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Ethel the Aardvark 27th Jan 2014 23:34

"Well said that man"
Stop the boats asylum seeker policy 'morally corrupt and indefensible', former Navy officer says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
At last a high ranking officer you can respect.
I presume the ex catering corps will want him hung drawn and quartered!

Airey Belvoir 27th Jan 2014 23:41

I presume that the words "ex catering corps" refers to those on here who are ex-military and is designed to inflame and provoke?

I guess that's all that's left in your armoury eh Effel?

500N 27th Jan 2014 23:41


That is just one view out of 22+ million of which more than half of those able to vote voted an elected Government in on that policy.

It's called Democracy, your lot had 6 years, fcked it up superbly at the same
time as killing heaps of them by drowning.

So, do we drown some of them or turn the boats back before they get to
a stage where life is in peril ?

Your choice, I don't mind or care either way.

BTW, The Navy, Army and Air Force does what the Gov't of he day tells it to do, be it turn back boats, open fire on and assault North Korean Drug boats or whatever, you do not get a say in what you do, if you don't like it, eff off out of the Defense Force and join the do gooder brigade.

500N 28th Jan 2014 00:00

Ethel the Aardvark (or should I call you "Aye Aye Captain, they drowned on our watch" ;))

Why not send an email to the PM's office, saying you think his policy is 'morally corrupt and indefensible' and that even those he was democratically elected, you would prefer going back to how Rudd and Gillard had it and just accept the thousand or so drownings as "collecteral damage" from this policy and you readily accept the blood on your hands of these deaths.

If you want, I'll send it to him on your behalf ?

Are you happy with that ?

Just so you can have another bat to beat him over the head with,
why not suggest a competition to see if he can beat Labor total
number of deaths in 6 years ?

At the moment I think it is Liberals 0, Labor 1100 +
would you like it to read Liberals 1100 +, Labor 1100 ?

Sure you would !

What did I hear you say, Women and Children first ?
Of course the women and children drown first, they aren't as strong
as the men, you know, the men who make holes in boats so they sink.
But little bubsy, floating face down and lifeless in the sea doesn't worry
you, does it ?

I don't expect an answer as I know lefties don't like confronting the unpalatable truth or debating it with others as it puts them in an uncomfortable position of possibly having to admit they are / were wrong and caused the needless deaths of men, woman and oh, god forbid, children :rolleyes:. Shock horror, I thought Labor and the left were all about protecting children ????????

Dark Knight 28th Jan 2014 00:26

"Well said that man" :ok::ok::ok:

Airey Belvoir 28th Jan 2014 00:34

This thread has had its ups and downs over the years since Krudd came to power and it became apparent that the whole shebang was starting to fall apart. Thankfully, the permanent closures because of numpties like Red T Bar et al were curtailed because of some enlightened moderation by CFI.

Then along comes Effel. Same modus operandi. Provoke, incite and stir. Nothing to do with intelligent adult discussion on politics. One could almost believe it was a reincarnation.

500N 28th Jan 2014 00:35

Hey, Captain "they drowned on my watch" Ethel,

Have a read of this, a couple of superb quotes from two dads.

Even Sarah Hanson-Young accepts the deaths, now that is not very compassionate is it ?????

The absolute moral perversion of the Australian left is again dramatically apparent. Our leftists are actually more upset that lives are being saved by Tony Abbott’s government than they ever were by the deaths of asylum seekers under the previous Labor government.

This remarkable state of affairs is personified by Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who memorably burst into tears two years ago over the plight of a woman who sold her jewellery to finance a people smuggler.

In 2011, after an asylum seeker vessel sank with the loss of 200 lives, Hanson-Young was asked if the Greens accepted any responsibility for the deaths. “Of course not,” the Senator dismissively replied. “Tragedies happen, accidents happen.”

So much for actual deaths, then. These days the compassionate Green is much more agitated by the possibility of deaths at sea under the Abbott government. Reacting to news earlier this month that an asylum seeker boat had been turned back by the Australian Navy, Senator Accidents-Happen told ABC radio: “We’ve got a situation where a boat has been towed back by Australian officers. The boat has run aground. These people could have drowned.”
Could have, but didn’t. Last week Hanson-Young was at it again following immigration minister Scott Morrison’s apology to Indonesia after Australian Navy ships entered Indonesian waters. This accidents-happen moment infuriated the Senator almost as much as that story about the girl who flogged her bling for a boat ride: “The minister is begging for forgiveness while carrying on with a policy that was always going to lead to this type of disaster."

So we have "Sarah Hanson-Young" burst into tears because a lady sold her Jewellery to finance the trip but doesn't show any or much compassion when they drown, just accepting it as an accident :ugh::ugh::ugh:

You guys (the left) seriously need to stop playing politics with peoples lives.

Not even "the right" are that bad !

Again, I don't expect a response because you are all gutless wonders.

