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SOPS 1st Nov 2013 02:50

Well, they stopped (at least for a week). As I keep saying, it really wasn't hard Julia.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announces no arrivals of asylum seekers in past week - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Andu 1st Nov 2013 02:56

Is anyone holding their breath waiting for the promise to remove the 30,000+ country shoppers already here to be kept? I suspect anyone doing so will be very blue in face before it happens.

Capt Emad's missus and daughters would be good examples to put at the head of the queue.

SOPS 1st Nov 2013 03:06

I haven't given up, yet, Andu. I will give them a few more months to get things sorted before I pass judgement. Having said that, I understand where you are coming from.

500N 1st Nov 2013 03:19

I think getting rid of the few thousand already here is a fair bit harder.

The fact that we don't have heaps pushing from behind helps
to take the pressure off a very strained procedure.

Andu 1st Nov 2013 06:52

The shape of things to come in Sydney's western suburbs? Some would say we're almost there already in some areas.


7x7 1st Nov 2013 07:12

I've just seen Joe Tripodi on the evening news on his way into (or was it out of?) the ICAC inquiry, where his ex-Deputy Chief of Staff has put him in deep doo-dah after testifying that Tripodi knew Eddie Obeid had interests in two Circular Quay eateries when he made the decision not to put the leases for those premises to public tender. (Which of course, Tripodi denies.)

I've seldom seen anyone looking more unhappy. May the mongrel rot in gaol for many, many years, hopefully only after he is made to pay VERY large fines. Whether we'll ever see it remains to be seen.

Fliegenmong 1st Nov 2013 10:20

Andu , was sent that in an email the other night :sad:

And all I can say is...

Good on you Marie-Niege!!! :ok:

SOPS 1st Nov 2013 10:22

Question. If the Greens and Labor block the passage of the bill to remove the carbon tax, who thinks we are headed for a double dissolution? I think that the Libs have the poll numbers to pull it off, but I'm not sure they would want to.

Interested in other ideas.

Fliegenmong 1st Nov 2013 11:19

He he....I 'gotta say he's grown on me Clive....

No Cookies | The Courier-Mail

Curious how he's concerned that the QLD gummint preferences some over others, but only when he's not given the preferential treatment! LNP corruption Clive? It is an art form for the LNP!, the ALP, maybe no less corrupt, but certainly it's amature hour for them by comparison....craig thompson anyone? :rolleyes:

So Clive doesn't get his trainset from camby...oh boo hoo :{

'I want to do you slowly'.....:D

"There's no point having a private jet unless you use it, you've got to create jobs,'' he said.

"The pilots, they've got to be employed, they've got families too.

"The difference is, I'll be paying for my jet and you're paying for Tony Abbott's jet.

"You're paying for Joe Hockey's jet, you're not paying for mine.''


Really should have gone on to remind us of Kim Il howards tax payer funds to refurbish 'our' jet and for private jaunts to Broome....justified here by some, if I recall correctly as a minor diversion...anyways I digress.....hat off to you clive for funding your own private jet, modern day diesel niner's at that !! :D:cool: (note plural!!)..... I'll sit here and reminisce the old days when Kim Il used to commute between Kirribilli & the Lodge using our 73', whilst Jeanette planned elaborate refurbishments to a place they never resided in.....

Oh dear....I'm coming over all sentimental now.....who could forget $40K, not including Breakfast!!!

Howard defends Roman hotel bill - theage.com.au

On the upside we've got all this extravagance to look forward to.... and pay for... :{

Then again, if we can afford such a middle class welfare foible as paid parental leave......the LNP have clearly inherited an economy that is healthier than they would have had us believe..........and if the economy is as bad as they would have us believe, then surely paid parental leave is economic vandalism....?

Clare Prop 1st Nov 2013 12:38

This article FactCheck: is the Coalition's paid parental leave policy similar to overseas schemes? puts some perspective into the PPL scheme.

As I understand it, public servants get it already.

Also the people on high incomes are paying masses of tax so it's not as if they are scrounging on benefits.

RJM 1st Nov 2013 14:55

Agreed. Looked at rationally, the PPL isn't particularly unusual. The ABC commentators who are bagging it are certainly on a deal a lot closer to Abbott's PPL than most of the population.

Is anyone else more than a bit worried about Clive? He paid for his golf course/dinosaur park with money he stripped from the now struggling nickel plant he bought. I wonder whose cash keeps Clive's jet in the air?

There's an old rule - 'You can't bullshit a bullshitter', and there are a lot of bullshitters in Oz.

