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bosnich71 13th Nov 2013 22:17

On a more serious note, and let's face it anything, is more serious than Rudd's departure and Kens thoughts about the Liberal Government, but does anyone know how I can contact our ex Premier of Victoria, Steve Bracks ?
I realise that down in Gippsland there are serious floods this morning and that my son had great difficulty getting home from work to Inverloch last night but I would like to just let Steve know of my appreciation for his, and his party's, far sightedness in building the ,much needed, de-salination plant down there near Wonthaggi.
I'm sure that if we all write to our Labour representatives and urge them to continue to work towards defeating Tony Abbott's efforts to repeal Julia's carbon tax legislation the rain will stop and Summer will appear. :ok:

Andu 13th Nov 2013 22:49

Worrals, I wasn't thinking that Rudd's departure should cause the need for a new election because of any procedural rules, but more as a 'yet one more straw upon the camel's back' if you get my drift.

I think the WA senate re-vote (if called) is unprecedented, isn't it? So we're already in uncharted waters politically there. For instance, will people who've turned 18 since September be allowed to vote? How many people who voted have died or moved out of WA since? Will the candidates be limited to those who stood for the September election, or will it be open slather for new candidates to stand? (On this last point, I think it should be limited to those who stood in September, but of course, this would not be so if a double dissolution is called.)

While I agree with you that no one would look forward to another grind of an election campaign, (except of course, those selling advertising space in newspapers and advertising time on TV and radio), would you agree that the result in Clive Palmer's electorate might be.... (for want of a better word) 'educational'?

I'm sure quite a few electors voted for him as a protest vote, not thinking he'd actually get up. It would be interesting to see how many voters have changed their minds after seeing the way he has behaved since September. I'd also love to see something done to put a stop to the crazy situation we have now where preference deals can see someone with fewer than 2000 primary votes win a senate seat.

Bob Katter had a huge swing against him. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see an even bigger swing if voters had to turn up to vote again.

Then again, I'm willing to admit I might be totally off base with these prognostications.

7x7 13th Nov 2013 22:57

From the Pickering blog:

Know anything about the SENIOR LABOR MP under investigation for rape Larry?
if true, wouldn't that put a cat among the canaries? Then again, if the police took as long to investigate the charge as VicPol have with the AWU scandal or the Queensland Police the Heiner Affair, the 'senior Labor MP' will probably be dead and buried before it sees the light of day.

PinkusDickus 13th Nov 2013 23:57

I guess their meanness of spirit and generosity says more about them than it does about others. Perhaps they were shocked but whatever the reason, their brain-dead reaction did not pass unnoticed.
This needs to put in perspective - thank Rudd for what exactly?

The economic mess Australia is in?

The Heiner Affair?

Dysfunctional government?

Giving away hundreds of millions for a seat at the UN?

Deaths because of the Pink Batts fiasco?

The surge in Illegal Immigrants?


The only recognition Rudd deserves is for resigning when he did - not for any achievements while in office, because there were none.

500N 14th Nov 2013 00:04

Everyone was saying his National Apology was worthy :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 14th Nov 2013 00:10

I assume the High Court could reject the WA recount and return to the original result where "all" of the votes had been counted.

Anthony Greene has suggested that, if the missing votes had been included in the recount, the original result would stand; albeit by one vote.

Nova Peris did a good job of alienating 70% of her electorate in her maiden speech. Heavy on the race card and sees her job as representing all Aboriginals in Australia (and non-indigenous Territorians be damned). I'll be surprised if she gets a second term.

Penny Wong was a disgrace in the condolence motions and appears generally disinterested.

Haven't had the mental strength to endure the torture of listening to much else of Parliament this week.

Contrary to the views of some, I don't think the libs are doing too bad a job of getting control of the media cycle. It'll take some time to wind back from labor's preferred position of having the tail wag the dog and there'll be a lot of howling along the way.

In the meantime, I love the irony of a press that we all widely regard as inaccurate in most things is now resorting to quoting the foreign press as a responsible and authoritative source. Is Indonesian media, in an election climate, any more accurate or unbiased in its reporting?

At what point, too, do the local editors start realizing that their readership might like them to adopt a position that recognizes the concept of "National Interest"?

500N 14th Nov 2013 00:12

Nova Perris should sort out the NT, she has enough problems there
without taking on the rest of Aus.

Worrals in the wilds 14th Nov 2013 00:15

Worrals, I wasn't thinking that Rudd's departure should cause the need for a new election because of any procedural rules, but more as a 'yet one more straw upon the camel's back' if you get my drift.
I see. There are a fair few straws left though. ;)
Agree re Palmer, IME he's not impressing a lot of people up here so far. People enjoy a circus prior to the election but once the winner takes their seat, the public expect them to settle down and be a bit grown up. Also, the Murdoch press have waged a relentless war against him since he won, though I'm not sure why.

