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500N 22nd Jan 2014 09:51

"Lack of discipline/self control?? Did the Army teach you some later on?"


Airey Belvoir 22nd Jan 2014 09:54

Yep. The 'burns' certainly looked like friction blisters.

And just ignore Fliegs - it's obviously a deliberate attempt to wind certain people up. I suspect that CFI is hovering with her 'delete thread' button because some can't, or won't, behave.

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 09:58

Yeah 500 you did, in your prof. opion, and medical background you beleived the blisters to be from using oars........you may well be right...I offer no expertise in human wounds....

Surprised though to hear that other media outlets have carried the story? Thought only ABC did! From what I heard on the radio, Scott Morrison has attacked Aunty for reporting this?!

So then it is reasonable to expect Scott Morrison to attack the MSM for doing the same as well?

I won't hold my breath on that!

I would certainly like to think that our Navy is sufficiently far removed from the barbarism that would be more closely aligned to Sharia punishments....no doubt they are, and the ABC has run with a story of country shoppers with blistered hands from rowing!

Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 10:01

Airey, play the ball....not the Man! :ok:

Edited to say.....

A fair point though is it not?......With TAs face plastered all over Glassons election material last September....KRudd still beat him!....So what of the lack of association with the present LNP/Coalition leaders?

You wanted to come back to an Oz political thread, and the federal seat of Grifith is up for By-election, and I make an observation that is really rather remarkable, given it is reported in the MSM!

500N 22nd Jan 2014 10:15


Every media outlet had it. It is front page on all the Fairfax newspapers
and was on at least two 6pm type news bulletins (I don't watch the ABC).

"and medical background"
Apart from mil basic medical training, I don't have any other.

But I have spent many years canoeing and then in the mil used Klepper
collapsible canoes (very heavy) and Zodiacs inflatables and paddled those
for some distances so you tended to get blisters, hence they look to be like
rowing blisters, not burns.

I've also been burnt on my hands, arm and face so know what burn blisters
look like as well.

I agree with Morrison giving everyone a serve. I also liked his response
in saying that he has specifically said that on his orders NO inquiry will be
carried out !!! That will make the Greens / Human Rights Watch get all hot
and bothered which is good to see.

500N 22nd Jan 2014 10:22

I see TA is going after the sacred cow, Aboriginals.

I think to an extent the cushy hand out days might be coming to an end
with performance and standards being imposed before money gets
handed out.

"A HUGE shake-up of Aboriginal affairs is under way, with the Abbott government planning to collapse 26 programs worth $2.39 billion a year into five or six broad areas and the rigid application and reporting process abandoned to cut red tape and allow more of a focus on jobs."

Huge shake-up of Aboriginal programs ahead | NT News

SOPS 22nd Jan 2014 10:41

I vote for self inflicted and/or rowing burns. These people are getting desperate now, the door is closing fast!

Flying Binghi 22nd Jan 2014 11:04

via 500N:
I see TA is going after the sacred cow, Aboriginals...
No, He's not.


Fliegenmong 22nd Jan 2014 11:11

Unaware every media outlet had it 500, just heard that Morrison had blasted the ABC specifically....from the ABC....I hate ads, you see....so I don't watch watch commercial TV or listen to commercial radio...it is one long mindnumbing infomercial :{....for the most part masquearading as news....:ugh:

I agree with you on the going after the Abos 500 :ok: I assume I am allowed to use the word Abo here, because you have in the past and got away with it, and that is a good thing to be done and dusted with the PC Bull$hit!

I am offended when I fill out a Commonwealth of Australia Gummint form and it asks me if I am an Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander...so what if I am or not!?!?! If I'm not, then you are racially discriminating against me!!

Still I thought TA used to seek 'Consent'

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Of course it's different when you are in opposition....

SOPS 22nd Jan 2014 14:26

Ok, now I am really cross. (I could use stronger words) for some reason, because I want to beat myself up, just listened to this mornings AM on line.

I had the joy of hearing some yank lefty huggy boy, telling me how Australia is not looking after boat persons.