Captain Sand Dune 1st Nov 2013 20:28

Anyone else think the timing of the 'revelation' by the MSM that Australia spies on it's neighbours (shock, horror!) is somewhat interesting?
This type of activity has been going on for ever under governments of all descriptions. Not for nothing that espionage as called the great game.
Yet two months after Labour is ousted, the MSM appear to be indulging in a little sh*t stirring in support of their benefactors.

On the subject on the MSM's adoration of all things Labour, saw an ad for a series of interviews with Paul Keating by none other than the always impartial Red Kerry, on that most impartial of TV networks - the ABC. Maintaining the rage eh, comrades?

500N 1st Nov 2013 20:34


I had wondered that re the MSM.

I can't believe that the Age (and others) put a large piece in re that previously
little acknowledged Aerial station in the Palm plantation. For what, a 5 minute
scoop ?

Was a piece on Labor in the Age Friday re why they lost the election
and some analysis. It was written by a Labor person. One thing was clear,
they do / did not respect Abbott.

500N 1st Nov 2013 20:39

Impressive stopping the boats so quickly.

Seems the Greens are trying to stay relevant.

Two dads has reared her head again !

"Greens force Labor to decide on temporary protection visas"

The Greens will move to block the Abbott government's effort to reintroduce temporary protection visas for refugees, forcing Labor to pick a side as it rakes over the coals of its election loss. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told Fairfax Media she would move to disallow the government regulation for TPVs as soon as Parliament resumes on November 12.
"The government wants to deny refugee families the protection that they so desperately need," Senator Hanson-Young said.

"The Greens will move to get rid of TPVs as soon as Parliament resumes. The Labor Party needs to decide if it will back a humane approach on refugees or Tony Abbott's version of Howard-era cruelty."

Greens force Labor to decide on temporary protection visas

Clare Prop 2nd Nov 2013 01:13

TPVs have been back since Oct 18. AFAIK changes to the migration regulations don't have to go through both houses but I could be wrong there?

CoodaShooda 2nd Nov 2013 02:59

I think changes to regulations have to sit before Parliament for a set period, during which any member can move that they be disallowed.

It's not a usual practice but is possible in the current climate.

However, if labor/greens start using disallowance as a political tool to block the government, it is more likely they will alienate the broader electorate and give ammunition to the libs in bringing on a double dissolution.

SOPS 2nd Nov 2013 04:15

See my post above.

And careful Milne, don't pull the tigers tail.

Christine Milne says the Coalition will not call a double-dissolution election to scrap carbon tax - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

RJM 2nd Nov 2013 04:22

...and how many people voted Greens? :rolleyes:

The media are starving without the diet of press releases which had become normal under Labor. It's been a long time since many journalists have had to catch and kill their own for general news.

Look for the giveaway words 'a new study...' or 'a spokesman said...', indicating that the piece is written from a media release often from some PR flack. These sources are routinely accepted as correct without corroboration.

in most cases, the only alternative to this sort of 'reporting' is the opinion piece, formerly only allowed senior journalists, in which reporters typically pontificate on the failings of those with whom they disagree.

Add to this a general decline in standards of literacy, together with poor sub-editing, and you get media filled with badly written or scripted, often incorrect, partisan trash produced by breathless young journalists eager to impose their 'media studies' groomed view of the world on their audience.

The idea of going out on the beat, finding the facts, just the facts, and reporting them has atrophied along with the leg muscles of most journalists.

Thus Abbott's tactic of not feeding the media scrum has it screeching for sustenance, when it is not the government's role to provide content to fill columns and airtime.

It is up to the media to get it, sort it, and present it. Apart from not being used to it, I suspect that some of them haven't a clue how to do it, their inadequacy long having been masked by Mother Government's largesse, now ceased.

Note - I've had some experience in this area, well pre-Google.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Nov 2013 08:44

Question. If the Greens and Labor block the passage of the bill to remove the carbon tax, who thinks we are headed for a double dissolution?
I don't think Labor will go down that road.

However, if labor/greens start using disallowance as a political tool to block the government, it is more likely they will alienate the broader electorate and give ammunition to the libs in bringing on a double dissolution.
Exactly, and I don't think Labor are dumb enough. The Greens are, but who cares? :bored: I think SHY has a bad case of what Gareth Evans famously called Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.

Flying Binghi 2nd Nov 2013 09:03

Exactly, and I don't think Labor are dumb enough. The Greens...
If you dont agree with their ideology the greens would murder you if they could...



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