I think the swing against Katter maxed out at the last election (and I was in Kennedy a few days before it). I think it was largely based around his frequent absences, and a perception that he was ignoring his own people back home to fight windmills in Canberra. Nationally, in hindsight I think he was too redneck to appeal, though at the time I incorrectly thought he'd do well. About two days prior to the election the Cairns Post predicted a swing against him, and AFAIK they were the only paper to get it right.
He also makes the valid point that he had nothing like Palmer's advertising budget.

Katter is a savvy pollie and I think he'll spend the next few years closer to his grass roots than a hungry cow.

Re the procedure in WA, it should be laid out in the Commonwealth Electoral Act. If I get some time later I'll have a squizz. :8

Ken Borough 14th Nov 2013 00:53

Also, the Murdoch press have waged a relentless war against him since he won, though I'm not sure why.
So too is that unctuous and obnoxious Alan Jones who is the media 'personality' (a term I use with utmost charity) of the PM and a few of his acolytes. Apparently Jones has been quoting CP's former bodyguard who has reportedly said a lot of uncomplimentary things about Clive. This morning I'm told that Jones suggested that FWA was investigating CP and his business interests. We do live in interesting times!

Flying Binghi 14th Nov 2013 01:01


Rudd/Gillard got one thing right. Australia will lead the world on the carbon tax issue...

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Nov. 12, 2013) - Today, Paul Calandra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, issued the following statement on behalf of the Government of Canada on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s introduction of legislation to repeal the carbon tax:

“Canada applauds the decision by Prime Minister Abbott to introduce legislation to repeal Australia’s carbon tax. The Australian Prime Minister’s decision will be noticed around the world and sends an important message.

“Our government knows that carbon taxes raise the price of everything, including gas, groceries, and electricity. Prime Minister Abbott has said that, in Australia, the repeal of the carbon tax will reduce the average household’s cost of living by (in Australian dollars) $550 a year, take $200 off household power bills and $70 off gas bills...

Tide shifts: Canada ?comes out? and applauds Australian PM for repeal bill of carbon tax « JoNova


SOPS 14th Nov 2013 01:32

2GB just had breaking news that sources are reporting that Jessica Rudd will be the Labor candidate for Griffith.

500N 14th Nov 2013 01:58

It just occured to me why Kevin Rudd resigned when he did,
just after Parliament returned.

So he could give a nice big Speech.

and the Age Newspaper picked up on it today
that his speech was all about him.

megle2 14th Nov 2013 02:21

Would Jessica be more difficult to control for the ALP than Kevin, more than likely

bosnich71 14th Nov 2013 02:42

Jessica Rudd ! !
Always reckoned politics was incestuous .:ugh:

Andu 14th Nov 2013 02:52

This from someone who knows her quite well; she would be a huge improvement on her father. Then again, just about anyone with the possible exception of Sarah Hanson-Young would be an improvement on her father.

bosnich71 14th Nov 2013 02:58

Rob Elliot who was the National Secretary of the H.S.U. prior to Craig Thompson has stated that there was a written policy on H.S.U. credit card use.
Each H.S.U. employee issued with a credit card had to sign acknowledging receipt of a copy of this policy.
A signed copy was then inserted into each employees personal record.
The policy did not permit sending on personal services such as escorts.
The policy did not allow ATM cash withdrawals.
Craig Thompson was subject to that written policy.
Fair Work Australia concluded it's investigation without asking Rob Elliot for a copy.
A couple of points....

Julia kept this s***bag in parliament although she knew exactly what was going on.
My Missus is still waiting to hear when she will be reimbursed.

Over to you Ken.

Andu 14th Nov 2013 03:45

Sky News reporting that Jessica Rudd has tweeted that she won't be entering politics "just now". Smart move, IMHO. Three years from now, with history thoroughly re-written by the Labar Pardee faithful media and all the books that the Pardee insiders are rushing to get on the bookshelves, she might be able to pull the wool over enough voters' eyes to get up. For now, Labar will put in a sacrificial lamb to try for Griffith, a bit like they have with the Pardee leadership.

Speaking of the Labar Pardee leadership, what it it with speech impediments and inabiliDy to pronounce words correctly? Is it a requirement for the job? Hyperbowl, high dungeon, Tallyband, credibiliDy... and now wif etc...

Takan Inchovit 14th Nov 2013 04:26

Its just your average 'boganspeak'.

CoodaShooda 14th Nov 2013 05:06

Speaking of the Labar Pardee leadership, what it it with speech impediments and inabiliDy to pronounce words correctly? Is it a requirement for the job? Hyperbowl, high dungeon, Tallyband, credibiliDy... and now wif etc...
Must be all that university educashun our labor leeders are gettin'..

I must admit to being surprisingly impressed with Red Kerry's conversation with Keating.

A particular standout was Keating's reflection that he spent 6 years in a blue collar job before entering politics while Hawke had gone from Uni to Oxford to being parachuted into the ACTU.

His views on the machinations of the left were also interesting.

bosnich71 14th Nov 2013 06:20

The Liberal government has announced an inquiry into the Rudd Labour government's insulation debacle.
Am I being cynical or could this be the reason for Mr.Rudd departing the parliament. :)

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