500N 28th Jan 2014 00:38


I have no problem with "robust" debate, from either side, (within the rules) but a fair few won't debate.

And I very much doubt that "Captain "they drowned on my watch" Ethel"
will take the stand.

Andu 28th Jan 2014 01:14

Here are a few opinions from people on the Left which might surprise others of the Left.


(as usual, remove the underscore from the first word)

British social democrats now realise its dangerous truth - that too many immigrants from cultures too different can erode not just the concept of citizenship, but the sense of mutual obligation that underpins the welfare state:

Australians do not tear themselves limb from limb, but graciously accede to an election loss and know that, in losing, rights to treatment under the law will be preserved. The same is not true in those nations, or bits of them, from which refugees flee.

Paul Collier’s fine study, Exodus: Immigration and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century, proves that the immigration from poor countries to rich is on the rise. The numbers of those who want to take the protections of the liberal nation state, but potentially forsake its disciplines, are also on the rise.

Collier’s thesis is that, left ungoverned, as has occurred in Europe, migration will accelerate and become excessive…

He asks “suppose that international migration would become sufficiently common as to dissolve the meaning of national identity”.

He makes plain what is obvious to almost all Australians, that a national identity and a clear set of rules that all citizens obey are the price of liberty. More powerfully, he argues, “nations are important and legitimate moral units” ... [and] are the only way to provide public goods such as pensions and security…

Permanently rising cultural diversity runs the risk of undermining mutual regard.

bosnich71 28th Jan 2014 01:17

Andu .... " every Australian regardless of colour and creed, " etc.

Didn't an Ipswich chip shop owner come out with something like that and end up in jail ?

500N 28th Jan 2014 01:18

General Cosgrove announced as the new GG.


Another feather in his cap.

Dark Knight 28th Jan 2014 01:23

Bosnich; Did you ever read her speech and see what she actually said or just quote from the version often reported via the media?

Fubaar 28th Jan 2014 01:48

I read the fish shop owner's full maiden speech and, in context, nothing she said was all that controversial. However, with selective quoting and less than honest editing of her words, a bit like Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech, everyone "knows" that she made a succession of rabidly racist remarks.

The Liberals, with Tony Abbott at their fore, were as much to blame for this widely held misconception as the usual suspects in matters such as this - the Left.

Charlie Foxtrot India 28th Jan 2014 01:49

Ethel has a very different style to the multiple personality disorder sufferer who would put in quotes and then spit a line of venom, another quote, more venom, never a debate. Always the same and not welcome back.

Ethel doesn't get personal towards other posters so he/she can have her say like everyone else :)

500N 28th Jan 2014 01:50


That is a fair summary. Including the bit about TA !

Clare Prop 28th Jan 2014 02:02

I reckon the worst thing about the retired navy man's article was the "hyperbowl" in the headline.
I think his regional solution makes a lot of sense, after all it is what used to happen in the early days. Seems daft to lock all those fit young men up in camps when they could be building stuff and learning English.

As for what Andu was saying, Noel Pearson and others have been saying the same about the sit-down money for years, but of course the left in their paternalistic way know better. It seems to me they would far rather keep our (I don't know what to call them!!) as museum pieces, totally dependant on the gummint and the grog than actually listen to people like Pearson and Bess Price.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Jan 2014 02:15

I guess if the toque fits.
I have made my opinion numerous times that the military should not be used against women and children, simply not cricket. it is not what I would expect from military leaders to let his Navy be used as a political pawn. Spud peelers yes.
I don't think retired Captain Ingram got his OAM for being a leftie.

bosnich71 28th Jan 2014 02:15

Dark Knight .... just asking a rhetorical question.
Likely most of us get drawn along with the narrative that the MSM wants us all to follow, probably because most are too busy to read anything other than the headline and the first paragraph. However in the Hanson case I think that Fubaar is fairly close to the truth.

Ken Borough 28th Jan 2014 02:34

500N wrote

That is just one view out of 22+ million of which more than half of those able to vote voted an elected Government in on that policy
Well, there are statistics and statistics. In the House of Reps, there were 12.9 million votes cast of which a touch over 800k were invalid. Of the valid votes cast, 6.9m were in favour of the Coalition while 6m favoured the ALP.

I really don't know what 500N actually means but it seems to me that he/she needs to either check his facts OR write with more clarity! :=

He also wrote

Again, I don't expect a response because you are all gutless wonders.
Well, to whom does he refer? This 'challenge' is so typical of those with a weak debating point: resort to the ad hominem attack. That's smart. Real :mad: smart.

500N 28th Jan 2014 02:36

It's not "his Navy", it is the Gov'ts and you do what the Gov't tells you.
If you don't, you move on or you get moved on.

So, since you don't think the Navy should be "used against women and children", would you suggest the Navy withdraw and just let the ships founder in the seas ?

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