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RJM 10th Dec 2013 18:19

The balance between rabid nationalism and care for your own:


I have grown past hate and bitterness,
I see the world as one;
But though I can no longer hate,
My son is still my son.

All men at God's round table sit,
and all men must be fed;
But this loaf in my hand,
This loaf is my son's bread.

Dame Mary Gilmore
Australian poet (1865 - 1962)

Worrals in the wilds 10th Dec 2013 20:44

I think he'll rely on semantics re the word 'boy' if challenged; it can refer to an 18 or 19 year old. He carefully doesn't name any of them as pedophiles, just alleges that 'someone' was :suspect: Pickering 101...

And how can a former Premier be a Governor? Hardly bipartisan. :ugh:

gupta 10th Dec 2013 20:57

Hey Worrals

Hardly bipartisan
Remember Bill Hayden as G-G?

Not exactly a former Prime Minister but only a few days away from it (ref drover's dog)

Mind you, he did the job well & transcended party politics

Worrals in the wilds 10th Dec 2013 21:40

True (on both counts) but he didn't actually take the job.
I've nothing against Borbidge personally (compared to the current mug he was Liberal Party Premier of the Century :rolleyes:), but this just trashes the separation of powers even further than their recent moves to have the Attorney General reclassified as Judge Dredd. :}

Queensland has no Upper House so it's literally only the Governor who can pull on the goverment if they go totally ape-poo. When the Governor is a former Premier from the governing Party the situation becomes a bad Queensland jo(h)ke; except once again, it's not actually a joke. :(

Speaking of people suing people, and not that she'd sue me or PPRuNe, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about sledging ol' SH-Y back there. I still don't like her or her irrational politics, but none of us can help how we look.
Agreed. We've all done it about both males (eg tubby guys like Hockey and Beazely) and females (particularly Vandstone and Gillard) in the political arena. It's usually an easy dig to make, but a cheap one that achieves nothing wrt debate. :cool:

It's a technique the media love, because it takes popluar debate away from actual political issues they have to think and write about, and steers it towards vapid crap that their lucrative advertisers hope people will see as important, such as clothes, fast food and makeup.

As the media is driven by advertising they're going to support any commentary based around personal appearance all the way, because their advertising masters have oh so many miracle cures and snake oil capsules just waiting to be sold at vastly inflated prices to the tubby, wrinkly and badly dressed. :hmm: After the punters have devoured the fast food that was advertised in the main section then felt guilty after reading the 'health' supplement, of course...what were the political issues again? :confused:

When the mass media can safely contain political debate to who's fat, who's thin and who's poorly dresssed, we'll know that their masters have won.

In the meantime, who cares if they're ugly! :\ Earn your money, hacks; and provide some decent opinion pieces that don't reek of advertorial.

7x7 11th Dec 2013 02:07


Chairman Jim Spigelman defends ABC against attacks, announces bias audit
December 11, 2013 - 12:03PM

ABC Chairman James Spigelman announces a review into bias at the broadcaster. Photo: Dominic Lorrimer

ABC chairman Jim Spigelman has sought to defend the national broadcaster against attacks from "conservative" critics, announcing a number of external audits to assess any bias in its reporting.

Mr Spigelman said he took complaints about bias seriously and was addressing complaints of an "alleged systematic lack of impartiality by certain [ABC] programs and content makers".

The ABC has been carrying out "external audits" on particular programs and interviews to see whether the journalists involved have demonstrated bias, Mr Spigelman said.

He said BBC journalist Andrea Wills was preparing a report to "assess the impartiality" of all ABC Radio interviews with then prime minister Kevin Rudd and then opposition leader Tony Abbott during the recent election campaign.

A second audit will consider the "treatment of the debate about asylum seekers," Mr Spigelman said.

He said he did not accept that bias was systematic, but he accepted that "it sometimes occurs". He noted that the most complained about programs tended to be the ones "which interest the political class most".

"Since my appointment I have naturally been concerned with the frequency of allegations of a lack of impartiality," Mr Spigelman said.

Under the ABC statute the board is responsible for ensuring the impartiality and accuracy of news and current affairs. Mr Spigelman said he took his statutory responsibilities "seriously".

The ABC will publish a series of "editorial audits", he said.

Mr Spigelman said he believed the allegations of ABC bias had more to do with the topics chosen for reporting, rather than their content.

"Journalists - all of you, not just you at the ABC - tend to have a social and educational background ... that make them more interested in, say, gay marriage than, say, electricity prices," he said.

While resisting naming the politicians and conservative commentators who have recently been lashing the ABC, the former NSW chief justice gave his staunchest defence of the national broadcaster since the election of the Abbott government, suggesting their arguments were bemusing and Orwellian.

"I am bemused when I notice that some critics who wish to tear down this long-lived institution call themselves 'conservative'," Mr Spigelman told the National Press Club on Wednesday.

