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Worrals in the wilds 4th May 2012 17:36

Not that I'm aware of, apart from the double dissolution procedures listed in the Act. The parliament is still functioning and the government has a majority in the lower house.

Lex Talionis 4th May 2012 21:02

Did I miss an election in the last few weeks where "the public made it obvious they wanted Rudd" Mr Richardson?
I think if you have been watching then you will see that Richardson is no friend of Rudd.He has said a number of times that Rudd would and should lose the last leadership spill.
He has also said that in his view nothing will save Gillard.

He is saying that Rudd has more public sympathy and support than Gillard has and that is certainly true.This has more to do with the way Rudd was ousted than support for him as the PM.It does not mean that Richardson is supporting Rudd and in fact the opposite is true.

He showed he was not fit for office over the Oceanic Viking debacle.
You mean the Tampa don't you? :E:E

Worrals in the wilds 4th May 2012 22:03

He is saying that Rudd has more public sympathy and support than Gillard has and that is certainly true.
I agree (both with you and Richo), but I don't think there's a lot for either of them. The Bandidos have more public support than Gillard at the moment, and that's a shame. Being misguidedly optimistic and not a Rudd fan, when she got the job I hoped she'd be good. She isn't. :sad:

Nor has Rudd got the Caucus' support, and I don't blame them. By the look of it he's done nothing but leak like a boarding house toilet since they punted him. The traditional ALP way of doing leadership spills is...quietly. :suspect: Relatively quietly, anyway. You're allowed a book deal and a certain number of inflammatory guest speaker stints after the dust settles. :cool: Lucky blokes get a regular newspaper column. :}

If they don't want you, you're supposed to go and take your cushy 'thanks for coming' appointment graciously, not allegedly set up a desk with your ol' mate Laurie and start banging off clandestine media releases about how awesome you are. They even made him Foreign Minister (aka Minister for 5 Star Junkets and Meeting With the Stars) and that didn't stop the snivelling. :ugh:

He disregarded tradition and has been very disloyal by Labor standards; in a way his behaviour was more typical of the Libs. If his actions had been for the good of the nation or even the party that would have been forgivable, even commendable. They weren't. IMO it is patently obvious that Rudd only ever acts for the good of Rudd.

They can talk about his Queensland support till the cows come home to the Diamantina, but he was well known up here for being a tantrum throwing dirker even in the time of the Goss government, back when Gillard was still with Slater & Gordon.

I think he actually has more Queensland media support than public support, and despite what a lot of pollies on both sides believe; they're not necessarily the same thing.

gobbledock 4th May 2012 22:23

Keep on polishing.....
Labor keeps 'polishing the turd' to no avail. Only shite is beneath the surface.
If Australia's economy is so fantastic and 'robust' as the so called leaders reckon then why are they taking the axe to family benefits and cutting another 5 billion off Defences budget?? Australia's economy is keeping it's head above water care of mining. And mining is the only sector making money, everybody else is suffering more than ever.

Neither Labor or Liberal can hold back the winds of economic meltdown. What has Europe, Brittain and the USA been able to achieve in the last 4 years? I will tell you what - Nothing except for more debt and less fixes.
Peope just don't get it, the fiat system has collapsed in some countries and it is collapsing around the ears of the rest of the world, the system is beyond repair. Try researching Germany around 1920-1923, collapse of the Reinmark and hyperinflation at a time when everyone was saying the economy is looking good - 3 days is all it took and it was all over! No wonder they don't want to prop up the Euro, it would be a dead investment as it is beyon saving and Germany has been there before.

GFC 2008 was the start of the final stages of this worlds economy and financial viability. Think about it - do you really think corporate capitalistic greed, incompetent governments and printing paper money and borrowing will build a sound financial platform??? Jeez.
America entered its fianl stages around 18 months ago - Space program gone, troop withdrawls, all because they are broke, the pot of money is empty. We
have til 2013 maybe 2014 tops, the Euro is dead, the USD is dead. Time for the masses to wake up from their slumber. The USA snuck the NDAA law in over Christmas, has removed the 4th and 6th amendments and started building FEMA camps, the reason why? Economic collapse is coming an the government knows Uncle Sams residents will react like the residents of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France very shortly and will be rioting in the streets....

Tick tock tick tock.

MTOW 4th May 2012 23:09

I really would not like to Rudd back at the rudderless helm. The man's been a spoiler from the day they turfed him out.

