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Captain Sand Dune 5th May 2012 23:11

And the end draws ever nearer.....

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott's parliamentary numbers have won a boost, with Nationals MP Tony Crook formally joining the Coalition.
The West Australian MP, who has been on the cross benches, will sit with his party's colleagues in parliament from Tuesday, The Nationals say.
The move by Mr Crook, who has voted with Labor more than 30 times in the lower house since the last election, puts the Coalition's numbers at 72 members to Labor's 71.
While Prime Minister Julia Gillard still controls the house through her deals with the independents and Greens, Tony Abbott now has bragging rights for which major party has more members, and more discipline over Mr Crook's vote.
Nationals Leader Warren Truss welcomed Mr Crook's move today following the WA Nationals' central council meeting in Perth.
"After extensive consultation with his constituency and his Nationals WA colleagues, Tony has made a decision that I am certain is in the best interests of his electorate of O'Connor and the nation," Mr Truss said.
Mr Truss said Mr Crook's decision to sit on the crossbenches after the 2010 federal election had "raised a few eyebrows", but that the party understood he was simply trying to get the best possible results for his electorate.
Mr Crook has strongly criticised the Labor government's carbon and mining taxes.

gobbledock 5th May 2012 23:27

Our having an 'Australian Female Labor PM' is debatable. To start with she is Welsh. She has red hair and a gigantic nose and looks like a female Ronald McDonald. 'She' walks like a man who is carrying giant testicles, she speaks like a retard. Her 'partner' is a hair dresser and walks about 3 feet behind her wherever they go. She is a Liberal by her actions an she became PM by default (slicing a knife through the soul of the then serving PM) not by being voted in by the populous.
Her claim to fame in 12 months time will be 'the only Australian female Labor prime minister to get thrashed by an all time high election defeat'.
At 27% and dropping this mob of fools are finished, done for, toasted, history.
Hold onto your anuses boys and girls, Slugger Abbott is coming with Speedo's in one hand Work Choices in the other.

Andu 6th May 2012 00:24

It will be interesting (and probably, but I hope not, sad) to see how many so-called 'battlers' are lured back to voting Labor by the $820.00 education allowance bribe - (leaked early for maximum effect) - that the Duck will be including in the budget.

Am I the only one who finds himself wondering what role in public life our current PM will play after she steps down/is stepped down from her present position?

I have a suggestion, borrowed from my Air Force days, a position reserved for commanders who really 'starred' (not): Officer in Charge, Goose Neck Flares at Meekatharra.

Wiley 6th May 2012 06:20

Could not suppress a smile upon seeing Barak Obama's election campaign cartoon character - a red headed female named Julia - who lives her whole life dependent upon the government.

Do I detect someome with a sense of humour (and more than a little knowledge of Australian politics) in the US ad. agency running the Obama campaign?

It will be interesting to see if the Opposition here has some fun with that come our election campaign. May it be soon.

Takan Inchovit 6th May 2012 08:19

It will be interesting (and probably, but I hope not, sad) to see how many so-called 'battlers' are lured back to voting Labor by the $820.00 education allowance bribe - (leaked early for maximum effect) - that the Duck will be including in the budget.
... and with the other hand they are taking away the end of year reimbursement for edjamacashun expenses...... and the hefty carbon tax edges closer. :hmm:

Jools does not know which way is up, let alone forward.

Captain Sand Dune 6th May 2012 09:05

Ejumukashun allowance = KRudd's stimulus payment (or as I liked to call it - the plasma TVs for deadsh#ts payment) by another name.
In other words an oft used Labour tactic to distract the increasing hordes (one boat load at a time:mad:) of welfare dependant deadsh#ts, and provide an excuse of a justification for the true believers to trumpet the virtues of the ALP.
Bring on non-complusory voting!:ok:

woollcott 6th May 2012 09:48

I know I'm wasting my time but...............

Labor education bonus $820 means tested.

Liberal Baby bonus Up to $75000 non means tested.


Andu 6th May 2012 10:49

Yeah woolcott, I suspect there are quite a few of besides me on the right wing reactionary side of politics not happy with Tone's promised open-ended baby bonus. (I wonder if it's a core or a non-core promise? Hopefully, the latter.)

He's obviously hoping to get lots of the "right" kind of women (= Liberal voters) to have babies, but it's misguided middle class welfare at its worst. In my opinion at least.

Unfortunately, the only thing we can be certain about is that it won't be the only thing many people will find wanting in an Abbott government.

RJM 6th May 2012 10:59

Madsdad- It was workplace relations minister Bill Shorten:

...asked by Sky News Australia whether he felt the parliamentary speaker, Peter Slipper, should be allowed to go back to his job after being accused of sexual harassment and misuse of funds.

Aware Gillard was abroad, but unaware of what she'd said on the matter, Shorten replied: "I haven't seen what she's said, but let me say I support what it is she said." Pressed by an astonished presenter to confirm he backed his boss even though he didn't know what she'd said, he nodded: "I support what she said ... My view is what the prime minister's view is."

Andu 6th May 2012 11:12

... the same Bill Shorten who is regarded by Labor as the brightest of bright lights of Labor's future. Prime Minister material. God help us.

CoodaShooda 6th May 2012 11:24


It's bit like comparing apples with woolly mammoths.

The $820 is a bit of accounting chicanery to use up money not otherwise claimed under another scheme, without adding to budgetted expenditure.
Effectively buying votes while looking like you're reducing spending.

As with most labor schemes, Australians who contribute the most in taxes get nothing back.

