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Worrals in the wilds 3rd Jan 2014 09:21

...now if that ain't lefty socialistic views then my name is not Malcolm Turnbull.
Malcolm's the right wing equivalent of Richo; a loyal party member, but the True Believers are never quite sure what side he's on. :E:} Quoting either can be fraught with danger...:uhoh::}

The commercial networks were also full of record temperature reports, probably because there hasn't been a lot of real news :zzz:. First week of (non-ratings period) January, TV News 101; Jeez it's hot :ouch:, People crashed their cars :(, the Sales Are On and some dudes are playing cricket :bored:. Birdsville supply their stock footage of locals frying eggs on the footpath(in fairness there's not a lot else to do in Birdsville during summer), Myer/HN provide some advertorial of people buying new tellys and the whole broadcast gets wrapped up by minimum staff with minimum effort.

Sometimes I wonder if they pre-record the whole week's worth of 'news' early in November and just sub in the cricket highlights where appropriate :suspect:.

When the pollies get back from holidays we'll be spared token views from the token state/federal Acting Junior Minister for Stuff on crime, hospital waits, road accidents and excessive drinking, and get back to some real stories.

Fliegenmong 3rd Jan 2014 09:24

Nup, tax the ar$e out of all those that struggle the most now!, afford massive tax benefits to those who do not wonder from where their next meal comes from....that'll fix it

Andu 3rd Jan 2014 20:19

Re the lack of asylum seekers this week: I think much of the reason the boats have slowed over the last week can be attributed to the dreadful weather the region has been 'enjoying' of late. That was quite a substantial cyclone that crossed the Kimberly coast around Christmas Day. Even the most committed (or 'persecuted' if you'd prefer) would delay his or her departure for the Promised Land in those conditions.

Ken, I'm not about those blinkers...


Moving a couple of thousand miles south for a moment...

I for one am looking forward (perhaps not quite the right phrase) to the breathless interviews with the "survivors" of the travails on the ice when they eventually get back. (And maybe even moreso to the outraged calls to 2GB as Ray Hadley's True Believers react to those interviews.)

As we wait for them to return, I wonder who will be the more frustrated? The "survivors" suffering the delay in recounting their tales of struggle and despair to a boggle-eyed Australian MSM, or the Australian MSM, waiting boggle-eyed to hear their tales of struggle and despair? (Somehow, a scratchy Skype connection doesn't quite seem to cut it for either party.)

I wonder how many of the survivors will have the first draft of their book finished by the time they get back to Hobart?

One thing is certain. I'll bet the crew of the Aurora Australis will be glad to see the end of them after "enjoying" their company all the way to Casey and back.

parabellum 3rd Jan 2014 21:19

Here you go Ken,


A crime that undermines the offender's government.

Disloyalty by virtue of subversive behaviour

An act of deliberate betrayal.


Marked by betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidious.

Not to be relied on; not dependable or trustworthy.

Ken Borough 3rd Jan 2014 22:34

People here can throw up all the definitions they like to fit their PoV but......

Has any credible politician of any stripe accused the ABC of treason? Has any legal action been initiated against the ABC or its employees for treason or other subversive acts? Has any jurist suggested treason?

I believe the answer to all of these Qs is a resounding 'no'. The only people baying for blood are those of the far right who see nothing wrong with unfettered spying on non-citizens and citizens alike as well as those pushing the Murdoch agenda for "ABC reform".

Aren't there better things to discuss such as TA's mooted overhaul of our medical and education systems?

alisoncc 3rd Jan 2014 23:23

Aren't there better things to discuss such as TA's mooted overhaul of our medical and education systems?

Same for sticking his head in the sand re: climate change. It is happening.

rh200 3rd Jan 2014 23:40

People here can throw up all the definitions they like to fit their PoV but......
A technical definition is not dependent on a POV. Whilst the more right may e a bit emotive using the word in regards the the ABC, it really depends on why they did what they did.

If it was to effect a particular out come against the government, then it is. That would be hard to prove without evidence. Bit like all those on the left throwing around accusations against Bush Howard etc etc, and every other issue they have where they think there is a secret agenda.

Airey Belvoir 4th Jan 2014 00:32

Am I the only one who finds the "leader" of the climate change Antarctic expedition a bit scary?