Selling off the ABC would make the broadcaster's services "unrecognisable," he added. "To use the word 'privatise' is an Orwellian corruption of language."

Many within the senior ranks of the ABC are worried that the Abbott government will make severe cuts to the broadcaster's budget.

Others within the organisation have taken note of comments made recently by the Prime Minister and Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull that criticised decisions made within the public broadcaster.

Both have publicly rebuked ABC boss Mark Scott for showing "poor judgment" by collaborating with The Guardian Australia to publish leaked details of Australian spies monitoring the phones of the Indonesian President and his wife.

ABC management's concerns are understood to have escalated amid a concerted campaign within the Coalition, led by South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, to cut the ABC's funding and stop the broadcaster publishing news for free on the internet.

Mr Spigelman said the ABC was right to be publishing online news, even if it meant competing with commercial outlets such as News Corp and Fairfax Media.

"Some regard this form of competition by a public broadcaster to be 'unfair'," Mr Spigelman said. "However, that is the commercial effect of what the ABC has always done.

"There is nothing fundamentally new here. Nor are the complaints. Nor is the attempt to exercise political influence to restrict us."
of course, like all such 'independent audits', the main thing is to very carefully pick your 'independent' auditor who can be relied upon to come up with the required answer.

I'd like to see an investigation into stories the ABC chooses not to cover.

Airey Belvoir 11th Dec 2013 04:19

After an exhaustive independent inquiry ABC Chairman, James Spigelman, announced that "no political or other bias" was evident in reporting or current affairs programming at the ABC.

Mr Spigelman stated that the outcome of the inquiry was "good news" for the ABC and the integrity of its staff and hoped that, in future, accusations of bias would be roundly condemned by the Government.

There you are, the results of the inquiry before it's happened and it's cost nowt!

Andu 11th Dec 2013 04:30

http://bl_ogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/..._looks_biased/ (remove the underscore in the bl_og word)

ABC asks BBC if its bum looks biased
Asking the BBC to see if the ABC is biased.... Hmmmm...

As 7x7 says

like all such 'independent audits', the main thing is to very carefully pick your 'independent' auditor who can be relied upon to come up with the required answer.
I have to agree with you Airey.

PinkusDickus 11th Dec 2013 05:07

He's been playing with his willy for too long if he thinks the ABC is not biased.

The ABC no longer is a news gathering and current affairs entity. It exists to set a social agenda by people that have never had a real job, and is without question "leftist/fluffy/gay rights/pro asylum seekers/anti-conservative" and does not for one moment reflect the views held by the public at large.

It needs to get right back to basics and if it meant to privatise the ABC, I'd be happy to watch boring commercials rather than the likes of Tony Jones, Emma Alabrici, Lyndel Curtis and Fran Kelly, to name but a few.

Andu 11th Dec 2013 05:45

Quite a few comments on other blogs about the Coalition government's failure to be seen to do something after gaining power.

"If you don't use it, you'll lose it" is a rather appropriate comment on Tony Abbott's failure to be SEEN to do something - anything - since being sworn in. This failure to act seems to have left the talking heads in the ABC believing that Labor are still the legitimate government. A bit of major slashing and buring might set them straight, Mr Abbott.

The word that comes to mind is "swingeing".

chuboy 11th Dec 2013 06:55

Originally Posted by PinkusDickus (Post 8199847)

It needs to get right back to basics and if it meant to privatise the ABC, I'd be happy to watch boring commercials rather than the likes of Tony Jones, Emma Alabrici, Lyndel Curtis and Fran Kelly, to name but a few.

Even if it retained its alleged left wing bias? I'm sure...

I think the ABC is fine left to its own devices. It is not really competing with the other channels. No one who watches the ABC is going to undergo metamorphosis from Andrew Bolt to Karl Marx. By and large people watch shows which tell them news and opinions they want to hear. It gives them a sense of belonging and self satisfaction even if it is drenched in confirmation bias.

You lot have a problem with taxpayers money being used to broadcast views that are at odds with yours. That's what it boils down to. What do you want to see more of in a revamped ABC? Articles which steadfastly ignore the fact that gay rights are a social issue gaining support domestically and internationally? A reduction in the number of articles about the health of Australian ecosystems or climate change? How about a few extra front-page "editorials" linking unionism to the rise of Hitler, followed by a call to arms for people to campaign against allowing languages other than English to be spoken in the country, for want of our culture?

Truly independent reporting is impossible to achieve, especially with advertisers. If you're right wing, independent news will seem left wing to you, and vice versa. So there will never be satisfaction that the media is independent.

I notice you conveniently ignore the saturation of right wing biased media in the form of Murdoch's papers here in Aus. Writing that off as ok because "it is commercial and besides I agree with their views" is no better, if not worse. Unless the idea of our access to information being controlled by a shrewd billionaire with more conflicts of interest than you can shake a stick at is one you're comfortable with.