The other is not an Education Grant but a Maternity Leave scheme, which is assumedly more expensive than the labor party's Maternity Leave. The $75,000 will not be payable to every claimant. I'd expect most claims to be between $15,000 and $40,000. How they will pay for it rermains to be seen - and I must admit I'm not a fan of it.

The only thing I like is that the Libs don't discriminate against achievers.

MadsDad 6th May 2012 11:32

Thanks RJM, that's the one. Just seemed stunningly inept, even compared to other politicians (it was being shown on 'Have I Got News For You', so they ripped him to bits).

sisemen 6th May 2012 12:57

There is another spin regarding the Shorten episode.

Apparently the day previously he had made a statement which made clear in no uncertain terms that Shorten thought that the handling of the Slipper/Thomson episode was on the nose. Gillard then bollocked him for it (as she was supporting Slipper and Thomson because of their votes) because she wanted unity and support on the issue.

Then, when asked about it on Sky news, Shorten basically said "She's made the decision. It's down to her and I'm not allowed to have an opinion" and did it in such a way that it made her look like a dill.

Unfortunately the law of unintended consequences took over and Shorten is now wearing it.

So, maybe he is the smart one after all. Just needs a little more work.

galdian 6th May 2012 13:22

OK playtime, bearing in mind labor are f**cked regardless of whom the leader is in present mindset; what if....

a senior, long term labor MoP (who will get his full privileges regardless of fallout, and lets call him SC for the exercise) came out and said (and fill out the politic speak as desired:

{- I am SC;
- I will challenge leadership in 10-14 days;
- it is clear by polls our carbon tax are NOT the will of the people whom we allegedly represent, not dictate to (yet);
- it is clear that many question the NBN Vs wireless on cost and technology is questionable;
- it is not unfair to say that almost everything we have touched has been a f**kup, maybe good ideas - piss poor implementation.

IF I defeat JG in the vote:
- carbon tax...gone:
- NBN slowed down, wireless preferred and aggressively assessed;
- no more "announcements" where not considered regards funding and implementation.

It simply comes down to whether Australia is best being served by present "like or lump it or f**k off" attitude of the government...
or Labor are content to destroy this country as well as become politically irrelevant for years, decades..."
or Labor want to have ANY chance of retaining Federal government at the next election..."

Members of the caucus can decide the options...}

Just a thought

sisemen 6th May 2012 13:34

Labor are content to destroy this country
It's in their manifesto.

Worrals in the wilds 6th May 2012 13:54

Glass of decent spirit on the aforementioned SC. Never thought I'd be saying that...:\
It's always about the Party. From the sunshine state; what Party? The one that fits in a Tarago? Maybe SCs got it but the rest of the Canberra mob are still living in lollipop land. :E

Anyway, red walking shoes are ready. You may have done your best to :mad: the movement for your own personal gain fellahs (and fellahrinas) but we'll be there to remind you of your ugly bogan roots tomorrow. Badly dressed, badly marching and badly behaved as always. :cool:

Get with the programme or get out of the crossfire, because you're looking very irrelevant.

Workers, united, will never be defeated. Uni wankers, rorters, faceless men and wannabe players best stand off to one side, because you aren't workers and you certainly aren't welcome:yuk:. You've done enough damage already...let us pick up the pieces and stand up and be counted, without any big fancy dinners and added 'entertainment' packages at the members' expense. :yuk:

Let us stand up against Clive and Gina, against Work Choices, against all the Libs who think we're :mad:wits and too stupid to see through their BS, just because we don't want to be managers or OH&S advisors. The fact that we also see through the uniLabor BS doesn't mean that we automatically support the Libs and pin everthing on the hope they'll be good to us.

:mad: you, federal pollies. You all suck. If I see you at the RNA tomorrow I'll be happy to tell you in person.

MadsDad 6th May 2012 14:31

Sisemen. Never thought of that slant but makes sense.

And Worrals. Don't know a thing about the politics in your place but as to your last post. :ok::ok::ok::ok::ok:

The politicians here, of both sides, seem to be just too stupid to recognise that they are regarded as dirt. Not quite as low as bankers but bloody close. By everybody. Replace a couple of part/pol names in your message and it applies here as much as there (and, I suspect, in every country on Earth). Thank you for your message. :D

Andu 7th May 2012 02:20

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

Weekend arrival of 243 boatpeople dashes hopes of lull
BY: HARRY EDWARDS From: The Australian May 07, 2012 12:00AM

AUTHORITIES intercepted two boats carrying asylum-seekers yesterday as April's spike in the number of people seeking entry by boat continues.

The vessels were intercepted north of Christmas Island in separate operations by HMAS Wollongong, responding to calls for assistance. The first vessel carried 103 asylum-seekers and two crew while the second carried 138 passengers.
If you want to get into surplus by 2013 as promised Wayne, you'd better find another 2 or 3 mill in savings to cover just one day's ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT arrivals. Why not take it from the Defence Forces? They'll hardly notice another 3 mill from the 5 billion you've already taken from them. As you focus groups have told you, there're no lost votes in stripping Defence of funding.

This country is a living, breathing, contemporary example of Kipling's classic poem 'Tommy Atkins'.

RJM 7th May 2012 02:48

This country is a living, breathing, contemporary example of Kipling's classic poem 'Tommy Atkins'.
I'm not in the ADF, but it seems to me that there is a link between morale and defence funding. They'll reap what they sow there.

Pinky the pilot 7th May 2012 03:49

I think that the next session of Parliament is going to be especially rowdy.
I can't wait!!:E:E

The beginning of the end perhaps?

Worrals; :ok::ok: Feel a little better now?:D

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