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bosnich71 10th Nov 2013 20:09

Yes, that same Mr. (?) Keating the socialist who, basically, condemned a whole generation of Australian school leavers by declaring that there would be no need for tradesmen in the future. And we all know how true that stupid statement was don't we?
Over to you Ethel. :rolleyes:

500N 10th Nov 2013 20:20

I never could figure out why Keating said that.

Often wondered who he thought would install the plumbing, electricity etc
in houses or make things in factories on machines :rolleyes:

Fool Sufferer 10th Nov 2013 23:05

"Keating the socialist".

Socialism: A political theory advocating state ownership of industry.

Now didn't a certain Mr Keating privatise the state owned airline and bank, amongst other assets whilst in power?

More evidence of his inclination to state ownership of industry here. Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian

He may be many things, but he ain't no socialist.

Andu 11th Nov 2013 01:34

Perhaps a very inept socialist?

7x7 11th Nov 2013 02:02

Keating was one of the most unpleasant politicians I had the misfortune to cross paths with during my time in Canberra. He had a nasty streak he seemed to wallow in as if it was something to be proud of. I can't even to begin to imagine what Brendan Nelson was thinking to have Keating as the keynote speaker at the AWM.

Many of the ex-service people who would have been there today would have been very, very unhappy sitting through a Keating speech.

Nelson must be looking for a retirement job as a regular commentator on the ABC or with Fairfax. That's the only explanation that fits.

bosnich71 11th Nov 2013 02:56

500N, Andu, Fool Sufferer ....
I slipped up. I should have put socialist in inverted commas as I was obviously taking the p**s. As 7 X 7 has said Keating was/is one of the more obnoxious beings on the planet and as such will go on to become a " Labour Icon".

500N 11th Nov 2013 02:58

The vitriol that used to come out of his mouth in Parliament
was something else, that's for sure.

After Fraser and Hawke, I think Australia got one hell of a shock at his antics.

7x7 11th Nov 2013 03:10

His speech was apparently as you would expect. This comment from the Bolt site gives and indication of how it was received by the non Pardee faithful.

Apparently, the all-volunteer 1st AIF were "cannon fodder" who were "forced" into serving.

Another example of Keatingís ignorance. As he showed when he was in office, the major problem for the self-educated/uneducated is that they always give themselves High Distinctions for everything they trot out. Keating decided to jump onto the Anzac bandwagon late in his career. The trouble is, he didnít do much homework. The worst example of his work can be seen in the faux-memorial for the Australian Corps at the village of Hamel, above the Somme. It has a plaque bearing, supposedly, the hat badge of the 1st AIF but is emblazoned with the words ďAustralian Commonwealth ForceĒ. There was never any such thing. Perhaps someone should remind PK of the advice Diamond Jim McClelland once gave him: just acquiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of French Empire clocks is not a substitute for a proper education.

Michael of Five Dock of Five Dock (Reply)

RJM 11th Nov 2013 07:02

Perhaps Keating was constitutionally unable to say the word 'imperial'.

SOPS 11th Nov 2013 13:04

I think all the aid Australia gives to Indonesia each year is a 'social burden' on Australia and my taxes....and maybe it should be stopped.

Indonesia shouldn't take back rescued asylum seekers, Indonesian senior advisor says - Australia Network News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

500N 11th Nov 2013 13:14

Maybe a few more "firm" written commitments need to be provided before
we hand over all these aircraft and boats.

It seems to be take, take, take and that's it, not much back.

After all, we have spent millions training their new Anti Terrorist troops, Det 88 etc.

SOPS 11th Nov 2013 15:28

And we all said, they should not have blinked. Looks like the flotilla has started sailing again.:ugh:

More boats arrive amid Indon stand-off - The West Australian

Andu 11th Nov 2013 19:57

Parliament sits today for the first time after the election of the Abbott government. Apologies if my use of words offends some, but Tony Abbott is going to have to come out swinging his proverbial dick like a porn star with an absolutely stellar performance today or it's all over. He has - and I mean HAS - to come up with some formula today that will put his government back on the front foot in regards to the boats.

The Opposition will play exactly the same role that TA did while he was in opposition - as they should - to show up every weakness in the new government's policies. Abbott has two glaring weak points the Labor opposition will - and should - exploit mercilessly; the increase to $500 billion deficit - and the boats.

Scott Morrison has dropped the proverbial ball disastrously in being the first to blink over the (it would seem, more than one) boat(s) the Indonesians have refused to take back. Perception is everything, and that back down gives everyone involved a perception of weakness on the part of the Australian government. As radical as any such move would have been, politically, he would have been better off ordering the Ballarat's captain to put the "survivors" (!) into life rafts and steaming away after telling the Indonesians were they were.

Such a move might break every rule of the sea, but the Indonesians are breaking every rule of the sea themselves and are banking on the 'soft touch' Australians not doing the same. It's time to call their bluff, and every time Australia backs down, the move we will one day HAVE to make will need to be more radical and more extreme.

Kevin Rudd should be thrown into gaol for the disaster he set in motion in 2007 to stroke his own ego.

7x7 11th Nov 2013 20:18

Larry Pickering has spelled the current situation out pretty clearly with his latest editorial.


This obnoxious nation is like all other Islamic nations, it thrives on the weakness of its neighbours. History has shown its disrespect for us and we continue with the subservient niceties that encourage that disrespect.
Why do these country shoppers go to Indonesia before jumping a boat to get here? Why not next door to Malaysia, Singapore or even Cambodia? Well, itís because Indonesia is the only nation that supports and encourages people smuggling, and they certainly donít want that lucrative little trade compromised.
They even demand the return of boat crews! We of course accede to their wishes without mention of Schapelle Corby or any other national imprisoned in their filthy hell holes.
We assist with millions in aid, we give them armaments and materiel, we gift further millions in assistance with their cyclones and tsunamis but there is no sign of any Indonesian chook raffle assisting our or any other countryís catastrophes.

SOPS 12th Nov 2013 01:22

And it was going so well.....

Saltie 12th Nov 2013 03:37

Politics is a dirty business. The last thing Labor wants is for Abbott's - and even worse, Rudd's - turn the boats policy work. 300 years ago, in the days of absolute monarchs, it would have been quite accurate to say that what they're doing now, with the eager help from the ALPBC and Fairfax, amounts to treason, for it's without doubt harmful to the country's best interests.

But in today's world, it's just politics.

Fliegenmong 12th Nov 2013 10:20


"Abbott has two glaring weak points the Labor opposition will - and should - exploit mercilessly; the increase to $500 billion deficit - and the boats."

On a level it's as though the Gummint never changed....:hmm:.......and of course the old adage applies of course, "Oppositions don't win, Governments lose...."

Strangely enough though Andu, whilst they've opened themselves up to such deserved criticism and ridicule, I suspect not a single soul on the Labour side would be able to capitalise...too busy fighting amongst themselves.....Seriously this Countries 43 parliament was a bewildering display of self destruction...much learned? Likely not! :ugh:

Andu 12th Nov 2013 23:36

First day of real work in the new Parliament today. So far, not at all noice. I suppose the Libs can't really have expected anything else.

7x7 13th Nov 2013 02:45

Fourth boat in a week.


Takan Inchovit 13th Nov 2013 06:29

No asylum seekers for Singapore? I wonder why.

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