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bosnich71 30th Jan 2014 05:11

Ken ..... you went to a College ? That explains it all. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...cons/icon7.gif

500N 30th Jan 2014 05:15


No worries :ok:

You don't like the right wing think tank, we don't like the left wing think tank mouthpiece.

The only difference is one is private and one public and the way it is
looking is the rug is going to be pulled from under yours.

You debate all you like (by yourself) while we push for the current Gov't to go harder and further in the direction they are going so by the time you lot get back in all your temples have been removed.

Ken Borough 30th Jan 2014 05:39


For my sins, I did! I just couldn't spell skool! :}

Ken Borough 30th Jan 2014 05:53

Just who is influencing the PM, or has he really taken leave of whatever sense he had? This is from the SMH, while there is a more critical piece on The Conversation: Reviving Wind Turbine Syndrome is just what you'd expect from a PM without a Science Minister

Abbott government will go ahead with new wind farm study on health

The federal government will press ahead with "an independent program" to study the health effects of wind farms even though a survey of global research on the issue by a leading Australian medical body is yet to be made public.

The National Health and Medical Research Council began its review of so-called ''wind-turbine syndrome'' in September 2012 and the results are expected to be released in ''coming months''. Prime Minister Tony Abbott told commercial radio this month that research should be refreshed "from time to time" to consider whether there were "new facts that impact on old judgments". "It is some years since the NHMRC last looked at this issue - why not do it again?" Mr Abbott said. A "rapid review" of the evidence by the council in 2010 found "renewable energy generation is associated with few adverse health effects''.

The Victorian government will contribute $100,000 to the extra wind farm health study by the council or other designated body.

Simon Chapman, a professor of public health at Sydney University, said Mr Abbott appeared to be swayed by a tiny group of anti-wind farm campaigners, such as the Waubra Foundation. "We all need to be concerned about whether he's being influenced by little more than a cult."

Sarah Laurie, chief executive of the Waubra Foundation, supports the extra study.

Andu 30th Jan 2014 06:10

Kern, you say:

It has agenda that scares the socks of thinking, fair-minded decent Australians.
You have just illustrated exactly what I was trying to get across in my last post. What you call "thinking, fair-minded decent Australians"... some would say that that is exactly what the ALPBC staffers we love to hate here consider themselves to be - and the rest of us - (by extending your logic very, very simply) - who not agree with your enlightened perceptions, are clearly NOT "thinking, fair-minded decent Australians", but instead, are Redneck bogan neanderthals who do not possess the nous or the brainpower to understand what those who are left wing and enlightened just... well... do.

500N 30th Jan 2014 06:20


You picked a topic that IMHO, shows the hypocrisy of the Greens.

They will hold up projects left right and centre that "damage the environment"
from it's pristine state but no problems bulldozing roads across grasslands
to install turbines on the tops of hills. Roads that then lead to erosion that
wasn't previously occurring. And of course ruin the viewscape !
I drive past a few on the way to Horsham, ruined the hill and the land.

And then the Gov't has to subsidise it.

Ken Borough 30th Jan 2014 06:27


I probably didn't phrase what I posted all that well. Putting it more bluntly, or delicately, one needs to always dig a bit deeper and perhaps read between the lines.

I've just posted a piece on an enquiry into the impact on health of wind farms. I recall a rally in Canberra last year about them. This piece from Crikey at the time is illuminating and serves my point perfectly

Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

Friday, 14 June 2013

by Andrew Crook


A leaked email has revealed the deep involvement of the wife of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s business tsar, Maurice Newman, and a blue-chip corporate consulting firm in a “Convoy of No Confidence”-aping anti-wind farm rally set down for Parliament House on Tuesday.

The email, obtained by Crikey, was sent by Jeanette Newman last month to Linda Pahl, the wife of Sydney-based Bluegrass Consulting’s Rodd Pahl. The email was headed “THE NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE”, and in it Jeanette Newman, who likens her struggle to that of US whistleblower Erin Brockovich, issued a rousing call to arms:

“It is imperative that as many people as possible attend. A poor attendance will be taken by politicians and the wind industry that we are conceding defeat. Whilst not true, that will be the perception and it will be shamelessly used against us to undermine our credibility.”

Both the Pahls and the Newmans own property in the vicinity of proposed wind farms near the rural NSW squattocracy centres of Crookwell and Collector.

A separate email chain, also obtained by Crikey, shows the Pahls’ involvement in a “Friends of Collector” group set up to fight wind developments near their estate.

Bluegrass Consulting “lobbies governments through targeted, high level contact and grassroots campaigns”. Rodd Pahl was previously managing director of public affairs for the local arm of global firm Burson-Marsteller. That outfit’s storied history includes crisis management for Union Carbide after the Bhopal disaster.

