined to believe the ABC was politically neutral (70.3 per cent), while that figure fell among older voters to 51 per cent.

"Overall, 32.2 per cent believed the ABC was biased towards the ALP, while just 8.2 per cent said it was biased towards the Coalition.

They will never be neutral and I think even the right accept that, it's just that it has gone too far left, way too far.

Dark Knight 2nd Feb 2014 00:23

Clever Girl!

The Departmental Head; this guy is good :ok:

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