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500N 26th Jan 2014 11:50


I look forward to your replies.

In the mean time, I have to go and get some Aboriginal stuff ready
for a kinder teacher so that she has some good photos of Aborigials
in the environment which will go together with the paintings and
baskets my friend in the NT made and painted for her at my request
so she had true, authentically hand made items for the kids "show and tell".

Just helping to spread the right word about Aboriginal culture to
city kids in Melbourne who are unlikely to learn about it otherwise.

The above is the type of things us "racists" do for free in our spare time :rolleyes:

Charlie Foxtrot India 26th Jan 2014 12:19

Cool down guys. not taking sides at all. But sick of all the bs that always seems to rear its ugly head on Australia day.

500N 26th Jan 2014 12:28

I'm cool :ok:

I wouldn't say this discussion is heated in any way, just robust,
have seen far worse on here and other forums.

I just object to being called a racist by someone who doesn't know me
and probably has SFA to do with Aboriginal people.

I would hope that I am allowed to defend myself and put my side
of the discussion, even if I do tend to be robust about it or are we
no longer aloud free speech about Oz politics and related subjects ?

Clare Prop 26th Jan 2014 12:38

I find the endless vilification of "bogans" very tiring and divisive too, and this ridiculous over sensitivity over what people are called. I don't like being called a pom very much but I'm not going to get all uppity about it.

One thing you can do, when someone is up there in the rarified atmosphere of their moral high ground and won't stop talking down to you, is ask them what voluntary work they do in the community?

I also ask people with their strong opinions about what we should "do" about the "Aboriginal issues" how much time they have spent living in in a town where the sit-down money has taken a terrible toll.

Sometimes it's easier just to take the righteous wind out of people's sails than to go round and round in circles.

500N 26th Jan 2014 12:43



Re "where the sit-down money has taken a terrible toll."

Diabetes, aka Toyota disease or as you put it so well, "sit down" !!!

500N 26th Jan 2014 13:40

OK, I owe an apology, I will cease to use the word "Abo" and instead
use the term "black" and "white" when referring to :-
• Indigenous Australian peoples OR
• Aboriginal peoples

If it is good enough for the Prime Minister in the prescence of Adam Goodes,
then it is good enough for me :ok:

"We have to be comfortable with it as a nation: black and white Australians, old and new Australians, Australians from everywhere have to be comfortable with it and they've got to appreciate that this will be, and should be, a unifying moment,'' Mr Abbott told reporters at Australia Day celebrations in Canberra.

Airey Belvoir 26th Jan 2014 15:09

Post 10550

It is racial villification (and against the law) to knock racial minorities in a discriminatory way. The same applies to any minority.

Bloody ripper! But from a fellow traveller of the left persuasion slightly earlier on this thread ....

Post 10413

So a typical Brit/Pom/English resort to violence and thuggery then..

Hang on .... a bit slow thinking. I missed the point that it's OK for the left to be hypocritical.

MTOW 26th Jan 2014 20:00

War in Australia (any Oz Politics)
Walking through Sinney CBD yesterday afternoon after a very pleasant (and well oiled) day, looking at the many and VERY varied faces around me, of damn near every ethnicity there is, I couldn't help but comment that we really have become a very cosmopolitan nation. And, in that environment at least, everyone gets on together, with nary a ripple. I noticed only two Aboriginal people all day. One was just one of the crowd, fitting in as happily as everyone else and part of a happy group who all happened to be pink. The other, unfortunately, was a very worse for wear homeless guy begging in Town Hall Station. Not that there weren't pink skinned beggars in a similar state there as we'll.

500N 26th Jan 2014 20:18

"I couldn't help but comment that we really have become a very cosmopolitan nation."

I thought Aus was a very cosmopolitan nation 30 years ago and with
the odd cultural exception, has just become even more so in the last
10 years. We seem to have, at least in Melbourne, more Somalians,
Sudanese, Indians, Middle Eastern (Iraq et al) around, all who seem
to happily co exist :ok:

Although it was quite funny the other day, my Filipino mother next door
has told her kids not to play with the Indian kids next door to here because
she didn't like them !!! Then she apologised to me :rolleyes:

Ethel the Aardvark 26th Jan 2014 21:24

Ground rules excepted,
Future use of the words aboriginal or black fella may be used when knocking indigenous Australians.

500N 26th Jan 2014 21:45

Like Ken and others, I don't think they know what they are saying,
just take offense at everything "they" deem to be offensive !

Captain Sand Dune 26th Jan 2014 21:47

Hang on .... a bit slow thinking. I missed the point that it's OK for the left to be hypocritical.
Oh do keep up AR!;)

I guess when a political party loses relevance hypocrisy is to be expected as they grasp for straws.

Not to mention a poor grasp of English grammar.

Dark Knight 27th Jan 2014 00:27

Aboriginal people do not need recognition in the Constitution, the very notion is as racist as it is divisive, it creates a them and us that is not necessary.

Dividing Australians by race is not just fundamentally wrong, but socially dangerous. This crusade will not “reconcile” but permanently divide.

Those of us opposed to dividing Australians on the basis of their “race” are vehemently against this “crusade”: we will oppose this and those proposing, pedalling it, vigorously.

Our forefathers believed the constitution was for all Australians not for a special group to be selected to be inserted.

Our flag and constitution serves all Australians

We are either a Nation divided of many divisive citizens or One Nation for All: Every Australian regardless of colour or creed shall have the same opportunities, the same freedoms, live under the same law and enjoy the same protections.

Captain Sand Dune 27th Jan 2014 00:52

Well said that man.:ok:

Fliegenmong 27th Jan 2014 01:24

One Nation for All: Every Australian regardless of colour or creed shall have the same opportunities, the same freedoms, live under the same law and enjoy the same protections. :ok:

Clare Prop 27th Jan 2014 05:42

The use of the word "crusade" is very unfortunate!!

500N 27th Jan 2014 05:57

Just like the use of the word invasion !

500N 27th Jan 2014 20:45

I see two dads has popped her head up to get a headline,
with some perfect quotes for the 30 second news grab.

I'm not going to quote her, it is too laughable.

Christmas Island detainees vulnerable: Senator Hanson-Young

Andu 27th Jan 2014 22:44

I can't help but feel that the greatest gift "white" or "invader" Australia (take your pick) could give to the indigenous Australians aka Aborigines would be an immediate withdrawal of any benefit, be it monetary or advantage, that comes to them because of the colour of their skin.

Every Australian, no matter what his or her racial or ethnic background (was that a tautology?) should be treated EXACTLY the same and receive no more nor less than any other Australian.

...and how I'd love to see Sarah Hanson-Howmanydads (and the huge, 99% white-run Aboriginal welfare 'industry') respond to that proposal.

500N 27th Jan 2014 22:55


I think a fair few of them actually get in terms of welfare payments
the same as "white" people.

Where additional money is spent is on the huge cost of building houses
et al out in the middle of nowhere, that either get trashed fairly quickly
or they don't use them, preferring to sleep outside under the car port.

I remember delivery some meat on the way past an outstation back
to Maningrida, I think 3 or maybe 4 houses plus a school house
(which was no longer used). Oh, and 20 years ago, a coin operated
phone box (see below) !!!

The old man "elder" had a beautiful house, manicured lawn, banana trees,
fly screens, well kept all round and he lived in it. The other families lived
outside the house in the car port, a small fire going.

Each house often costs a million $ each.

The other spend is on free phone calls to anywhere in Aus from Telstra installed,
Governement paid for Solar powered Satellite phones in every community
(I don't pay for phone calls up there, I just use it), vocational
stuff, free health care, free hospital etc.

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