Too many forget that the Labor 'faceless men', whatever their faults, had damn good reasons for taking the unprecedented step they then took - ditching a first term Prime Minister - because the man was hopeless, and no amount of gobblydegook from the mayne streem meedja telling us he has lots of support in Queensland (which, as a Queenslander, from my observation, is absolute codswallop), will change that fact.

eagle 86 5th May 2012 05:20

I might be stating the obvious - but most senior labor politicians and quite a few junior ones have never had a job outside of the union or similar movement whereas conservative pollies come from diverse backgrounds. I believe this is the basic underlying problem for modern labor - not enough diversity of thought.

RJM 5th May 2012 05:28

Well said, eagle 86! :p

RJM 5th May 2012 05:54

They even made him Foreign Minister (aka Minister for 5 Star Junkets and Meeting With the Stars)
Worrals, it looks as though the new Foreign Minister is enjoying himself as much as the old one did, and probably costing us as much. Here are some of Carr's latest tweets. Imagine being lectured by that pompous windbag:

Bob Carr ‏ @bobjcarr
Can't wait to immerse myself in Chinese culture again soon, even if only for a few days

22h Bob Carr ‏ @bobjcarr
Pt 1: Some Chinese media reporters got me talking about the Tang Dynasty - the time China opened to the world and the world opened to China (Thanks for explaining, Bob. We all knew that!)

22h Bob Carr ‏ @bobjcarr
Great press conference with Aus Chinese media today.

Bob Carr ‏ @bobjcarr
Learning to function on four hours sleep a night and reading “The Orphan Master’s Son”. (see note)

Bob Carr ‏ @bobjcarr
Last week in Washington, I met two former candidates for the presidency: John Kerry and John McCain. Both hugely impressive. (Give us a break.)

Note: “The Orphan Master’s Son” is a recently published 500 page (of course) novel by noted modern American (of course) writer Adam Johnson, a PhD and a professor of English (of course) about the existential problems in today's North Korea. No doubt copies lie pretentiously, but unread, on the latté-strewn tables of fashionable coffee shops from Balmain to South Yarra. If you are reading it, apologies. I make it a rule not to read novels more than half an inch thick.

gobbledock 5th May 2012 08:06

Bob the knob
And this:
@bobjcarr - Having a blast pissing away more taxpayer money on junkets and rorts, thanks Jules.

@bobjcarr - The trough is full and this pig has his nose firmly planted in it.

@bobjcarr - Why did I ever retire? Earning hundreds of thousands per year, first class travel, 5 star accommodation, limousines, expense payments, thanks taxpayers!!

@bobjcarr - Do I really look and sound like a freak?

bob johns 5th May 2012 11:38

bob johns
Does anyone know why Sussex St office of ALP in Sydney was known as boys town in Bob Carrs day ?

Worrals in the wilds 5th May 2012 12:07

Yeah darls, we know. :E
Not that there's anything wrong with that...:}

bob johns 5th May 2012 12:30

bob johns
Is embarrassing an old fashioned word when the leadership contains lesbians poofters, perverts ,and kiddie- fcukers ? Any way I am embarrassed as an Australian to see this shower of SHIT representing my country .

david1300 5th May 2012 12:47

@Bob & Worrals - no darls, we don't know :confused:

Worrals in the wilds 5th May 2012 12:57

What a great closet!
Just saying... I'd like a closet like that. Sorry for the drift...:E

probes 5th May 2012 13:01

With the extra function of being able to close someone in there? :E :cool:

vulcanised 5th May 2012 14:23

the leadership contains lesbians poofters, perverts ,and kiddie- fcukers

Wot, no incest or necrophilia ?!

RJM 5th May 2012 14:45

There's also donkey sex...

sisemen 5th May 2012 15:25

Is this the donkey?


MadsDad 5th May 2012 18:11

There was a brilliant bit shown on the box here last night of some Australian politician (unfortunately I didn't catch his name) being interviewed on TV and, when asked his opinion, said that he unreservedly 'agreed with the Prime Minister' on the matter under discussion. Unfortunately he also admitted he hadn't heard what the PM had said and didn't have the faintest idea what her opinion was but 'agreed with her totally'.

As I say I don't have a clue who, but obviously destined for high office (if you keep the same PM).

(Incidentally thanks to this thread I got the question 'Who is the first female Australian Prime Minister'? right in our local quiz last week. Many thanks).

grobble 5th May 2012 20:01

Who is the first female Australian Prime Minister
Shortly to become 'Who was the first female Australian Prime Minister' from the sound of it.

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