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parabellum 24th Nov 2013 06:03

Plibersek simply exposes her ignorance of the Asian mind to even suggest that relations with Indonesia will or could "quickly return to normal settings".

Indonesia will milk this event for all it is worth.

In the Asian mind Australia was at position A, we were caught out and fell to position C, it is now impossible to go straight back to position A. Australia now has to serve a term at Position B whilst Indonesia, for public consumption, ridicule Tony Abbott in their press, burn a few flags etc.etc.

All that actually matters is what is privately discussed between the Australian Prime Minister and the Indonesian President and neither Snowden or Assange will now be able to tell us that.

Charlie Foxtrot India 24th Nov 2013 06:10

I won't be closing the thread. Politicians of all colours have been called all sorts on here by various contributers.

Personal abuse and tedious strawman arguments are where I draw the line.

I won't close this thread after all this time of keeping it open but people are welcome to start other threads if they don't like this one and see how they go.

Fliegenmong 24th Nov 2013 06:36

Cheers CFI! :ok:

Worrals in the wilds 24th Nov 2013 07:11

Ditto; thank you CFI. :ok:

Maybe it is time for this thread to wind up!
Because you don't like it? :bored:
Given that JB is currently At Home to a North Korean apologist (for want of a better word and good luck to him, it's a free internet :}) I don't see that any of the political views posted in this very long-running thread have been all that controversial.

bosnich71 24th Nov 2013 08:06

Folks don't get wound up. Recognise that there are those whose main aim in life is to antagonise you and just ignore them. :ok:
P.s. Where's John ?

owen meaney 24th Nov 2013 08:12

With reference to Indonesia, an apology is frowned upon unless is accompanied by correct "gift of appeasement", those who have worked there will understand.

Fliegenmong 24th Nov 2013 08:30

TA should just man up, tell em to **** off, he didn't order the spying, the last bunch of incompetents did......and in fact demand a thank you for the C130s the very same previous gummint provided!!!

Can't see "the 'honourable' member for Warringah" (Is that better for you DK???) Doing anything of the sort though....:sad:

Awaiting any number of LNP apologists to arrive any minute......

Captain Sand Dune 24th Nov 2013 08:33

Maybe that's what TA's letter said.

500N 24th Nov 2013 08:36

I do think he needs to point out publicly that this happened on KRudd's watch
and not just take it lying down. The problem is, he also gets briefed so he would
have known about it.

But yes, I don't think we should bend over backwards to appease them,
some dialogue but not much more. I bet Rudd or whoever gave them the
C-130's without much in return and certainly no long term commitments
to AS / Boats which is what should have happened.

Maybe now the Indos aren't playing ball with boats we shouldn't either
and just tow them back into their waters and phone the Indos and tell
them to come and collect them since they are in the Indo SAR area.

Airey Belvoir 24th Nov 2013 08:45

Maybe the Prime Minister ought to be putting it about that he's putting in an order for a further 50 F18 Super Hornets.

owen meaney 24th Nov 2013 08:49

I feel preventing the boats from leaving Indo waters or entering Australian waters would not be acceptable now, it will probably happen some time in the future

500N 24th Nov 2013 08:52

Maybe speed up delivery of the FA/18G's and fly them over Indonesia
just to piss of their radar operators ;)

SOPS 24th Nov 2013 08:59

Owen, re gifts. Having worked in Indonesia, I was thinking the same thing.

dubbleyew eight 24th Nov 2013 09:13

we should give the ABC away as a gift. :E

Worrals in the wilds 24th Nov 2013 09:17

we should give the ABC away as a gift. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...ilies/evil.gif
That's up there with socks, cookbooks by Famous Chefs and booze you don't actually like to drink. :uhoh::}

dubbleyew eight 24th Nov 2013 09:28

got it in one. :}

Dark Knight 24th Nov 2013 22:48

Not correct Fliegs; if you review my posts it is evident I have always indicated people should be given the correct, normal and due courtesy of their office and title.

It is not necessary to respect the holder of the office should it be considered with reasonable evidence they prove to be incompetence, dishonest, untrustworthy and untruthful.

Nor do I have a problem with people expressing their point of view provided it is done in a somewhat courteous manner even should if it is done with a degree of agro.

Common courtesy, respect and good manners achieve far more than puerile, uneducated rants.

From your posts, whilst you may have a far differing view to mine and express it vociferously from time to time I think on this, we agree.

PS>>CFI agree and bow to your patience

parabellum 24th Nov 2013 23:25

I'm still trying to work out the association between Tony Abbott and Virginia Bottomley, (a UK politician), to arrive at "Abbottomley", but hey! Maybe I'm missing something! ;)

PinkusDickus 24th Nov 2013 23:26

Life is all about risk management.

By having Australian patrol boats in such close proximity to the Indonesian coast, we minimise the risk the illegal immigrants take on their journey to Christmas Island. Australia should withdraw all patrol boats and insist the Indonesians undertake SAR in their area of responsibility.

They'll just keep on coming while they know Australia will save them when they disable their boats - if Indonesia took SAR responsibility the illegals would not set sail knowing rescue meant going back to Indonesia.

The attitude of the Indonesians on this issue is one of total and utter contempt.

500N 24th Nov 2013 23:30

It's Cyclone season, that will slow things up a bit.

But agree re the Indos attitude.

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