Yesterday, The Guardian Australia reported that Maurice Newman, who will head the Coalition’s Business Advisory Council in the event of a Coalition victory on September 14, vowed he would agitate to scrap the bipartisan Renewable Energy Target (RET), which mandates 20% of renewable energy by 2020. Newman is a former chairman of the ABC and the Australian Securities Exchange. He is a climate change sceptic and is a long-time supporter of anti-wind farm campaigns. In April, Newman hosted a meeting of anti-wind farm group the Crookwell District Landscape Guardians, where he warned the Coalition might not bend to his demands.

An anonymous website, Stop These Things.com, registered to a Texan web domain rental operation, has recently cropped up to plug the rally, which will likely be attended by anti-abortion Senator John Madigan, climate change sceptic and soon-to-be-former Senator Ron Boswell, soon-to-be-former Liberal MP Alby Schultz, Liberal Senator Chris Back and Hughes MP Craig Kelly, who told federal Parliament in 2011 that drinking chardonnay was one answer to global warming. Shock jock Alan Jones will serve as master of ceremonies.

The involvement of well-heeled upper crusters in the wind farm debate is widespread. Well-placed sources have confirmed the family of BRW Rich Lister and Flight Centre co-founder Bill James has been involved in a fight over a proposed wind farm on the Bass Strait cheese hub of King Island.

James, alongside fellow founders Graham Turner and Geoff Harris, reaped $620 million from their stake in the listed quasi-monopolist after its stock price soared to over $30 in the eight months to February. According to BRW, James is worth $405 million.

Last month, Crikey revealed that blue-chip Sydney PR firm Wells Haslem — whose directors had previously assisted the Exclusive Brethren, James Hardie, Scientology and Lord Christopher Monckton — had been paid tens of thousands of dollars by the No Tas Wind Farm Group. Last Friday, the ABC reported James, who is not commenting publicly on the issue, had helped fund the expensive advice.

I know little about wind farms except that there a lot in Europe while the Mojave Range in California has '000s of them. It seems to me that the NIMBYs in Oz are opposed to them. Their opposition has nought to do with possible erosion and so on - they care about the value of their property. There isn't much you can do about the visual impact of the farms but there's a lot that can be done to control erosion. From what I can glean, the health impact is a matter of it 'being all in the mind.'

7x7 30th Jan 2014 06:34

Ok, so I know Larry Pickering has just re-jigged an email that's been doing the rounds for some years now, but it makes it no less entertaining.

Dear Ms Sarah Hanson-Young, - The Pickering Post

I have to give Sarah HansonhyphenYoung one thing: before she came on scene, I never once got as remotely passionate about overweight airhead chicks as I do every time she comes on screen. She brings out a passion in me I didn't know I still possessed - but I hasten to say it's not a passion I've ever displayed to any woman I've ever met in the flesh. Nor wish to.

Airey Belvoir 30th Jan 2014 06:49

Just who is influencing the PM, or has he really taken leave of whatever sense he had?
I suppose the fact that those living near or influenced by wind farms who have been saying for ages that they cause health problems is of no consequence and that no politician should take any notice of them.

Neither should research, which is beginning to find that low-resonance sound waves can be injurious to health, be countenanced.

And let’s just put to one side the economic imbalance that these towers to greeny incompetence represent

So, Ken, in your book - amongst “thinking, fair-minded Australians” we should all ignore genuine concerns and emerging research because it all seems to be the fault of property prices and blame it on a Prime Minister who has “taken leave of his senses”.

I would really hate to have such a thinking, fair-minded Australian such as yourself running this country. I suspect that we could be in more dwang than even Krudd and Dullard managed to achieve.

SOPS 30th Jan 2014 06:56

Yep, just like my lefty, tree hugging sister. You are only out of your mind, if you disagree with her and the rest of her sandal wearing mates. Wind turbines are the perfect answer to everything, and please let us have no discussion that there could be anything wrong with them. For that matter, let us have no discussion about any of our lefty, tree hugging ideals. We know what is best, and we won't be swayed!

parabellum 30th Jan 2014 06:56

Wind farms are the least productive and most expensive, (to date), form of alternative power. Maintenance costs are extremely high and that is after the extremely high capital cost of manufacturing and installing the hardware.
They will never pay for themselves and the piddling little amount of electricity they return to the grid is laughable.

Not my words Ken, my BIL has spent almost all his working life in scientific research and engineering projects and considers very carefully anything he says.

Maybe Ken, just maybe Tony Abbott has your best interests at heart and is trying to save more of your tax dollars being wasted on fanciful projects launched by the ALP government without proper R & D or adequate funding?

Ken Borough 30th Jan 2014 07:19


I declared that I know next to nought about wind farms but I am open to discussion. Instead of TA hanging his hat on a purported health issue, it would have been more appropriate to enquire into all aspects of wind farm technology. He doesn't need what could be a flimsy excuse being pedalled by snake-oil salesmen.