He reminds me very much of those cult religious leaders who hold sycophantic starry-eyed acolytes in the palm of their hands. He has charisma, of that there is no doubt. He must have in order to charm $1.4 mill out of even a free-spending government like the last lot and to convince the present Government that they ought to send a boat to "rescue" them from their boring fine wine nautical dining experience.

Every time I saw one of his overly enthusiastic breathless "reports" from the Russkie ship where he hogged the camera I felt I was going to throw up.

It is happening.
On a global scale, Alison, exactly how?

Takan Inchovit 4th Jan 2014 00:53

... and what exactly is the cause?

Takan Inchovit 4th Jan 2014 00:54

.... and what exactly is the fix?

Pinky the pilot 4th Jan 2014 02:30

and what exactly is the fix?
Some might say that 'the fix' is already in!;):uhoh:

parabellum 4th Jan 2014 07:03

Ken - No need to prosecute the ABC, why waste time and money? The ABC are all public employees and can be dealt with by the government of the day in their own time, do you really think that the ABC is not up for some serious re-organisation when TA is ready?


Marked by betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidious.

Not to be relied on; not dependable or trustworthy.

SOPS 4th Jan 2014 08:17

First it was Global Warming...whoops that's not working, better call it Climate Change, that way we can keep conning governments for even more money so we can go on luxury cruises and get stuck in ice that is supposedly melting. Or we can go and climb on someone's oil rig, and then wonder why we end up in jail, and squeal like little pigs when no one foes to get us out.

Lord, give me strength.

7x7 4th Jan 2014 20:46

When Chris Tunney and his fellow junketeers finally get home and the talking heads on the ALPBC do their very best to turn them into celebrities, it will be a real pity that every viewer and listener will not have read the article below in full.

The cause of the Akademik Shokalskiy getting stuck in Antarctica ? delay from sightseeing mishaps and dawdling by the passengers getting back on ship | Watts Up With That?

It's a good - and enlightening - read, and proves, from the blogs of the junketeers themselves, that they would not follow the orders of the Russian captain and their dawlding while sightseeing onshore caused the ship's departure to be delayed.

Tunney should be billed for all the costs of this rescue.

rh200 4th Jan 2014 22:51

When Chris Tunney and his fellow junketeers
That will be "Climate warriors" to the likes of you and me please:p.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jan 2014 08:08

Thanks for the link, 7x7. Interesting...

Tunney should be billed for all the costs of this rescue.
Watching the insurance claim's progress will also be interesting :E.

parabellum 5th Jan 2014 20:47

When Tunney criticised the government for, in his words, "not doing enough to help us" Julia Bishop said publicly that she was considering billing them for the work involved.

Last I heard was that an oil rig would be treated as a vessel and the laws of the sea applied, unauthorised boarding is contrary to the rules of the sea. Why should we tax payers fund any part of the return to Australia for these stupid and bound to fail junkets? Tunney has said he is quite prepared to do it all again!

Captain Dart 5th Jan 2014 21:07

Oh, the irony! How many 'carbons' emitted into the atmosphere in the effort to rescue the 'climate warriors' and their rescuers? Any nautical people care to estimate the extra fuel oil burnt? And what price on the Antarctic environment if one or more ships get damaged or stuck long term?

In the interests of the environment and the Australian tax payer, these geniuses should have borrowed a small boat, followed Shackleton's example rather than 'retracing Mawson' and disappeared for year or two.

RJM 5th Jan 2014 23:43

"... the Murdoch agenda for "ABC reform". "

You can't be serious, Ken Borough. The ABC is seriously and demonstrably biased towards an identifiable centre-left viewpoint.

It is not as if Murdoch is threatening a perfectly balanced organisation with remodelling in its own image. The Murdoch press is just one of many commentators expressing that view.

Meanwhile the ABC continues to make a mockery of its charter.

Andu 6th Jan 2014 02:00

You have to give the ALPBC full marks for the way they use the Murdoch argument, for, like all good red herrings, it bears an element of truth. However, I don't see the argument holding water if you look into it closely.

We've all grown used to ads. on SBS, and if we're honest with ourselves, the number of 'selfie' ads. the ALPBC inflicts on us aren't all that far removed from what the commercial networks do.

As for their argument about maintaining their independence, it simply doesn't wash - they're nowhere near independent now and haven't been for decades. Their unremitting and never varying Left Wing Groupthink is every bit as restricting (if self-inflicted) as any editorial control could ever be from a owner other than the Public - 52% or more of whom they haven't represented in decades.

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