I wonder, if the ABC were right wing, and the Daily Telegraph et al were nothing but socialist alliance newsletters, whether this whole furore would have gained such a passionate following on this thread.

Ethel the Aardvark 11th Dec 2013 08:09

Murdochs monopoly is leading a charge against the ABC so we are just getting flow on whinges. Nothing more to see here!
Nice to see the government announced that they are now buying BMW explosive proof limo's for the his right honourable Phoney Abbott for obvious reasons,
Just maybe if the government decided that all governments used Holden only then perhaps the company could be saved. Hilux's made in Thailand seem to be the vehicle of choice

Captain Dart 11th Dec 2013 08:26

Did Holden even bid for the contract Ethel? The ALPBC didn't enlighten me on that point.

Who was Prime Minister when Ford stopped production in Australia? I don't recall teary union reps or extended coverage on the Leftie News then.

I have lost a job twice, once a direct result of a Labor government decision (Australia's Navy Fleet Air Arm), the other occasion after that fool of a prime minister, Hawke, exacerbated the domestic pilot's dispute after shooting his stupid mouth off. Job loss happens a lot in aviation, particularly to battling pilots and engineers in GA, as well as in other industries. Why are feather-bedded workers making crappy cars and given four years' notice so special?

A Labor government is like Islamic immigration; no matter what 'spin' you put on it, it's trouble.

And your 'grocer's apostrophe' is a classic error, it's 'Hiluxes', Ethel.

Andu 11th Dec 2013 09:36

The Beemers replacing the Holdens were ordered by -and delivered to - Kevin Rudd while Labor was in government.

But today, that overweight oxygen thief Kim Carr told an always believing television audience that Tony Abbottabbottabbott was to blame for Holden losing the contract and for buying the (probably far cheaper) German armoured cars.

500N 11th Dec 2013 09:49

"Did Holden even bid for the contract Ethel?
The ALPBC didn't enlighten me on that point."

I heard on the radio (ABC 774) that Holden didn't even bid for the contract.

Now I am not sure if it was this Government Contract but it
was definitely a Gov't contract.

So if you don't put a bid in, you can't win it !!! :ugh:

Airey Belvoir 11th Dec 2013 09:51

No one who watches the ABC is going to undergo metamorphosis from Andrew Bolt to Karl Marx.

Absolutely correct. By and large the ABC has a balance of good programmes. It's just the current affairs and news programmes that seem to succumb more to the huggy fluffs of meeja-world.

However, it's a little disingenuous to make this claim

I notice you conveniently ignore the saturation of right wing biased media in the form of Murdoch's papers here in Aus

when that section of the media, particularly The Australian, gives vast amounts of comment space to the likes of Richardson, Bowen, Beattie, and the rancid crooner from Rankin, Emerson. At least The Oz gives the opposite point of view - and prints letters from misguided lefties http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...s/badteeth.gif

500N 11th Dec 2013 09:56

"No one who watches the ABC is going to undergo
metamorphosis from Andrew Bolt to Karl Marx."

It is so nice not having a TV in the house since they turned off the signal !

Ethel the Aardvark 11th Dec 2013 10:12

! If a government was to by only Holden then their wood be no knead to tender would lair..

500N 11th Dec 2013 10:22


I would suggest you stick to making bread ;)

If you don't get it, that is your cryptic puzzle for tonight :O

Fliegenmong 11th Dec 2013 10:51

Holy anteater Ethel! You have a yeast infection?:ugh:

"By and large the ABC has a balance of good programmes. It's just the current affairs and news"

Don't lose sleep over it Airey...no doubt Umm Ahh Kim Il TA is paving the way for Uncle Ruperts acquisition.....and you'll have the North Korea type coverage so longed for by the LNP.....a thoroughly compliant MSM, and an ABC edited by Janet Albrechtsen, Piers, Bolty, Jones etc..:ok:

Now I heard today....and I would never for a moment expect this to be put to scrutiny...(certainly I don't have the time!!!) that 480+ boat people a week arriving before KRudd announced his new policy in July, dropping to less than 70 well before the September election....(No mention of KRudds policies allowing the 480+ plus in the first place! :mad:) But the ever compliant MSM reports the massive drop to Scotty Morrison's Media blackout..... :rolleyes:

Yeah I know it's a numbers game, and that apparently justifies deals with the Devil such as Christine Milne.....further that goes to show her devastatingly poor judgement in trusting TA! :ugh::ugh:

bankrunner 11th Dec 2013 11:08

Did Holden even bid for the contract Ethel? The ALPBC didn't enlighten me on that point.
Holden didn't bid, despite having been directly contacted by the government and invited to do so.

BAe Systems did, however, bid with an offer for a retrofitted Caprice. But the BAe Caprices were going to be $1.2m each and offer less protection and a much longer lead time than the $500-odd-k off-the-shelf BMW. The decision was obviously a no brainer.

Details were in today's Australian, from memory.

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