SOPS 30th Jan 2014 07:39

It's started already. On my Person Book page, a post has just popped up...share this page to stop Tony Abbott destroying the ABC....it originates of course from the Labor Party.

500N 30th Jan 2014 08:16


A few mates and I are sending pm.s to pol lies in vocal support of TA.

Your arguments are a bit weak as well.

I am sure if one was proposed in your BY you would object.

The greens object to a mobile tower but ok 12 wind turbines
In the same location. :ugh:

You also don't like very vocal people with opposing views.
Well, I learnt from the lefties, greens :O

Ken Borough 30th Jan 2014 08:56


I don't object in any way to those whose views are opposite to mine which are nether left nor right, right or wrong. I do however object to extreme views and any course of action that is driven by ideology rather than logic and reason. That said, and this will surprise you and others, I've never voted in favour of the left, the ALP, Greens, Democrats, or any other party that's left of centre. It makes life hard at election time as there isn't any other party to support but the Libs. Socialism is not the answer but neither is the philosophy if the neo-cons. I think it's a tragedy that Abbott is taking the Libs further and further to the right - it must be putting one M Turnbull and some of the small 'l' Liberals in a most difficult position.

bosnich71 30th Jan 2014 09:24

Ken ......... "skool", good one !
My remark about college was tongue in cheek but I do have a theory about those who are blessed with enough of the grey matter to attend University/ College etc.
When I was at Cambridge back in the 60's, about the time that Prince Charles was in attendance ...... I hasten to add that he was at University while I was working and getting my hands dirty earning a living .... my wife and I did spend a lot of time in pubs/clubs/cinemas etc. in Cambridge and so observed the undergrads at play. I formed the theory that all these clever blokes, and blokesses would have been mortified to be thought of as a bit 'slow' and not up to the standard of their peers as it were. Because of this they tended to agree with the majority, not stand out from the crowd etc.
Unfortunately some have carried this on into later life and have remained on the Left side of politics as they were in those far off days of CND, Tariq Ali and all that marching and demonstrating ...... meanwhile those such as myself were busy loading 'Cans of Instant Sunshine' onto various V. Bombers and having a jolly time about it.
Of course most of the graduates of those days have reached pension age but I do think that they have left a legacy of like minded persons to carry on their work. Meanwhile some of the really true Socialists, as I once was, have realised that the present Labour Party in Australia is a load of b****x and have therefore decided to give the other side a go.
Please don't take this to be a criticism of yourself, Ken, but rather an explanation. Keep on contributing I'm sure that everyone on here would agree with that if not with you.

SOPS 30th Jan 2014 09:27

Well, all I can say is this. We spent so many years going to the left of the left, and pandering to every crazy whim that Sarah Two Dads and the rest of her watermelon friends came up with, including throwing the doors open to thousands of illegal country shoppers, I'm happy to give going to the right of right a try for a change.:ok:

Fliegenmong 30th Jan 2014 10:08

You have included 16 images in your message. You are limited to using 15 images so please go back and correct the problem and then continue again.

Images include use of smilies, the BB code [img] tag and HTML <img> tags. The use of these is all subject to them being enabled by the administrator.

?? HUH ?? Hang on....

500N 30th Jan 2014 10:09

"I do however object to extreme views and any course of action that is driven by ideology rather than logic and reason."

I have in the most part been very non political, voted at times for
both sides of the line.

I have become more right wing, and vocal as the left has become more vocal,
and dare I say it successful at restricting things I like to do or prefer to do.
At some point you say enough is enough and start pushing back. Luckily
TA got in and will hopefully put Australia on a good course are 6 years
of BS and stuff ups.

I have very good reason and logic for my views, either because of
education, training, or not wanting restrictions placed on me, not just
based on "ideology".

Fliegenmong 30th Jan 2014 10:13

Evening All, have not dropped in for a while.....I know what is being said, simply by seeing who the last poster was... anyway, a shameless cut and paste, below, of a few posts from the 'Alan's not Happy' thread..

Slow learner?, or just beholden to big business??

Anyone else see a tragically unfolding repeat of history here? Kevvy never beat Kim il howard....lil howy lost all by himself.....but for the grace of the loony greens did red witch hold on..but deals with the loony greens are acceptable when done by coalition gummints in order to 'make numbers :{...Bu Bu BUt what wasn't that what red witch did?:rolleyes: in a case of history repeating again, the reformed Catholic would be Priest TA is setting himself up to lose to .....Bill Shorten!! :{

Oh for the love of God, please save this country from two parties that differ only on IR....:ugh::hmm:

Anyway, below I offer the sentiment gleaned from the Alan's not happy thread.....

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