Take note, Yank Boy, it's not your country, we don't want your advice, and take note ALPBC, I hope we can get you shut down in the near future.

Clare Prop 22nd Jan 2014 14:37

So this person wants sanctions now. I'm sure he won't mind if it affects his comfy lifestyle.

It's time for UN sanctions on Australia. Our government deserves nothing less | Antony Loewenstein | Comment is free | theguardian.com

SOPS 22nd Jan 2014 14:43

Is there any chance this guy can be put in prison?

500N 22nd Jan 2014 15:13

Fine, we can just leave the Convention on Refugees, tear it up,
kick out the UN and others and deny them access to Aus.

I used to listen to AM (and PM) all the time but don't anymore as has changed.

I don't have a TV at the moment - until I get a new aerial and set up my new
flat thingy :O I don't watch much TV anyway now for the same reasons,
GF and I watch DVD's.

Re Abo, it's just because I am too lazy to type Aboriginal. I should use
"blacks" or TO's (Traditonal owners) but I don't like either word.
They are worse than us when it comes to "racism", they clearly define
people as black, half caste / mixed, white or whitey - yes, even to my face.
I have great respect for a lot of them and the complete opposite for others
who just feed off the system and always will, not that it is totally them to
blame as we set it up like that.

500N 22nd Jan 2014 15:15

Flying Binghi

What do you mean "No, He's not." ?

Care to expand ?

Takan Inchovit 22nd Jan 2014 19:13

I vote for self inflicted
Agree 100%, the accusers are desperate. Perhaps the Indons are persecuting them (well it would make a good story anyway for the ALPBC to persue).

Airey Belvoir 22nd Jan 2014 23:15

Perhaps some comment from the true believers that have expounded at length on here why Labor's NBN plan was the best that we could possibly get.

The "fastest ever" broadband speeds have been achieved in a test in London, raising hopes of more efficient data transfer via existing infrastructure.

Alcatel-Lucent and BT said speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were achieved during their joint test - enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second.

The test was conducted on a 410km (255-mile) link between the BT Tower in central London and Ipswich.

"BT and Alcatel-Lucent are making more from what they've got," explained Oliver Johnson, chief executive of broadband analyst firm Point Topic.

"It allows them to increase their capacity without having to spend much more money."

BBC News - 'Fastest ever' broadband passes speed test

As many of us have said, there are better ways of doing things than the 'back of a fag packet' scheme that Conroy and Rudd came up with.

500N 22nd Jan 2014 23:16

Another news article on General Cosgrove being made GG on Monday.

Will be interesting if they are correct.

rh200 22nd Jan 2014 23:37

I vote for self inflicted and/or rowing burns. These people are getting desperate now, the door is closing fast!
Actually I see their now reporting the navy personal provided assistance, as they burnt their hands trying to disable the engine in the boat. This makes sense, as that is their traditional MO.

Though in true lefty form, they are technically correct when they say they where forced to put their hands on hot engine parts. Another words if the navy never would have shown up, they would never have happened to need to disable their boat:p.

rh200 22nd Jan 2014 23:40

As many of us have said, there are better ways of doing things than the 'back of a fag packet' scheme that Conroy and Rudd came up with.
This is the point, its the back bone that need help. I only use my phone for internet now, at that gives me heaps of bandwith. As long as not every one is doing the same thing from the same cell tower.

If I could even get a reliable sustained bandwidth at half or what my copper connection could handle from the exchange, I would be a happy man, and go back to it.

Pinky the pilot 22nd Jan 2014 23:53

Actually I see they're now reporting the navy personal provided assistance, as they burnt their hands trying to disable the engine in the boat. This makes sense, as that is their traditional MO.
Noted the above reading the paper this morning but also note that the ALPBC have not mentioned this in either radio or TV news. That doesn't really surprise me either.:rolleyes:

What does surprise me is that we have not (yet) seen or heard Sarah two-dads usual diatribe.:ooh:

Could it possibly be that there may now be some in the media who have come to the opinion that SHY has passed her 'use-by date?':hmm:

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